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  1. '63 F100 - XL

    You got this. Your Galaxie build has inspired me to do the Brannan car.

    I know it’s a long shot, but I am looking for a wagon to build as the tow car for the Archway Thunderbolt. Thanks...
  3. '63 F100 - XL

    This is going to be fun to watch. I would have thought they would have used it to tow the race cars, but it actually was a racer itself. Very cool project, John.
  4. 9 second 66 Impala

    Worked on the Impala today. Got the chute mounted on the bumper. Did some work on the roll bar. I started to play around with solder headers on the kit 396 engine. Wanted to practice before messing with the resin engine, since I’ve never done solder headers before. I have .062, but it looks kind of small for a big block, so I’m going to get some .093 solder, and see how that works. Also scratch built an auto shifter, and a couple of pics of the electric fuel pump, and NOS kit I’ll be using from VCG resin.
  5. 9 second 66 Impala

    Dominator carb, with some square styrene stock for the nitrous plate. Also the home made chute. Nice detail on the valve covers.
  6. 9 second 66 Impala

    Decided to build a chevy since I’ve been on a Ford kick lately. Was going to turbo the car, but decided to go with nitrous. Back halved the car, using a BNL resins BBC, with an auto trans. Got it mocked up except for the headers. Once they are out of the way, time to build a roll cage.
  7. Tamiya clear question.

    Thanks for the replies everyone. It’s been a few days now but it rained here where I’m at, so I’ll wait for a day without the moisture. I have several cans of the clear, but was always reluctant to use it, without waiting a long time. It does seem a bit weird that the two products by the same company would have a negative action with each other.
  8. I’ve ran out of my Model Master clear, and Testors one coat lacquer clear. I’ve used these with no problems whatsoever over Tamiya lacquer sprays. I have several cans of Tamiya clear I’d like to use up, but I’ve heard that if you don’t clear immediately after you lay down the Tamiya color, you should wait a few weeks due to the curing and gassing out at different rates. On this particular body, I used Tamiya gray primer, then a few coats of Tamiya maroon. Can anyone provide any info on this? This body was sprayed with color two days ago. Thanks.
  9. Building Les Ritchey's '63 Lightweight Galaxie

    Thanks John. I really enjoy your Ford builds.
  10. Building Les Ritchey's '63 Lightweight Galaxie

    John.. what paint did you use to replicate the Holley carb color? That looks perfect!! Looking fantastic, can’t wait to see more..
  11. Ed Martin 62 Ford SA/A

    Thank you John. I’ve been getting different stories on all this info. I was going to pm you this question, but I posted just in case anyone else could use the info as well. I really enjoyed seeing the finished 63 lightweight you recently finished. Thanks again...
  12. thunderbolt colors

    would it be possible to post some of your pictures?
  13. Ed Martin 62 Ford SA/A

    Can anyone tell me the actual interior/exterior color of this car? I acquired decals for it, and I have a mint 62 body, hood, glass, bumpers, etc, that I finally decided what I actually wanted to do with it. I will definitely put a 60 Starliner chassis under it also. I'm guessing the power plant was a 406?
  14. Amt 1966 fairlane 427

    Very nice build!! I love all Fairlane, and you nailed it!