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  1. Thanks much for your recommendation . The wheels from the Revell Snap-Tite '57 Chevy do look quite nice -- I'll peruse eBay to see if anyone's got one they've parted-out .
  2. I took the plunge , and grabbed a factory-sealed Foose FD-100 via eBay , as I've wanted one ever since seeing many awesome build-ups on this forum . The only "complaint" that I have -- and it's not a knock at Chip's design nor execution -- is the tyres and wheels . I just can't bring myself to use the kit's wheels , as they're too , um , modern for my taste . Now , are there any kits or aftermarket ( Pegasus ? ) wheels which will fit with little to no wrestling and modifying ? Please share photos and links / sources . Thanks much !
  3. @Dragonhawk1066, That's a stunner ! Personally , I prefer the first set of wheels ; they compliment the car's boxy lines better than the second set of wheels . What're your plans for the interior ? The factory offered white with red accents ( dash , console , carpet , etc. ) .
  4. My thought exactly . Dark blue with red stripe is gorgeous !
  5. It's been a while since I've perused this source ( see link ) , but I believe that the AMT Pinto kits didn't receive bumper guards until 1973 : AMT | Scale Auto Model Kit Reviews & Reference (proboards.com)
  6. Sounds like 'San Francisco-East' . Hipster junkies and homeless camps , indeed . You should see Downtown L.A. these days -- every overpass of the Harbor Freeway is a block-long tent city .
  7. That's the only way to fly ! I was fortunate enough to have enjoyed not only an authentic NYC cart dog , but also legit pizza slices when I visited NYC in summer 1989 .
  8. Just make sure that 'Popeye' Doyle isn't across the street dressed as Santa Claus , and that the hot dog vendor isn't 'Cloudy' Russo .
  9. One of my favourite photos of the classic lineup :
  10. Should have a Body By Palmer sticker somewhere on it . WOOF !
  11. Quite likely the same 1968 SS Nova that was featured in a Dragnet : 1968 episode .
  12. Another consideration : Back in 1971 , the kits were manufactured in the U.S. -- that's all that I'm going to mention about that fact .
  13. 1968 hubcaps are markedly different from the 1969-1975 hubcaps ( the 2nd image you've posted ) . Fireball makes the 1969-1975 style , both Plymouth and Dodge are available . The only source that I'm aware of for the 1965-1968 Plymouth hubcaps are the ones in the old Jo-Han 1968 Fury Police Car -- even then , they're not all that accurate ( no raised centre "cone" like the 1:1 ) . You may be able to use the hubcaps from the Revell 1968 Dodge Charger R/T . They're Dodge-specific , but are closer to the Plymouth caps than those in the Jo-Han '68 Fury Sedan . The first image you've posted are the "generic" 1975-c.1982 Dodge and Plymouth hubcaps .
  14. 'K' as in Potassium... or even Knock it off .
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