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  1. Thanks for the retrospective! I don't know how many of those gold-coloured-plastic 1984 MPC kits I'd built back then -- just such a fun, easy-to-build kit of a then-radical design of a vehicle. Those stinkin' B.F. Goodrich tyres were a bummer , as everyone knew that the Corvettes were shod with Gatorback VR-50 tyres on 16" wheels (big for that time). When the Gatorbacks premiered for the 1989 models (Corvette, and Taurus... maybe others), it was a godsend! Same with glass that wasn't limousine tint black...
  2. Grooming is a feline's way of showing affection, whether it's with another feline, another animal, or one of us bipeds. Molly used to lick the dry patches on my forehead (haha). A nice salty treat for her, and free exfoliation spa treatment for me.
  3. Something delightfully sinister about black 1968 LO23 Darts. Yours looks nice and clean and mean!
  4. Those tail lamps/reverse lamps look GREAT! Huge improvement over the kit pieces. If you pour a few extra ones, I'll buy them from you. Instrument panel upgrade is coming along nicely. Another tremendous improvement! It would be nice if someone would offer a resin knock of the Rallye Dash for the Monogram [et al.] 1971 Hemi 'Cuda kits. Keep up the fantastic work!
  5. Are those three love bugs from the same mum?
  6. AMT 1968 Z~28 has the F-60 and L-60 tyres.
  7. Which dialect of English? 😁 My companions had quite a few "pet" names: - Molly Anne Mc Calico: Sugar Heart, Super Girl, Candy, Puma, Cougar, Multi-coloured Mountain Lion. - Oliver Sabastian: Bratty Brit, Orange (pronounced "Oh-Ranj"), Nathanel Hawthorne, Moon Fruit. "Fmeep" sounds like 'trilling' or 'chirping', I'd imagine. FWIW, I constantly make fun of my Celtic heritage, especially the dominate Cymræg (Welsh), and the famous "thrifty" nature therein.
  8. Ah! I recall it being a COPO/dealer conversion replica, but thought that the B-M was first. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. Comparing tomatoes to grapes here: That ~$46 price tag for a 1971 Mach I of all-new tooling is still less expensive than a comparable resin kit... same with the 1968 Coronet. You simply can't beat a styrene kit -- better than resin in every manner. With that being said: I am exhibiting immense self-restraint insofar as chiming in on the "Why-make-'x'-in-China-when-the-price-isn't-cheaper" topic. Suffice it to say, that's something I was griping about before that Titan Arum started to bloom.
  10. IIRC, the separate exterior door handles came along when the convertible was introduced. All of the coupes still have moulded-on door handles, but the chrome tree includes separate items. The green Phase III kit was the first in the series of the Mark IV powered Camaro; the Zed was thee first of the then-new '69 Camaro from Revell (c.1990). Kind of surprised --and perhaps a little disappointed-- that a 350-powered SS was never produced; only the 302 Zed.
  11. That was here in California, in the northern part of the state somewhere. The station manager set the prices to $0.69/gallon (ostensibly instead of $6.90), sending prices back to the 1980s.
  12. Super looking Jeep, Mike! Good call on the tyre swap.
  13. My apologies. "Oxidiser" is another way of saying 'Supercharger'.
  14. Thanks much for taking the time to photograph and share the image. That sheet looks NICE! It even includes 1969 and 1970 licence plates! Is this kit still available, current production?
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