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  1. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I   

    NICE Belvedere 2 door post !  Looks like the kind of "Boulevard Bruiser" that I'd see when I was a kid .
    Can't wait to see how nice your '62 Chevy is going to come out !
  2. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner COMPLETE 2-19-2017   

    Very , very nice RM21H8 !  This build is especially outstanding when one considers what you've been through on a personal level ; an inspiration to us all !
    Keep on keepin' on !
  3. 1972coronet added a post in a topic MPC '74 Charger--Take Me to School   

    I bought a 1972 Charger Rallye MPC Annual a few years ago for next to nothing . It's a rebuilder , with all of the 1972-specific parts intact . Been toying with the idea of grafting the 1972-only Rallye doorskins  onto the newer AMT 1971 Charger body , and installing the 1972-only interior into the AMT Charger's platform . I'm going to replicate my own version of the super rare 440 Six Pack .
    Needless to say , it's going to be a while before I undertake a project of that 'scale' .
    It's too bad that MPC ( et al. ) "modified" the tooling of the 1973-1974 Charger to the extent that they did . I would love to build one of them as a wagon !
  4. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 68 Dodge Dart 440 Custom Street Rod Project Update with a few pics finally!   

    I understand that . For some reason , I couldn't remember whether or not the 2-in-1 1968 Dart GTS / Hurst-Hemi release included the U/C headers from the Landy kit ---- it's been a while since I've checked my stash .
    Those 'Cuda scoops do look great on that car ! Nice job , man !
  5. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 68 Dodge Dart 440 Custom Street Rod Project Update with a few pics finally!   

    The Landy 1968 SS/EA Dart kit has underchassis headers ...
  6. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Four door or sedan/post interest   

    I can't be alone here in believing that a 1984-1990 Caprice 9C1 wouldn't sell like mad ! After all , their 1991-1992 9C1 sold quite well , didn't it ?
    Then there's the 1977-1978 Dodge Monaco ( MPC ) ... 1968 Fury I ( JoHan ) ... both A38 models , and both sold well .
    As far as longroofs ? I'd love to see a 1964 Chevelle 300 two door wagon , with a 6 cylinder / Powerglide and a hot small block / 4-speed as options .
  7. 1972coronet added a post in a topic -Pilot 1970 Chevelle ...   

    That wouldn't surprise me for a moment . But why a base L34 model ? Why not an LS5 ? An LT1 ( which was a Corvette and Z28 --- and the Yenko COPO Nova --- engine only for 1970 ) ?
    Maybe that's why the standard engine was "chosen"  ; an LS6 could 'throw-a-red-flag' .
    Really , how far did the 'no assigned V.I.N.' go ? No dashboard tag = illegal (since the 1968 model year) . I'm not sure as to when VIN's were required by mandate (?)
  8. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Short review - AMT Trojan Horse Mustang II Funny Car   

    I don't recall ever seeing an AMT kit --- new tooling-wise --- with any type of alignment pins . I've got a few of the Matador annuals ; none of them have pins for the engine block halves , transmission halves , etc. , etc. When I was a kid , that used to frustrate me to no end ! Ha ha ha . 
  9. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 1962 Chevrolet Impala 409   

    This kit has been on my radar since its release . I've seen many nice builds of it .
    That blue is going to look killer ! It seems like the majority of these cars -- "1:1" or kits -- are either red or white , so that blue is really going to stand out nicely . I've been thinking of doing one in a mint green metallic ...
  10. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Moebius 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I Is Completed   

    Man , that is coming along quite nicely , Mike ! I positively love that colour !
    You have the patience of a saint , putting that shifter ball decal on ( ) . Very nice interior work , too !
    Have yourself a great week , Mike !
  11. 1972coronet added a post in a topic -Pilot 1970 Chevelle ...   

