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  1. Hi, Does anyone have a picture(s) of The Model Car Garage photo-etch Electric Fan and/or Detail Master photo-etch Electric Fan assembled? I'd like to see how these look assembled.
  2. echoxrayniner - Will you be printing decals anytime soon? I contacted you about decals you were making for me and haven't heard back.
  3. I really like how black looks with clear. After seeing all these great pictures I'm going to use a base coat/clear coat for the black car I'm painting.
  4. The clear over the black doesn't make it look cloudy? Does it look richer?
  5. You did a beautiful job! Do you have any pictures in daylight?
  6. What paint and clear did you use?
  7. A friend had said he thought black with clear looked a bit out of scale. I like how clear looks if it's not too thick. From what I see above in all these pictures clear over black looks great. I'm used to spraying base coat/clear coat lacquers. I think I'll use the clear.
  8. Hey thanks guys for the nice words and the welcome! I'm glad to be back on this build. It's been too long and I'm really excited to get this one done. I'm still deciding whether to use gloss black lacquer or black base coat lacquer with clear lacquer for the body. I've been exclusively using base coat/clear coat on my other builds and I'm used to it so I'll most likely go that route.
  9. It's been 7 years since I posted in this build thread. I didn't realize it was that long. I put this one down and haven't done any work on it until recently. Finally here's an update. I finished the body. All the emblems were removed, the fender flares are finished, the lower front pan is in and I scratch built the Alpha Romeo door handles that were on the Daytona. I removed the open scoop on the lower pan and put a slight raised piece in it's place. The front fender flares now wrap around the underside. I forgot to take before pictures of the lower pan. The headlight openings are all boxed in. I have a set of square headlights I got from a member here(MsDano85gt) back in 2013 that are from a Mustang kit I'll put inside after it's painted. I modified the dashboard, scratch built pedals and door panels. I doesn't show too well in the pictures but I scribed more horizontal lines in the seats and then put 1mm half round pieces, upside down, into the lines. These will have black decals applied to represent the stripes on the tan seats. I shortened the tonneau cover 5mm to match the width of the now shortened body. I also cut the tonneau cover behind the seats to see in the back. The interior of the Daytona on the show looked like this. I have a Momo steering wheel a member here(LokisTyro) sent back in 2013. I don't know what kit it's from. I made levers for the steering column with straight pins. I think they look a bit better than the molded in plastic ones. Under the hood of the McBurnie Daytonas there's flat box like pieces added to the tops of the inner wheel wells. Using reference pictures I added these in. The last picture shows the front bumpers and grill. The grill is now shortened. It's been a while since I worked on this and posted any updates. My first post explains the work I did to the body and interior to get it to fit right. I'll be working on the exhaust system and will post an update in a few days. Thanks for looking in!
  10. I understand. I've read a few posts regarding black paint and some guys have said black looks better without clear. All my builds have clear over the color which I polish. I just wanted to get an idea of how black looks with clear. I like what I'm seeing in these pictures.
  11. Thanks Roger and Eric for the pictures! They look great.
  12. I'll be painting a body soon in black. I have base coat lacquer and gloss clear which I'm used to spraying. I see a lot of black cars without clear. I'd like to see how black comes out with clear.
  13. Nice build! How is the suspension's ride height out of box? I often have to adjust the suspension on many models.
  14. I tried Acetone and it works well. I did order some Bondene and sheet ABS to add some support. This is actually an ABS plastic cover for a door of a microwave oven. It says it's ABS on the backside.
  15. What works best for bonding ABS, Acetone or Methyl Ethyl Ketone(MEK)?
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