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  1. so you have nothing in ya stash then ? What sort of muscle car ya after ?
  2. nice one Stuart, ive always loved these kits, decals are a nightmare, but worth it in the end , what ya got planned next ? And i see ya chose a British Driver, Good man lol
  3. Hi, nice job so far, i know what you mean by the decals, there are a right pain in the butt lol, As for help with them, i use Micro Set and Micro Sol on my decals, it works well and shapes them to almost any shape, but when its doing its thing, the decals will make you cry at what they are doing ( they wrinkle up ) http://www.modelairplanebuilding.com/decals-and-markings.html i know its a plane in the link, but they are the kits that need the bigest help in getting a decal to form for the painted on look Hope this is of help to you, and keep up the good work
  4. Revell Of Germany state on their site the kit is 201mm long , so that means its a scale length is 16' long, but the real FX4 is only 14' long so it does look like the kit is infact 1.20th scale as everyone is stating , bummer but there you go chaps RoG Site http://www.revell.de/index.php?id=210&KGKANR=0&KGKOGP=10&KGSCHL=5&L=1&page=1&sort=0&nc=&searchactive=&q=&SWO=&ARMAS4=&PHPSESSID=5121d0bf25b7ce451ec15e0f454dfeb4&KZSLPG=&offset=4&cmd=show&ARARTN=07093&sp=1 Will it fit in my garage? The dimensions of an FX4 or Fairway are: Height: 1.765m, Width: 1.750m, Length: 4.558m and Weight: 1.650kg. 4.558m = 14' 11.44" Revell spec; Model details Scale 1:24 Release date 10/2011 No. of parts 68 Length 201 mm Skill Level 3 Original details Type description Oldtimer Year/Period 1958 Origin GB Engine capacity 55 PS Displacement 2178 ccm Speed 95 km/
  5. I got my new airbrush, wife paid for it , lovely woman cant wait to try it out , sweeeeeet
  6. no ones home in that chat room lol , but at least it works haraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  7. no your not the only one , me too, im not getting anything come through to my email account either i would subscribe to this thread , but whats the point if im not told lol
  8. is the prop shaft scratch built ? if so how/what did you do it ? cheers
  9. Man, that is just AWESOME , i love it, oh to have that sitting on my shelf lol, no realy that is a great finish as far as im concerned , wicked
  10. http://www.wonderlandmodels.com/products/revell-124-london-taxi-austin-fx4-1958-1997/ here is the London Taxi , and it i in 1.24th scale, would look great next to the RM ( Route Master ) Bus, which im getting so i can build it for my father, for xmas, as he used to drive them around the era of On The Busses TV show was being made As for a single decker one , here is a 1:1 picture so looks like i may have to get the taxi kit as well just to have them side by side or in a form of a dio for my father
  11. TBH i dont think it would work due to pessure and tempreture , i could be wrong ,
  12. Cheers for the coments, all greatfuly recived, and all i can do is learn from them too, as im going to do a 57 Chevy next, but not as much as this one, less is more i think Cheers again, it makes it worth while posting when ya get great coments like this
  13. Here we have a Lindberg 1953 Ford, and my first attempt at weathering with rust effect. I know certain areas are ok, some are OTT , but as i said its my first go, so a learning curve for me
  14. Revell are doing the London Taxi in 1.24th scale , so WILL go well with London Bus , The London Bus i have on Pre Order for release in November , the taxi is available now to buy
  15. no one is talentless, just not as good as some, and not a single person on this forum is 100% As for stripping paint , i use brake fluid as we dont have 90% of the products you guys mention , here in the UK and oven cleaner is too strong a smell for me to use in our spare room, so brake fluid it is for me and if anyone is a talentless hach, then that is my discription
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