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  1. Does that AMT 1972 Jimmy have two engine choices ? Maybe I'm thinking of their pickup kits ; a 350 and a Mark IV , if I remember correctly .
  2. I don't actually speak it (though I wish that I could) . It's part of my heritage ( half-Welsh ; quarter-Scots ; quarter-Irish ) , and those Celtic languages fascinate me --- a mix of Old Latin and Nørse . John Cale ( Velvet Underground , etc. ) and Tom Jones are Welsh... you can hear it in their accent ( Cale's first language is Welsh ; English is his secondary-language ) . Keep up the great work ! Duw a Ddarpar i'r Brain !
  3. The looks like a Windsor-based intake . That can't be an FE-Series engine ; those engines ( 352-360-390-406-427-428 ) have the rocker arms covers "overlapping" the intake manifold .
  4. I enjoy the odd poem now and then myself.

  5. 1970 Pontiac Bonneville y gellir ei drosi ... Faint o'r rheini ydych chi wedi'u gweld yng Nghymru?
  6. Honestly , it's been close to {{ gasp ! }} 20 years since I've used it ( in my 50 year old mind , it feels like only 5 years ago... ) . If it's nearly impossible to obtain , then I'd go with the "other-lazy" route : Tamiya TS Gloss Black with --- don't chastise me here --- Testors enamel Glosscote [sic] .
  7. Those were so incredibly popular in the U.S. ---- now one seldom sees one around . If I remember correctly , that generation of the Supra (a separate model from its now-former Celica origins) was the last full-framed cars produced by Toyota ( pickup trucks being the obvious exception ) . That kit looks like an amazing piece ! seat belt retractors ?!? You are kidding ! That is the next step in super-detailled kits ! I am curious ; what brand and type of tyres did the Japanese and European marketed cars receive ?
  8. For a nice , deep-black with a wonderful shine , it is difficult to match Testors Gloss Black Enamel . While I haven't painted many vehicles with a nice ( showroom or restored ) finish , the few that I have were painted with Testors . I'm typically a 'Tamiya-or-nothing' mindset , but there are exceptions ( a few , actually ) . Tamiya's TS Gloss Black is a delightful paint : lays-down smooth and shiny . I suppose it depends on how much effort one wishes to put into a particular finish . Personally , I'm lazy when it comes to the tedium of colour sanding and polishing ---- I don't enjoy it what-so-ever . Like others have stated : Testors workable-dry-time can be measured with a Julian Calendar ---- California paints are even worse (like , "Is there any catalyst in this paint ?") .
  9. Looks great so far ! Excellent colour choice --- perfect for a big 4 door hardtop ( Sport Sedan , in Chevrolet lingo ) of that era . The Mark IV looks nice as well . I'm guessing that you're going to slide a TH-400 behind it (?) . That's my plan ; however , I may procure the 396 / 400 from the '68 El Camino , or the 454 / 400 from the '70 Monte Carlo .
  10. While I'm yet to try it , I've heard that thinned clear blue (and maybe other colours that would be present in / on headlamps) provides some illusionary dimension .
  11. As long as there's a decent indication of their location , then that's good enough . Silver Sharpie with a dab of Pearl White on top .
  12. While I'm not up on the nuances of Volkswagen's Rabbit , and therefore cannot attest to authenticity of the ESCI kit , I can say that it looks like a nice kit , esp. the separate wipers , etc. I had the AMT iteration of the Rabbit back in the early 80's . I got it at J C Penny's for 50 cents ( ! ) when they were blowing them out . I remember it was easy to assemble (at least in the hands of a 12 year old whose skills were mediocre) , otherwise I'd have burned it ( not kidding ) . I wonder what happened to the AMT tooling ? It's certainly markedly-different from the ESCI kit .
  13. RE : Tail Lamps , newly-tooled 1969 Chevelle SS-396 : The only thing that I noticed is , "Where are the integral back-up lamps ?" . P.S. : Revell , would you please see to it to make a TH-400 for your otherwise-great Mark IV engines ? Enough with the 4-speeds already . Thanks .
  14. Yes , the R5 Turbo was imported to the U.S. Most of them were "Grey Market" cars : brought up to U.S. specs as far as smog junk and lighting . There's a few "Black Market" versions around as well . The regular R5 Le Car was sold here as well (plus the R11 , and many others) . I haven't seen one in decades ! Haha ! One of my best friends is a connonoisseur of all things automobiles Françaises . He has a Peugeot 205 GTI (1986) which is one-of-two in the U.S.
  15. One of my favourite imports ever ! There were at least two of them in the city I grew up in ; that was back in the early 80's . I've always wanted a stock version in 1/25 ( give-or-take ) scale , but haven't had any luck finding one .
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