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  1. I don’t even know how I missed this thread??? Truly amazing stuff going in here.
  2. Pro Tech Model Parts has some very fine detail wire that comes in red, black, blue, and yellow.
  3. Thanks Misha. I am following your build and I really enjoy watching the skill and detail you are putting into the 62.
  4. I lost one of the clear head lights. And they just so happen to be smaller than any other head light I have. So.... I stole four new ones from the Moebius Comet kit. They don’t look as nice as the Galaxie lights but they will work out I suppose. I still have to shape the styrene patchwork and add putty and more sanding on the floor and firewall. I literally spent hours at the bench today and it seems only very little got done. But I don’t want to rush it.
  5. I used the Dremel on low speed to cut out the pipes and mufflers. I’m playing around with the Starliner exhaust, as a template, figuring out where it it needs to be cut, and to have some mufflers replaced. Most likely aluminum tube will be the new exhaust. Im working on the firewall, and mocking up the engine. Using a TBolt intake, I had to drill holes everywhere, for the heat riser tube on the drivers side, the heater hoses, water pump, and upper radiator hose. It gets tight with the oil filler tube, and the fuel rail and fuel line. Still have to figure out where the heater hose will end up on the intake. It won’t be in the correct spot as there isn’t much room. As far as the black on the engine, it will be Tamiya semi gloss black.
  6. Nothing wrong with those wire looms that I can see. Did a nice job.
  7. Yes sir. Every one of these I built, sanding the carbs on the top, remove the mold line under the carbs, and touch up the mounting pad on the intake where the carbs attach.
  8. Man... I can’t wait to get into this kit. Thanks for sharing the pics, Jim.
  9. I would like to buy two more of these kits, that way I can build each car on the box art, and have one for the stash.
  10. Also I was checking out your build. Looking real nice. I hope my floor comes out as nice as yours did after you removed the exhaust system.,
  11. Thanks I don’t have a way to vacuum form those covers. I always wanted to build one of these since I saw a 4 door version painted a color similar to this one. I think it might be the only one in existence.
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