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  1. Yeah, that is some really nice photography and editing there. Speaks volumes of your work that you only had to blend the edge of the board. Thanks for sharing that with us.
  2. Typical defense just like you did when he made fun of mini trucks. Im bout tired of being somewhere this is encouraged. Its a shame Im having to consider leaving the site over people who band together just to insult people.
  3. Here we go starting threats to make fun of things again...rather ridiculous and immature for a "teacher" to do this repeatedly. Way to discourage expression of creativity on a site that's designed to encourage and showcase it. Let's just forbid that the car in question may have been created for an express purpose. Heck, let's just ban anything designed to modify a modern compact car or truck. Or even worse, lower/bag/juice anything that Greg Myers might see. BTW, AGAIN using a misleading or vague title to capture everyone's attention. Should've paid attention to OP before wasting my time.
  4. Steven, you've done a wonderful job on this car. Don't worry 'bout anyone not liking your build style. As I like to say "haters gon hate". Besides, nothing wrong with stock or lifted but, we like 'em low in KY, right?
  5. All this and stock rims. Seriously though, wander which set of taillights actually work? I'd get really confused following that thing and looking for a turn signal.
  6. Well, Casey, I can at least say this one is Italian red. On a serious note, this car is honestly butt-ugly in white. Other colors seem to make it a bit more appealling.
  7. My photobucket always acts funny. Sometimes it will show the html before and after my pictures when I link them onto sites. Three or four days later, the html will be gone...really strange things going on there.
  8. Nick, that is confirmed. And what an honorable way to say goodbye to Paul and the Brian character. But if they "retire" Brian, won't Mia be going with him? And that presents opportunity for Dom to contact her and check on them. I'm sure that, if that happens, some favorable words will be spoken about Brian in future movies. Of coarse, as a tribute to Paul.
  9. Jonathan, you are doing an excellent job on this one. Your photography and coverage of the build is supurb as well. I've been eyeballing all these frame and suspension shots because I've been considering one of these as another dropped custom project...using a modified stock frame. Then again, I could just build my first full frame and bash/scratch a full drivetrain. Your pictures give very accurate representation of what the kit offers in terms of suspension options, whether one choses stock, raised, or dropped. Again, very nice work!
  10. All in due time. When you're ready, I am sure it will all fall together for you.
  11. I totally forgot about the snap kit. Yeah, I like the long bed. You don't see too many laid out with them.
  12. The Mustang is going to look good too but, that is a fine example of a Road Runner!
  13. This looks like a really cool project. I like anything low bagged or juiced. Those wheels look similar to the ones from a die cast I am using on a Silverado. Excuse my ignorance but, where did you find the longbed for this truck? i recall the SRT kit having a short bed.
  14. It looks pretty nice. From the pictures, it looks a bit see through. So, it may still require a similar shade of tan/brown painted in behind it.
  15. Can we get a better picture of that outstanding Honda model kit in the background? Figured you would make the Trans Am blurry since it's the real car. Just kidding. That's a really nice TA you've built there. I also like the way you made sure the shadows both fell from the driver sides of the cars and the (what looks like) in scale road dot in front of the passenger front tire of the TA.
  16. At first, when i saw the different wheel choice with new direction, I was kind of skeptical. But once I saw the paint you went with, I realized those were perfect for the scheme. Billet looking wheels that are not too oversized look really good with that two tone and stripe. And I still look forward to seeing what you use the original wheels to build.
  17. Jonathan, you can go to startmenu8.com and download start menu x. It will make that start button fully functional and you don't have to worry about losing your shortcuts. The best part is, it is free.
  18. I dont see any pics. Either post it under pickups under glass or just make your correction to this post. Then PM Casey, Harry or any other mod and I'm sure they will move or delete for you.
  19. I think the title pretty well sums it up! Someone loan me a thumb so I can give it three thumbs up.
  20. That's pretty good, and I hate snakes! Say, didn't we used to have a joke thread? Maybe we should move this to that thread and use Carl's contribution to revive it.
  21. Skydime

    Badillac !

    I didn't look to see who dug this thread up but, it was certainly worth another look.
  22. Looking really good. What did you use on the gauge faces for that red finish? Also, looks dirty around the stereo...like someone with greasy hands has been crankin' the tunes. It's a cool effect.
  23. The good thing about these shows is that they actually do show most of the actual business names. Being that you are in California, maybe you should look up some of the stores on "Storage Wars" and other shows that have California shops. It certainly wouldn't hurt to ask.
  24. Oh, I'd say that's an understatement. It's all good though. At least, your workspace isn't just unorganized chaos, right?
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