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  1. It's very much still available, having been reissued in its 1976 annual guise a few years ago. Ne'er-the-less, I agree with your sentiment: why spend a bunch of time creating components for a kit which is OOP or has little interest.
  2. Just whippin' eggs here: - Corrected chassis for the MPC 1971-1976 Dart Sport-Duster-Demon. The front wheelbase is noticeably off side-to-side on every issue of that kit, dating to its 1971 origins. Eliminate the mouled-on driveshaft and exhaust extensions, too. - Non-console interior tub for same. Separate arm rests; a bench seat for the front. Include a 4-speed 'tunnel'. - Bench seat interior with base model upholstery pattern for the Monogram 1971 Satellite/ GTX. - 904 & 727 transmissions with separate oil pans, 1/24 and 1/25. Thanks much for any considerations.
  3. Thanks for your consideration of providing accurate licence plates for your 1965 Coronets; additional thanks to @SfanGoch for providing a link to the history of the California plates. Since you'd mentioned specifically the Super Stock ("WO51") version of the Coronet; I wish to propose that you offer a c.1967-c.1969 series plate. Since the S/S versions weren't registered for on-highway use, they wouldn't have been issued a 1965-series plate. Now, the street version of the Coronet would have 1965-alpha-numeric-series plates (with two 'YEAR' stickers; no 'MONTH' sticker). As a side note; for a state --I'm a lifelong resident-- whose recognition is the Hot Rod birthplace, the plates here are surely bland and uninspired. I don't mind the 1979 & earlier, 6-character plates; nor am I opposed to the 1982-1987 Golden State series -- it's those fugly 1994-present plates with that barfy, styllised , cursive 'California' which is printed-on the top. Add the boring DMV website reference to the bottom of the plates, and it's snoozeville. The 'retro series' black & gold are fine, but aren't the best. Why those plates are issued to non-1963-1969 (1971 trucks) vehicles is a logic which escapes me. Now, the 1976-1979 Michigan plates are my all time favourites.
  4. For the 1963-1969 California licence plate series, 1965 would have an "M", "N", or "O" for the first letter (e.g., MOD 426). Additionally; no 'month' stickers were issued until calendar year 1976. A 1965-issue plate would have only 'year' registration stickers; one on each side for the years (e.g., '1965' on right, '1966' on left).
  5. When I first brought Tæo home (he was two months old), he got into everything... including the sleeves of my leather jacket. He'd slither-through the sleeves, even as he grew-larger (like you said, so long as their head fits-through, they're goin' for it!)
  6. Just casting this to see if I get any bites: SWM seeking single Swinger for LTR. Okay, now let's get down to business... I have some nifty kits to trade for a clean, unbuilt 1970 Dart Swinger resin transkit. For an instance, I have a started-by-adult-builder-but-complete 1/8 scale 1965 Covette (Monogram, c.1990 issue) which I'd be willing to trade straight-up for one of the resin Darts. Thanks much!
  7. Yes to both. Primary overspray colour would be body colour; the black would be relatively minimal, albeit present. Furthermore; wheel wells (front and rear) and 3/4's of the forward-side of the radiator core support would be undercoated -- satin black in-scale.
  8. For many years, I had a small-medium-sized dog carrier for my felines. My reasoning was, Would I want to be crammed-into the tight-quarters of regular-sized cat carriers? No way! So, I purchased the aforementioned bigger carrier -- provide room to stretch, move, etc. I've been proven wrong in my thinking; my rationale. Apparently, our domestic kitties actually feel more secure in those "M.R.I." dimensions carriers. It's truly amazing how cats -- "Big" (Pumas, Bobcats, Lynx, etc.) and "Small" (Afrikan Wildcat, et al.) -- can contort their lithe bodies into claustrophobic-to-us quarters, and be completely contented.
  9. Update: 15/05/2022 9h 22: I still have not received a reply/response from Snake.
  10. Leads me to think it's a 331 because of the de facto cast-in bellhousing. I could be wrong; not sure if the engines designated for mating to the A-466 Powerflite (2-speed, predecessor to the A-488 Torqueflite of 1955/1956) were unique castings [?] If the ignition distributor's on the back of the block, it's unquestionably an early Dual Rocker Arm engine (276 DeSoto, 315 Dodge, 331 Chrysler, 354 Chrysler).
  11. Слободане, мотор који си саставио и офарбао и детаљизирао је јако добар посао! Радујем се што ћу пратити ваш напредак на култном Додге Цхаргеру из 1970.
  12. I have the c.1979 issue of the MPC 1969 Firebird in White Light'ning [sic] guise. Truly, I bought it (dirt cheap, unbuilt) for its Motor Wheels Spyders and for its 250 OHC 6 (a big "whatever" to the rest of the kit). Been toying with the idea of installing that bad boy into the AMT 1972 Nova SS-come-Pontiac Ventura II (Harts Parts conversion) to make a phantom '71 "Ventura II Sprint" .
  13. Thanks for the photo and the lead, @Mr mopar and @69NovaYenko. Apparently, the 1970 Swinger is out-of-production. I recognise that more than one resin outfit made the 1970 Swinger; however, none to be found. I'll keep looking -- and, hopefully, I won't have to pay too much for it.
  14. "Upon further review..." -- I now see that the area of the bezel does indeed exhibit the 'fluting' of the lens.
  15. Suite! Heck, they even have the pre-01/01/1965 tail lamp bezels (read: no back-up/reverse lamps) !
  16. Knocking-down some cobwebs here on this thread -- does anyone still make a resin 1970 Dart Swinger? I, too, purchased a copy of the c.2006 edition of the Hemi Hunter with the intention of making a close-enough '70 Swinger out of it... ...only to realise that there's entirely too much work involved to make that body stock (AMT 1971 Duster 340 would provide the entire dash; Revell 1968-1969 Dart for the steering wheel and other parts). Please provide a link and/or seller's name for any good resin 1970 Swinger. Thanks.
  17. Exact menudo. I gladly pay more to support , say, Burbak's House of Hobbies... significantly more (not virtue signalling here, haha).
  18. Hervorragende Arbeit Jens! Diese 3D-gedruckten Reifen sehen toll aus! Ist das der gleiche Deckel wie der im Monkeemobile?
  19. I buy from independent / brick & mortar sellers as much as possible. I'd rather pay more in order to support an individual's overhead (and I will definitely pay more just to avoid Amazon). Two-cents of advice with a nickel's worth of change.
  20. Surely is a handsome boy there. There's just something about black & white 'Farm Cats', though they're not breed-specific. I can see why the Egyptians embraced the Afrikan Wildcat lo those centuries ago.
  21. Here's a great article on Sam's '69, with mentions of his earlier (Mercury) and later cars. Sam Auxier Jr’s Gear-Grabbing Ultra Stock 1969 Mustang (motortrend.com)
  22. Tæo et 'Cleveland' 10. Mai. 2022 14h 30
  23. Originally it was a gag in National Lampoons Magazine , but I firstly remember it from Car & Driver from the early-mid 1980s, as do you.
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