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  1. Looks great. Can I ask where you got your blueprints, would love to get a set.
  2. Tim your detail work is just AMAZING Thank You so much for sharing these great builds
  3. A true work of Art Codi. I can say nothing more than anything that has already been said. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Cody stop showing the detail pictures I sent you and saying it's your build. lol This is just a work of art, beautiful work and craftsmanship. Thank you for sharing..
  5. Great work John the body is looking great. Wish I could figure out how to do louvers.
  6. Tim you are very sick individual, and totally insane.lol I just can not get over all the detail something that small Great work as always. Was thinking about going back to the bench but I think I will stay on the couch and just watch this beautiful build.
  7. Tim what a work of art. Great detail in everything you do.
  8. Kind of wished I could have gotten in on this. Good luck guys.
  9. I have one they are great, I have a few of there bodies.
  10. This is CRAZY Tim wow, the detail is fantastic. Love watching this build.
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