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  1. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 1968 Dart Super Stock specs   

    Excellent source for the correct interior : http://www.hartspartsresin.com/resin-parts-list/conversions
  2. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 1/24 Monogram Ford F-150 Ranger Flareside   

    Not to mention (well , you did by stating that "[shares] nothing in common with the [prior generation] except the engines..." ) is that the 1980 models were the first year for the redesigned flairside bed .
  3. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    I've seen V6W , at least on the Super Bee models (WM21 & WM23) . The hood blackout and the R/T/'s door "gills" , however , were X9 Black only .
  4. 1972coronet added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Monogram 1970 GS 455 Buick
    I'm thinking about getting the Monogram 1970 Buick GS 455 kit , and am wondering about the most-recent reissue ; primarily , does it have decals for the gauges and other small parts ? Any-thing to look out for with respect to its construction (i.e. , any parts need massaged / tinkered with) ?
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  5. 1972coronet added a post in a topic MPC 79 FirebirdT/A   

    This kit dates back 37 years ( !! ) . I'm surprised at the lack of BFG's , as it seemed that MPC was using them almost exclusively starting in c.1982 (yes , this kit's been reissued since its 1978 debut) , correct or otherwise (e.g. , 1984 Corvette with BFG's ?!? No.Way.)
    If you don't want for those Motor Wheels Spyders (the custom wheels) , I'll gladly take 'em off your hands .
  6. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Guitars   

    Hammond B3 !
  7. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 1966 chevelle ss   

    Looks "Super" !
    How's that Backlight ( colloq. , "rear window" ) trim to work with ? Would appear much easier versus trying to foil that Flying Buttress tunnel !
  8. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Most fun you had in a car. KEEP IT P.G.   

    1969 Dart GTS with a 496" (440 based ; Kellogg NASCAR stroke crank) , Art Carr 727 with full manual valve body , 8.75" with 3.23 Sure Grip . An incredible thirst for 105+ octane Ethyl . That car was obnoxiously loud ! The tyres would bark , even if you "short-shifted" the trans . Parallel parking was no small feat , even with 14x5" steel wheels and 16:1 manual steering !  Best trip in that oxidised green cop stopper was to Fashion Island in Newport Beach ! Ritzy area , with hardly a car older than 3 years of age being seen ; the Dart stood out like a sore thumb ! HA HA HA !! The exhaust set-off every car alarm in the parking lot .
    My favourite way of launching that car was to brake-rev it against its 3,000 RPM converter , and then let-off the brake while nailing the loud pedal .
  9. 1972coronet added a post in a topic $2.25 Million Cuda   

    far fewer 1971's were built ; 11 total : 7 for U.S. destinations , 2 for Canadian consumption , and 2 exports to  france . Surprisingly all of them are accounted for (!!) . The exports are special in that , aside from their export status , they were both the first one built ( GA4 Winchester Grey 4-speed ) and the last one built ( GW1 Sno-White automatic ) .
  10. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 1969 Dodge Something   

    You really polished that outdated "organic compound" of a kit , Tulio !
    This kit's origins date to 1967 , as an MPC 1968 Charger R/T annual . It was updated to 1969 cosmetics (new upholstery pattern ; new grille ; new tail lamps ; new side markers) , and again in 1970 ( new front fenders / bumper / grille ; and new upholstery pattern , if I remember correctly . New-for-1970 "Rallye Wheels" replaced the previous years' wheels) .
    I don't remember when the backlight ( colloquially , "Rear Window" ) was changed to the 500 / Daytona style , but it certainly stuck around during the Dukes of Hazzard era of c.1979 .
    I built one of the (dreadful) fast & furious "1970" kits for a friend about 12 years ago . I added the brake booster / master cylinder from the parts bin (to replace the incorrect 1966-style brake master cylinder) .
  11. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC '82 Dodge Van   

    Generic manual transmission . Most common trans was the column-shift 727-A Loadflite  ; the other , standard trans was the A-230 (Slant Six) or A-250 (V8) 3-speed column-shift "three-on-the-tree" . I *believe* that a floor-shift 4-speed was available in 1978 (perhaps as early as 1976)  . Here's a link to factory literature , 1978 B-Van :
  12. 1972coronet added a topic in General   

    1958-1959 Ranchero Kustom
    Found this photo of a sweet 1958-1959 Ranchero Kustom . I would have posted it under a preexisting thread regarding Rancheros , but I couldn't find it ...
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  13. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Red oxide primer undercarriage?   

    Local suppliers also played a role in what primer(s) were employed . For an instance : Chrysler's Los Angeles Plant (City of Commerce) employed a black primer , which was an exclusive to that plant .
  14. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Aftermarket headlights for Olds 442?   

    I *believe* that those lamps date back to the 1966 Sonny & Cher 'His and Hers' kit(s) , which were Barris customs .
  15. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Just bought Moebius 65 Satellite   

    Traction bars were largely deemed a hindrance to the Torsion Bar suspension's action , and were thereby almost universally ignored . Some early (1960-1962) Stock-classes MoPars employed experimental use of rearward-facing traction bars with mixed results . Truly , Chrysler engineered the rear axle to sit off-centre on the springs (slightly-forward of centre) , and a pinion snubber (adjustable in some cases , though not from the factory) to aid in traction .
    The 8.75" rear is a stout piece . However , by 1966 , it was deemed incapable behind the then-new 426 Street Hemi ; durability from repeated hard acceleration (e.g. , "Supervised Acceleration Trials") was the concern .
    1965 was the last model year for the 8.75" rear behind manual trans equipped high performance and maximum performance engines (440 four barrel , 440+6 , and 426 Hemi ), though it did live on as standard with the Torqueflite .