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  1. Revell metal box trailer ?

    Thanks Art. Im not up on semi trailers and living in the UK most models ive seen have longer units.
  2. Chevy 1:1 - 1:25 wheel help ?

    Thanks Chris / Michel With everything going on Id forgot this. I have a set of Jada wheels but completly overlooked them. The diecast tyres vs Revell 57 Chevy, lower profile looks better. Im going to strip the chrome tonight. Tahoes look good as a 2nd option.
  3. I recently picked up a Revell 1:24 diecast Peterbuilt 359. Has anybody got the 08896 diecast box trailer ? Maybe its the box but it looks too short ? I have only seen pics but how does it compair in length to a regular kit 1:24 box trailer ? I dont own either at the moment.
  4. Love the dually with both trailers Jan. The 1:1 musta been huge.
  5. '69 Mustang Boss 302

    I wasnt aware of the nail polish trick Snake. Gotta try it on a die cast Tahoe.
  6. Ground Pounder

    Im very educated on Pepper Shakers lol. Its the kit that got me back into modelling and on the very long road of 57 Chevys, leading to a 1:1 scale. My original PS build was destroyed during a house move long ago. A new old, older & new versions are in progress. I need a heap of Pepper Shaker decals What I meant was, Id never seen a Ground Pounder version built (on a 57, as most built PS's). I did plan using Ground Pounder on a MPC 57 flip front but the spray job wasnt great so its on the revamp pile.
  7. Chevy 1:1 - 1:25 wheel help ?

    Hi Guys I have some time due off work & planning to work on a couple of Silverados. 1 of my 1:1 crew cab with a resin body. I have 20" Silverado SS rims so looking for the same or similar wheels as these The closest Ive found are in Lindbergs late Cop Dodge Charger ? Anything better out there ?
  8. That GMC is the poodles plums Steve. What are the wheels & tyres from ?
  9. Ground Pounder

    I dont recall seeing a Ground Pounder version of a 57 ? Looks good though. Are they on a Revell snapper ?
  10. Original Bullitt Mustang Rediscovered

    Hey Ive got the ,000s its the few numbers before that Im trying to find........
  11. 1969 Plymouth 383 Road Runner

    Thats very very nice. A guy I know here in the UK has a very similar 1:1. Was running 15"steels & DDs but recently changed to 17" stock style 5 spoke mags as your model
  12. Revell Harley F-150 trailer

    Im looking for the trailer from the Revell F-150 Harley set. Dont mind if its a new / part built or built & without wheels is fine. Whats out there ? (Ssshhhhhhhh but a Chevys gonna tow it !)
  13. Revell pre painted figures

    What ya got guys ? Looking for a Dick Landy, AG or anything else ?