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  1. Cats - big or small - will install themselves into the tightest spots which seem to defy physics. They can do so because their arms and legs aren't directly-attached to their spine; their spine can twist and flip in ways that're completely foreign to we bipeds. When I first brough home Tæo (two years ago), he was still a tiny chaton. He'd found old cat toys and silverware that was long lost! Haha! He'd lay on his side, and swat under the stove and refrigerator; into nooks that're inaccessible to bipeds (or even adult felines). That photo of the chaton in that trailer reminds me of the first brood of kittens my family had. It was in 1986 (kittens born on 12th April, four days before me 16th birthday); I couldn't believe just how tiny those four chatons were! My sister - she's 8 years my junior - was playing with my old Tonkas and whatnot, and the kittens - after they were weened - would cuddle-up inside truck beds and front loaders and other compact spaces. Amazing (and superior) creatures.
  2. 1/24 scale 1975 Dodge Valiant Super Bee. Anyone else seen this before?
  3. Screaming Lord Sutch performed Jack The Ripper, and is considered to be a proto-DeathRock artist
  4. I get all kinds of attention in that rascal -- anything from the One-Finger-Salute to thumbs-up to "Here come the Po-Po!". I laugh at the finger-flippers - that's my favourite reaction. To make the entire experience for others that much more perplexing, I'm usually blasting psychedelic music or Punk or Metal while smoking Marlboro Reds and sipping coffee out of a 10+ years old 7-Eleven plastic cup (it's perfectly seasoned, like a BBQ grill or cooking pan).
  5. Clarence White playing the hell out of the then-new White-Parsons B-Bender (which is now owned and curated by Marty Suart). 28.09.1968 Playboy After Dark
  6. One of my favourite kits, warts and all. Yours is quite lovely, especially since you'd put more effort into than you give credit for: - Added the fender-to-cowl separation - Added front fender-to-rocker separation These are in addition to your other reworkings, aforementioned. My biggest structural peeve - and it's one which dates to the 1971 original Duster annual - is the wheelbase is off side-to-side, front wheels. I mention this not as a reflection on your fantastic build, but as a general observation. Keep up the GREAT work!
  7. Reading books such as Joan Didion's White Album [1979] provides "unintentional" purviews into historical recordings of the ever-changing weather-climate of California
  8. !!!NICE!!! Did you retain the kit's 'generic' Chrysler B/RB engine? I know that the Sebring/Plus could be had with the 400-HP/4-speed. Nice, classy RP23 appearance, too. IIRC, Missing Link offers -or did offer- those wheel covers.
  9. Back on topic: I feel that promos of the Mach-E would be a great idea. I don't see it selling in kit form, as it's about as inspiring - design-wise - as a rice cake.
  10. That kit is a treasure trove of cool accessories! I have an unbuilt original (I'd built countless copies back when it and its ad sequitur annuals were new) that I'll get to some day. Now, I must wonder what possibilities exist when it comes to design of E.V.'s? No EPA fuel economy standards to cater to, not emissions standards -- why not go crazy with designs? Talk about retro and individualised styles again!
  11. I didn't listen to the audio as my dad's watching T.V. Are those guys predominately in western Canada? My friend Cliff Guidand owns a '72 Swinger Special 340; his is B5 blue with matching cloth/vinyl (base) interior, rubber mat (some cars received post facto upgraded upholstery), 3-speed. IIRC, his is a Crosstown car. 1971 1972 Swinger 340 Special | Canada | Canadian Swinger 340 Specials
  12. Here's another one-of-fifty 1972 Swinger Special 340's. I like its vintage Alberta licence plate!
  13. My daily driver is a 2004 CVPI, former Inglewood, Ca., unit. I bought it in April 2021 for the princely sum of $900.00.
  14. The Towncar and Crown Victoria/Mercury Marquis share the same Panther platform, with the former being LWB, So, yes, it's a Towncar body & frame, with bolt-on Crown Victoria cosmetics.
  15. Quite likely just regular P71 models (IIRC, the LWB Taxis are P73), with all of the Interceptor livery (Certified Calibration speedometer, centre-mount trunk release, Courtesy Light Delete, fleet-specific interior, etc., etc.).
  16. Outstanding RM23! Good call with the white interior and stripes!
  17. Sixties weren't all "peace & love", especially when one considers the likes of the MC5, the Stooges, and the Velvet Underground
  18. GY3 shouldn't be difficult to find via Scale Finishes -- barring that, you can have an aerosol can of it made (that's what I did).
  19. Here's a video which contains a 2011 Crown Victoria New York City Taxi. What's unique about it versus a non-NYC taxi? It's based upon the Lincoln Towncar platform -- long wheelbase model. NYC has long had requirements for their cabs for many years (similar to how California Highway Patrol models were unique to that state), including floor-to-ceiling and foot room capacities. Chrysler used to send cars built at Lynch Road Assembly to Amblewagon, who then cut-out the rear passenger footwells and replaced them with deeper-depth wells. This particular NYC Crown Vic is a 2011 model, which was the last year the C.V. was sold in the U.S. ("2012" models were all export-only); this one's build date is 05/2011.
  20. Super Stock, as a classification, didn't exist until 1967 (+/- a year). A supercharged car in 1962, 1963, that's otherwise stock-appearing, would be in Gas or S/FX (somebody will hopefully correct my information).
  21. **Side Bar** Those 'platform' shoes didn't come along until c.1973, 1974.
  22. [19]60's were the best era for fashion, especially the Mods and Softies (Carnaby Street/ Kings Road psychedelic styles) fashions.
  23. "It happens each day You're away From here." Oly et Molly 25. Sep. 2017
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