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  1. I'd imagine that MPC assumed that Plymouth was going to continue offering a 'real' Road Runner on the B-Body , just as it found its way on to the newly-redesigned 1975 models (ever see a 1975 Road Runner ? They're rare -- they were rare back in 1975 , too !) . 1975 was the last year for a Road Runner that was more than a package , as its V.I.N. read RM21 ; that was also the last year for a big block 'Runner ( 400-HP was top engine choice , all automatics-only ) . The 'Runner was relegated to an option on the then-new 1976 Volare , signalling the end of the true 'Runner . MPC developed kits as early as spring of the preceding year . The evidence I have is the decal sheet for the 1972 Duster annual ; it's dated "05/71" , which is two moths before the 1971 model year ended .
  2. That's them ! I'd forgotten the name of the company --- thanks for popping a memory capsule .
  3. Funny thing about those Bear wheels --- I've never seen them on a car or truck . I certainly remember seeing ads with them in the manufacturer's lineup (mostly in Car & Driver and in the fledgling Mini-Truck magazines) , but never on a vehicle . Maybe the scene back in the 80's was too macho for bear wheels ? Hahahaha .
  4. Tomatoe , potato... Haha . It certainly is closer to Monaco Orange ( et alia ) , but I was trying to be clever by stating a generic 'red' .
  5. Isn't that the one with a "complement" of 1971-1973 parts mixed-up ? I'm not familiar with the various cosmetic changes between those years , so I can't chime-in in-regard to that .
  6. Cool Canadian Cat ! Great work on the decals --- especially near the door lines .
  7. Gorgeous 'Vette ! Its bright red colour stands-out against that wonderful New Scotland background 😍 Keep up the great work !
  8. That's a lovely D-100 , Al ! How'd that Gen III Hemi and its transmission fit ? I'm interested in what mods --if any-- were necessary to slide that combo into the truck's chassis . Wheels look nice, too ( and I typically don't like bigger-than-15" - 16" wheels on classic vehicles ) . They fill the wheel wells nicely !
  9. Nice , perfect '72 Nova ! I have the c.1996 issue of the Old Pro in the stash ( Lord knows how many of the original issue I've built over the years -- K-Mart used to sell them for something like 50 cents back in the 80's ! ) . I'm planning on building a phantom 1972 LT-1 COPO from mine .
  10. Looks like the Bill Kraft Marlin kit . Bill Kraft Nash-Rambler-AMC was in Norwalk , Ca. --- a few miles away from where I grew up . There was some friendly competition between Kraft and Ricker (which was in Whittier , Ca. -- two blocks from where I grew up) back in the day . I don't know when Kraft went out-of-business ( I suspect that it was in c.1971 ) , but Ricker held in there through c.1981 . But , I digress... I'm looking forward to seeing how your version comes together !
  11. Here's a page from the 1970 Dodge Scat Pack salesman catalogue which mentions the MPC promotional models : https://www.hamtramck-historical.com/dealerships/_DealershipLetters-06d.shtml?load_img=27
  12. OUTSTANDING C/20 , Kurt ! All of the modifications and scratching truly shine here . Keep 'em coming !
  13. From the AMT Parts Pack ( 283 Chevy and Pontiac / "B&M Hydro" trans) . Trans looks good to my eyes...
  14. Maybe the single four barrel-atop the aftermarket intake is still around ( including the non-stock air cleaner ) , and maybe the Satellite / Road Runner tiller . Body and interior tub were modified to Satellite Sebring / GTX livery back in '95 or '96 (along with the much-welcomed firewall details , and the superior-to-earlier-offerings Six Barrel induction / Holley 2300's) .
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