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  1. I still have my original QuickSilver version I built as a kid. It had the Gold colored felt for carpeting.
  2. Received a few more 60's F350 Ford parts from Rookie Resin. Thanks Bill !
  3. I have always been fond of the Ford Vickie's, but never liked the Phantom Vickie model. What you have done to that kit is simply awesome! I love everything about it! Cool hot rod for sure!
  4. Would be nice to actually see the 72 back! As stated above, think last time out was Model Kings Racers Wedge/Open Road camper in 2008. I bought a pile of them in 95. I love the 67-72 GM trucks! Also have a bunch of builtups/junkers,parts. Would be cool to have the earlier versions too. A photo-etch set is needed for these trucks too.
  5. Anyone know what kit the hood on the right is from? 2nd pic shows the underside. No markings or scrips on it. Was pretty much flat other than the center peak. Thanks for any help.
  6. Great picture, but that is either Bigfoot 1 or 2.
  7. Parts are looking good Bill ! I think our 64 had a 3-spoke wheel, but will still order yours. Your truck bed & wheel base looked about the same length as our truck was before you added onto yours. I do need to find that picture of it still.
  8. Just received my order today from Bill. Super fast shipping! Well packaged too! Parts for my Ford F350 flatbed project look great! Happy customer & will be ordering more stuff soon. Thanks Bill!!
  9. That is a stock rear bumper for a stepside truck. A fleetside truck, Blazer,Suburban would have this bumper.
  10. Great pictures! Thank you for sharing.
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