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  1. How do I find Robert on Facebook? I clicked on the link but can't seem to figure out how to get to his main page. I'd like to get a couple of the Cutlasses, but need to wait until I get my tax returns. Thought I'd friend him on Facebook and wait for the next group buy.
  2. Thanks for the update!! Hopefully he can return to his prior (or better form). He has serious skills, I was really hoping to get his Hell Cat conversion.
  3. Hi Kevin, I feel I owe you an apology. I did not intend to start any rumors or instill any ill will. I had bookmarked your site and hadn't gone to it in a while. On July 24th 2017 I had sent a message requesting 3 of the Chevelles and just wanted to check on the status. I also realize and can sympathize with being a one man show, I understand sometimes life can get messy. If you do happen to have an ETA that would be great. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Does anyone know if Missing Link Resins is gone? I see the website is no longer up. I was hoping to get a couple of 73 Chevelles, or at least find out if the list had finally shortened up. I added my name to the list long ago and was patiently waiting. Did the business change hands?
  5. CapSat 6 & Espo Thank you so much!. I was working my way thru the listed vendors page Espo referenced. Hopefully this will make my conversion so much easier.
  6. Does anyone know if a resin caster makes a conversion tail light panel for a 72 Challenger? Of course I never paid any attention to the Lindberg kits when they were abundant. Now that I have a project in mind I can't find anything I need.
  7. How does one go about contacting Missing Link to place an order? Their website does not have an area to call them or an option to do a shopping cart to place and order.
  8. I'd like to get one as well. How do I go about getting one from Gregg?
  9. Not to hi jack your thread; I had drawn some snowflakes up about a year ago. Where did you go to have these printed? SNOWFLAKE.PDF
  10. I've been doing Solid Works now for my company for years and stumbled across Shapeways. I drew up some rims and submitted them. The price was very cost prohibitive, so I've been looking for ways to make them more simple in design. How are you figuring your tolerances to get your printing done in one shot?
  11. I second the resin statement!! Please cast this up in resin!
  12. I'm newer to creating body mods. Does anyone have any tips for splicing fenders or front clips from one body to another? Ideally I'm looking for how to's, but also need to know how to go about ensuring structural strength by ensuring I have a good joint.
  13. Another trick is to paint your fenders then get some Silly Putty. Stretch it out so it is flat, about 1/16th inch thick. Place it over your fenders and work the Silly Putty up to the edge of where the body and fenders meet. I use an paint brush handle with a rounded edge to push the putty where I want it. Don't flood the body with paint when you spray, building up light coats works really well. When you are done just peel the putty off your fenders, you can reuse the putty. The best part is you can pick it up at Walmart for a buck or 2 and it does work really well with some experimenting and patience.
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