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  1. MAD Morgan Automotive Detail

    Excellent to deal with. Products are second to none. Which reminds me... I am almost out of distributors with black caps and wires.
  2. Ladder Traction Bars

    MCW has a nice assortment of traction, ladder, and suspension bars in resin.
  3. Just finished the truck yesterday. Had the same problem with the interior tub that others mentioned. After sanding the sink marks on the front of the tub, (against the firewall) it slipped right in. Also, the instructions state to install the windshield from the inside. I found it goes in easier from the outside. I’ll most likely build another one a little different from the box art. When Joseph at Fireball comes out with a suspension conversion, that is... I’d like to get the 69 truck, but I haven’t seen any in a while. The rear could sit up a bit higher, but this is the way it will stay.
  4. 64 Galaxie Jim Heather S/S

    This is the only pic I could find of this car.
  5. 64 Galaxie Jim Heather S/S

    I’ve had this on the bench for way too long. I’ve been working on a Ford 4x4 truck, and finished that... so I decided to try to get this one done as well. I’m trying not to start any new projects until I get the ones I started completed. This car has a lightweight interior. I really didn’t find much info on this car, but I have decals, so I’m pretty much winging it.
  6. Progress on the Ford. Got the chassis, and driveline together. Did some decals, and foil. Working on the cab, then should be fully assembled soon.
  7. Moebius 1970 4x4

    Now that’s the way it should look. I like the touch of diamond plate on the rear bumper. Nice, clean build.
  8. Mine slid right in, but that was from the outside.
  9. Another '69 Nova

    Super clean and super nice.
  10. Dyno Don 65 Comet Cyclone

    Thanks... I used Tamiya Italian Red for the exterior and interior, with Dull Cote on the interior. If I remember correctly... I used Tamiya Dull Red for the interior floor.
  11. Mack with lowboy and a Payhauler

    I was wondering why someone is posting pictures of real trucks on a model forum? I’m blown away at these builds. I’ve never seen detail as spot ON as this.
  12. Pat... that Chevrolet looks fantastic. Very clean build. Dennis.. there is room in the front and rear springs to glue it right. The springs are sitting loose on the axles. I could tap it and it would move too far forward as well. It still has to be disassembled, and the springs washed before priming. Yea, the completed truck looks like a regular ole pick up... lol. But that’s what we modelers do... improve. I still might replace the rear bumper as well. It kind of looks generic to me. Thanks for the replies.
  13. I probably should have waited for this...
  14. I finally got the body parts cleared, sanded, and polished. Got the resin springs sanded, cut, so the height looks good. I lucked out with the windshield problems Ray encountered. A few complaints about this kit....NO cab lights!! And the hood decals (pic) will be from another Ford truck, as will a set of cab lights. The supplied decals for the hood are ridiculously too big. They will however look decent on the tailgate. I think Moebius missed the mark on this one, with the wheels, tires, suspension, cab lights, decals. It is a nice kit, but maybe some different box art representing the actual kit inside. Just a quick mock up to check ride height. It’s not going to be a correct 3/4 truck. I used the kit supplied axles. Just wanted it to look like the box. Maybe when Fireball comes out with the conversion, I’ll build another. Undecided. Shock absorbers will be scratch built using two sizes of aluminum tubing.
  15. AMT '64 Galaxie Interior Tub

    I have one that’s painted with rustoleum black, and would need stripping.