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  1. Great stuff there. Looks like a fun time! Thanks for sharing.
  2. I had the utmost confidence you would come through with a great article and you didn't disappoint! Well done. Hope it inspires many others to "Shoehorn a SOHC"! Standing by for the next one...
  3. I’ll give you my take since we did hang out a bit at ACME. 😉 As many mentioned “life” depends on what you are going to do today maybe tomorrow. Simply put, some choose to build a super-detailed model, while others choose to do something different. In my case, I’ve built models most of my life. “Life” has dictated what I feel like building (or not) at any given moment. I’ve seen the hobby change quite a bit over the last 30+ years, happens with everything, new tech replaces old tech. What I haven’t seen change is the overall enthusiasm for creating a unique miniature. In my opinion, the amount of detail or other “tech” a builder wishes to include typically isn’t what “makes” a great model. The emotional connection the viewer feels decides what makes a great model. More often than not, the viewer is also the builder, which is why it is important to build something that you like. I try to focus on creating something that will make the viewer smile. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Perfection is not obtainable, but excellence is. I try to strive for excellence and sometimes it happens, sometimes not. You don’t really need lathes/mills/aftermarket parts to achieve excellence if you have a plan and follow through with it. I built this model in 3 days using a partially started kit, a junk Hemi engine, and a straight axle. Does it make you smile? Maybe. Does it make me smile? Absolutely. Even better is that it will sit on someone else's shelf and make them smile. That’s all that really matters.
  4. Wow, we were building almost the same things! I fondly remember my yellow Lindberg Grand Prix (same series as the Century). Also made a serious mess out of that Midnight Cowboy. Had a full convoy of the 1/32nd scale Monogram Big Rigs too. Been looking to replace many of these, but auction prices on those rigs are nuts. Remember when you couldn't give those away. Speaking of mess, I still have my first glue kit, this UNO Buick is it. Somehow it's still around after surviving an Autoworld Auto Cutter and I vaguely remember it making through a firecracker blast...
  5. Very awesome build of an iconic car. I loved seeing it the Guinness Book of World records and was fascinated with it's demise. Even more amazing that it has been "restored". Your model is incredible and seems it would be a centerpiece for your Cadillac collection.
  6. Don't want anyone to bite off more than they can chew. As they say, there's more than one way to skin a cat (or a seat). Unless you need it to "smell" like leather, I'd keep it in in scale and use Uschi von der Rosten's decals. Then only problem I had with them is getting them to be the exact color I wanted (a very "cool" gray, they tend to be more "warm"). But if you want this look, I'd seriously consider it. https://www.uschivdr.com/shopping-categories/shop-leather-decals/
  7. That is a nice surprise. For those waiting by the mailbox, here's what to expect. Hope you enjoy!
  8. This is a fun guessing game! I know nothing about what lurks in Round 2's future but given the clues, I'm also going to guess the Cosma Ray, 'cause those stars should be easy to align.
  9. Incredible model. Wish the pix from the first pages weren't broken.
  10. I'm sure anything is possible. I'd probably just put it on a study shelf to be safe. Right now they are just stacked on my workbench. I have them sitting on four Dupli-Color primer caps to raise it a bit. Convenient storage underneath.
  11. It appears your Chrysler Indy Pace Car was in issue #147 Jan 2010. Hope you can find one to complete your collection.
  12. That's really cool! Here is a little back story on that page. My wife got me that one for my birthday. She did some fairly exhaustive research into displays for models. For instance the retail price for the basic AMT display case is $14.99. Get 3 of them and you are at $45 and they aren't a light up parking garage! 😎 After assembling it, the staff discussed it and decided it was an interesting piece for New Products. Since then, I liked mine so much I got a couple more, stacked them up and now I have a parking deck in the back corner of my L shaped work bench. Got a 4 into 1 USB adapter to plug them all in so I only use one plug, but I have a power strip that has regular outlets and USB ports. Pretty cool way to display nine models and its easy to swap them out depending on my mood. Glad you all are enjoying #213!
  13. Looks like an interesting product. I've gotten similar results with the Green Stuff World paint, which I like because it does not really have an odor and clean up is easy.
  14. Thanks! Since the parts were fairly large, it was a combination of dabbing and brushing. Just kept putting in on until it did what it does. Once you get it, practice on some spare parts (that's what I did) and you'll see what I mean. I even airbrushed the non-airbrush. Squirted it my Iwata HP-CS without thinning and kind of caked it on. Quite forgiving. I've found it works best over bare plastic, dehydrate for at least 48hrs. I felt it was fairly durable, but don't try to polish it.
  15. I will second the Green Stuff World Paint. I've used Alclad for years and I feel the GSW is more reflective, more forgiving when applying and the fact it doesn't have a Lacquer smell is also a bonus. All of the "Chrome" exhaust seen here is brush painted Green Stuff World. The rear axle and bumpers were airbrushed.
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