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  1. Airtrax, Jeep Wagoneer

    Nice! Good to see that one being cast.
  2. Childhood models that you replaced in adulthood.

    I still have every model that I bought, started,and or completed from when I started in 1969 at age 5. There are a bunch that got started ,but never finished. Then there are the ones that got torn apart & parts used on something else. I would like to finish all the started kits & have also been getting the parts together to rebuild all the ones I tore down & robbed parts from. I have a Revell 56 F100 that was redone 3 times in the early 70's. I am building 2 others to replicate the 2 early versions I did. I think its fun to put the old builds together & have them back on the shelf completed again as they were so long ago.
  3. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Older Datsun 4x4 kit. Price was right.
  4. What image hosting do we use?

    I have all my pictures over at Fotki. Have been there for 17 years.
  5. 1/25 AMT '34 Ford Pickup

    Been wondering about some model parts I got from my gf that were her dads. I can tell this is how the model was originally built by him by the paint & glue marks. I guess the red frame & dash in my pic is from an older 34 truck kit. Never knew it was molded in red before a few days ago. The cab almost looks chopped,but isnt. Wonder if it might be an older Lindberg 32? Bed & cycle fenders maybe old AMT 32 car?
  6. Amt 36 Ford?

    Here's a few more pics of my gray & black 36 Ford wheels. None seem all that perfect in the slot/spoke area. Can't hardly see with the naked eye,but bad spots show with Macro camera setting. A-G Bill, let me know when you get those 36 kits. If the wheels are not there,I will gladly give you a set of 4.
  7. '58 Impala

    Beautiful model!
  8. Plymouth Vip 1967 Twin turbo with U-haul trailer

    Lots of work there! Looking good so far.
  9. Amt 36 Ford?

    I took the pics of the models with my cell phone. I will get a better pic this weekend. I have 3-1936 Fords & they all have those wheels. I have no problem letting someone use one to cast them.
  10. Amt 36 Ford?

    Ok, so I just looked & both the gray & black models have the artillery style wheels.
  11. Amt 36 Ford?

    I have a few of the AMT 36 Ford coupe & roadster kits. One is from a 1961 3in1 kit & is molded in gray. The others I have I got off Ebay & one was gray while another was black. Anyone know when they were molded in black?
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    LOL, Not sure what brand of silver it is,but it is dry. You wouldn't happen to have an original set of instructions online somewhere would you? Like to see what all is missing.
  13. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Just got this ugly, but mostly complete ALa Kart builtup off Ebay for cheap.
  14. Ala Kart a la carte: Part TWO, Compare and Contrast (Nov. 2018)

    I just picked up a badly built & painted original kit from Ebay for cheap.These 2 threads will really help with my planned rebuild. Thanks Bill !
  15. 2019 Round2 - more trucks expected for release

    Very cool if those both make it back. I have both original kits. My all-time favorites!