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  1. Matt W added a post in a topic Modelpalooza , Florida   

    I was at this contest, and some of the cars you posted are mine. The white Enzo, and '32 Ford Salt flats racer are mine.

    I took photos of all of the cars, and a lot of the other models as well.

    See them here.
  2. Matt W added a post in a topic Central Florida: Calling All Central Florida Area Modelers   

    Thank you for you interest Barbo. I will also be at the Tampa street rods show. Along with Dirk mentioned above. We will discuss the details then.
  3. Matt W added a topic in Model Club News and Announcements   

    Central Florida: Calling All Central Florida Area Modelers
    To anyone interested:

    Several of us modelers located in the Central Florida Region have been discussing the possibility of starting a local Model Car Club that would meet in the Orlando area. At this time we would like to gauge the interest of other modelers in the area to see if there would be enough interest from the local modeler to justify a new Model Car Club in this region. The club's focus would be on all things automotive including cars, trucks, bikes, street rod, classics, racing of all types, etc... We would welcome all ages and all skill levels and our focus would be on sharing knowledge, sharing our work - finished and in progress projects, bench racing and generally having fun (mostly having fun) talking about models and real cars and racing in a non-competitive environment.

    The overall goal of the club will be to create an environment where us automotive modelers can share and enjoy our hobby with other automotive modelers, simple as that!

    The purpose of this post is to see how many people might be interested.

    In order to keep the size of this post under control and topic of this post focused on it's intent I would like to ask all forum members that may be interested in the club to reply in this post letting us know you're interested but then direct any questions or concerns to us through the email links provided below.

    You can email us at:
    ericcole_731@hotmail.com (Eric Cole)
    caddguy025@netscape.net (Matt Wadlinger)
    scrappyj1@aol.com (Dirk Joseph)

    Anyone of us will be happy to answer any of your questions.

    Eric, Matt and Dirk
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  4. Matt W added a post in a topic Viper SRT10 Coupe   

    Thanks for all the great comments guys.

    Rob - I haven't given much thought to the wheels yet, I usually like to do that after the body it painted and polished.
  5. Matt W added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Viper SRT10 Coupe
    This is my first in-progress thread here on Model Cars forum.

    I will be borrowing the intake, and maybe some other features from the ASC Diamondback viper shown here.

    I started with the most noticeable change to the car, the 10 velocity stacks. I used part of the kit intake and some styrene bar to attach the stacks to. They are Sakatsu turned aluminum parts.

    I'm fairly happy with the result. They could sit a bit higher, but are fairly close. I may raise the engine up a tad.

    There's still a ton of work to do under the hood, but I'm happy with the start.
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  6. Matt W added a post in a topic ACME Southern Nationals Model Show Photos   

    You're welcome.

    Closed wheel competition class had many entrys this year, and was one of my favorite classes to browse. The dragsters were off the chain this year as well, all top notch builds.

    There was a surprisingly large number of Motorcycles too. There were more of them entered than I've ever seen at a model show. I think Revells new chopper series is a big hit.
  7. Matt W added a topic in General   

    ACME Southern Nationals Model Show Photos
    WOW! What an awesome show.

    This year was by far my most favorite Southern Nationals NNL yet.

    Many big names and new faces showed up this year, and it was truly a pleasure catching up with old friends, and meeting new ones. There was so much talent in the show room, and it was surely visible by what was sitting on the tables. I'm still in awe of some of the fine works of art I looked at.

    Gregg and Jarius, It was a pleasure meeting you guys.

    I managed to shoot over 500 photos. I know that I didn't shoot all of the cars on the table, but I tried. The link to the album is below, and it should have some interesting eyecandy in it for everyone, no matter what subject matter you enjoy.

    Please have fun browsing the photos, and PLEASE add comments to them if you built the model or have any remarks. It's always great to see feedback or additional info about the photos.

    Here are some samples of the fantastic cars you will see inside the album.


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  8. Matt W added a post in a topic Completed - Lifted Toyota 4x4   

    Thanks for all of the great comments guys.

    Cripy - I'll be knocking out some exotics soon. I'm sure that going to the Atlanta show will get me motivated to really start building again.

    Ismael - I was hoping to get to meet you when you were in Atlanta for the race as well. My move went well, and life is returning to normal quickly.
  9. Matt W added a topic in Under Glass   

    Completed - Lifted Toyota 4x4
    Hello, Model Cars forum. This is my fist post on this board, but some of you may already know me as CADguy, Mattman, or Matt W on other boards. I'm a member of ACME in Atlanta, although I just recently moved to Tampa, FL. I snuck this build in just in time for the Sothern Nats NNL this weekend. I can't hardly wait for Friday to get here, so I can take a little road trip.

    I used Chryslers new Go ManGo by CobraColors on this one. The orange pearl in this paint is really nice. I'll have to use this color on a Charger Daytona soon. The interior was finished in a simple tan/brown scheme. The tribal decals came out of the Revell Hummer H2 kit, and one of the Revell Chopper kits.

    I usually build sports cars, but have been having a little fun with 4x4's lately.

    Hope you like!

    Hope to see you guys at the show on Saturday.
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