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  1. Absolutely! I'm looking the Mexican road race cars as inspiration only, especially the cars that raced in the 1950's. I'm not sure if I'm going to 'lift' this car. Many of the cars are left at or near stock ride height. I've also seen where spare tires were mounted right to the roof. There was no rack. Dare I say I think they were bolted to the roof... I'm trying to get a good photograph for a Studebaker oil bath air cleaner to put on the little 232 V8. Lots of thinking...
  2. Well, I found my '53 Studebaker. I have my decals and an idea on painting the car. The La Carrera Panamericana race cars are my inspiration. This should be fun...
  3. OK, I have one or two '53 Studebakers in my stash. Put me in for #121 (I'm being different and they do use 3 numbers if necessary). I'll get one of them out over the weekend. If the 121 thing is out of bounds, I'll take 21...
  4. I need about a dozen of those pick ups just for the engine.
  5. Just like the title says... Looking for a full size Chevy 4-dr from 1962 or 1963. It doesn't matter if it's an Impala, Bel Air or a Biscayne. Thanks!
  6. The GTX was written off as a total loss. But I believe the owner retained the salvage with the intent to repair it. The only issue with that car was lack of power steering and power brakes.
  7. I'm certainly not suggestion you are doing anything wrong. Just showing the real thing. You can see a small tear in the radiator support, the radiator is bent, the fan shroud is bent and the radiator hose is about 6"'s from where it should be. Again, just things to maybe try in the future. I love old Mopars and just about cried myself when I saw it.
  8. Forgive me, but I work in a body shop and I used to work as an independent appraiser looking at vintage cars. This '68 GTX hit a guard rail on the freeway during a rain storm in 2008. To damage the engine, the radiator support (and radiator) will have to come in contact with the engine. Usually the movement will stop at the fan and fan clutch. With most of your damage being in the center, the fenders will be pulled in, pulling the gaps between the fenders and the doors. I'm not being critical of your efforts, just showing what the real thing looks like. I've kicked around doing a body shop diorama. I'm trying to find a small shop with enough interest to have more than a couple cars in it. The real challenge in doing cars like this is internal structure like radiator supports, front wheelhouses and if you're bold enough inner door and quarter panel structure..
  9. This should be interesting. I've thought about doing a diorama of a body shop.
  10. OK, I was doing a little thinking. Some of the wagon ideas, mine included, would really take a whole new build. Most of the wagon chassis, from spare tire wells to fuel tanks are vastly different than two door or four door models. The same is true of cars based off the 300. DeSotos are the only choice as the Dodges and Plymouths used shorter wheel bases. I'm pretty sure this stayed this way until 1962. Of course with the '65 Satellite, any unloved (by model standards) B Body Mopar is fair game. I'd love to see a 4-door with police car stuff included. A '65 Belvedere I like the current car, but with 4-doors with police markings wouldn't be hard to do.
  11. Cars of my birth year have already been covered extensively. 1964? Pontiac Grand Prix Studebaker Daytona Oldsmobile Cutlass 4-4-2 Dodge Dart GT MG MGB Mercedes-Benz 230SL
  12. I love the build and the attention to detail...
  13. Looking forward to that '64 Studebaker Daytona hardtop.
  14. The PRIMARY car is #47. The #87 is in the background. I personally didn't care if the body was correct. I would have just bought another one.
  15. Bill, thanks for your input. I don't know why I thought the six was in there. I still like the kit, but I had incorrect expectations. I really like those air cleaners. I'll have to order a few. I guess I also need a few pick ups...LOL!
  16. I pick up a Black Widow today (it did have the correct body). I thought the original issue had a 235 inline six along with the fuelie engine. Am I wrong? The kit has two V8's but no six. I'm a little disappointed.
  17. A custom maybe. In NASCAR, Chevy used the Chevelle in '66. I've never seen a full-size drag racer other than a Bel-Air or a Biscayne.
  18. A '64-'66 Ford truck would be nice. I will say that after reading all the suggestions, I like the idea of the '55-'56 DeSotos...
  19. HA! I almost put this in "What did you get today"...LOL!
  20. I moved back to Florida last year and finally getting to unpack my stuff. Still looking for my paints and brushes. But I've found most of my kits. Some were surprises because they've been out of site over 30 years. My Mom must have had these packed up in her basement. These include old JoHan kits such as a '63 Chrysler 300 (hood less), the Heavenly Hearse, the '68 Fury I police car and the '60 Plymouth wagon police car. I have three Little Red Wagons and two Surfites. I am missing a few that I know I had. I had a Lotus Super 7 that was half complete, a Trabant, a '53 Studebaker, a WWII Jeep also have done and an Avanti. I had a lot of paint so I hate to buy all new stuff. Maybe I'll get enough to do the little 1/32 Avanti I found.
  21. So, just asking....If I have a road race car, does it go into the NASCAR section or just the regular WIP and Under Glass sections?
  22. In the realm of getting multiple kits out of a base package, an Impala SS or a police car could also be made out of this...Not interested myself, just saying...
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