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  1. MPC 1974 - 77 Dodge Van Releases?

    Thanks Tom! This is an awesome collection of pictures. Now I just need to find one of these kits, preferably a 1974 - 77.
  2. Does anyone have pictures of the different box tops from the MPC 1971 - 77 Dodge van kits? I found this one for the 1975 Dodge van online.
  3. Here's another update. My friend Lee(Classic Gas) sent me a sunroof from a Revell GMC Pickup. It was a bit too large so I cut it down and cut the hole in the roof. I also moved the tires inward since I don't want to use the flares that come with the kit. The rear had to be raised a few millimeters. It sat very low in the back. The tires are the custom ones that came with the Phantom kit and the wheels are Turbines from BNL Resins.
  4. Thanks Ricky! My father had a Ford Econoline and my neighbor, I mentioned in my first post, had one. Here's a small update. The inside of the roof was missing the ribs so I cut some strips of .010" styrene that I added inside so it appears the roof is ribbed. I should have added the ribs before I glued in the supports. The supports didn't want to come out so I glued the ribs in between. I have to decide if I'm going to put a sunroof in, which I'm pretty sure I will and then I'll get it ready for the paint.
  5. 1/25 AMT '77 Ford Cruising Van

    Round 2 should also include the aluminum slot wheels and a better set of side view mirrors. The kit's mirrors are not very good. I've seen ads and pictures of the Ford Cruising vans and they all seem to have the 2 side opening doors and not the sliding door. Maybe the sliding door was an option on the 1:1 but I've never seen one of these with a sliding door.
  6. Thanks guys! I made the inner window frames for the front doors but still have to take some pictures. I just have a few details left and I can get it all in primer. I'll post some pictures soon.
  7. Cheez Wiz 1955 Chevy update 1/14/18

    Here's what the 665@213 posted above regarding the engine: The engine and transmission are from the Foose Cadillac kit, the intake from the AMT 57 Chevy street machine kit, and an air cleaner from an AMT 68 GT500 thats been shortened and smoothed.
  8. Revell '41 Willys Street Rod

    Thanks guys! Joe - I'm adding a couple of subtle things and I'll be adding the darker brown fade along the bottom. However I won't be painting the flames on. I wish I could. lol
  9. Revell '41 Willys Street Rod

    Thanks Mike! The color is real nice. It changes under different lighting, sometimes brown, golden, reddish...
  10. Revell '41 Willys Street Rod

    Thanks Bob! The color came out great and is just what I was looking for.
  11. The live chat is great. They were very helpful.
  12. AMT 55 Bel Air / Street Machine

    Thanks Casey! It seems the Street Machine version is basically the same kit with some extra parts.
  13. I've used the live chat a couple of times.
  14. AMT 55 Bel Air / Street Machine

    Does the AMT 55 Bel Air Street Machine actually have a tubbed rear end? Does anyone have any pictures of the chassis from the Street Machine kit?