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  1. 9 second 66 Impala

  2. 9 second 66 Impala

    Yes it is. I also have an SFI decal on the bell housing of the TH400. Slixx decals is where I got it. They have goody sheets that have many racecar decals, from nostalgia, to modern styles. NHRA, chassis cert, chutes, blowers, NOS. Check out their website.
  3. 9 second 66 Impala

    Thanks for the positive replies everyone.
  4. 9 second 66 Impala

    Finally finished the Impala. Now to move on to one of the eight other cars on the bench.
  5. Hello, my husband Mike Stocks saw your post about the Bob Ford ‘64 Galaxie and wanted to contact you.. he built that car for his dad in 1995, and his dad raced it for years...  My husband is looking for his pictures of the car to send you,  while he was building it and the finished product :) It looks like you put an incredible amount of work into it and it looks great! I attached one picture we have from 2001. 


  6. Heather Ford 64 Galaxie info anyone??

    You helped a lot, especially suggesting the Klass page. I appreciate it. You know more about these old race cars than I do. I can look at them all day. I must have spent an hour looking at the pics on the Klass site. The Bob Plumer Collections has a lot of cars too, but I couldn’t believe all those pics on the Klass page.
  7. Heather Ford 64 Galaxie info anyone??

    This is how I want mine to turn out. Looks like a T Bolt front rim, and I’ll use a Speed City 7in treaded slick with a steel rim out back. I have the decals left over from the blue Bob Ford tribute car I built a while ago. I’m using a Starliner chassis, and undecided about putting a MCW lightweight 63 interior in it. BTW... that George Klass site is pretty cool! Thanks for the info.
  8. Heather Ford 64 Galaxie info anyone??

    I found this one. This site has a lot of cool S/S cars also. Looking at this pic, it appears to be red. At least the dash does anyway. Still tough to tell.
  9. Heather Ford 64 Galaxie info anyone??

    Thanks for the info. I was reading that all the 64 lightweights were Wimbledon white with red interiors. Finding pictures of some of these cars can be difficult.
  10. Just a few quick questions to anyone who might remember seeing this car. Was it white, or wimbledon white? Also was the interior red? Bench or buckets? Thanks...
  11. Ford Galaxie bumper

    Pm sent.
  12. Ford Galaxie bumper

    Looking for an AMT 64 Galaxie “REAR” bumper. Thanks.
  13. Lettering on tires

    Brush some white paint on an old CD, and press the tire onto the paint, like a rubber stamp.
  14. Flexible ducts

    I’ve used flexi straws painted with Tamiya Rubber Black and have had great results.
  15. '63 F100 - XL

    You got this. Your Galaxie build has inspired me to do the Brannan car.