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  1. I sent him a few PM's and he never answered. He was making me up a few decals sheets and then stopped replying a while ago.
  2. Is there a red oxide primer that's more red looking than Duplicolor?
  3. Thanks for the information and thanks for the compliment on the cats.
  4. Are you sure you aren't referring to the Duplicolor filler primer? I use Duplicolor Sandable Gray Hot Rod and White primer and it goes on thin. I need Red Oxide for a project and needed to know if it's more red or more brown.
  5. Is Dupli-Color Sandable Red Oxide Primer more towards red or brown? I've seen red oxide primers that look very brown and some very red.
  6. I did test some Alclad Aqua Gloss over the Alclad Chrome and it's durable. I tested it on spoons. Both spoons have the Alclad Chrome. I sprayed Aqua Gloss over the chrome on one spoon and it's only very slightly duller. It's worth the slight difference in appearance considering how durable the clear is.
  7. Do you use Duplicolor Sandable Red Oxide Primer? If so does it have a brown tint or is it more red?
  8. Has anyone used the AK Xtreme Metal Chrome or Aluminum colors?
  9. There are a few chrome paints such as Alclad, Spaz Stix and Molotow and a few clear coats for going over chrome paint. I need to paint an exhaust system that will go through tubes in a frame so I need the chrome paint to be somewhat durable. I'd like the exhaust system to look like stainless steel. I've used Molotow but it's soft. I used Spaz Stix Ultimate Clear Coat over the Molotow but it dulls it a bit which is OK. I'm concerned Molotow might fade over time since it's an ink and not paint. Any ideas?
  10. I spoke with the guy who prints the laser decals and he said the decal paper is a little over half the thickness of kit decals. This doesn't mean that much. The clear lacquer does reduce down for a while. I'm concerned over time it will reduce down and there will be a step where the decals are. The ALPS decals printed nice but there's a license plate that you can see a bit of the dot pattern on. It's only a single decal that needs to be applied. I'll have to think about it.
  11. I've used decals on a few cars that I sprayed clear over to seal them after they are applied. Has anyone used a double layer of decals on a body and then sprayed clear on? The reason I'm asking is I had some ALPS decals printed but I might have them laser printed. The laser printer can print white but it's a separate decal. The laser printed decals will look sharper but I'll have to apply the white decal and then the decal with the graphic.
  12. It's been a few months since my last update. I finished painting and assembling the interior. It's painted with a mix of 2 parts Tamiya XF-59 Desert Yellow and 1 part Tamiya XF-2 Flat White. I just have to paint and install the car phone. I used Microscale black decal stripes on the seats. The body has been painted, clear coated and polished. I used Gravity Colors Anthracite Black with Gunze Mr. Super Clear. I installed the front turn signal lenses which are painted Tamiya X-25 Clear Orange on the insides. I put Bare Metal Foil in behind the lenses. The Corvette kit's windshield was a bit thick and stuck out too much. It gets installed from the outside and looked out of scale so I made a windshield out of clear acetate. The chassis, suspension, exhaust and engine parts will be painted next. Thanks for looking in.
  13. Is the Papilio Clear Aerosol decal Fixative Spray basically the same as Microscale Liquid Decal Film? Is it OK to use on decals that are applied to a car body and then spray clear lacquer over them? https://www.papilio.com/spray clear flexible decal fixative.html?fbclid=IwAR0QFlZr1GtgxAt3ABTFc0BMQQ0zGHKokjnsLpK9nve2gmUASyrbkX8X2_g
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