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  1. Has anyone used or tried KBC Diamond Finish Clear on a model body? It's a 1K Urethane. https://www.kbs-coatings.com/diamondfinish-clear.html
  2. I use a Canon myself. I don't have a cell phone. The pictures you posted above look amazing.
  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Alsa Corp Easy Chrome. Do you have any pictures of a car that you built with chrome parts on it sprayed with the Easy Chrome? I know you posted pictures above of the two bumpers but I'd like to see what it looks like on a car if you have any.
  4. You are a lot closer. It's the same method as spraying Alclad only it's a lot more durable and looks nearly the same as chromed parts.
  5. You just use an airbrush and apply light mist coats of the chrome over black similar to spraying Alclad Chrome over a black base coat? I didn't even see you are in Brooklyn. You're close to me. Yes as I always say I can urinate, poop, shower in, and drink the same tap water. Well not all at the same time. lol
  6. It's expensive but it looks incredible. Have you tried the Chrome Can 12 oz? It's $89. With the Base Coat Can 12 oz. both come out to $138 and you get 12 ounces of each instead of 2 ounces in the hobby kit. Would the Easy Chrome work over Alclad Gloss Black Base Coat? Does the clear urethane base coat require a hardener?
  7. Have you used this and if so is it durable? Does it need a clear coat? Where can this be ordered?
  8. I sent Dale some parts a few years ago. I know some of the chrome platers closed down and didn't know he was still in business. Thanks for the link. I'll reach out to Dale.
  9. Is there any chrome platers around now? I know some have closed down.
  10. Does anyone make an Edelbrock Victor style intake manifold in 1/25 scale?
  11. Can you post here or send me some pictures of the MCW '65 Olds 442 interior and front and rear bumpers?
  12. A friend has a 1965 442 and wants me to build him a model of his car. He sent me a Lindberg '67 442 and an R&R Resins '65 442. The R&R Resins body is warped a bit. With the upcoming release of the Round 2/AMT '64 Olds 442 I'm thinking of getting one and modifying the body for the '65 build. It looks like most of the body panels of a '64 are the same as a '65 with the exception of the front of the hood and fronts of the fenders. I have the bumpers and grill from the R&R Resins '65 442 that I can use. I suspect R&R Resins and MCW used the old AMT '64 Cutlass hardtop to make their '65 442 kits. Am I correct in thinking most of the body is the same between the '64 and '65 442?
  13. Is this definitely happening within a month or so?
  14. Did you use the Intermediate Gauzy Agent by AK Interactive over Molotow on the wheels of the '62 Corvette Roadster?
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