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  1. 1970 Baldwin Motion Chevelle

    Planning to replicate the green Motion Chevelle ?
  2. Childhood models that you replaced in adulthood.

    At this point , these two are it . Both were factory-sealed ; bought when I had spare money .
  3. '64 Pontiac GTO

    When this kit premiered in 1984 , 1985 , it was a HUGE improvement over Monogram's earlier efforts ; the mid-late 80's were a definite renaissance for Monogram . I haven't personally laid hands on one of these since 1986 (the one that I'd built that year was destroyed in the 1987 Whittier Earthquake) , but I do recall that it builds-up nicely. Enjoy !
  4. I certainly don't remember the 1969 Dart GTS 383 being a failure , sales-wise or otherwise ! Quite the opposite ; that kit was groundbreaking and a runaway sales success . The de facto backdating to a '68 was proposed for 1996 , as the back page of the Revell-Monogram catalogue alluded to a Hurst-Hemi variant . While that proposal was ostensibly the very last to be released in the Dart series , the other 1968 variants were successful in preceding the 'LO23' : - Mr. Norms 1968 GSS 440 (with moulded-on vinyl top) - Landy's 1968 SS/EA "'M' Code" (vinyl top trim evidence on C-pillars) - The "2-in1" 1968 GTS 383 / Hurst-Hemi SS/A(A)
  5. Duel movie Plymouth Valiant

    Not sure if you're aware of this (excellent) site ; it's full of factory documentation , TSB's , brochures , etc. Here's a page out of the 1971 Valiant & Duster catalogue :
  6. Maybe getting back into models-recommendations?

    In my opinion , the 1970 Road Runner kit would be an excellent starting point . Like Snake stated , its lineage dates-back to the Monogram 1970 GTX ; however , its tooling was updated (downgraded ?) to represent a Road Runner , and has a number of improvements versus the c.1981 original : - Separate door panels ( i.e. , interior sides ) - Bench Seat (with correct Road Runner upholstery pattern) - Two sets of wheels ( the old standby 'Road Wheels' [ colloq. , 'Magnum 500' ] and a set of 1978 'A38' Police Car / Taxi Wheels with some nice c.1969-1974 Plymouth hub caps ) - Expanded and nicely-presented decal sheet (including a 'poster' of the 1970 Rapid Transit System dealership showroom dress-up !) It's a very simple kit (construction-wise ) yet it yields impressive results with a minimum of efforts .
  7. Very , very cool build and accompanying story ! I've had a life-long fascination with old , beat-up pickups ; the first one that I recall seeing was owned by a Japanese gardener and landscaper ; it was an early 60's GMC . I'll never forget those cool looking "V6" emblems on the hood ! Interesting note about Esso fuel stations : many of them handed-out the Green Book during a time in the U.S.' history when travelling safely was a task for some people .
  8. Duel movie Plymouth Valiant

    The Valiants (yes , plural) used in the movie were FE5 red .
  9. Now THIS is ridiculous!

    I've seen worse on a daily basis ( *cough* NAFTA *cough* ) .
  10. Resin Wishlist

    - Two-wheel-drive suspension for the MPC Fall Guy (et al.) pickup --- basically , a resin re-pop of the 1978 C-10 parts . - 1970-1972 conversion for the AMT 1968 El Camino (including interior , and possibly a '71-'72 GMC Sprint conversion) - Two-wheel-drive suspension for the Monogram 1980 F-100
  11. I've still got to get me a copy of that . I love the (phantom) 1971 LS-6 Chevelle on the cover ! Too bad that G.M. didn't make that engine available in the Chevelle (though , mysteriously , the 1971 LS-5 "gained" 5hp over its 1970 predecessor : 360hp vs 365hp --- after a 2-point-drop in compression !) . If you're interested I can link Schorr's facebook page here .
  12. That botched 1997 issue body (was the glass proportionally-undersized as well ?) would be a great piece for a 1969-era Funny Car ( I believe that there was a Lindamood Color Me Gone ! Charger in '68 or '69 , no ?). A customer at the gas station I worked at 30 years ago showed me photos of the 1969 Charger that he bought new ( from Atlantic Dodge in East Los Angeles --- long defunct ) and customised : - Chopped top - Frenched fuel filler - Miles-deep Night Watch Blue lacquer paint - Fenton Sharks I wish that I had access to those photos again , as it would be a neat car to build a replica of based on the Revell goof .
  13. Glad that you found them and are enjoying them ; very high quality books .
  14. Terrible Box Art

    That (ancient , long-in-the-tooth) MPC representation of the Chrysler LA-Series (273-318-340-360) is so severely underscale that it truly does look like a 25th scale 3.9 litre (239 cube) V6 !
  15. 69 Camaro RS SS396

    Nice Camaro ! The L-89 heads were indeed left "raw" , just like the intake manifold (of the L-78) , but was sans engine colour overspray (as the heads weren't painted) .