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  1. Aluminum 41 Willys Coupe

    I just came across this build. This is incredible!
  2. Amt/Mpc 72 Chevelle query

    I still have my original MPC '72 that I built when I was about 12. It's molded in black and came with a very large hood scoop. I think it's the SSlasher but I could be wrong. I painted the body with black enamel spray can paint back then. Maybe one day I'll rebuild it.
  3. Amt/Mpc 72 Chevelle query

    It's a shame since the AMT's body looks very accurate in shape, except for the side bulges.
  4. I need a paint for Chevy Orange. The Testors Chevy Engine Red is red.
  5. Is there a good hobby acrylic that looks like Chevy Orange engine paint? Is Testors International Orange close?
  6. 1970 Baldwin Motion Chevelle

    Excellent work on this one!
  7. Amt/Mpc 72 Chevelle query

    Do any of the AMT '72 Chevelle kits have correct side bulges on the fenders and quarter panels? I know the MPC '72 Chevelle had the correct bulges.
  8. I have a body that I broke the passenger side A - pillar loose from where it connects to the fender. I glued it twice and finally it held. I had to strip the body today and when I was scrubbing it with a tooth brush it broke again. I have a feeling this is going to keep happening. It's such a fragile connection. Am I better off buying another kit and starting with a new body? This is what I'm leaning towards doing.
  9. AMT 1970 Chevelle SS 454

    The Monte Carlo chassis and floor are much better detailed and are separate pieces. The Chevelle's chassis and floor are one piece and not very detailed. The Monte also has nice engine compartment.
  10. AMT 1970 Chevelle SS 454

    Thanks guys! A few years ago a friend had a 1970 Chevelle SS 396 in Autumn Gold with a black vinyl top and black stripes. The Autumn Gold looked great with the vinyl top. This is my favorite color for a '70 Chevelle.
  11. 68 Chevelle - white

    This looks real nice so far!
  12. 1970 Buick GS

    Great job on this build! The paint and color look real nice.
  13. AMT 1970 Chevelle SS 454

    Here's an AMT 1970 Chevelle SS 454 I'm working on. I'm combining an AMT 1970 Chevelle with parts from an AMT 1970 Monte Carlo. I started by shortening the chassis and floor from the Monte Carlo. I removed the engine compartment from the Monte's body and glued it into the Chevelle. In order to get the Chevelle's interior tub to fit onto the Monte's floor I had to remove the transmission tunnel. I still have to glue it in place. I considered using the Monte's interior but it was different from the Chevelle's. I also removed the center console from the Chevelle's seats. I did my best to correct the sides of the fenders and quarter panels. I forgot to take before pictures. This car will be painted Autumn Gold with black stripes and a black vinyl top. I got the Autumn Gold as a custom order from Splash and I'll be using black textured paint from Model Car World for the vinyl top. I sprayed some of the textured paint on a spoon and it looks like an in scale vinyl top. I got some paint on the body and will spray some clear so I can apply the stripe decals which I got from Keith Marks. The emblems will be photo etch from Model Car Garage.
  14. I'll just mask and paint the trim black. Thanks everyone.
  15. Is Black Bare Metal Foil(BMF) any good? Does the black rub off easily?