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  1. Hello I was wondering if anyone has any build pictures of a Pro Stock truck model they can share.
  2. Thanks guys I appreciate it. This forum is fantastic for information and great that everyone is wiliing to share their secrets. I am modeling again after many years away racing and building slot cars and RC cars.
  3. I am new to working with resin bodies so would like to know how people cut open doors on a resin pro mod body. The Flashpoint body I have is a lot thicker then styrene so I don't think the back side of a #10 exacto blade will work in this case but I may be wrong. Thank you in advance
  4. I would like to know if anyone has built a project using the new AMT COT body on an older Revell or AMT Nascar kit. I think the AMT is a great curbside kit but using it in combination with a fully detailed Revell chassis is what I want to build. I am curious if anyone has tried it and what modifications had to be made to make it work
  5. Hi all, does anyone know of a manufacturer of 1/16 scale resin turbo chargers that would be used on a 1/16 Pro mod? Also does anyone have any good reference info on a turbo pro Mod engine Thank you
  6. thumper86......thank you, these type of schematics is exactly what I am looking for to help understand the wiring. comp1839...thank you for the comments, the deeper I dig into this the more complicated it becomes. The drawings that thumper86 posted are what I was looking for. I saw similar drawings before somewhere that included those drawings as well as a number of other ones that included wiring/plumbing for Pro Mods, nitros as well as the air system used for Lenco's. I sure wish I would have bookmarked it at the time.
  7. Hi all. Does anyone have or know of a link for an electrical schematic for a modern Pro Mod car. Looking for info on how to wire all of those electronics that are usually mounted in the interior
  8. Thank you Chris, that was the email address I was looking for.
  9. Does anyone have any experience with the Testers one coat lacquer? What primer would you use and what about clear coat or polishing it out? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. AMT/Round 2 has or is releasing a plain white version of this car that has the new rear spoiler. http://round2models.com/models/nascar/aw-nascar-impala
  11. Thank you for the info. I plan on doing a couple of the 55 Chevy Pro Sportsman kits, I am going to do one with the 55 Chev body and a 2nd one with a 97 Ford Lightning pickup body.
  12. Hi Tyrone, What size of styrene rod do you use for your roll cages?
  13. What diamater of styrene rod are members using for Pro Mod frames and roll cages?
  14. Eelco can you try pm;ing me please. I have tried contacting you a couple of time. thank...
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