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  1. 1972coronet added a post in a topic The correct cement for   

    Model cement is essentially a "cold weld" (a term for the chemical-reaction between the adhesive and the parts it's bonding-together . In other words , the cement ( glue , et al. ) does indeed melt the styrene (the cold-weld) , and then catalyses ( dries ) in "x" timeframe .
    "Super Glue" ( et al. ) works differently ; there's no melting of the surfaces it comes in-contact with . These glues are acrylic ( "CA" = Cyanoacrylate )  ; their 'setup' time varies ( e.g. , "Quick Set" , etc. ).
    With all glues which are indicated for use in bonding polystrene , the adage is "A little bit is too much." . In other words , don't apply more glue than necessary .
    Personally , I favour Tamiya glue ( the orange lid liquid for general assemblies ; the green lid for gluing parts which are clamped or banded together ) . 
  2. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford FD-100 Pickup   

    The Revell 1956 F-100 dates back to 1962 . I have an original-issue of this kit (found at a thrift store about 10 years ago) ; even it cannot be built 100% stock , but it comes close ( the headliner is a custom job ; and the Thunderbird Y-Block isn't stock ... close , but no cigar .)
    I am impressed with the Foose FD-100 so far (judging it only by the photos shared here , and by the online "instructions" pdf ) . It looks like a nice , clean customised F-100 , with quite subtle "massaging" of its panels . 
    That would be a neat 'test' to add some stock changes to it ( essentially , add the wind wings ; change its suspension to straight front axle / solid "floater" rear with leaf springs ; stock tyres & wheels ; and , interior 'retrogrades' ) . These days , it would be like the proverbial "stock" Model A or 1932 Ford or 1934 Ford : few among us -- my-self included -- know what the body proportions are on those cars in dead-stock form ( though , Tim Boyd , Tulio , and others would know right-off ... ) 
  3. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Revell '66 Surburban shown at NNL-East!   

    Not to drag this thread off-topic , but ...  Allegedly , the HEI distributor from the Buick 231 ( 3.8 litre ) fits these engines . Perhaps it's merely an HEI conversion which employes the Buick cap & rotor ? Either way , that's cool !
    I positively LOVE these engines !
  4. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Revell '66 Surburban shown at NNL-East!   

    That rinky-dink 1 Bbl atomiser was its weakest link ! Why did GMC make this engine breathe-through a coffee stir stick ?? IIRC , the larger-displacement engines ( e.g. , the 478 cube variant ) received 2 Bbl atomisers ; still a weak attempt , but more reliable than the 4 Bbl's of the day (i.e. , less finicky ) .
    I read some-where that the "Scotch" rocker covers indicated either a running-production change (redesigned heads ?) or that some TSB / Recall work was performed . Probably just urban legend ...
    How neat would it be to build a 351 cube GMC , with a 3-71 or 4-71 oxidiser atop ? 
  5. 1972coronet added a post in a topic '62 Catalina windshield issue   

    At least you're planning to install the windscreen properly , and not according to the instructions' mounting points 
  6. 1972coronet added a post in a topic 71 Satellite   

    Direct from the 1971 Satellite brochure : http://www.hamtramck-historical.com/images/dealerships/DealershipDataBook/1971/71_Satellite_33.jpg
  7. 1972coronet added a post in a topic What's your favorite taillight red and orange paints   

    I can attest to the long shelf-life of Tamiya bottle paints , as I have a bottle of their Clear Red that's over 30 years old , and it's just as good as the day I opened it ! I also have a bottle of Gunze-Sangyo that I bought at the same time ( same day , same shoppe ) ; it's their Clear Ambre , and it is also just as good 30+ years later .
    I have used Testors Turn Signal Amber and Stop Light Red enamels as well --- still do --- but they don't last nearly as long in-so-far-as shelf-life is concerned . 
    With that all being said : There are times when the Testors paints just plain look more accurate . The metallic in them gives the "fluting" a more lifelike appearance ; they're great over kit chrome .
    With lamps which are moulded-clear , and require painting the appropriate colours , I'll paint both sides ( unless there's a "depth" to them ; see Art Anderson's comment ) . Either the Testors on the back-side and Tamiya on the outside , or vice-versa .
    Bottom Line : I'd recommend getting both . They each serve their purpose .
  8. 1972coronet added a post in a topic AMT 1966 Pro Street Nova   

    The original , factory-stock version was released in 1988 after a year delay (was slated for 1987 release) .
    It definitely set the hobby on its ear ; a very advanced kit for its time , full of separate parts and options . It seems so simplistic by today's standards . It's like this kit is to the hobby , what The Stooges were to Rock music . 
    The downside of the original issue ? That stupid moulded-on interior rear view mirror ! It was moulded to the windscreen ! Now THAT was a glaring goof ---- a 'Prom Night Zit' .
    I've never touched the Pro Street version , as that style never did settle with me ( excepting the Gapp & Rousch 1976 Mustang II that's heralded as the 'first pro street car' ) .
  9. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Sox & Martin '67 GTX-a question   

    Personally , I'd like to see Spyders come back ! 
  10. 1972coronet added a post in a topic NNL East and the most wanted list!   

    1970 Nova Yenko Deuce , please !  COPO LT-1 ... and keep the Mark IV stuff in this new issue ; a stock 1970 L78 Nova would be a cool option !
    ( While I'm at it ; how about backdating the 1969 Nova to a 1968 ? Think : COPO L78 / TH-400 !
  11. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Sox & Martin '67 GTX-a question   

    If I remember correctly , the original , c.1994 S&M kit had the correct Keystones . I have no clue as to when or why the Cragar S/S are in this issue ( which I don't have )  ; even the c.2000 issue of the GTX had the Keystones ( and the S&M parts as well , sans decals ).
    The biggest "problem" I have with the Revell 1967 GTX / RO23 / Charger is :
    - 8 3/4 rear . Should be a Dana 60 ;
    - Four-paddle , direct-drive fan . Should be a seven-paddle with clutch .
  12. 1972coronet added a post in a topic NNL East and the most wanted list!   

    I agree . However , I'd like to see a 1967 GT+S first ---- how cool would that be !
    An update to a 1970 would be awesome ! Throw in the 1971 rear bumper / tail lights and a non-Rallye dash , an anomaly is bourn : the Canadian 1971 Swinger Special 340 ! Naturally , the big block , Hemi , Dana 60 , etc. , etc. , should be retained and included with any subsequent changes .
  13. 1972coronet added a post in a topic Rapid Transit System " paint code cuda "   

    I can't help but wonder if the car as featured in the Rapid Transit System brochure was based upon a "Tooling Proof" body ?
    Here's some photos of a 1974 'Proof :
    Note its scribed lines ; oddly (or not) similar to the colour separations on the 1970 , huh ? 
    Additionally ; certain colours weren't available until Spring 1970 , here-fore their 'absence' : 
    FY1 Top Banana
    FM3 Moulin Rouge 
    FJ5 Lime Lite
    FJ6 Sassy Grass 
    Keep up the great work on your replica ! It's looking super nice !