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  1. Nice Silverado. Are the wheels from Revells 57 Chevy ?
  2. Do the AMT Chevy NASCAR pickups have a rear spoiler on top of the tailgate ? Can somebody get a pic of it and how wide it is ? Thanks
  3. Real confusing now. Some diecast stuffs been merged in with plastic builds ?
  4. Thats a very nice 1:1. Just been working on a 1:25 version.
  5. Has anybody still got the stock parts to trade for the custom ?
  6. Wow, didnt even know the GMC was made. Looks good but would love more pics. I have a Jada with a Norscot on the 'one day' list (long list lol)
  7. Thats nice. Only seen Brookfield Chevys n Fords over here.
  8. Sorry, I will do the same
  9. Sorry, I will do the same
  10. Now thats very nice, great looking BW. Theres a 1:1 pro street version too
  11. Thanks Gents. I kmow all about the 1:1 kits, tho some brands are better than others. Anybody got a pic of a completed LS swopped model ?
  12. At the moment Im starting to not like sanding side trim on 57 Chevys to make a bel air into a 210. Still should get easier as I have several to do.
  13. Your inbox is full Brandon.
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