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  1. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Images from the Moebius booth at NNL Motor City, including the two new Novas...   

    That's a cool story about an even cooler car , Robert . Thanks much for the link ! 
  2. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Images from the Moebius booth at NNL Motor City, including the two new Novas...   

    Try as I might , I could not find any photos of those 1965 "RO51" and "WO51" cars in their AWB form with their quarter panels buckling-under from their bodies being so thin --- those "neutral-drop" starts (Torqueflite) and "dumped-clutch" ( "crash-box" 4-speed ) didn't help any .
    Al "The Big K" Kirshenbaum did a great series of articles in Mopar Action about ~20 years ago about the 1965 S/S-come-F/X "Amblewagon" cars . There were a number of folding-up AWB cars in the articles .
  3. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Images from the Moebius booth at NNL Motor City, including the two new Novas...   

    Please correct me if I'm wrong ; weren't F/X vehicles *current* models only (e.g. , 1964 A/FX would become , say , A/MP for 1965) ?  
    As much as I love the old AMT Rat Packer , these new proposals from Moeibus are leaps and bounds better then that long-in-the-tooth AMT kit !  And , a stock version in addition ? WHOA !
    Thank you , Dave M. ! 
  4. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Red Alert   

    "Fly" on the front ; "Spyder" on the rear . One of the most beautiful wheels EVER .
  5. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 1978 Dodge Monaco Brougham 1/25   

    Willkommen im Forum, Herr Kröger!
    Ich habe einen Satz dieser fantastischen "W11" Dodge Radabdeckungen gekauft; Sie sind hervorragend.
    Ausgezeichneter Job auf diesem 1978 Dodge Monaco.
  6. 1972coronet added a post in a topic What Model Is Your Sentimental Favorite And Why?   

    There are quite a few sentimental kits which spark some fantastic memories for me . The following text is in the past and future tenses ; the accompanying photos are pilfered from the 'net .
    Without further ado :

    The MPC 1978 Chevy Stepside annual . I built quite a few of them when the kit was new ; none of them survive . I scored an unbuilt sample a few years ago , and am waiting until my skills improve a little more ( arthritis and diminishing vision are my enemies ) before I tackle it . 

    The ubiquitous AMT Chevy Van . Built countless samples of these vans , with the Kandy Van being the most common . Again , none of them survived --- but , thanks to Round2 , I now have a couple in my "some day" collection .

    This beauty ! Especially the Turtle Wax edition ! I could build these in my sleep ! There was a now-defunct chain toy store which had a big , deep bin full of these for 99 cents back in the late 80's-early 90's ! 
    The only one I have is one which I painted pearl white ; it's in storage .

    Another "I could build this in my sleep" kit . This one and its 1986 modified reissue relative were constantly on my work bench back in the 80's .

    Last , but certainly not least , is the AMT 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery . I have only one sample ( I'll eventually take a photo of the finished model ) , as I've only built one . Its sentimental value has more to do  with , let's say , 'Beyond the Wall of Sleep' kind of thing . To wit ; I was building this kit in the garage . I'd painted it in some Tamiya dark green colour (whose name I've forgotten) and was starting to foil its trim . My mum saw the painted body and said , "That's a '40 Ford ! That was your grandfather's first new car ! It was that exact dark green , too !" . So , my plans for a mild custom were now changed ; I had to build it as a stock replica --- no Nailhead , no period-custom wheels , no nothing . 
    I gave the completed model to my mum as a gift ( she was unaware that her sentimental recollections of riding around in that sedan delivery back in the 40's had changed my mind , and that I was going to give her the completed kit ) , and she positively loved it !
    A little over a year later , my mum got pancreatic cancer , and expired 5 months later . 
    I have the sedan delivery on display -- it's in a clear case -- where it will stay until ______________ .
  7. 1972coronet added a post in a topic *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*   

    That sounds like a capitol idea ! Those wheel covers for 1970-1974 Plymouth from Missing Link are so awesome ! 
  8. 1972coronet added a post in a topic nice transaction with Scenes Unlimited   

    I agree completely . Top notch workmanship , products , and service . 
  9. 1972coronet added a post in a topic New kit tool to break cover at this Sunday's NNL Motor City?   

