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  1. Is that 4-door cab still available or is it an older resin piece? I like those trucks lifted & lowered.
  2. Car turned out beautiful! Is cool you guys all get along & can build together on projects.
  3. Here are a couple Luv's I built in 1979 from the original version on this kit.
  4. Bob Bond's Chevy Luv built in 1975. Always liked these mini trucks.
  5. Nice job !! Love that color combo!! Did you change the SS dashboard?
  6. Nice work oh the Toyota. I built the Miller Datsun when it was issued in the 80's. I built it to look like a friends lowered truck.
  7. I am aware the cars had 400 sb engines.The trucks that have the factory 400 emblems represent the big block 402 engines. GM didn't put a 400 sb into it's pickups until 1975.
  8. Are you saying there is a new grill in the latest Coke edition 72 Chevy kit? I have a Rolling Thunder kit. The chassis seems to be from the extended gold MPC truck as is the extended bed & wrong step side fenders. The hood has no underside detail. Cab,interior tub & dash all seem to be look the same as the AMT parts. Still has the 8-400 emblem even though the engine is a small block.
  9. Nice work on this one Kurt! The 67-72 GM trucks are a favorite of mine. I have built a few of them & still have 8 boxed kits & a ton of junkers to build some day. I like your work on making the taillights more like the way they should be along with all the other mods you did to correct a bad kit! Keep up the good work! Brad
  10. 1967 Camaro had the L48 350 SS option.
  11. Built this back in 04 after I saw a rendering done bt Steve Stanford. Started with a junker 78 Dodge. I shortened the wheelbase,shaved the emblems & trim,filled the cowl vent,made a 1-piece rear door & sunk the taillights. Custom made the grill,& used masking tape for the vinyl roof.Added Prowler wheels.
  12. Mark,so good to see you are still plugging along on this project. Wrapping those headers must have taken a while to do as I know wrapping real ones are a pain.
  13. Just looked thru the entire 20 pages of everyone's tribute builds. Great stuff from all of you! I bookmarked it & will be checking back.
  14. I built a 50 Ford back in 2009. Great kit with a ton of cool parts, although I went a different way with mine.:) Your model is coming along nicely! Will be following your build.
  15. Got a built 65 Riviera a while back,mostly because the Green car that Snake 45 built on here looked so cool. I believe it is the 1986 issue. Not real sure why there are Fairlane GT decals & rims on it & what looks to be Vega rims on the back. Engine compartment was wired using thread. Is a pretty clean build. I am going to take off the decals & try to wax the body and change rims.
  16. Vince,I am sorry to hear of the loss of your wife. My deepest condolences to you & your family. May she R.I.P.
  17. Awesome job replicating the truck & trailer! Your pics outside make them look so real!
  18. Have always loved the 34 Ford PU model. Nice work RRR ! Your truck looks sweet! I love everything about it!
  19. I paint a lot of other stuff. Have always loved to draw, paint. Kinda practice at pinstriping from time to time. lol
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