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  1. Nice build! How is the suspension's ride height out of box? I often have to adjust the suspension on many models.
  2. I tried Acetone and it works well. I did order some Bondene and sheet ABS to add some support. This is actually an ABS plastic cover for a door of a microwave oven. It says it's ABS on the backside.
  3. What works best for bonding ABS, Acetone or Methyl Ethyl Ketone(MEK)?
  4. The most recent MPC 74 Roadrunner has a different chassis than the MPC Daisy Duke kit?
  5. How is the shipping/service of Gravity Colors Spain to the United States? Is the Gravity Colors Spain paint as good as the Gravity Colors USA paint?
  6. I made a great trade with Sam I Am.
  7. I just updated my post.
  8. I'm looking for a pair of 1:25 Big Block Chevy Headers. Something resembling Hooker Headers.
  9. When mounting wheelbacks to the axles what's the preferred way? Glue the wheelbacks solid so the wheels/tires don't spin or allow the wheels/tires to spin freely? I've mounted wheelbacks on a few models so the wheels/tires can spin but the wheels don't always sit straight.
  10. Is there any tricks to paint parts of an interior to look like cloth?
  11. I sanded the details off the 55's seats and scribed them to more closely match the Cheez Wiz 55's seats. I can't find any other pictures of the interior but I think what I did is close. I also removed the details off the door panels. I started making new door, rear and kick panels from .040" sheet styrene to resemble what's in the Cheez Wiz 55. As soon as they are done and glued in I'll post pictures.
  12. Thanks! I looked up pictures of a GM 4L80E and they match the 57's transmission.
  13. Does anyone know what transmission this is supposed to be on the AMT 57 Bel Air Street Machine's engine? In the January 89 issue of Hot Rod Magazine it says the transmission in the Cheez Wiz 55 is a Turbo 400. I'll use the resin Turbo 400 I have. I'm still curious what transmission is on the AMT 57 Bel Air Street Machine's engine. I think it's just a generic automatic and nothing specific but I could be wrong.
  14. No problem! I bought the 2 magazines on E-Bay and they arrived today.
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