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  1. Stooges+1969 = 1954 F-100

    I'm 49 ; I missed out on seeing many of my favourite bands from that era . Iggy was such a self-destructive madman that I'm surprised he's survived and is still performing .
  2. Stooges+1969 = 1954 F-100

    They were an early hard rock band ; they were extremely influential on acts whom followed in their tracks ( Ramones , New York Dolls , Television , etc. , etc. ) : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stooges
  3. Stooges+1969 = 1954 F-100

    How about the other fledgling bands from that time ; MC5 , Up , Rationals , Death , etc. ?
  4. Stooges+1969 = 1954 F-100

    That's funny ! I can imagine some sort of Freudian thing going on at that time ( early 70's you stated ? ) , esp. with all of the trouble that junior was causing ; the path he'd followed and such .
  5. Stooges+1969 = 1954 F-100

    The band's name was an homage to the comedy troupe . Ron Asheton ran The Three Stooges Fan Club back in the day ; he also frequently visited Larry Fein back in 1974 , 1975 (see attached image) . To paraphrase Ron Asheton's quote regarding the band's Psychedelic Stooges name : " [ My brother Scott , and neighborhood friend Dave Alexander ] were sitting around taking [ expunged drug name ] and watch The Three Stooges . Just when we started 'peaking' , the name came to me : ' we're like the Three Stooges --- we're always getting into trouble ; cops are always chasing us [...] , and we're on [ expunged drug name ] --- why not call ourselves "The Psychedelic Stooges" ? ." The rest is history .
  6. '74 Vega Bruce Larson USA-1_FYI Reissue Update

    If nothing else , the interior tubs from the Pro Stock Duster series is what I want to see make a comeback ! There's no console nor a back seat , which is perfect . That tooling must still be around , or at least its floor pan inserts .
  7. '76 Caprice Rides Again!!!!

    I was being facetious ; my attempt at humour . I wouldn't be opposed to the body , bonnet , and all-related parts being moulded in red --- though many forum members abhor red-coloured plastic for 98% of purposes (e.g. , it makes colour changes more challenging) .
  8. The Missing Corvette

    I'm more intrigued by the export model's tail lamp setup : ambre-coloured turn signals / hazard lenses ! That's how the U.S. models should have been as well , but then I'm biased : I despise red-coloured turn signals / hazards ! If flashing red lights mean "stop" or "move-over" , why should that "command" be given by one's vehicle's tail lamps if they're changing lanes or are on the highway shoulder ? Kind of goes against the whole : Amber = Caution Red = Stop ( or move-to-the-right for emergency vehicles ) But , I digress... That post-facto "split backlite" design looks horrible on any post-1967 Corvette .
  9. Stooges+1969 = 1954 F-100

    Awesome ! I'll have to check that out . I was first exposed to the genre when I was in high school (1985) , and have clung to it since (along with other genres ; precursor Garage bands , R&B , Soul , Gospel , Bluegrass , Country , Western , etc. , etc.) . As much as I enjoy The Sex Pistols , they did pinch their look from Richard Hell . That , however , doesn't take away from them artistically .
  10. Stooges+1969 = 1954 F-100

    Junior was innocent until c.1967 when he started hanging around the Asheton brothers more (he , Dave Alexander , and Ron were classmates ; Iggy was the only whom graduated) . He was straight when he was playing with The Iguanas (where he got his nom-de-arte surname of "Iggy") and The Prime Movers . The band which brought infamy to him (as its lead singer) was originally called The Psychedelic Stooges ( the name was Ron's idea ; Danny Fields made them drop "Psychedelic" from their name when they signed to Elektra in late '68 along with the MC5) . 'Lust For Life' , indeed !
  11. Stooges+1969 = 1954 F-100

    Was James Osterberg , Sr. , a cool guy ?
  12. Stooges+1969 = 1954 F-100

    The Stooges in c.1969 in some field in Michigan sitting in an abandoned 1954 F-100 .
  13. '76 Caprice Rides Again!!!!

    Here's a preview of the box art (slated for reissue in 1st quarter 2020) :
  14. 1969 Plymouth A12 Roadrunner

    Now THAT is a Six Barrel Road Runner ! That EK2 paint is perfect ! It is "interesting" that the 1969 1/2 "M" Code R.R. and Super Bee models could only be had with (yucky) 4-wheel drum brakes --- great for drag racing , but garbage on the street .
  15. 1963 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge

    That is one outstanding Fury ! WOW ! I can just hear its exhaust notes ; a nice , lumpy "square lobe" cam which requires the car to idle at 2,000 RPM ---beautiful ! I especially love how you detailed the wheels -- spot-on with the axle-ends in a natural finish .