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  1. The upholstery is cut from various colors of decal material and laid out in the pattern. Thanks for all the cool comments guys. I really appreciate them a lot.
  2. What a cool piece! You can bet if its from Tom Coolidge its gonna be top notch quality. I have built a few of his cars and been super pleased every time.
  3. Very cool looking build! I love big scale stuff!
  4. Thanks for the compliments guys. Color is Teators One Coat "Inca Gold"
  5. Thanks a ton for all the comments and compliments! It was a fun build and goes right in line with the 1:1 stuff I build and work on.
  6. Thanks for all the compliments on her build.
  7. The wood comes as Veneer from woodcraft stores. The photoetch strips are a kit from detail master.
  8. The rims scale out to 24x8.5 and 26x12 which is a common c10 trend right now. They're off a die cast. As far as suspension, it's a curbside so the wheels are just solid mounted.
  9. It's not die cast.....it's plastic
  10. She put the car in its first show this past weekend and it placed third in class.
  11. This is one I recently finished. Its the Revell kit released with a snow plow. I scratchbuilt the inner bed structure to correct the issues these kits have with the bed being out of square, uneven, and out of line with the body. I also raised the bed floor and scratchbuilt oversized tubs to clear the wheels. The bed has African Zebra Wood and photoetch strips. There are several subtle body mods and the grille has been opened up. The interior is fully detailed and the paint is Tamiya "Bright Orange" with their clear. Thanks for looking!
  12. Here is a build I have been helping my wife with for the last couple of months. Her first build, but she has done jewelry and crafts for a while. Its the Jada Dub City kit with several modifications. We hinged the hood, cut open several plaes on the car and utilized aluminum mesh, turned aluminum dash vent bezels, exhaust tips, mufflers, rear "gas cap" on valance between the taillights. Scale Motorsport carbon fiber stripes, shoulder belts, and working hood pins. Has a scratchbuilt DVD/touch screen radio in the dash as well. Thanks for looking!
  13. Here are some pics from today's work....got grille in, bumper on rear, aluminum exhaust tips, taillights on. Hoping to finish up today.
  14. Here are some update pics for this project... This shows the smoothed rear bumper - corner steps and bulge around license area removed This one shows the bed liner detail in contrast to the paint..
  15. Did some detail painting on the grille yesterday. I wanted a genuine OEM stock grille appearance so I painted it the way I have done 1:1 grilles in the past.
  16. Thanks for the compliments guys. She's worked hard on it for sure. There have been nights I wasn't gonna go work on my stuff but she needed me to help on hers so I did. I think I have created a monster. Lol
  17. Really nice build you have going here! I love lakes stuff.
  18. Here is a pic of the under carriage of the car. I helped her with some exhaust work and showed her how to mark and figure out her bends. And here is a more side shot to show the stance.... And here is a shot of the rear end showing the aluminum exhaust tips and aluminum gas cap she turned on the lathe.....
  19. Here's a pic of where she is at with the car now. A few odds and ends to finish and it's going to the finished forum.
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