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  1. "Wrong or right, they come here just the same...", is a line from Maybe the People Would be the Times (or Between Cleark Hilldale) by Arthur Lee & LOVE
  2. Later, "updated", instrumental take on Eight Miles High from the last lineup of The Byrds, from the German TV programme Beat Club, May 1971
  3. "Time passes like a kidney stone", is a phrase I've employed over the last 30 of so years
  4. Imperials, Little Anthony and the, are a great group
  5. I'm surprised by the clarity of the email's structure -- no tense shifts nor misspellings!
  6. As usual, the mono mix destroys the stereo mix:
  7. !!! NICE !!! Even down to the licence plate! I'm planning to replicate the "1972"/"1973" Challenger from the film ("Jill"), a mix of the "auction" car (T-boned car which was cut-apart) and the "airport" car (the one which was sold to Prince Chrysler Plymouth Imperial, then stolen, and finally ground-up at the salvage yard). Keep up the great work!
  8. I remember when this kit was a new tooling kit (35 years ago!), and was truly advanced in its tooling and details and construction. I can still remember @tim boyd's SAE review of it: "My cup runneth over! [...] too bad that the trailer shown at the... show didn't make it into production." IIRC, this kit -at least its first iteration- included a couple of options, even though I don't remember specifically what those options were (and in spite of the 3 or 4 of them I'd built back then). I'm quite looking forward to following your build of this classic!
  9. The MPC Jeep's V6 is the odd-fire 225 Buick (Dauntless, et al.) engine.
  10. I'd read somewhere that all of his castings are performed in the "pit" of a vintage outhouse.
  11. I'd totally forgotten that Len Lesser had a brief -albeit, very important and intense- role in The Outlaw Josey Wales. What are some of your favourite "surprise" roles from character actors?
  12. Season reminds me of Rimbaud's Une Saison en Enfer (A Season in Hell) **[I'd posted my reply -contribution- at the same time as @Ace-Garageguybut I'm not compelled to change it]
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