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  1. My boyfriend's green '95 might get an LS1 transplant, not sure what he wants to do with it. I'm restoring mine to mostly OEM factory fresh with the only aftermarket addition being some tasteful wheels/tires & possibly a true dual exhaust (it has a Flowmaster single catback muffler on it right now). I might get the V6 Sport ground effects and put them on, not sure. I'm pondering the idea of adding a Ram Air hood since I already have a Ram Air Intake box, but that will probably be it. I want to keep the original engine with the car.
  2. Got some updating to do since it's been awhile Sold my '93 Trans Am for $5,000: Bought this 119k original mile '98 Ram 1500 SLT Laramie for $1,800: and bought this for $750, a '95 Firebird 3.8 V6/auto project car (one of the very few '95s to have the 3.8, it is 1 of about 300 or so). and finally, we just brought this very rare beauty home last night! I traded my Ram for it straight up, if you know how rare this color is you'll know I got a killer deal! (Sorry, still quite a bit excited!). It's a 1998 Firebird 3.8 V6/auto in the super scarce Bright Purple Metallic. It starts as being 1 of 290, but including it's options it comes out to be 1 of 46 built w/ pewter leather, chrome wheels, BPM, hardtop, 3.8 V6/auto etc. I never thought I'd own one of these, luckily for me the previous owners didn't know what they had It needs a few minor things bit only has 60,000 original miles!
  3. Either way this is a kit that I don't have to have immediately, now that I know what to look for I'll no doubt get one eventually LOL.
  4. ok so this is the kit I need to save my pennies for? Or is there possibly a resin kit available? I see there's one on ebay for a little over $60, no doubt it will go higher though. Thanks again guys, with the big '60s cars sometimes I have trouble identifying a few lesser seen specimens...
  5. ok so it's a '68 Catalina? I did a quick search and this is definitely what the rear looked like: But at the same time, I came across this picture and this is a '68 Bonneville, are they the same car but just a different trim level? They look identical to me: Thanks for your help guys, now I have to hunt this kit down
  6. I was watching "American Gangster" (the 2007 Denzel Washington movie), and at about 1 hr & 5 min into the movie there is a silver 2dr fastback, I know it's a Pontiac but I'm not sure what year or model. I thought it was a '67 Impala (because you see the roof first, the bottom part is blocked by another car). It's the part where the cop & his team are on the street and an orange BMW pulls up, a guy gets out of that and talks to another guy on the street, then leaves. The guy on the street then runs into the building and comes out with a bag, then runs across the street and gets into this car. The cops tail it for a little bit and then it parks. The grille is definitely a Pontiac grille (center divider with quad headlights, chrome, sort of like a '68-'69 GTO). The taillights were "L" shaped (but laid horizontally). I thought it was a Grand Prix but I'm not sure. I snapped a pic of it with my phone (sorry for the non HD quality): Lastly, is there a kit of this? I love it!
  7. Added Joe Chernauskas and Andy (1930fordpickup) to my post. I've traded with Joe several times and each one has went great, even though USPS decided to take their sweet time delivering my package to him this time, but thankfully they came through. I had the pleasure of meeting Andy today for a trade as well, had a very good time chatting about models & classic cars over lunch. Thank you both, I wouldn't hesitate to trade again anytime!
  8. ^^^ LOL!! What a beautiful build, its quite the looker in red!
  9. Finally made it through all 53 pages, and my God you are one talented guy! This engine is just insane, I love it and am simply astonished by your level of craftsmanship, once this build is finished it is going to take every show you enter it in by storm!!
  10. LOL not to get too far off topic but you're welcome & thank you too. I'm glad Anne joined and I'm trying to find other ladies because the more the merrier. At the last model club meeting I went to there was a sweet 14 yr old girl who came with her grandpa. She brought a Revell '71 Cuda that she was building in a Halloween theme, I am gonna try to get her to join and I hope she comes to the next model meeting As far as a community build, I haven't decided what it should consist of yet, maybe builder's choice? Sorry Anne, not trying to hijack your thread hun. You've gotten some great advice here!
  11. How does the Tamiya Wrangler compare? I've only ever seen the Daisy Duke Jeep and the Tamiya Jeep, will this Rubicon be a full detail kit with an engine or is it going to be a curbside?
  12. To answer the Metalizer question, I use aluminum, steel, magnesium, and although I have brass I rarely use it. I don't have an airbrush yet so any detail painting is done with a brush, which usually gives me good results. Regarding Kevin's (Magnum4342) comment, I too wish there were more females in the hobby. I'd love to start a female only community build but I have a feeling it would be scoffed at and ridiculed by atleast some of the male members here and it would get it locked or deleted, mainly because it seems there are some members here who still have the '50s mentality that women have no business in this hobby (or with cars in general). It's not 1955 anymore.... :/ Anyway Anne I love your enthusiasm but I agree with the idea of pacing yourself. It seems like you've got enough kits to keep you busy for a few months at least, but remember to keep it fun. Don't make building into a chore, and don't load up with stuff that you won't use immediately. Oh, and send some of your enthusiasm my way lol!
  13. I use Meguiar's PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish. It works great on scratched cds & dvds too
  14. Lol you seem to be off to a good start (checked out your '40 Ford), Lord knows it wouldn't hurt to have a few more gals here Out of curiosity what other Elvis cars are you considering building?
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