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  1. Should red oxide primer look brown or more red? Has anyone used Dupli-Color Sandable Red Oxide primer? Is it more red looking?
  2. Made a great trade with Khils(Kevin).
  3. I have a set of the '68 Camaro decals from Keith Marks and the white stripe has a white line running through it. Keith said it's a limitation of the printer. The white stripe in the Revell '67 Camaro kit won't have this problem.
  4. I'm looking for a 1/25 Revell '67 Camaro White Nose Stripe Decal. It's the stripe that runs around the nose. Thanks, Mike.
  5. Dull Cote seems like it won't look like vinyl. I agree Semi Gloss should look more correct.
  6. Gunze makes Mr Super Clear Flat and Clear Semi Gloss. Would Semi Gloss clear be better for spraying over the interior metallic or be too shiny?
  7. Does Testors Dull Cote get yellow over time. A while ago someone told me it can yellow. I mainly use Gunze Mr. Super Clear UV Cut Clear Gloss for car bodies. Mr. Super Clear also comes in a flat clear. Would that be the same as the Testors Dull Cote?
  8. The paint I tried is base coat lacquer from Gravity Colors so it sort of needs a clear coat. I guess I can use it without the clear. I tried using Testors Acryl acrylic semi gloss clear but it has an almost cloudy appearance over the lacquer. I never used Testors Dull Cote but since it's lacquer it shouldn't have a cloudy appearance.
  9. What paint did you use on this one? Is it lacquer? I really like how it looks. Is this one sprayed with Testors Dull Coat? Do you use the Testors Dull Coat in the spray can or the Dull Coat in the bottle for airbrushing? I never used Testors Dull Coat so I don't know if the spray can and the bottle are exactly the same stuff.
  10. I need to paint an interior in a '68 Camaro in possibly a metallic paint. The body will be Grotto Blue and the interior is a metallic darker blue. A friend suggested I use Chevrolet LeMans Blue metallic for the interior. It seems to be a good match. However on the small sample I sprayed the metallic looks like it might be out of scale for an interior. I sprayed some Testors Acryl semi gloss on the LeMans Blue sample but it dulls the deep color. Has anyone who used a metallic paint on an interior have any suggestions for a clear coat? Since the LeMans Blue is lacquer basecoat maybe I should just use it with no clear. Would I be better off just using a non-metallic paint?
  11. I was referring to where the firewall meets the floor. There is an open space in the middle.
  12. When you build an AMT 1968 Camaro do you leave the transition between the lower firewall and floor alone or fill that in? The interior tub has part of the lower firewall and it's not finished off. I hope this all makes sense.
  13. I found this site in the link below: https://www.chevydiy.com/how-to-paint-your-chevy-camaro-restoration-guide/ Here's a quote from this Camaro Restoration guide in the link with a picture. Is the gray they are referring to primer? It looks like semi-gloss black paint is in the transmission tunnel. The rear frame rails are misted with body color. Depending on what you are looking for a finished product, you can paint the underside of your car all one color or you can paint it semi-gloss black and gray with body- colored overspray on the sides to replicate the factory finish. The 1967, 1968, and 1969 models all had different finishes. (Photo courtesy Brian Henderson)
  14. Did the rear inner wheel wells have black undercoating or were they the red oxide primer?
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