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  1. I love the DeSoto Firedome engine and its induction options , but am a bit "bored" with using it . I've built countless versions of this excellent kit , but haven't used any engine other than the two which it provides . Another option that I'm considering is an Olds V8 , either from the Revell 1949 coupe , or the AMT Cutlass . Thanks for your replies and suggestions ! Please , keep those ideas and opinions / suggestions coming !
  2. I just cracked-open the c.2015 reissue of the venerable AMT 1953 F-100 (the one whose box art is the "Retro" version) , and am ready to dig-in. I'm going for a mildly-customised look ; a work vehicle with some custom touches ( the grill which appears to emulate a 1960 Ford or Edsel [?] ; the "Swiss-Cheese" bumpers ; stock interior , with the 2-way radio & phone , and a custom floor shifter , and ; RWL or Redline tyres with plain , unembellished wheels ) . I'm at an impasse of sorts regarding the engine . While I'm not adverse to using the L-Head V8 , I'm trying for something period-correct (well , up-to c.1969) engine-wise . I've been toying with using one of the following : - Pontiac OHC Sprint-6 from the MPC 1969 Trans Am - FE engine from the 1960 Starliner - Buick Nailhead from the AMT 1962 225 (?) - Pontiac V8 / Hydra-Matic from the AMT Parts Pack So , to this end , I'm looking for the easiest conversion . I would love to see some of my fellow modellers' conversions , with an accompanying "How To" . Please , share your ideas --and photos-- with me . Thank You !
  3. Thanks much , Rodent and Rob . I'll have to peruse Drag City Casting page , and /or contact him via email . How much did it cost ?
  4. Please , understand that I'm not bustin' your chops here . Here's a photo of a 1962 Max Wedge --- notice how its plug wires are routed . Keep the great work coming , Brian !
  5. Ignition wire separators look great --- wires' gauge is a little thick , but they are on a Super Stock (et al.) engine , so... My only concern is the routing of the wires to the heads : that routing is not going to work with either stock manifolds or headers . Chrysler's B/RB engines' plug wires' approach is from underneath the exhaust . Keep on keepin' on !
  6. Is this awesome interior still available ? I didn't see it on the Drag City Casting site...
  7. I've wanted to get that hardtop transkit in order to build the super rare 'Cuda 440 hardtop ( the majority were the fastback body style ) . Besides , I actually prefer the backlite and boot treatment of the hardtop '67-'69 Barracuda .
  8. I just noticed how snarky my reply was , which was not my intent . Please accept my apologies . I haven't built one of those classic 1969 1/2 Super Bee kits in close to 30 years . If I remember correctly , the earlier iterations of this kit ( the c.1983 original issue ) didn't have the fitment issues . Like any kit that's been run virtually non-stop since its inception , warping , "core-shift" , flash , etc. , change the fitment of previously good-fitting parts . I agree with Brian's advice : shave the (under-detailed blob) carburetors until the huge air cleaner clears the hood's scoop "seat" . I can't help but wonder if Fireball's incredible , finitely-detailed carburetors , would help avert fitment issues ?
  9. Bonnets were made of fibreglass and were lift-off design / function . There are no conventional hinges to be found !
  10. Edelbrock made a 3x2 intake for the B-Series ( 350-361-383-400 ) at the same time as the 1969 Six Pack / Six Barrel 440 ; so my vote is obviously for a 383 Six Barrel "test model" . Likewise , a "test mule" 340+6 would be fitting as well . Another option ? Proposed / test mule 1969 "BO29" ---- if the 1968 models weren't such a financial-loss for Chrysler .
  11. THAT is one gorgeous Merc ! You did a fantastic job on that build , Tim ! Does that Montego ever find its way to Kokomo ?
  12. Fantastic and fitting tribute to one of the most-innovative , inventive engineers and pilots to exist ! No matter with which brand one's loyalty leans , no one can deny Smokey's contributions .
  13. What an outstanding D-100 ! I especially admire your work on that blob-of-a-Chrysler B/RB engine --- a little work makes them presentable . I can't tell by the (excellent) photos : what transmission did you employ ? Keep up the great work !
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