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  1. Quickest and fastest police car until 1992 was the 1969 Polara , CHP-spec. What made those special was that the CHP used to specify their own cam grinds --- until c.1975 ( then Jerry Brown , blah-blah-blah , yadda yadda , etc. ) . Even the 1978 Monaco ( mid-sized B-platform by then --by 1976-- not the C-body ) was hot . The 440 was layin' down 255hp , even with its 'white gas' compression ratio , and even with California's notorious emissions equipment . I don't know exactly what year the CHP started using the 440... 1966 was its first year ( C-body-only option ) , and was available in something like 3 different power ratings ( 350hp , 360hp , and 365hp ) .
  2. Seriously ! When was the last time that the MPC Econoline was issued ? Especially since it includes the steelies / hubcaps as the stock items . I have the 'Sunshine Superman' (or whatever it's called ) annual from c.1978 .
  3. The 426 Hemi --specifically Street Hemi of '66-'71-- was a detuned race engine . Additionally , that engine in stock form ( e.g. , as-delivered ) truly needed a thorough going-over to run properly... even the hydraulic lifter iteration of '70-'71 . The 440 --especially the 1969-1972 Six Pack / Six Barrel version-- was a superior engine : hydraulic lifters , less-expensive , and compact-by-comparison . Police agencies wouldn't purchase a fleet of high-maintenance pursuit vehicles ( most city "patroller" models were equipped with either a Slant Six --and its solid lifters-- or a small V8 such as the 273 or 318 , albeit in heavy duty versions ) . The only exception that I can think of was the L.A. Sheriff's Office 1962 Dodge coupe with the 413 ---- it was a freeway pursuit unit (when local municipalities had jurisdiction over in-town freeways ; Long Beach [ CA 15 / CA 7 ] Harbor [ US 6 / CA 11 ] Hollywood [ US 101 ] , etc. ) . My uncle got to drive that beast during his rookie year ; he said it was the quickest and fastest car in their fleet... but its brakes were trash after one or two hard-stops from 60 MPH . So , yeah , the wedge engine is the way to go . However , I like the 340 or 360-HP .
  4. Looks GREAT ! Nice to know that its customising parts fit-well , in-spite of ad infinitum runs of those moulds . Now I want to get one of those kits !
  5. My favourite Experience album is Axis : Bold As Love . Here's an outstanding version of Up From The Skies : @doorsovdoon , These guys are from Cardiff !
  6. Be thankful that it wasn't equipped with the POS TH-200 trans. ! My friends' parents had a 1978 Nova Hatch with the 350 four barrel / TH-400 (with "Switch-Pitch" torque converter) ; it had the towing package . Even with all of the California smog junk ( miles and miles of vacuum hoses and the such ) , that car moved ! I can still hear the secondaries opening on that Rochester four barrel !
  7. Stranger Hudson things have Edsel happened before in kit form 😉
  8. I'm likely going to buy one of those tubs (and the separate bench seat) for the '70 'Bee I have . I wonder if one were to cut the rear bench down the centre ( in a "V" shape or a horizontal slice ) and moved the interior quarters outward a similar amount... how much trouble would that "bee" ? Certainly , your '68 R/T (same pattern as the '500' trim , IIRC) is a different animal from the '70 pattern (both seating and doors / quarters) ... heretofore the challenge . Harts Parts are excellent , at least in my experiences with his offerings .
  9. I'm digging this , man ! That EL5 Bahama Yellow works very well with the V1Q Mod Top and matching interior ! I could swear that there were a couple of 1970 Dusters built with the blue / green Mod Top with either EB5 or EB7 paint --- thus far , just rumours . Keep up the great work !
  10. Answered my own query : https://hartspartsresin.com/product/70-dodge-coronet-super-bee-non-console-interior-4-speed-tub/
  11. I have the first Round2 run of the 1970 Super Bee ( c.2012 ) , but I never paid attention to its interior tub . Doesn't Harts Parts make a resin 1970 'Bee tub with hardtop panels , sans console ?
