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  1. VVhiplash added a post in a topic Volkswagen T1 Samba Bus   

    very nice and clean! I like it a lot.
    I am hoping to do this build some day...any comments on the kit?
  2. VVhiplash added a post in a topic Tremclad primer?   

    well I ended up getting the white krylon primer. Will test it on a sprue first.
  3. VVhiplash added a post in a topic Tremclad primer?   

    Also, does anyone primer there parts first? or just the bodies? I ask because I noticed that sometimes I need to put 2 coats of paint on the parts to get proper coverage.
  4. VVhiplash added a topic in General   

    Tremclad primer?
    Can I use Tremclad gray primer (aerosol) as a primer for my model cars? Has anyone tried this product? (3rd from the left)

    What about Krylon all-purpose primer?

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  5. VVhiplash added a post in a topic How do you display your builds   

    I will store them in an entertainment unit until I have a dozen completed...then I plan on buying this at IKEA for 80$ CAD.

  6. VVhiplash added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I went to the local hobby shop and bought the Tamiya 66 VW Beatle model, a clear blue spray can, testors wood color paint, semi-gloss white paint, chrome foil and a Tamiya wax kit. I still need to find a good price on a polishing kit (that will ship to Canada).

    My plan is to do the blue exterior and have the interior white with wood/aluminum accents. I'm not too picky on keeping colors overly authentic.
  7. VVhiplash added a post in a topic Fab's 09 Challenger   

    The tamiya kit is one I'm looking at.
    Thanks for the pointers on the brushes. I used turpentine for testors and tamiya and cleaned after each use.
  8. VVhiplash added a post in a topic Fab's 09 Challenger   

    Thanks Tony. Yeah I really did enjoy building it and found it much easier than when I was younger as I a have less time on my hands...which forces me to build it bit by bit and not rush anything.

    I am happy with the level of detail I was able to achieve for a first build. I wish I had a better way of maintaining my brushes though....Seems like I ruined 2-3 brushes on this project alone.

    I would like to take on either a VW bug (old) or a Mini Cooper (old or new model) as my next build. Not sure. Will go back to the hobby shop soon. The other build I'm considering is a semi-trailer truck.

    I will try to attend the next AMRO event and have bookmarked their website. So were you at the gathering in Gatineau? If I had known I would have gone to say hi. Way to go for your prizes though!
  9. VVhiplash added a topic in Under Glass   

    Fab's 09 Challenger
    I finally completed my 2009 Dodge Challenger project. I did run into a few issues...namely glue on the windows and I had real issues fitting the front and rear fascia. My assembly had too much tension which resulted in difficult final assembly. As for the glue, I will use white glue on future projects.

    Comments appreciated.


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  10. VVhiplash added a post in a topic First build in 10 years - '09 Dodge Challenger   

    Taking my time with this build. Painted the body last week and got most of the interior done. Chassis assembly left and then time to put it all together.

  11. VVhiplash added a post in a topic S2000   

    Love what you did underneath. Looks very realistic! well done.
  12. VVhiplash added a post in a topic spray booth explosion   

    I don't plan on dropping 200$ on a spray booth (not now anyway) so until then I'll pick nice days and spray outside. I just did that and brought my model back in for drying. Looks good so far.
  13. VVhiplash added a post in a topic spray booth explosion   

    I'm still interested to know if everyone here use a paint booth or not (casual modelers). If not, what precautions do you take?
  14. VVhiplash added a post in a topic spray booth explosion   

    Am I missing something here? Since when is spray painting a model car a huge danger? I did these models as a kid and used to spray in my bedroom!
    Now I just spray (maybe 10 minutes/week) in my workshop (basement room). Is there really a need for that much ventilation? I usually open a window and run a large standing fan. It's not like anyone smokes in the house...

    I'm definitely uneducated on the matter. I do have young children so I want to make sure I'm not doing anything unsafe. Does this apply only to rattle cans or also airbrush?
  15. VVhiplash added a post in a topic What is with all of the AKAs now??   

    Like railfreak I am on many boards where only my online nickname is used (Whiplash). I have been using it for 10+ years in the gaming/online world and frankly would turn around if I heard someone call out "WHIP" on the street...LOL...