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  1. Scuderia Dellaquila added a post in a topic 29 ford roadster [coming soon]   

    Well I definitely want the Olds FE3-X or several. It will be one less version of the current kit for me to make as we'll as a basis for other versions. Most of which I will never get to other than adding more unbuilt kits to my stash. Also the Jeep has to be added to the get list.
  2. Scuderia Dellaquila added a post in a topic Ways to lift 1966 Suburban   

    It would be more of a 4 x 4 conversion. The type of thing an owner would do after buying the truck used years after it was first produced. So I may not even keep everything GM on it.
  3. Scuderia Dellaquila added a post in a topic Help with Scania R560   

    Thank you for those pictures that is exactly what I was looking for.
  4. Scuderia Dellaquila added a post in a topic Ways to lift 1966 Suburban   

    Thanks for all the tips so far. I'm still in part collecting and info gathering stage until I get me to semi's finished.
  5. Scuderia Dellaquila added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Ways to lift 1966 Suburban
    I've done a brief look at the forums for help with this but I sadly do not have the patience to look long. Looking at some of the builds here I hope someone can help. I want to lift the 66 Suburban but I have never made a lift kit for a model before. How can I lift this kit? Either scratchbuild or kitbash is fine with me I just need help on how to do it. I also want to convert it to 4-wheel drive so what would be a good way to do this. What kits would you recommend to kitbash a lift and drive conversion?
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  6. Scuderia Dellaquila added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Help with Scania R560
    I am building Italeri's Scania R560 V8 Highline "red Griffin and have an assembly question for any that have built the kit. Could someone provide good pictures or directions on how the two 6H pieces attach to part 1H. This is the rear end of the truck. I can't figure out how the parts sit correctly and can't find any good pictures of theis area of the truck on the internet. Thank you for any help.
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