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  1. The parts which I had purchased are supposed to arrive today ( 24.11 ) , as they are at the local postal office as of 07:38 HRS ( PST ) . I have a can of aerosol stainless steel paint --- I will share photos of the wheel covers as soon as possible .
  2. FWIW , here's BNL's eBay 'store' : B-N-L Resins | eBay Stores
  3. Same with the kick panels (front) , sail panels (interior-side C-pillars) , and headliner . @mrmike, Yours is coming along quite nicely ! Tor-Red ( Hemi Orange) is a gorgeous colour... my '72 Swinger was factory EV2 . A friend had a '70 'Cuda 340 in the early 90's which was originally EK2 Vitamin C ( Go Mango) with white interior . Someone painted it generic white and converted the interior to black. I found shredded sections of the build sheet (typical Los Angeles Plant deal) shoved-under the dashboard . The car also had AM/8-Track 5 speaker stereo .
  4. Thanks for the heads-up regarding the character lines of the wheel covers . I'd figured that they were going to be faint with minimal , thin coats of primer and paint ( I have a can of 'Stainless Steel' that I'm going to be using ) . The reliefs will be treated to Tamiya Panel Line Accent ( Black ) . What year of the Scamp are you building ? Is it based-upon the resin 1971/1972 kit that was around ( Bandit Resin ? ) a few years ago ?
  5. Am I the only one who's "perplexed" by the moulded-on engine oil pan , but a separate transmission oil pan ? Looks like a nice kit regardless !
  6. For whatever reason , the 4-wheel (heavy duty) drums were the only binders with the 1969 1/2 R.R. and Super Bee 440+6 package . Likewise , all were equipped with a Dana 60 (4.10 gear) , regardless of transmission . No optional wheels , either ; just 15"x6" police-spec wheels ( with an "H.D." stamped on the retainer ring ) in gloss black with chromed lug nuts .
  7. Those tyres are unquestionably the now-sans-name Good~Year GT Radial tyres that have been in practically every Monogram kit since c.1982 ( Challenger T/A , '70 BOSS 429 , '70 SS-454 Chevelle , '70 GTX , et alia ) . Thankfully , Chief Joseph makes the correct 15"x6" steel wheels , and the correct tyres . The otherwise nice kit still has --aside from the incorrect Road Wheels-- a disc brake master cylinder . The 1:1 cars were available only with 4-wheel drum brakes (power-assist was an option) . Would be nice if Revell-Monogram would pitch those dime-a-dozen Centerline wheels into the dumpster , and tool up some Keystone Klassics or Ansen Sprints , etc. , to replace them . A little "trick" regarding the exhaust system on the 1969 Super Bee ( and its '70 GTX-Road Runner-SuperBird and 1971 Satellite-Road Runner-GTX relatives ) : Glue the exhaust manifolds to the exhaust pipes before painting and securing the assembly to the chassis . It provides the opportunity to clean-up the gap between the manifolds' exhaust "ends" and the underchassis exhaust . Additionally ; remove the rearmost exhaust from the rear axle , and grind the big chunk of plastic away for a realistic look . Those decals look GREAT in this release !
  8. I'm not sure what an 'SH400' transmission is , but : https://www.shapeways.com/product/EJL8ZXT65/reid-sh400-1-16?optionId=63029984&li=shops Or a 700 R-4 ( 4L80E ) : https://www.shapeways.com/product/G9BBKACJT/rossler-4l80e-1-16?optionId=147693029&li=shops
  9. How about a wonderful combination of Folk , Psychedelia , and Bluegrass : From 1966
  10. There was a 2014 Hyundai 5 door Accent where I used to work , and it was my favourite car in the fleet ! The store used to buy these things at auctions ; many times they were retired rental vehicles , or rentals which were in wrecks , and the agency had them fixed then auctioned . What I liked about that Accent was its planetary gear set transmission --- no garbage CVT's ! Had a manual-shift gate as well which was really handy for compression-braking or winding it out a bit going up-hill . The GDI engine certainly didn't want for power , as that car ran like a striped ape ! Power windows , cruise control, and a nice stereo rounded it out nicely . When we got the car in late 2016 , its odometer read 30,000 miles . When I left work in January 2020 , the odometer read 170,000 ! 140,000 hard miles (parts delivery vehicle) , and never a single issue ! Hyundai came a long way . I'd love to have an Accel 5 door just like the one at work (except cosmetically-cleaner) .
  11. The 1971 Charger dashboard certainly is a better-detailed piece (defogger vents , correct dash pad layout ) and its steering column is properly-adorned , too . I recognise that you've eliminated the Charger's air conditioning deflectors / vents --- how did you go about that ?
  12. Gorgeous little Siamese heart ! I love her 'Jelly Beans' ( colloq. for paw pads ) ! Tao is part-Siamese --- the lithe body , long slender tail , and toes which curl . I'll bet that Kitty is a vocal girl 🥰
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