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  1. Thanks Snake.. I did a version of the Dyno Don car several years ago, and it shows. Kinda sloppy... just not a good looking model.
  2. And you did one heck of a job on it! Looks fantastic, Roger.
  3. I agree 100%. I look at some of my older Galaxie builds, and I always thought the bezels look totally wrong.
  4. Yes. But right now I only have .040 plastic strips that are only .015 thick.They are a bit flimsy, and hard to cement. I’d like to run down to the LHS and grab a .020 pack. I know just cutting some of the thicker strips that I do have is an option, but I’d rather have some nice, straight, new pieces, since my cuts will look like a hack job.
  5. Thank you...The body was cast by Time Machine Resin.
  6. The strip I glued together was too thin. So I had to scribe a thicker piece to use. Glued them in, but due to this body being brittle, it seems every time I touch it, a piece of the drip rail comes off. After this dries, I’m planning on filing the repair to the drip rail down.
  7. Well you did a fantastic job. Love the both cars.
  8. I originally had some strip styrene that I tried to scribe as straight as I could, to make a pillar post. After seeing how bad it came out, I glued some strip styrene together, side by side, to make it look more real. I’m just waiting for it to dry, so I can glue on the new posts.
  9. Sanded the Galaxie rear bumper trim away. This area has no trim on the 300, as it would be painted body color.
  10. The Ford 300 was only offered in 1963, and it was a low option car. Pretty much used for police and taxi service, it had no carpeting, and hardly any chrome trim. But it was offered with pretty much any engine, and it includes the 427. So I figured the less BMF work, the easier it would be. I started this build a couple years ago. I bought decals from SMP and it’s pretty much been sitting around since then. This car will use the Starliner chassis, and engine. Also I plan on adding the Thunderbolt air intake, grabbing air from the inner headlights. I normally don’t enjoy working on resin, but I had to remove the side trim from the resin body. I also filled the front fender trim holes with CA glue, and sanded it down, and finished it off with some putty. Then I used some red glazing putty, which won’t attack the resin like it would styrene, to fill in the little scratches I created from the trim removal. I also have a resin tear drop hood, and a lightweight resin interior which will have a bench seat added.
  11. The exterior is Tamiya Racing White sprayed right from the can.
  12. Very nice builds. I like the gold on turquoise. Looks period correct. Nice touch with the factory chassis markings.
  13. This Falcon looks absolutely perfect. Super clean build. Your body work is top notch.
  14. Blown away on your build. Glad to finally see it with the decals. I understand these kits can be a real challenge to build, and you did an amazing job. I recently lost out on one of these kits in the bay. Big bucks!!!
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