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  1. Watched it when it first came out. I was really looking forward to seeing it since Bufalino was running stuff from nearby Pittston Pa. I remember seeing his name in the local papers all the time. The movie didn’t seem like it was 3 1/2 hours long though. Most likely because it was pretty interesting.
  2. I really like my Excel mag visor. Lightweight, easily adjustable.
  3. Thank you everyone for the replies. It is much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the pics Tim, and also Steve. Ive never built a AWB as of yet. But from what I can tell, this kit looks fantastic. I especially like the under car shot. Cant wait until this is released.
  5. A quick build to add to my AMT 62 S/S Bel Air collection.
  6. Now this is COOL! Awesome set up.
  7. You did a fantastic job on this build. Looks just like the trucks we used to see traveling the interstates years ago.
  8. I can relate to what you are saying. I’m not really saddened that a project is over, but disappointed because I always seem to realize I could have done something differently to the project after it’s completed. Lately I’ve been writing my plans of my projects in a note book, and try not to stray from the plan. Seems to help when it’s all planned out on paper, for me anyway.
  9. Had a hard time being convinced that it was actually a model. Looks VERY realistic. The weathering you preformed is fantastic. I especially like the “soot” marks from the exhaust in the trailer top. Nice job.
  10. I get too many ideas going on in my head, like I’ll get really interested in building several cars. I’ll take the 62 Bel Air S/S cars. I’ll build the Dyno Don car, then Stricklers, and when it comes time to build the Proffitt car, it will wait for about a year until I get around to it, in order to have all three completed. Same goes for Max Wedge cars. Build two, then loose interest (temporarily) in building the rest I had initially planned. Then I’ll pop open a kit, for no apparent reason, and get it done from start to finish, even though there are ten others started. Maybe it could be called a slump buster? Now I’m all involved in a semi wrecker, that will be finished up before any of the started kits I have waiting. A few of my old big car Fords have been sitting for over a year now, Go figure. I really never sell off started builds. Usually I look in my stash, and I have to ask myself why I’m holding on to cars I know I will never build? They are the ones I normally will sell off. Building, collecting or hoarding models may not be as bad as suffering from alcoholism, or some other form of addiction, but sometimes I do wonder?
  11. Possibly a plastic drinking straw, cut to fit, painted silver, with some “stop light” red paint.
  12. And a completed Gas Ronda 63 using the 60 chassis, with everything installed. Also some minor trimming on the radiator support may be in order to fit the chassis in other big car bodies. Some work was done on the Ronda cars radiator support.
  13. Here is a pic of a current project 63 box top Mel Burns S/S car chassis. It shows the rear where it needed to be cut to fit the slightly shorter 63 body. I’ve never encountered a problem with the width though.
  14. I’ve used the Starliner chassis and floor under a quite of few 62, 63, and 64 Galaxies. Even though they are not a perfect fit, there is only minimal trimming, and modifications to make it fit. Usually removing a bit of the ends of the rear frame rails, and some trimming of the floor pan in the rear also, using a razor saw. I literally have a dozen or so, of unused Starliner bodies, and glass and chrome, left over from all the kits I robbed the suspensions from. Here are a few pics of some of my builds using the Starliner chassis. They all have the Starliner under them. I’ll get some under carriage pics up in a bit.
  15. Beautiful work going on here. Don’t see many of these trucks anymore.
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