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  1. I didn't even notice that date -- if I did see it , I likely subconsciously dismissed it as his joined-the-forum date. I don't make it a habit of attempting to garner the attention of any forum member with whom I wish to enquire about the products , procedures, etc., which they employ. However , I felt compelled in this instance because his P.M. isn't working.
  2. Thanks for the confirmation regarding the compound. I'm glad to know that its residue washes-off so easily, too. I'll take me bum to Walmart tonight and pick up a jar of it ! Thanks again!
  3. I'd attempted to contact @Snake Pliskinvia P.M. , but ostensibly he can't receive them. Ne'er-the-less... For those of you whom employ Wright's to polish paint, or, in particular, bare plastic, which 'suspension' is best? I've seen cream and paste available. Additionally, there are formulas for different metals (copper, silver, chrome, etc.) -- which one is preferable ? I'm planning to polish the bare plastic on me on-and-off AMT 1968 SS-396 El Camino (recent issue, moulded in white; the "green interior and vinyl top" project), and would like to use a compound which doesn't require excessive buffing (the likes of Meguire's, etc., which require excessive buffing to achieve desired results). I've seen the numerous restore-preserve projects which Snake has used Wright's on , an am quite impressed. Thanks.
  4. In one of the computer 'blueprints' , a Dana 60 is present. The images provided here exhibit the 8 3/4 diff. Like I'd mentioned, the Dana 60 was a common upgrade (and the Ford 9" as well) to the earlier B-bodies once it was released for the 1966 model year. Funny that NASCAR-campaigned cars still used the 8 3/4 in spite of the higher speed, higher RPM's and demands. Must be solely because of the easy swapping of the drop-out third member vs. the heavier and less serviceable Dana 60.
  5. Landy's 1965 Coronet 'WO51' has one each of the tail lamp bezels -- one with back-up lamp , one without. The story goes that one of the tail lamps and its bezel was damaged , and Landy could only find the bezel sans back-up lamp provision at the local dealership (otherwise, he couldn't run the car at the next event) . Reference photos exhibiting both tail lamp bezels (and, yes, I realise that this detail is like picking fly poop out of pepper) : BangShift.com Money No Object: The 1965 Dick Landy Dodge A/FX Coronet - BangShift.com
  6. Thank you for considering my proposals , and for publicly responding.
  7. Perhaps a drop top and a hardtop will come along as well . Imagine the de facto endless possible engine / body style combos (429-CJ convertible ! 429-CJ coupe ! 351-C Mach 1 !) . Please, Revell, make the FMX and C-6 available along with the Top-Loader 4-speed !
  8. If I may present a couple of proposals for the long-awaited kit : 1.) The Dana 60 --while a common upgrade-- wasn't available until the 1966 model year. The only axle for 1965 -regardless of transmission- was the 8.75" . For a correct / stock / A-990, it's the only correct axle housing. 2.) Back-Up lamps were optional until 01/01/1965 (though they were standard on higher trim level models such as the 500) . Include both tail lamp bezels for a correct two door sedan trim level. Thanks much for the preview , @Dave Metzner!
  9. Nifty project , Snake ! I've always enjoyed your 'preservation-restoration' projects -- top notch stuff !
  10. Thanks much. I'd initially desired to replicate a factory colour combo / availability; however , I'm going to go with a 'custom-but-stock-restoration' look.
  11. That's me plan at this point. I just suppose that I'm trapped by certain beliefs -- correct interior and vinyl top colours is one such belief. Ne'er-the-less, I shall forge-on and go with the green interior and top. Thank you.
  12. I'd imagine that --at least in-scale-- the engine colour (Corporate Blue) is different, and the air cleaner would have the heat riser tube & snorkel . Both the 402 ( "400" ) and 454 were optional for '76. As for a small block : the MPC Chevy / GMC 'Squarebody' pickups have a decent engine with an auto trans (don't know if it's a TH-350 or TH-400) , complete with the aforementioned air cleaner / hear tube. The clutch fan from the AMT LT-1 --truly, the pulleys / belts / accessories and fan-- would be correct for 1976, IIRC.
  13. I've been fiddling around with the AMT 1968 SS-396 El Camino on & off since it was reissued. I want to polish the white plastic, and paint the vinyl top and interior in matching colours -- and I may have to "go rogue" with my colour choice : Sage Green ! Is there a chance that a pale green was an optional colour for the interior and / or top for 1968? If so, please provide a link or reference (photos would suffice). Thanks !
  14. FINALLY ! Missed it last go 'round -- eBay examples are going for more than the 1:1 when they were new.
  15. I miss my 1973 Duster (VL29G3B375353 -- in case it's still out there...) . I'd love another '73 , but I can't afford them anymore (they were dirt cheap in the 80's and 90's) . Another dream car would be a 1970 Yenko Deuce LT-1 Nova. I'd love one in that light metallic green , or black-on-black.
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