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  1. Tamiya TS-67 IJN Gray?

    It's hard to tell from the cap on the can but I appreciate that. Some of Tamiya's caps don't match at all. The cap on the TS-32 Haze Grey is way off.
  2. Tamiya TS-67 IJN Gray?

    I'll look at those other colors mentioned. Is Tamiya TS-67 a dark color?
  3. Has anyone used Tamiya TS-67 IJN Gray? Is it a warm, neutral or cool gray color? I'm looking for a cool gray color?
  4. I think Isopropyl Alcohol will remove some of the surface of the clear. If left on long enough the alcohol will remove the paint.
  5. Has anyone sprayed Duplicolor Perfect Match acrylic clear lacquer over Tamiya lacquer? Does it work?
  6. Robert at Chrometech said to sprat Testors Wet Look Clear on the modified bumper. In my experience Wet Look Clear or any clear lacquer does not lay down glass smooth out of the spray can.
  7. I have a part I modified and will have chrome plated. I'll polish it with micromesh cloths and plastic polish. I was told to spray Testors Wet Look Clear on it. In the past when I used Testors Wet Look Clear on a car body I had to polish out the slight orange peel. Will spraying a small part not have any orange peel? Is it necessary to spray a clear lacquer over the part before sending it to be chrome plated? Has anyone had modified parts chrome plated?
  8. John Lingenfelter Pro Stock tribute car

    Excellent job Al!
  9. I found this stuff from Bob Smith Industries. It's odorless CA. I contacted them and they said it works on clear acrylic, clear acetate and clear styrene and won't fog them. http://www.bsi-inc.com/hardware/super_gold_plus.html
  10. Primer for resin?

    I tried priming with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer and it adheres very well to the resin. Since it's formulated for plastic models it seems to adhere better to resin too.
  11. What's a good primer for resin parts? I tried some Duplicolor Filler Primer but it didn't adhere too well. It could have been some mold release on the resin. I'm thinking Tamiya Fime Surface Primer will work better on the resin.
  12. I have Surehold Plastic Surgery Super Glue. Ir works on most plastic including acrylic. It might be too brittle like most CA glue and fog the clear acrylic. I can tape over the acrylic which should protect it from the vapor as it's curing.