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  1. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic POST APOCAL AMERICAN FERRARI   

    Where'd the Ferrari go?
  2. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Opinions Needed   

    You guys are amazing!!! The knowledge from the members here on this forum is endless. Think about it. A question was asked about a picture from the cover a magazine from over 50 years ago and in just 8 minutes the question was answered correctly and confirmed by another member 3 minutes after, along with box art of the original. Then an additional 4 hours go by and another member can dissect all the parts that were donored from 3 additional kits to achieve the end result. I think it's almost second nature to most of you guys and you don't even realize how amazing it really is. Novice builders that are somewhat newer to the scene have so much that they can learn from the members here. So nice to see something other than the typical "use the search bar at the top right" response that turns off the less experienced and makes most new members hesitant to ask any questions.

    Kudos to those of you!

  3. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Ferrari 575 M Maranello   

    Yup......another beauty Tom!

  4. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Enzo Ferrari   

    Nice job! Love this kit. Goes together so well. You did a great job on the red paint too. Well done.

  5. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Revell of Germany Ferrari SA Aperta   

    This is soooo up my alley! Love the wheels and that interior is beautiful. Carrying the red piping throughout is a great look. Loving all of it so far.
  6. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Adventures in Soldering: The GT40 Project new pics 5/19   

    Randy.....this is by far the most stunning build I have ever seen. EVER!!! Each and every progress post has me captivated and practically begging for more. I know you've still got a ways to go but I'm 50/50 at this point. Part of me can't wait to see it finished and the other doesn't want it to end. Lol.

    Sooooo envious. Keep 'em comin!

  7. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Tamiya LaFerrari   

    Wow Michael! You told me you burned your hand pretty bad but I didn't envision anything like that. That had to be a miserable past few months. So good to see its healing up well.

    Looking forward to seeing some updates soon.

  8. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic 1937 Packard V12... a classy blast from the past   

    Another masterful build Harry. Perfect all around yet again.

    Although I can't say I'm not disappointed about no WIP. I can't tell you enough how much I look forward to yours. Your at the top of a list of incredible builders here that I always learn more than just a few tips or tricks from their WIP's.

    Keep them comin Harry!

  9. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    Looking good Randy. Will be nice to see it all complete.

    Scott......I got my kit from Brady @ Scale Auto Works as well. Definitely a good guy to do business with. Communicates with his customers very well. Not sure about the price though.....I preordered mine and I beleive I paid a little bit more.
  10. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Car? We don't need no stinkin' car !   

    That's a good laugh.
  11. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Hasegawa Ferrari 328 GTB   

    Looking great. Love the color. One of the few models that got me hooked on Ferrari's as a kid.
  12. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Ferrari 575 M Maranello   

    Can always rely on quality clean work from your bench Tom. Well done
  13. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic 1971 Roadrunner   

    The car is as awesome as all have said but I just can't get my eyes away from the Dio! WOW!!! There's just so much detail. So many bits and pieces all detailed and weathered to the max. Absolutely awesome man! Love it love it love it. The more I look the more I am amazed. Very cool work.
  14. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Final assembly   

    Wait.......so you all mean that this won't ever end? I am always frustrated with this and thought it was just amateur problems and I'll eventually learn to get past the self inflicted aggravation. Just great...ugh!
  15. Pizzwizz24 added a post in a topic Electric powered Kennworth for kustom Kemps is done!   

    Beautiful striping on the roof of the trailer.

    Can we get a close up of the truck wheels? They look wild.