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  1. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Id like to see one built up too. I recently picked 1 up with the view of painting over the clear parts. Using with a Chevy Dually. I will be stripping all the chrome stuff too. Whats the alternative trailers ?
  2. Which kit is it?

    Ive got pretty much every 57 and as far as Im aware Lee, none have over riders. Cant recall any 1:25 die cast having them either. Unsure if any resin guys have cast them ? The AMT modern tool is a great kit, so is the Revell snap 57 coupe.
  3. Which kit is it?

    Its the modern version. Pretty sure that it does not have bumper guards / over riders. I sure wish they would re-issue the street machine version of this modern tooling.
  4. Resin Wishlist

    Be great to get a resin front for the Revell 99 Silverado to convert it to the facelifted 03 -07.
  5. AMT 57 Chevy Bel Air Review Needed

    The issues up to and including the 1st Pepper Shaker (green & black roof car without bumper on box art) included the clear chop top glass ect. After the 2nd Pepper Shaker (same as re-issued box art) the chop top glass had gone but the smoothed out front & rear bumpers and Buick grill ect are still there. The blue car on box that was issued a few years back only includes stock parts, not any custom stuff. Avoid it as other issues are readily available. Hope this helps.
  6. First 57 chevy

    Great 57
  7. '56 Chevy

    Very nice 56 Max. A buddy here in England had a very similar tubbed 56 running a 454. As for the 'rivet counter' comments, ignore them. Its a great build
  8. 1/25 MPC 904 '57 Chevy Flip Nose

    The other thing with this kit, is its a 210. The rear 1/4 spears are the short 150 /210 versions and a plain radio delete dash. The bel air side trim needs sanding. Also the front bumper is a rubber bullet delete style. Its not bad but its been around a long time. Shame the didnt use the later box art, with whats actuall inside the box.
  9. Barmy to Barcelona in a Thunderbird 4.......

    Hi Guys I thought I would share what Ive been working on lately. Its made of plastic (well glass fibre) so its a kinda 1;1 scale model lol I celebrated a milestone birthday a few weeks back. Unfortunately its not 21 (again) or 40 ! So to celebrate my 50th myself and a few similar age friends signed up on The Barmy to Barcelona Wacky Rally. This is a Rally that covers 7 countries in 4 days (6th - 9th July) inc one of the Alps highest passes, French Riviera, Costa Brava and finally the great city of Barcelona, in a car that’s been bought for approx. £350. As its a Wacky Rally, the car needs to be transformed from old / boring / mundane into something Wacky to make the drive more fun. The chosen vehicle for us is an ex London Taxi Metro cab that’s covered a low mileage 350,000 miles (hopefully another 2000 will be no problem). With the aid of Master Mechanics / a lot of yellow / make do props / divine inspiration we are transforming it into Thunderbird 4 ! We are doing the Rally in support of 2 Charities that are close to us, The Parkinson’s Society & The St Helena Hospice and have set up donation pages if anybody would like to donate & help us achieve our £1000 target. (unsure if this is allowed on this forum ?) https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SteveCutmore Here are videos of the last couple of Barmy to Barcelona's The Thunderbird 4 Taxi (T’urd 4) is now almost ready for launch ! The last bits n bobs are due to be done this week as the start of the Wacky Rally is only a couple of weeks away. We now have the route which includes driving through 4 countries in the 1st day (France, Belgium, Luxembourg & Switzerland) and an 8 hour drive through the Swiss Alps on the 2nd (Why do the Swiss not worry about crash barriers on mountain roads ?). The 3rd day includes a relaxing (in an old Taxi ???) drive through Monaco to Monte Carlo and the 4th and final day we finish in Barcelona. I'll update before we leave if its of interest to you all in the U.S. ect ? I look forward to some of your comments lol. We are also planning on filming the complete trip. Here is what we started with; This is how it looks now. The roof fin ect still needs to go on.
  10. Tweaking a Torpedo

    So the plan is to maybe use the Foose interior in the Tucker. Untill the car arrives in the mail Im unsure what else from the Caddy. Any options on best colour, other than to try &copy the hod rod version?
  11. Tweaking a Torpedo

    Hi Guys Thought Id share my latest soon to be started project. I was surfing the hot rodding net several weeks ago and came accross this Tucker Torpedo hot rodded clone. Wow what a very different car to modify. This around the time I had just picked up a Foose Caddy to use as parts.....hhmmmmmmm Then a Franklin Mint Tucker popped up en ebay........
  12. 1957 Ohio State Highway Patrol Car.

    Real nice build Rick. I have all the parts to do the same, need the time
  13. NEW Round2 MPC 2018

    Great to see the 57 out again. I hope it has the original Spirit wheels. The Model King issue had them on the box art but the later 'spoke' wheels inside. This kit is what got me back into models and into 57 Chevys over 30 years ago !
  14. Improving the Greenlight Bluesmobile

    Love the bigger plates, need some for mine. Im with you on the rear window, i did think about adding 'broken glass' The car is too clean out the box. Im planning on weathering mine too along with painting the interior as its too bright
  15. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I finally picked up a Foose FD-100, for some reason they are real hard to find in the UK. Also a Landy Dodge Dart with figure & AMT LN 8000 race car hauler. FD100 will prob loose its wheels to a 57 Chevy, unsure about Dart & LN was due to be built out of box, but then i saw this at a UK race meet / car show (Speedfest at Brands Hatch) j