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  1. WOW! All great looking stuff Bill!
  2. I like your color chose. I like #4 for the air cleaner. It's gonna flow more air in real life.
  3. Someone say 62 Lancer? LOL. Mine is slowly being restored.
  4. Like Snake said, I try to build em all to look cool. I picked this one because I built it when I was challenged by a great friend to build it in just 30 days for a club model meeting contest. Never really cared for the F1 Trucks. I prefer the 53-56 Ford F100's.
  5. Thanks David! Had fun building it. Has a small block V8 in it. Here's a better pic.
  6. There are 1/24 scale diecast Airstream trailers out there.
  7. 1st picture is my 56 Ford pickup I built in 1975. 2nd pic is my TransAm Ford Courier I built in 1980. Next pic is my 56 Victoria I built in 2015. 36 Ford roadster I did this year,2019 I do love building models & love repairing old kits & old builds. The Vega I originally built in 1975. Been repairing the hacked quarter panel wheel wells on it. Also repairing the quarter panel wheel wells on the Falcon.
  8. Hey Steve! I would think that kit would have the boot included in it. I do have the Yellow Prestige kit & it does not have the boot included.
  9. This kit has the boot. I cut the roof off & made mine a vert.
  10. I still have my original QuickSilver version I built as a kid. It had the Gold colored felt for carpeting.
  11. Received a few more 60's F350 Ford parts from Rookie Resin. Thanks Bill !
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