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  1. Maybe try pressing a palm sander with no paper against the mold? I saw this trick on a show about making concrete countertops before.
  2. Al, knowing Ben's abilities, don't be surprised if he comes up with some concoction to make the stock locations actually function and pop the doors open. If you wanna see what I mean, look up his Blazer and you'll see what he can churn out. It blows my mind how people can build on this level.
  3. Glad to see someone else take note of the black molding and spoiler on a chrome bumper. Very cool with the bikes in the back.
  4. Diggin' the suicide hood. Got some Buick hinges to do the same on my 1:1.
  5. Looking good! This is what I like about model kits. All the benefits of the lowrider look, no hydraulic fluid spills or fire risks.
  6. Doors back look like a Camaro...except taillights and rear bumper. (Looks very much based on 99ish Mustang to me) Front end looks like about 10 Mustang concepts combined. Not saying anything bad, just saying. As far as that interior...it looks really tight and like its ready to get down to business.
  7. Very cool! I often find Del Rays to be the better looking trim level on tri fives.
  8. I wish I could make mine look like this when I just throw them together! Blair, sometimes I wander...with your skills, it wouldn't surprize me if you could take about three 20s-50's car kits in a box, throw in some bottles of glue and paint, shake, and come out with something cool. Great job!
  9. That's a really nice panel there, Jim! Those orange tones look great together. I think you did the right thing by opening the back. It points out this was meant to be used as a hauler instead of just a wagon with sheetmetal sides.
  10. I usually don't get involved in threads where people have such strong feelings. However, keeping in mind this is a concept, I get this build entirely. In fact, anyone who owns a mini truck, has known someone with one, or has been to a mini truck show gets it. We really do see people cut tops off fenders, chop out the bed floor and inner fenders with a sawzall, mount the gas tank and air tank to the top of the frame. It's what we mini truckers do when we are desperately wanting to do a mod and don't have the money. We improvise...and at the end of the day, when we finally get the money and/or skills to finish the project, people shake our hands. For reference, do a search for Wyatt Strange. Most of us probably wouldn't paint at this stage but, hey, it's a model kit so anything goes. I never had any issues with either of you but, I haven't seen the PM either. So, without commenting on anyone else's views or taking a side in the matter, I just wanted to say its down my alley...excepting Im a Chevy guy of coarse. But the style I get 150%. May I make a suggestion though? Perhaps build another of these as the finished version. Do it up with maybe flared fender tops with that portion of the hood sides cut away with the new bodyline (something like you did here). Do a raised bed floor. Fully shave it...all the little things that you would possibly do if this were a 1:1. Then everyone would see the two side by side and see what I see in it. I'd personally love to see a finished version of this laying flat on the ground next to it bagged and plumbed. (SP?) Most importantly, good or bad, don't let anyone's opinion be a negative influence on your building. I've had someone come into my office, not once but, twice and destroy all my models. I'm talking probably 40-50 finished builds each time here...some of them $50 Aoshima and Tamiya kits. I took a leave of absence, and both times I came back to the bench with a determined mind set to not let anything stop me from building what I want. Granted life gets in my way of building a lot of the time. But hey, that's just the way it is when you work and have a family. The point is, don't detract from something you love. Stay positive and focused. It's a win win situation that way. You continue growing with the hobby you love and any neigh-sayers will become yeah-sayers
  11. Hey a bump on the blazer! Cool. Gonna make it easier to find when you get a chance to get back on this thing.
  12. That two tone really makes that Fox body come to life. With the gray on top, that red interior really stands out.
  13. Super sharp! I hadn't seen this one yet. Great work and awesome color! I really like that color against that silver dust pan behind the front bumper.
  14. If you've taken decades off, I have to say that there is sure no "ring rust" on your skills! Excellent detailing on this one. I've probably built for 30 years and can't detail like that. You say you aren't completely happy with it but, all I see that could improve is using a little bare metal foil (BMF). You must be a perfectionist.
  15. Try some of the engine and drivetrain components out of the Camaro. For $2.50 you can't really lose using it as a parts car for the judge!
  16. I applaud the effort in trying to use putty to make this kit. The finished parts of the car look really good. . May I suggest one thing. Maybe you could find some kind of plastic to mold that body kit with. I know sheet styrene packs aren't within everyone's means or budget. I don't use it myself. But if you can't get your hands on it, there are alternatives. You can use anything from old "For Sale" signs to the credit cards or prescription discount cards sent in the mail. Then maybe build some of the putty inside for strength and mold the curves on the outside with putty as well. You could also use sprue trees to rough in the side pipe covers and blend them in with putty.
  17. I didn't even know this exists. Looks half Mustang and half Thunderbird from the side view of the body.
  18. Mike, that's cool you got your wife involved. I'm lucky to get my wife to look at one of my cars without an evil eye. Yeah, those stickers are horrible. I built one of these in yellow with my little girl and the stickers layed down smooth. A few weeks later they started coming up. Great kits but, terrible stripes.
  19. Modern mods with the classic Cali look...way cool. BTW Whatever happened to the full size Chevy you went crazy on?
  20. This puts me in mind of the episode of Monster Garage when the guys failed to finish the hearse. Jesse put it in the shredder. It was so big that they had to dump engine blocks on it and force it into the machine.
  21. That little lizard is awesome! I pretty much fully customized one of my cars when an older lady stopped at a red light and then decided to pull out and slightly tap me in the bumper cover fender and hood corner. She had the gecco and that little bugger hooked me up. Incidentally, I have them as well now.
  22. This is crazy! That's some great work so far. Are you going to leave the fender flares or chop em down to match the rest of the modern fabrication?
  23. Wow! This turned out great! It's a real tribute to the 1:1 to be proud of.
  24. Two astonishing sets here. I love the overall themes with the trucks, trailers, and cars. However, one constructive criticism. I think the front of the cab is a little high on the Chevy truck. Just a minor thing in the whole scheme of things.
  25. Came out pretty sweet! Hope you see ya cruisin' a 1:1 some day when we vacation in SC.
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