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  1. Tasca Ford Thunderbolt

    I used decals from two extra different sets I had, and it looks A LOT better. I just have to find a small “autolite” ball that goes below the Zimmy Il on the front lower quarter. I think I have one on a Slixx sheet somewhere. Thanks for the offer Bill, I appreciate it.
  2. Tasca Ford Thunderbolt

    Decals look horrible. They are old and it shows. Even after setting solution they won’t cut it. Going to remove them and seek another set of decals.
  3. My 13th Thunderbolt build.

    Thanks for the kind words everyone... I appreciate it!
  4. Tasca Ford Thunderbolt

    I know your love of the thunderbolts, Bill. This is the last one for me. My goal was to build all of the kits I had and use up all the decals. Soon I’m going to get a group pic of them all. I have a few other cars in the bench that I’m looking forward to finishing. These darn Bolts always get me side tracked. I enjoy seeing your Bolts.
  5. Tasca Ford Thunderbolt

    Thanks.....I’m going to use the kit decals on this one.
  6. Tasca Ford Thunderbolt

    The Tasca car is cast in burgundy, and the Gas Ronda Russ Davis car is cast in orange like color that is suppose to resemble the “Poppy Red” that was on the real car. The SS limited edition, in the plain white box, is cast in white, but the chrome has a satin finish instead of shiny chrome. All of the other kits are white as far as I know.
  7. My 13th Thunderbolt build.

    Thanks. I’ll check them out. Speed City hasn’t had them for a while now, and I have a few Galaxie builds I’ll need them for.
  8. My 13th Thunderbolt build.

    Thanks... no I never detailed the screens on any of them.
  9. Tasca Ford Thunderbolt

    It’s the plastic it was cast in. Polished with Novus.
  10. Tasca Ford Thunderbolt

    Thanks... yep... BMF. I don’t teally like using the chrome pens, unless I’m touching up the chrome.
  11. Tasca Ford Thunderbolt

    Starting my last TBolt. Getting ready to decal the body. This will be my 14th and final TBolt. I wanted to build all of the kits and use up all of the decals I have. Pretty much out of the box except for a distributor with the correct firing order.
  12. My 13th Thunderbolt build.

    Just finished up the Norristown Ford car. Got one more on the bench, (Tasca)... will be number 14, and all of my TBolt decals and slicks will be used up. Actually, I’ll have to use the kit supplied slicks for the Tasca car, as I’m out of 7inch slicks.
  13. Just ordered the 70 F100 4x4. I also ordered 8 lug wheels, tires and hubs from Scenes Unlimited. What else would have to be done to convert this kit into an F250 3/4 ton truck? I never built a p/u before and I ordered this kit before reading this thread not knowing that the kit on the box differs from the actual kit. That pic on that box cover really caught my eye. Maybe just sanding off the emblems, and adding the new wheel set up?
  14. Moebius /Model king 65'Mercury Cyclone A/FX

    I built the Dyno Don car from the Mobius kit. Can’t wait to get my hands on this new one. Should be here before the 11th.
  15. Painting parts

    Glueing old sprues to parts works great on parts like oil pans, hoods, etc. Sometimes I get lazy and just alligator clip a bumper, or whatever, and usually, depending on the color I’m painting, I can just dab it with a Sharpie where the clip was. After putting the clip in an inconspicuous place to begin with.