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  1. My neighbor… well if you want to call her that, works for the usps, and stops home at least two to three times a day, with the delivery vehicle. I’d bet my next payday that she’s hitting the bottle, from witnessing her previous behaviors. Pretty sad. And to add to the young people not too worried about working, you have to remember now, that many possess a marijuana medical card now. Either they can’t pass a urine test, or they just don’t want to work. Things are definitely changing.
  2. Day 11 with no activity. I could have walked to NYC from where I live in PA and had my package sooner. And you call the USPS number and a recording says “covid”. This did not surprise me at all.
  3. Got the car finished. Not real happy with the way it turned out, because of the rear tire choice, and stance and all. I definitely need to practice on the foil under paint technique too. But here it is finished. I suppose it doesn’t look “too” bad as I’ve seen many of these cars sit high in the rear. Time to move on to another project.
  4. Exactly. One thing that worked pretty good in this country was the usps. Now that’s all messed up too.
  5. Thank you sir. I was just trying to be open minded. When you have a boss that really doesn’t know what they’re doing, it’s going to become a domino effect.
  6. Something is definitely wrong somewhere. I have ordered items, and according to the tracking status, they will go past the destination, to some other town, camp out for several days, then get backtracked to get to the correct place that was passed by. I’m not in the postal business, but after 30 years or driving truck and making deliveries, this practice just doesn’t make sense to me.
  7. I agree. The covid excuse kinda wore off a while ago. It seems that’s the excuse almost every time incompetence is involved. Like I said earlier, I feel terrible for the folks that depend on their mail to get their medications on time.
  8. I honestly believe the postmaster might be part, if not most of the problem.
  9. I have Amazon Prime. Usually will arrive in a day or two. Sometimes if you buy from an independent seller, it will take longer to ship and arrive. I ordered a 100 pack of scalpels, for foil work. I ordered them yesterday, and they already arrived. Now, I’m not saying that the usps should be here the next day, but just saying in general.
  10. I don’t like to complain, but I’ve had all I can take with using the USPS. It seems that it’s becoming more the norm for packages, registered letters, etc to take up to a month or longer, to arrived. I’ve had model kits take over a month to arrive, I had a book that I bought to add to my Stephen King collection, get lost at some post office for over a month. And that was pretty scary as it was an expensive item. Now I have a registered package from another country, that was moving along fine, within Swiss Post, until it reached the US and left customs in Jamaica NY. Now there has been zero activity in over two weeks. I can only imagine the problems people that get their medicine through the mail must go through. I’ve deleted my PayPal, and eBay app off my phone. Amazon is the only way I’ll buy anything from now on. And if I can’t get it through them, then I suppose I don’t really need it. Pretty sad that “ in the greatest country on the planet” you can’t get your mail delivered at a reasonable time.And it’s suppose to get worst? Rant over.
  11. Thanks everyone. Chris, they are Comp Resin from Slixx. Got it foiled today. Not the easiest car to foil, but not the hardest either. I plan on having it all buttoned up by tomorrow.
  12. I’ve been messing with this car for the last few weeks. I do a little bit, then I take a break. I’ve been busy with other things around the house. I just wanted it to be a clean looking drag car. Used some resin engine parts, and I moved the springs in to fit larger tires, and this time I wanted to try my hand at foiling under paint. After getting some pointers from Steven Guthmiller, (thanks Steve)… I still think I need a bit more practice on the emblems. I need to get the scalpel closer to the emblems, as I trim. I have many more builds I can practice on. Hoping to get the rest of the body foiled today. Almost ready for final assembly.
  13. Here is a pic of my small collection of some sought after, more valuable cars. A couple of these I’m not in a real hurry to build, but the 62 Dart is a WIP. It’s fitted with a Lindberg chassis, with Fireball Modelworks Mopar steel rims, and a max wedge engine. I haven’t worked on it in a while but I’ll eventually finish it soon. They are all complete, and molded in white, except the 63 Dodge, which is a light mint green color. It really didn’t matter on the color, but it’s a complete kit, and I am glad that I own it. The Mercury Comet is a green color also.
  14. And as Steve and Josh say, it’s time for this thread to die for me, as I tap the unfollow button.
  15. I agree. I got my answer pretty quick when I posted this thread. Then I messed up turning that feature off, but then finally got it done correctly. I’m just happy that I was able to tailor my account to MY preferences. When I see or read a topic I don’t agree with, I usually just scroll on by. I can usually tell that if I post a response, and it might start a bit of trouble, it’s really not worth it. Life is too short, and I pick and choose my battles. Different strokes for different folks. But yea, I’m surprised it has gone on for 6 pages. But if people have something to talk about, I say go for it.
  16. The small drawer cabinets are perfect for me. I have a messed up back so, having things in reach is a must for me. I also use cork boards to hang many parts still in the packs. It’s nice to look up and see what I have as compared to digging through containers. Even though I do have a few containers with mostly pins, wire, chrome tape, flannel polishing pads, and stuff like that.
  17. Awesome builds Brett. The dioramas are just as awesome.
  18. Great idea. I have so many WIPs started, then I move onto another project, not returning to the topic for quite a while. ( I must stop doing this). It’s so hard to stay with one build, so I have to have at least 15 other going on as well. Your 55 build always seemed to stay fresh on my mind. I remember following it when I first joined the board years ago. If I’m not mistaken, you had it as your profile avatar for a while?
  19. I followed Dave’s instructions in turning it off. Seems I made a mistake. So I tried it again. I think I got it turned off now. Thanks Dave
  20. I thought the board was just fine without the likes, just sayin. Almost all of the notifications I receive are anonymous likes.
  21. Very funny comedian, from Saturday Night Live, stand up and Adam Sandler films. His dry voice made him all the more comical. Pretty sad news. He fought hard.
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