    Hahahahaha ! Tim's always been a plastic tease ! That's one of the things which a great journalist inhabits .
    ( pretty please , let this new tool be a 1970 Dart or Duster , 1971 Demon , 1971-1972 Road Runner , ...  )
  10. 1972coronet added a post in a topic *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*   

    In my mind , the "good" ones are the versions with the correct dashboard and chassis  . 
    Yes , it would be quite nice of Round2 to install the Dukes version (e.g. , include the killer decals) with the "Tin Soldier" ( Ha ! ) box art . Additionally , it would be great if Round2 found the optional parts from the 1973 and 1974 annuals , and add them to "my" proposed re-re-release .
  11. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Revell 66 Impala   

    Janne -
    se on erittäin mukava Impala! Suuri valikoima sen väreille; Minun täytyy saada osa siitä "TS-92" !
    ( I hope that the translation is correct ) .
  12. 1972coronet added a post in a topic *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*   

    Funny anecdote ; I was able to buy two of the coveted 1971 Road Runner kits ( of the 1987 reissue ) for $40 / each , unbuilt and in perfect condition . 
    Timing's everything I suppose ...
    I really , truly don't understand why that stinkin' tin-packaged version goes for so much ! Even if it were a 1/12 scale version (never produced) , it wouldn't elicit the kind of prices I've seen these folks charge for 'em !
  13. 1972coronet added a post in a topic *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*   

    Well , including the sometimes-as-high-as-90%-of-the-cost-of-the-kit shipping ...
    I'm trying to avoid the RC-era release , only because of the woefully-incorrect dashboard and chassis ; the Dukes release is the one I want  , but only because Round2 not only corrected the aforementioned errors , but because the decal set is superior . The c.1983 issue (red car on box , with Cragar S/ST wheels) would be okay , too --- just not a fan of  that era of ridiculously-dark-tinted glass , and the notorious "tyre-burn" chemical-reaction . 
    The RC-era would be okay "If ... The Price Is Right " ; then I could buy a resin dash from Harts Parts -or- buy another AMT 1971 Charger as a donor (the ones I have now are slated for the glue bomb 1972 Charger Rallye annual) .
  14. 1972coronet added a topic in General   

    *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*
    Why are the prices so ridiculous for the newer-issues ( Racing Champions , Round2 ) of the ancient MPC (et al.)  1973-1974 Road Runner / GTX ???? 
    Even the half-arsed RC-era version --- complete with its 1975-1978 chassis and dashboard --- is fetching some stupid money ! Never mind that the Duke of Prunes 'Daisy Prunes' reissue is going for stellar prices ; it's that tin-packaged-with-some-character release that may as well be auctioned at Sotheby's New York Gallery !
    What the deuce ?
    I hope that Round2 will release this kit again , this time sans and endorsements / embellishments ; just a nice , non-Prunes , non-tin-boxed version ...
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  15. 1972coronet added a post in a topic MPC 1971 Road Runner Reissue (?)   

    You know , in hindsight perhaps you're not terribly "off base" in your proposal of reworking the Monogram '71 'Satellite' / GTX into something nice-er .
    The moulded-in tail lamps could be deleted , and instead added to the 'clear' parts' tree ( much easier to paint properly , especially since the back-up lamps would already be clear ! ) .
    The 1972 front and rear bumpers -- and their accessories (grille , etc. ) -- could "simply" be added , along with a new-tool single 4 barrel induction (and a proper air cleaner) to compliment the existing pieces (and, therefore , offer the option for the ultra-rare 1972 Six Barrel setup ! ) .
    Throw the original 'Satellite' bonnet back into the mix , too !
    New tyres and wheels , too ... please .