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  1. Most favorite part would be choosing the wheel and tire combinations, while my least favorite is foiling. I still hold my breath when I’m trimming the foil with the scalpel. Foiling will always be my least favorite thing.
  2. I haven’t seen any available. Have you considered painting instead? I saw a build Clay Kemp did on a Mopar, where he used the Tamiya acrylic paints. First he applied Desert Sand, then he brushed in some Bronze, to replicate the actual grain part, and finished it all off with Clear Orange. I tried his technique in a build and it came out pretty convincing. I even applied it on the wood steering wheel, and it looked amazing. You could try practicing on an old interior panel or dash maybe?
  3. And.. there are some companies that have the market pretty much covered. When I see a commercial from Pepto Bismol, with some sexy guy singing about upset stomach and diarrhea. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m pretty sure I don’t need to be reminded what to buy if I have these ailments. Pretty much a no brainer.
  4. Like people are going to get right in the phone and cancel their insurance after viewing your commercial? Those companies take advantage of younger people is all I can figure. My policy might be a few dollars more, but when you figure in how much coverage you have, where you wouldn’t have to take out of pocket, because you don’t have adequate insurance, limited tort, etc, where are the savings? These companies are selling just enough insurance so you will be “legal” to drive.
  5. If I hear that Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty again I think I’ll throw up. I literally switch TV stations when it comes on. Not to mention, it only took a month of manually transferring it to my JUNK box in my yahoo mail. Seems they are figuring a way to by pass the sensors in mail now.
  6. I get the fact ads help pay the bills..... but, advertising is way out of control in this country. There are items I will refuse to buy just because their TV ads are so annoying. Just my two cents.
  7. After any work, like removing sink marks, removing flash, and getting everything corrected, I always wash the parts in a bit of Dawn and warm water with a toothbrush to get it ready for primer. Filler is not always needed. Some kits might only need minimal cleanup, but others may need some additional body work. For me, after priming, is a perfect time to check my work. And when it’s wet, this allows me to see if the body looks smooth enough, or if it needs additional attention. Anything not corrected in the early stages, will not be hidden by paint.
  8. Very nice representation of a 60s Super Stocker. One of my favorite subjects to build.
  9. If only I had better depth perception.
  10. My rubber gloves are being used for a lot more now, than just painting models.
  11. Haha. And now you have to wash your hands for twenty seconds BEFORE you pick yourself a winner.
  12. That’s a fantastic 55 build right there, Danny. Very nice detail work. What did you use to fasten the braided line to the moly tubing? Is that electrical tape?
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