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  1. Man... every time I see one of your builds, I think I’m looking at the 1:1 car. Excellent work my friend.
  2. Congrats...I’m glad you won it. They are getting really high in price. When I bought mine I thought about hanging my head also... lol. Like I said earlier, I’d really like to find a less expensive Maverick kit, instead of hacking into the rare FC kit. Mine is still sealed inside. I’ll bet if that box was in nice shape, it would have went for more. So it’s a win for you.
  3. “Miss Dawson, my tummy hurts... hahaha” “I’ve got too much doo doo in my underpants.. haha”
  4. There is one like it on the bay right now currently at $83, with 21 bids on it, and five more days to go. It’s box is beat up, but appears to be complete. If the box was in better shape, I can see it easily fetching $175 to $200.
  5. Nice build. Looks like it jumped off the box. You taught your friend well. Hope he stays with the hobby.
  6. I’m not totally sure, but it is my understanding that the car now is raced by 422 Motorsports. You can do a search on it, and get to see the other cars those guys run as well. Also from what I’ve read, this car is an original Thunderbolt, that was raced in the 60s under Norristown also. It used to have similar decals except for the arrow feathers on the side trim. I built that one too a while back. (Pic). I just wish I had cut the holes out of the hood though. I’d like to build the 63 Norristown Galaxie in the future as well, as soon as get some of these stalled builds off the bench.
  7. Thanks. I already found a set. But I appreciate the offer.
  8. I always keep my eyes open for the clear plastic vacuum formed packages that many items come in today. You know....that stuff, that seems impossible to open unless you have very sharp pair of scissors, or knife. You can trace the widow opening on thin card board, and transfer it onto the clear plastic. I’ve tried the clear Evergreen sheets, but almost every one I ever tried to use, the plastic was very cloudy, and not as clear as the package material.
  9. I usually do Hemis with the chrome covers so this time they got painted black. Went with Model Master buffing stainless steel for the headers, and topped it off with a pair of 9x2 Edelbrock style air cleaners from Pro Tech
  10. Did some engine detailing today. Still never made it to the hobby shop to buy some red paint. I just didn’t feel like heading out in the snow. Some pics of the mighty Hemi...
  11. Not a bad part, but with resin, you just never know. It came with the rear suspension and rear end, but I decided to use a rear from the parts drawer. Around the engine mounts is where it seemed it would need the most clean up. I’ve bought bodies and decals from SMH, and never had a problem. One time a piece arrived damaged, and they promptly replaced it.
  12. Not totally sure Elvin. They are from the parts drawer. If I were to guess, maybe the AMT 67 Chevelle pro street.
  13. Tamiya Desert Tan, then lightly add some fine brush strokes of Tamiya Bronze, then go over that with Tamiya Clear Orange.
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