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  1. Good idea to try. The metal axles are through a plastic suspension on a Greenlight 1;64 Dually. I might try to dremel cut through and pull them out. I can then glue the replacements back in.
  2. Hi Guys How do I remove wheels from a metal axle on a 1:64 diecast without damage ? Ive tried putting the truck in hot water & in freezer overnight and using a fork to try n prize them off with no luck other than breaking 1 wheel. Any other suggestions ?
  3. And a lowered Dually with running boards removed. This is the 1 I busted a rear wheel on trying to remove from the axle. Due to swop wheels to black versions (if can get off another dually) and remove all tampos
  4. Thats a very cool little diorama. I had trouble finding a suitable 57 Chevy that looks in scale on a trailer, GL dont do a 57 yet. This is a Racing Champions 57 with a GL Dually & Johnny Lightning trailer
  5. I built this cabinet for mine last year. The Greenlights etc are gradually replacing the cheap Hot Wheels. Clear perspex over the front keeps dust out.
  6. I keep thinking about using a ramp truck bed with the Silverado dually. They are fairly easy to find online over here but wish we could get them off the shelf in stores.
  7. No Roger, back then the MPC flip front 57 was the only sedan kit available. The AMT is a hardtop coupe, as is the Monogram and original opening everything Revell kit. I sure wish Revell would issue 55 sedan and 57 Nomad or wagon as good as the 56 / 57 sedans.
  8. Hi Gents Has anybody got a set or just the 2 rear wheels & tyres from the Revell SSR kit ? I have stuff to trade etc
  9. Just found the original AMT / MPC article & im mistaken as it was an AMT Coupe with a MPC flip front roof. From Car Modeler jan 1991. I can scan & post if anybody want it but is only text and the completed model.
  10. Tim, what a fantastic article. Great reading and adding the trailer make it even better. Ralph, huge thanks for sharing both parts. I just need to find a C-600 now. Not being able to find instructions for the Box truck version, can it also be built as a flatbed or is the box floor not detailed enough ?
  11. Thats a fantastic looking Dodge wagon from the coupe.
  12. Anybody else into Greenlights 1;64 diecasts ? I have a several 2018 Silverado crew cabs & duallys, must have been lowered and simple wheel swops. Although 1 is planned to be altered into a dually car hauler. I'm really struggling to get the dually wheels off the axles without damaging them. Already busted 1 rear I've tried hot water and putting them in the freezer over night but those little suckers are stuck good n hard. Any other suggestions ? Will post some pics later.
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