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  1. Some nice progress being made here. Should be an accurate representation of how many of the surviving cars are living their lives these days, rusting away somewhere waiting to be restored. Your scratch work on those headlight doors is nice, just clean up the inner buckets a bit and you'll be golden!
  2. I won't say I was the best, but I was respectable. I'll post a picture of my '69 Daytona that was one of my final kits I ended up building before I put it away for awhile. The Daytona, my Revell '70 Cuda, and a Plymouth '69 GTX were my last ones. I did build one of AMT's 2017 50th Anniversary Camaro kits last year for a buddy as a replica of his 1:1. I suppose I could probably source everything I need for my build from Revell's Challenger kit. It would have the seats I am looking for as well as the brakes and wheels/tires. I'm gonna get the resin Hellkitty engine from Clearly Scale. That thing looks sick with so much detail.
  3. Hello guys, Long time, no see. I'm Brandon, some of you may remember me, some may not. I used to build a lot of Mopar kits back when I was about 12, but then the usual teenager stuff took over my life and I put modeling down. The kits got locked up in storage, and most of the supplies got thrown away. I kept my airbrush and some tools, but stuff that would have gotten ruined anyways like paint and cement got tossed. I recently acquired my dream car, well, a iteration of my dream car. My dream car is a 1968 Charger, and my car is a 2013 Charger. I'll get a picture of it in here for you guys to see. Anyhow, I've been having an urge lately. I want to build a replica of my dream car in scale so that I can always be reminded of that goal in my life. I visited my local hobby store, but I cannot seem to find Revell's '68 Charger anymore. I also can't seem to find their '70 Charger, or the '69, or the '69 Daytona. I guess I'll post a rundown of what I'm looking for and you guys can let me know where to pick it up or if it even exists. Revell 1968 Dodge Charger 1/25 scale Hellcat engine Some form of manual transmission for the Hellcat Some form of modern mag wheels with low-profile tires A modern racing style seat or something similar to what the modern Challengers have Basically, it's a restomodded 1968 Charger. Paint is Cherry Red, with a matching black and red interior. I want it to be Hellcat-powered, with a six-speed. Usual restomod stuff such as disc brakes and a modern wheel and tire package. If you guys could help me track down some of this stuff, that would be really helpful. I look forward to reading around and seeing what's new on the forums as well. All the best, Brandon
  4. Thanks guys. I'm gonna check out that Xtreme Scale Detail. It looks like Morgan over at MAD has most of the stuff I need besides the tires/wheels, and the seats. Trying to build a hot modernized '68 Charger
  5. Hello guys, I was wondering is there was a sort of "one-stop shop" for the model car aftermarket world. When I did this hobby 24/7, I remember Scale Dreams being my go-to vendor, but I see they have since closed down. I'm trying to find some Mopar Performance valve covers, some Recaro-style racing buckets, some Pegasus rims and disc brakes, etc. Thanks for the help, Brandon
  6. Alright guys! I'm back with a progress update! First off, no, I did not die. And no, I didn't give up on this project. I've just been busier with far more important things. Anywho, I have progress to show off! The engine bay is pretty much complete. I still need to mount the master cylinder and washer motor to the firewall. A look at the chassis. The rear suspension is also starting to take shape. She now sits on four wheels! ] A look at the front going back. Thanks for watching, and stay tuned, because interior work is up next! Brandon
  7. I'm just letting you guys know that I haven't' died! I actually did some work today, not enough to warrant pictures, but I'll have some over the next day or so to show off!
  8. Ok, so some small progress tonight. I've been lacking the past few days because 1, I mow yards to earn summer cash that carries me through the winter (I make $23.09 every week for my full-time job, so the bonus summer cash of $80 a lawn comes in very nice around January) and 2, because, well, it's a holiday weekend. So I got around to putting the front suspension together. I mounted the wheels, and lined them up. The more I look at these pad printed tires, the more I think they were so worth the $6.99 I paid for them. The underside. Gold paint was used to simulate the coating that Chrysler liked to put on the front end suspensions of these cars. And finally, the 440 seated into its final home. After the festivities this weekend, I'll build the cooling system and get it into place, and also paint the performance stripes on the body. Thanks for looking! Brandon
  9. That's what I'm gonna do. I particularly don't feel interested to break the epoxy holding the wheels to the wheel backs just to change tires.
  10. No progress tonight as I've been busy all day with other business, but the down time did give a chance for all the paint work on the body to cure and gas out, so hopefully tomorrow I can start on the front suspension and get the performance stripes painted onto the fenders/hood. Keep the comments coming, it's an inspiration after being gone so long! Brandon
  11. Did the car not have L60's all the way around? I just went off of what was included in the kit, which was four L60's
  12. Today saw meager progress as I spent the majority of the time painting the body. I did start out by gluing the engine bay to the chassis, and then painting the backside of the inner fenders semi-gloss black. Here's a mockup with the 440 in its home. I moved on to detailing the Magnum 500 wheels. After detailing, I glued them to the wheel backs (this kit doesn't really like the wheels to stay in the tire), and then put the finished wheel/tires back into the box to protect them until needed. And then finally, paint. Here, the body has had two coats of Blazing Black applied to the lower part of the shell, a coat of clear, then the decals, then another two coats of clear. I may give it another coat as I'm not quite satisfied with the level of shine on the sides of the body. The top looks great, but the sides still look a little dull. Shiny! Thanks for watching, and stay tuned because we are shortly gonna start on the interior! Brandon
  13. I don't mean to hijack the topic, but, if I recall, Dodge never made a Daytona option for '71? Was this something that K&K did? Nonetheless, I'm watching to see how well you pull this off!
  14. Nice work Kevin! Kinda disappointed that you went curbside, I would've LOVED to see what you could do to that 440! None the less, it's still a beautiful model, and out of all the Mopars, the Charger is my favorite!
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