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  1. Hi Guys Does anybody offer or any casters out there, that make a 2003 - 2006 Chevy Silverado front bumper ? Needs to be used with the Revell 1;25 99 Silverado. (yes I know the 99 vs 03 front is different)
  2. Hi Guys Does anybody offer 1;25 TLBT hood scoops & licence plates ?
  3. 1973 Ford Escort XL / Belkits / 1:24

    Yup ya nailed it ! Thats how most were when they were just cheap cars. Heres mine from waaaay back when I was 18
  4. Modified Jada Fast & Furious cars ?

    Ive not seen the Escorts in shops over here Gary, only on ebay. Id guess they are overscale.
  5. Kidz toys 2012 Chevy Silverado Friction

    Did you get any further with the blue one Rick ? Did you start a crew cab Bob ? I did pick up a vac formed windshield in 2017 from a resin guy who's name escapes me and only just starting to pull 1 apart. I prefer low trucks and have been swopping wheels around for a rough mock up. 1st are the wheels & tyres (ride hight needs raising) from the Jada Fast & Furious Road Runner & 2nd some 8 stud wheels I picked up at a show some years back. Both too big for 1:24/5 but suited to these Silverados.
  6. Modified Jada Fast & Furious cars ?

    Yes they are larger than 1:24, well mostly. This is an issue when trying to swop parts. I have a display cabinet with 6 or 7 vehicles per shelf, so a shelf of Jada will be in scale. Heres the Jada compared with a Revell dIe cast charger & Monogram 70 GTX and 70 Chevelle. The RR looks better with the Charger 5 spokes, but the chrome needs dulling down.
  7. Hi Gents Has anybody modified 1/24 Fast & Furious cars ? They are sometimes available cheap here in England (less than £16) and Ive recently picked up a few of them, red 70 Chevelle, grey primer 70 Chevelle, black 70 Charger & 3 x 70 Road Runners. The Chevelles will just be detailed & the Charger is due a wheel swop with a RR. The other 2 will be resprayed once the spring arrives. 1 will be bright orange, the other grey as The Hammer RR also featured in a F & F movie. Anybody know if these wheels are avail in 1:24 ? Be great to see your modded versions.
  8. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Id like to see one built up too. I recently picked 1 up with the view of painting over the clear parts. Using with a Chevy Dually. I will be stripping all the chrome stuff too. Whats the alternative trailers ?
  9. Which kit is it?

    Ive got pretty much every 57 and as far as Im aware Lee, none have over riders. Cant recall any 1:25 die cast having them either. Unsure if any resin guys have cast them ? The AMT modern tool is a great kit, so is the Revell snap 57 coupe.
  10. Which kit is it?

    Its the modern version. Pretty sure that it does not have bumper guards / over riders. I sure wish they would re-issue the street machine version of this modern tooling.
  11. Resin Wishlist

    Be great to get a resin front for the Revell 99 Silverado to convert it to the facelifted 03 -07.
  12. AMT 57 Chevy Bel Air Review Needed

    The issues up to and including the 1st Pepper Shaker (green & black roof car without bumper on box art) included the clear chop top glass ect. After the 2nd Pepper Shaker (same as re-issued box art) the chop top glass had gone but the smoothed out front & rear bumpers and Buick grill ect are still there. The blue car on box that was issued a few years back only includes stock parts, not any custom stuff. Avoid it as other issues are readily available. Hope this helps.
  13. First 57 chevy

    Great 57
  14. '56 Chevy

    Very nice 56 Max. A buddy here in England had a very similar tubbed 56 running a 454. As for the 'rivet counter' comments, ignore them. Its a great build
  15. 1/25 MPC 904 '57 Chevy Flip Nose

    The other thing with this kit, is its a 210. The rear 1/4 spears are the short 150 /210 versions and a plain radio delete dash. The bel air side trim needs sanding. Also the front bumper is a rubber bullet delete style. Its not bad but its been around a long time. Shame the didnt use the later box art, with whats actuall inside the box.