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  1. Stock up on Humbrol Paints now!

    Humbrol paints had their "run" here in the States back in the 80's ( c.1984-c.1988 ) via support from Monogram (whose kit's instructions included Humbrol names and numbers) . I remember liking Humbrol at that time ; however , their price-point was off markedly , especially their "mini" aerosol paints (which yielded great results but were expensive for their diminutive size --- again , price-point) . This news definitely stinks for our fellow plastic fanatics in Europe , etc.
  2. simple 55 bel air

    Freudian slip on my part ; the 'Del Rae' is a restaurant / nightclub in my hometown !
  3. new for 2018

    Nice to see the 80's Pro Stock (and even Pro Street livery in some instances) kits coming back . The 1994 Impala ... I'll have to get one to bash with the 1991 9C1 so that I can get the more-desirable round rear wheel well arches . I hope that the '69 Boss is satisfactory .
  4. simple 55 bel air

    I , too , love the '56 : the cleanliness of the '55 , with hints of the pending , ostentatious '57 . The Revell kit is a Del Rae pillar coupe , if I remember correctly ... Nice work on that '55 , Steve !
  5. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    ... and no mention of the "3-on-the-tree" manual trans ? Not necessarily a bad thing --- just doesn't fit with the whole Monster Truck motif . On a good note ; at least the Monogram (now under the Revell banner) kits have clear tail lamps ! Definitely better than solid-red ... ... or moulded-in (MPC , et al.) units for that matter . BTW ; those Revell-origin C/K's are horrible . The most offencive aspect -- and it's not mutually-exclusive to their C/K's -- are the windscreens with the runners' leading-edge blobbing-onto the windscreen's top-edge .
  6. Another track closing

    ... just a matter of time before Pomona goes the way of high-button shoes . Another victim of too many people , stupid people , and snake-oil realtors . Eff the EPA .
  7. 1977 Mustang II

    Interesting fact about the Mustang II : 1974 was the only year that a V8 wasn't available ! That only made the 'II' that much worse in the eyes of the enthusiasts (and besides , the first OPEC crisis was still a couple of months away when these were introduced) . Over at the Chevrolet camp , an L82 Camaro could be had ; Chrysler still offered 360-powered Barracuda and Challenger ; and AMC had the 360 and 401 powered Javelin . But , I digress ... That is an outstanding build , Randy ! Is that the AMT annual-based version ? Kind of looks like it ; the MPC version had a different stance . Here's my favourite Mustang II : the Sudden Death !
  8. Another track closing

    That version of "Irwindale" is a joke of its namesake and history anyhow . Eighth-mile ? Garbage ! Certainly better than the alternative , but ... The 'World Famous' Riverside International Raceway was decommissioned and eventually demolished to make way for a big shopping centre --------- that same centre has a 20% occupancy rate ! Total waste of land ! I wasn't aware that E-Town was on the chopping block . That sucks !! Apparently , the respective locales and the pissant politicians want for everyone to take their machinery to the public streets .
  9. 2019 Ram

    Fleet orders are the way to go if one wants for a base model , for sure . I seem to remember the days of , say , an F-100 with zero options ( 250 six , 3-on-the-tree , no rear bumper , Tupperware interior ) being on the lot . These days , the dealers want to sell ONLY the $60,000 - $80,000 "Cowboy Cadillacs" , and that's all that they keep in stock ! Bring back the days of , "Here's a steering wheel and 4 tyres : what do you want to add as options ?" - Air Conditioning - AM / FM radio (maybe with a disc player) - Full complement of gauges - Power Windows * - Power Locks * - Small V8 - Steep Gears - Cruise Control ** * = almost a prerequisite in certain demographics ( e.g. , Downtown Los Angeles , etc. ) ** = nice option to have for means of either long drives and to help avoid speeding tickets .
  10. new for 2018

    If we're in the mood for historically-accurate films and the automobiles therein ; how about the cars from Dazed & Confused ? Talk about eye candy !
  11. new for 2018

    Nothing says "FIFTIES !" quite like a set of Firehawk radial RWL tyres ! WOOF ! That thing is hideous ---- ugly enough to scare the vultures off a gut cart !
  12. '69 340 Dart

    Potentially silly question : you did offset the engine to the passenger-side , right ? The 383-powered A-bodies also had unique K-members vs. their small V8 counterparts (the Slant Six family , again , had their own specific K-member as well) . Perhaps the one from the AMT Duster 340 would be better ? Nice looking Dart !
  13. 2019 Ram

    All of that touch-screen garbage ... NO THANKS . Give me a truck with vinyl seating , rubber floor mats , and little to no gimmicks and tech garbage . ( I know , I know : "Get off my lawn !" ) . I just enjoy simplicity ; I want a truck to ride like a truck , handle like a truck , and be user-friendly . I want to feel the transmission go-through its gears ... steel wheels ... easy spare tyre changes ... and not a bunch of TPMS lights and other Disneyland Electrical Street Parade antics on the dashboard and gauges . And , I want to be able to reach-into the bed -- on a two wheel drive , half-ton -- without having to use the rear tyres as a freakin' step ladder !
  14. Testors brush paint

    FWIW : I have a bottle of Tamiya Clear Red bottle paint that's 33 (thirty-three) years old , and it's still good ! Same with a bottle of Gunze Clear Orange ; same age , bought on the same day , and still perfectly good ! I typically avoid buying Testors unless theirs is the only option ( e.g. , their automotive aerosol paints , enamel gloss clear aerosol , engine colours , etc. ) .
  15. 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T by round2

    Perhaps a "Donks of Hazard" version would've been a better idea ...