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  1. I found David Molski's photobucket build, unsure where he sourced the parts ? https://s769.photobucket.com/user/davidsmolski/library/Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy?sort=6&page=1
  2. Hi Gents Several years back I had an 1;18 Ertl Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy (& foolishly sold it on). It wasnt that accurate with Cragars instead of Daisy Mags etc. Rather than pay the crazy prices they now are advertised for, I picked up the Street Machine version (more like the Graffiti 55 & yeah I know the 1;1's were the same car....) and will be stripping and rebuilding it. As its not arrived in the post yet, but I asume its got the AG front bench seat ? Does anybody know of aftermarket suppliers of front bucket seats and big n little Daisy mag wheels and tyres ? Or any other 1;18 diecast that might have them ? I found a 67 Corvette with the wheels, but they are same size all round and the Vette cost more than the 55 !
  3. Looks pretty darn good to me Peter. Love the weathered look and 'Joker' scars.
  4. Thats real nice. Buddy here in the UK has a 1;1 that he is restoring. Are your decal sheets available ?
  5. "But ya cant polish a turd" Great idea and looks real cool.
  6. Does anybody offer 1;18th Monogram Trans Am decals but in different colours ? A buddy who has 2 very nice 1;1's is looking for decals in blue and red, which were factory options.
  7. Finally found one and it arrived other day. Not sure how to convert a dually into a 1500 CC yet but at least the fronts the same style as my 04.
  8. I have the finished car artical at home and will post them Craig. Id always thought this was a very coll car in its day, be great to see it in 1;25 as nobodys seen the 1;1 since its theft.
  9. You nailed this one Mike. Yes they were all know as a jam sandwich. I had a few run ins with them in my youth lol. Its a real pity (as many will say) that more British stuff isnt made. I would love to see a Ford Granada mk1, which would make the ideal car to accompany your Range Rover.
  10. My oldest is the MPC 57 Chevy. I built it 33 years ago while recovering from a motorbike accident. Its what got me into 57 Chevys, leading to a 1;1 years later. Its survived 3 house moves, (a few bits need re-attaching ) sadly the 57 Chevy Pepper Shaker that I built around the same time didnt, but its replacement is on the work bench.
  11. That S & M Road Runners very nice Steve.
  12. I picked up the Foose FD-100 and its a rear nice kit but I'm probably going to use some parts on a 57 Chevy. Anybody know what else the chassis will fit without heavy mods ? Be real good to see how and what you guys have used other FD-100 parts on.
  13. Love the repainted truck. I have a couple of 90's Silverado's to redo, shame the rear door windows are 'cast' and not clear and no rear cab window. Also just picked up an 05 Silverado that does have full glass, been looking for ages for 1. They are all due repaints and lowering . Going for this look, still looking for some nice aftermarket dually wheels though
  14. Heres what I have picked up over the last week or so. The Harley's will be detailed and added to Peppershakers Diner. The Motormax C10 will be weathered into a work truck. The 55 & 57 Racing Champions are due repaints, or maybe just try and de-tampo the sedan delivery and leave it white ? The 2017 Silverado is more 1;27 and was way to high (all my trucks are low), quick mod with some Copperhead wheels is more the way it will be. The Motormax 2018 Silverado is a far better diecast.
  15. Hi Guys My Peppershakers Diner will be increased in size & detail after a pending house move. I'm looking for a few items if anybody can help; Drive in door tray, burger, glass etc from Revells 55 Chevy kit - several required American Graffiti roller skate waitress from the 56 T-Bird. Any other Revell pre-painted figures I have stuff to trade etc
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