  12. I'm surprised by the amount of flash on the forward of the fenders , and onto the header panel ---- for an all-new body , on its first run ? Those inner door panels look like tonnes of fun to replicate / scratch-build . From what I'm seeing of your work there , the piping looks to be in-scale (esp. , like you stated , after primer and paint work as a de facto fill ) . Was there a regular hardtop interior tub ever produced for the '68-'70 Coronet annuals ? Were they all convertible-based ?
  13. I have a feeling that Chief Joseph will be designing and creating an accurate P/S chassis and suspension for the Grump's Vega . In the meantime , I'm going to enjoy building it out-of-the-box .
  14. 1979 Nova brochure : http://oldcarbrochures.org/United States/Chevrolet/1979-Chevrolet/1979-Chevrolet-Nova-Brochure/index.html Even if the covering you've replicated is completely imaginary , it still looks quite nice . Lord knows that there were plenty of upholstery shops around that would add whatever a customer wanted (within reason) .
  15. Where was it exported-to ? Must be 3.23 / open , as no axle ratio is mentioned . Shaker Hood added... Where's it original , standard bonnet ? Rallye Wheels --- likely had plain wheels / hub caps originally . "Radio Delete" --- No built-for-export car would have a radio , as the receiver wouldn't work in other countries . No mention of a KPH speedometer --- UK export ? Someone is definitely smoking their underwear wanting that much for a car which is neither original nor restored .
  16. I wouldn't arbitrarily attack someone ( I practise non-violence unless I'm against the proverbial wall ) based-upon heresay and rumours . However , if I caught someone in the act , I would go on the offence . I'd likely make some flyers whose statement is , to the effect of , Be Aware --- There's a Psychopath In The Area Who's Feeding Poison To Feral Animals . Consider This a SERIOUS Warning ! Then see if that bull___t stops .
  17. I hope that the link and the photo are of some help . Cheers !
  18. From the web : https://bringatrailer.com/2018/09/19/rare-pantera-inspired-turbo-special-1973-ford-pinto-pangra/
  19. That's the most difficult decision to make ---- being judge and jury for a superior being . Cats are masters of hiding their suffering... until they cry-out in pain . Oliver was on the decline since I had to put Molly ( my "miniature mountain lion" ) to rest . From that day-forth , he became depressed ---- still himself , but depressed . I'd have talks with him : "You let me know when you're ready . Make sure that there's zero question that you want to be released ; don't stick around for my benefit if you're not well ." Last Thursday ( 3rd September ) he let me know . It's so difficult to be objective when it comes to our animal superiors ( I feel that dogs and cats are superior to we bipeds ) , because of the 'language barrier' . Truly , it is a powerful gift to be a guardian to these guys ; not to be taken lightly . I have Molly's ashes in a nice little cedar box . I have two Maneki Neko statues keeping guard , along with other feline-centric items . I feel honoured to be able to keep her remains ; I feel blessed that I had her in my life , especially at a critical time . And now , I'm afforded the same gift with my "Bratty Brit" , as his remains join Molly's in my shrine .
  20. Thank you to all whom have replied , and shared their stories with us ❤️ . Here's a couple of photos of my dearly-departed Molly and Oliver : Molly Anne ( 17.05.2002 - 11.08.2019 ) and Oliver Sabastian ( 04.06.2003 - 03.09.2020 )
  21. Too bad that Pontiac (et al.) dropped the OHC 6 after '69 . That engine would've served them well in the 70's , esp. during the energy crisis of late '73-1974 and '79-'80 .
  22. Thank you , one and all 🙂 ! His tail is as long as his body --- he carries it like a scorpion when he's scampering about ( I'll try to get a photo of the elusive chaton in action ) . From a Spiritual and philosophical standpoint , his arrival couldn't have been better : one long-time companion passes-on to the Other Side ; a new life is presented the same day... the circle of life is complete in this instance. Okay , enough Existentialism for now ❤️
  23. Looks even better outside ; the brightwork plays better against the dark recesses (esp. the grilles) . That colour combo really stands out in the natural lighting , too .
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