    I doubt that it would have any value if it were a base model , a wagon , and-or a 6 cylinder.
    I'm more familiar with Chrysler's pilot vehicles , and how they were assigned V.I.N.s , and how they found their way into the public's hands : 1970 Coronet R/T convertible which was built in April 1969 ; 1971 440 Six Pack Super Bee with its mis-struck "First Job Rramed" [sic] (should read : "Framed") , and some others that I'm forgetting at the moment .Would those aforementioned cars have any greater value if they were , say , a 1970 Duster with a 318 ?  A 1973 Coronet with a 225 ?  
    Who truly knows how that L34 Chevelle escaped , found its way to a dealership , and then into the hands of its subsequent owners ? After all , if G.M. didn't assign V.I.N.s to their pilot cars , then how was this car ever titled ?
  12. 1972coronet added a topic in General   

    -Pilot 1970 Chevelle ...
    Certainly , there are many of my fellow gear heads whom have read about the pilot 1970 Chevelle  ( a hand-built L34 [ 350hp 396 ] Super Sport ) , but for those of you whom haven't heard about this anomaly , I present this :
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  13. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Learning to speak Canadian...   

    Yes sir ! Nova Scotia , right ?
  14. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 1.1 cars that got away   

    Three more which come to mind :
    1.) 1973 Challenger Rallye 340 . This car was the next (short) block over from my home in Whittier . It was F8 green with F8 green interior ; 340 (obviously) , auto (console) , 3.55 Sure Grip , AM/FM 5 speaker Multiplex Stereo . Backlight Defogger . 95% original paint . Two fine cracks in the dash pad (typical California stuff) . "Driver Quality" paint . Asking price was $3,600 ( in 1989 ) , and the seller (original owner) would take $3,000 (a screamin' deal !!) . Well , I only had $1,000 saved for a car , so that was a no-go . Of course , after-the-fact , my dad says to me , "I would have loaned you the rest . You didn't seem like you were interested in the car though !" ( I was certainly interested , but the price vs. budget put a frown upon my already-Celtic-stoich face ...)
    2.) 1974 Monaco "A38" ( Police Conversion Sales Code ) , DK41L4D . This ex-CHP car was sitting by the maintenance shed at Rio Hondo College ( also known as "USC" : University South of the Cemetery ) , in washed-out 999 Black / 999 White livery --------- exactly like the coveted Bluesmobile !   I was able to find the Groundskeeper one day ; the gate to his yard was open , so I walked in . He was busy , so I shot a glance at the car's V.I.N. , pleasantly surprised to see the telltale "DK41" ( "D" = Dodge Full-Size ; "K" = Police Model ; "41" = 4 Door Sedan ) , but the engine code ( "L" = 245 hp 360 , albeit in ultra-heavy-duty form ... and the CHP-spec cam grind ! ) was slightly offputting ( at that time ) . Surprisingly , the car was running and operational . The Groundskeeper fired that 360 off and it roared to life instantly , its special cam emitting a healthy "rump-rump-rump" through the "A38"-specific mufflers . I drove the car a short distance , and it ran okay. The asking price was $800 ( !!! ) , but that was about $801 more than I had at the time .
    3.) 1971 Coronet Wagon . What was so special about a Coronet Wagon ? Oh , just the fact that it was equipped with the 300 hp 383 Magnum ...
    ...backed by a factory 4-speed ! This car was at 101 Used Cars  ( ostensibly named after the original routing of U.S. 101 ) in San Diego . The dealer wanted something like $3,500 for it ( in 1991 dollars ) , and it would have been worth every penny . I toyed with the idea of trading my super clean 1972 Swinger for the 'WL45N1A' ; however , "reality" hit me : however could I afford to feed a hungry 383 ? I passed . About a year later I read an article in Mopar Collectors' Guide about a " 1-of-1 , 1971 Coronet wagon with a factory 383 Mag / 4-speed..." ...
    ...a completely different car from the one that I saw --and passed on-- only one year prior ,
  15. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Learning to speak Canadian...   

    How about 'New Scotland' ?