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  1. Do you have pictures of the one you built 10 years ago?
  2. Excellent save Richard! It looks great with the fixes. Did you ever build that Monogram Chevelle body you have in the picture with all the fixes?
  3. Excellent job Jim! What paint/color did you use on the body?
  4. I'm going to give Tamiya putty a try and see if I like it.
  5. That is exactly what I experienced. The tube they replaced was separated into white stuff and brownish stuff. Squadron white putty was great stuff. I can't understand why they changed it.
  6. I recently bought some Squadron White Putty and it's not the same as it's always been. It's now almost like a glue consistency. It seems like they changed the formula. Has anyone else noticed this? Is Tamiya putty like Squadron(how it used to be)?
  7. I used the AMT(Round 2) kit's stripe decals. I angled the kit's hood stripes(narrower towards the front) by separating the outer pin stripes from the decals and then cutting the stripes on an angle so they won't look narrower towards the rear where the hood hump is. I applied the hood decals and then applied the outer pin stripes as separate decals. I hope this makes sense. The cowl induction on the hood hump, SS badges and Chevelle on the trunk are after market decals I had. I re-shaped the side fender and quarter panel bulges. These were way off how they look on a real Chevelle. This is a body I'm painting for a friend for a drag slot car.
  8. Thanks guys. I sprayed the clear on today over the decals and it worked out well.
  9. Is 3 days enough for decals to dry out after being applied before spraying clear(lacquer) over them? I used Walthers Solvaset on them.
  10. Do the AMT stripe decals(in the new release) settle down nicely with setting solution?
  11. Maybe they lay down better on the AMT kit. Hopefully someone who used them on an AMT kit had better results.
  12. Do the hood stripe decals that come with the AMT 1970 Chevelle SS lay down straight? Since the stripes go over the bulge in the hood do they go on even? The stripe decals don't get any wider where they go over the hood bulge so I'm concerned they might look narrower in this area. I hope this makes sense.
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