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  1. t fitting question

    Also, color the area being drilled with a black sharpie. You’ll be able to see if you are centered.
  2. JoHan 1963 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge

    Also painted the body with a Duplicolor base, and a few coats of Testors clear. Plan on polishing it in another two days. Interior is Tamiya light blue pearl.
  3. JoHan 1963 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge

    Was moving along on the engine, and I fixed the underside of the air cleaners so they would fit in the Carter carbs, and be removable. Found out they both won’t fit on at the same time, because of the kits intake is wrong. So I bought three manifolds from Missing Link, that will be replacing the kit part. Hopefully the top of the engine comes off easy.
  4. 1982 Kenworth W900

    That’s a VERY realistic looking KW. The subtle weathering you performed on this build is perfect.
  5. t fitting question

    Pro Tech model parts. Not hollow ends but the ends can be easily drilled with a pin vise.
  6. '65 Fury. Back on the Bench.

    Looks great Steve. The detail really stands out. It’s like the firewall is a model in its own sense.
  7. JoHan 1963 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge

    I’m really looking forward to the 63 Dodge 330.
  8. JoHan 1963 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge

    Since it’s a Fury with chrome trim and all, just a nice street car that would hit the strip now and then. I’m thinking on a blue exterior with a light blue interior. Just slicks and headers. No scoop or fender well headers. That will be on the other cars coming up. They will all be max wedge 413 and 426. A 62 Savoy, a 62 Dart, a 63 Dodge 330. I even have a 66 Dart too, with a 71 Duster under carriage. Probably get me a 340 for that one.
  9. JoHan 1963 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge

    Yep. But that chassis can be shoe horned in there. I have an extra Moebius 65 chassis here and that one is super wide.
  10. 70 Plymouth GTX

    A set of Joseph’s drag radials.
  11. 70 Plymouth GTX

    Cleaned up the body that’s molded in blue. Painted it with Tamiya TS-54. Has about three coats of Testors clear. I was almost going to skip the polishing, as it came out pretty smooth. But, it’s gonna ser for another day or two before I start polishing.
  12. 70 Plymouth GTX

    A kit I had in the stash that will just have the addition of drag radials, and plug wires, and that’s pretty much it. Pretty simplified kit to work on while taking a break from other builds.
  13. JoHan 1963 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge

    Also, the Lindberg floor pan in not ideal as it needed some work to have the wheels centered in the wheel openings. The front was fine, but the rear has the springs moved forward to make it centered. Then it required some rear wheel well work also. Probably not the best way to accomplish this, but it worked out pretty good. The styrene patch work is hidden by the rear tires.
  14. JoHan 1963 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge

    The Lindberg chassis has its flaws. One thing I dislike is the holes in the wheel backs are way bigger than the studs on the suspension components. Very finicky. This will be addressed with some new Evergreen rod. This will bring the rear slicks out closer to the wheel opening as well. Just a mock up to check the stance.
  15. JoHan 1963 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge

    Was planning on these Moebius 65 Plymouth wheels. But after modifying the backs to accept the Lindberg wheel backs, the wheels were way too far in. So I decided on using the steel rims.