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  1. I built a 50 Ford back in 2009. Great kit with a ton of cool parts, although I went a different way with mine.:) Your model is coming along nicely! Will be following your build.
  2. Got a built 65 Riviera a while back,mostly because the Green car that Snake 45 built on here looked so cool. I believe it is the 1986 issue. Not real sure why there are Fairlane GT decals & rims on it & what looks to be Vega rims on the back. Engine compartment was wired using thread. Is a pretty clean build. I am going to take off the decals & try to wax the body and change rims.
  3. Vince,I am sorry to hear of the loss of your wife. My deepest condolences to you & your family. May she R.I.P.
  4. Awesome job replicating the truck & trailer! Your pics outside make them look so real!
  5. Have always loved the 34 Ford PU model. Nice work RRR ! Your truck looks sweet! I love everything about it!
  6. I paint a lot of other stuff. Have always loved to draw, paint. Kinda practice at pinstriping from time to time. lol
  7. I believe the rims & tires are the same as the ones that came in the old MPC Dodge vans. If you don't locate any, I have the van ones.
  8. Non-subscriber here too. If anyone finds out where to purchase this issue,please let me know! Thanks!
  9. Bill is correct. There are rims & hubcaps in the MPC 78 Ford "SunRunner" van kit. Probably in other MPC vans as well, but that's the only kit I have. They are not correct. The lettering should be stamped into the cap, not raised.
  10. Nice looking parts Bill !! The 1st hubcaps would be 1969-72 truck, but have seen them later on the vans. The 2nd hubcaps would be 73-87 3/4 & 1-tons. The 1/2 tons only had 5 spokes,not 6. I have all those Dodge grills from original models. Will have to order yours to see how they compare.
  11. I like your color chose. I like #4 for the air cleaner. It's gonna flow more air in real life.
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