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  1. A buddy has just picked up a 55 Chevy diecast thats been in the sun for too long and all the clear plastic windows & lights have yellowed pretty bad. Any was to fix it ?
  2. A buddy has just picked up a used 55 Chevy diecast that has been in sun for some time & so all the clear plastic has yellowed pretty bad. Any suggestions on how to fix it ?
  3. I got this for Christmas, 1:18 ACME 57 Chevy gasser. Real nice model but no radiator ???
  4. Thanks for the scan Ian. Instructions would be great too, if you get chance.
  5. Does anybody have a scan of the decal sheet and instructions they could PM to me or post ?
  6. I got the Enterprise convertable as a gift from an Enterprise rep I used to deal with.
  7. articleThanks for the info everybody, i wasnt aware the 2 kits were so different. Does anybody reproduce the decals for the Testors kit ? I have an AMT 454SS that may get done into the wild stripe version. Pretty sure I have an old SAE article somewhere. Thanks for the pics iamsuperdan, looks very good. Can you post a pic of the kit wheels. Ive been reading the real truck was rebuilt with larger diameter wheels n stuff.
  8. Looking for info / pics of the Testors Boyds Hauler Chevy pickup. Is it based on the AMT kit ? I know the 1:1 truck had an LT1 and Corvette suspension, does the Boyd kit include this also ?
  9. Do the AMT Chevy NASCAR pickups have a rear spoiler on top of the tailgate ? Can somebody get a pic of it and how wide it is ? Thanks
  10. Real confusing now. Some diecast stuffs been merged in with plastic builds ?
  11. Thats a very nice 1:1. Just been working on a 1:25 version.
  12. Has anybody still got the stock parts to trade for the custom ?
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