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  1. Coming together nice. The interior and its details looks fantastic. Looking forward to more.
  2. I build because I’m old, and I’m lame. Pretty much anything dealing with cars always was a big interest to me. I used to build with my father when I was young, and the old memories are always good.
  3. I order a lot of his products. In a few more days I’d send him another email. Maybe he overlooked it some how. He usually responds in a few days at the latest.
  4. Thanks... I used Testors Model Master lacquer “Sublime”. Cleared with Testors gloss coat, and polished it with MicroMesh. The more I use the MM lacquer system paints, the more I like them.
  5. Looks great. That kit supplied grill is the worst I ever tried to darken. Definitely going to get the PE parts for when I build mine.
  6. Yea, I didn’t know anything about those particular kits they had, so instead of buying something I wouldn’t build, I just passed. I’ll be checking back to see if any Revell kits make it to the shelves. Last time they had models, I bought a couple of 55 Chevy pro sportsman kits, some 64 Dodge max wedge kits, and a few other really nice kits. Fingers crossed.
  7. Not too bad for $40. Had the international tractor as well, but I only bought these two. None of the car kits interested me.
  8. Looking good, Jason. So.. those are the door panels only flipped over? You did a great job on them. I thought for a minute that they were from the Moebius 65 Belvedere interior. Maybe add a bit of panel line accent to bring out the parts you scribed? Just a suggestion. Cant wait to see this build come together.
  9. Outstanding build. Do you have any front and rear pics? I’d like to see a better shot of the PE grill you used on this build.
  10. Haha, and I proof read the post before replying.... *buy
  11. Stopped in the Allentown store last night. Had a bunch of ships and planes, a few old Lindberg Ford and Olds cars, the Datsun, and the VW bus. Seemed to have a ton of single car display cases as well. Gonna check the local Wilkes Barre store in about an hour to see what they have. I’m not getting my hopes up too high though. I don’t think this one will be as good as their last big but out.
  12. Looks fantastic John. I really enjoy watching your builds.
  13. Pretty neat idea here, can’t wait to see it completed.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. I usually check out the Ollie’s on Tilghman when I go to Allentown for my doctor appointments for my back. Would be checking it out this Thursday. Nothing in the WB, Scranton, or Hazleton stores, because I always check when I’m there. Maybe these kits are leftovers from that huge buyout the had? When they initially had all the cool kits, I was forced to decide which ones I really wanted. I must have bought about 10 or so.,
  15. There is a JoHan 65 Fury on eBay now with some seriously messed up pillars. Starting at $85 with no bids. I passed on it. Trent, yours don’t seem that bad at all. I’ll be following this build along with your super bee.
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