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  1. Great build Oliver, be watching this closely as I started the exact same build some years back (never got far due to a house move n stuff) but with the RR hood. Always been one of my favourite brief appearing movie cars. Of course the 1;1 wasnt accurate, it was a movie car but a very cool one.
  2. I keep looking at the 58 Furys, so far managed to avoid the temptation though....
  3. Wonder if the bass boat would suit to oversized Dually ? I have the Revell kit to go behind a Revell 99 Silverado ext cab.
  4. Thats a nice 2012 Bob, get it lowered. 3/5 drop totally transformed the ride of mine. Ive just ordered a blue Jada. Ive got a couple of the 2012 plastics but they are red remote control versions. I have a few and like you thought about a crew cab conversion. I bought a clear glass for it too from a resin company.
  5. And the 2014 Jada vs 2005 Brookfield, both are listed as 1:24. Again I havent measured to see what is true to scale. The Brookfield 2005 dually is bigger than the Brookfield 98 dually I have, both listed as 1;24 ? Id like to get one of the Norscot's one day to compare too
  6. A few quick pics. From L to R, Jada (1;24), Motor Max (1;24/7 ?) & Welly (1;27) Not measured them to see what is actually true to scale. Jada has a pretty good finish and detail (paint on mirrors isnt good) this is also lowered. Motor Max also has good finish and detail but only available as stock height, so I lowered it. Welly is obviously smaller, paint finish isnt great, door fit is bad (all are mail ordered so I couldnt look for a 'good' one on the shelf), detail is ok. Again I have lowered it. I have ordered the Motor Max in black and white and searching for a Jada in stock height. Will pass on anymore Welly's. At some point they will all get detailed and painted interiors etc.
  7. I will try n grab a few pics this eve Bob. My cabinet front is screwed on to keep grandkids out lol. Never heard of the Norscot brand, but just had a quick look. At 1st I thought was a reboxed Motor Max or something but they pics I found look very detailed. Do you have any & are they readily available in the US ? The few I found on ebay aint cheap, with postage to the UK. What year Crew Cab have you got ? Mines an 04, with a few modifications
  8. Since owning a 1;1 Chevy crew cab, my 1;25('ish) collection has grown somewhat. The Motor Max 2017/18's are far better and more to scale than Wellys (paint isnt great). I will try and post comparison pics at some time, as the current Vette thread. Other than Brookfield /Motor Max / Welly are there any others ? I've seen mention on FB of a pull back n go crew cab (modified pic below) available at Wallmart, anybody shed any light on it or a brand name ? We dont have Wallmart here in England.
  9. I found David Molski's photobucket build, unsure where he sourced the parts ? https://s769.photobucket.com/user/davidsmolski/library/Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy?sort=6&page=1
  10. Hi Gents Several years back I had an 1;18 Ertl Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy (& foolishly sold it on). It wasnt that accurate with Cragars instead of Daisy Mags etc. Rather than pay the crazy prices they now are advertised for, I picked up the Street Machine version (more like the Graffiti 55 & yeah I know the 1;1's were the same car....) and will be stripping and rebuilding it. As its not arrived in the post yet, but I asume its got the AG front bench seat ? Does anybody know of aftermarket suppliers of front bucket seats and big n little Daisy mag wheels and tyres ? Or any other 1;18 diecast that might have them ? I found a 67 Corvette with the wheels, but they are same size all round and the Vette cost more than the 55 !
  11. Looks pretty darn good to me Peter. Love the weathered look and 'Joker' scars.
  12. Thats real nice. Buddy here in the UK has a 1;1 that he is restoring. Are your decal sheets available ?
  13. "But ya cant polish a turd" Great idea and looks real cool.
  14. Does anybody offer 1;18th Monogram Trans Am decals but in different colours ? A buddy who has 2 very nice 1;1's is looking for decals in blue and red, which were factory options.
  15. Finally found one and it arrived other day. Not sure how to convert a dually into a 1500 CC yet but at least the fronts the same style as my 04.
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