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  1. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic JoHan Maverick Pro Stock Grabber   

    Me too, I think it went for .35 cents, crazy!
  2. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic GAPP & ROUSH MAVERICK   

    Too cool! I remember when that four door Maverick was the spoiler of a many ProStock racers. That four door combo lent itself to perfect weight distribution and granted "4 door Maverick?" was the shock, they proved a point. Nice relic, and a salute to the early origins of ProStock.
  3. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Dyno Mav   

    the original ProStocks, they were the bomb! I just love that you were able to find a Maverick to work with...and ProStock ta boot! I love the idea of the original pro stocks, it captures the ideals of the "run what'cha brung" of the southern match racing, and just plain smack you in the face on what the factory involvement (lack of publicity) played to make ProStock the monster it has become. I still love ProStock, along with ProMod, they remind me of the 60's, wild and crazy creations...love'em. It's all history and nothing will change the fact that there were some wild carz running back then and they're still running now. Good work, nice history.
  4. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Bone Shaker 41 Willys   

    Great lettering, steady hand you have there. Love it.
  5. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 69 Camaro Outlaw (fuel injected)   

    Geez, I just got finished complementing you on you Nova and I find this! I ask you, is this your job, building models? Nice work, you are too much.
  6. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 57 Chevy Gasser   

    you got it right, nice model, nice paint, just all around cool.
  7. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 70 Chevy Nova Outlaw..updates (09/27/15)   

    Tyrone, are you being held prisoner and forced to complete these models that you display? Sweet Geezus, you build some might crazy karz....where do you find the TIME? Is this some kind of time conspiracy? How is it that you have more hours in the day than us mere mortal humans? Nice work...love it, works of art! Inspiration is what you present, so that others will attempt to reach your level of expertise. I still can't figure out time management, but you sir, have somehow made it work to your advantage. I love the detail, and it doesn't matter if it is auto, air or sea, miniature is mind bending. Thank you.
  8. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 69 dodge charger wip   

    Nice work, I always love the "what if" when it comes to completing a model. Imagine.....what if! I haven't built a model yet according to the instructions, but that might be why I have only finished a hand full out of 80+ sitting and waiting to be finished...the "what if's", every one of them. Kudos.
  9. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic "Copper Head" 69 Backhalf Camaro   

    Love it, your attention to detail will make this model a make or break deal. It is tough to input detail to make the model on par with what is real but it is that attention to detail that makes the model an object of art.. Your splitting of the carbs just adds to the detail of the period/machine you have chosen to depict and make it a "take note" engine combo...ready to race and give no quarter attitude to your model. Keep it up.
  10. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Mr. Unswitchable - Update 6-4-15   

    i guess I jsut woke up, but you know what, your attention to detail is close to "religious" in its implementation to completing as close to as the original. The digital age has made access to such "target material" so much easier. I have file cabinets full of magazines from late fifties thru today as reference material. Reference just not in the sense of pictures but the interviews with the builders, to see inside their heads, and to have the final product to stare at...to give us ideas. I am impressed how you hung in there and the finding of material/photos into the construction of such a "cutting edge" funny car in the age of "Funny Car Wars". Thanks.
  11. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic NOMAD WHEELSTANDER - Display Case SCORE !! - 9/20/15   

    Love the paper cutter, perfect! It's finding a way to a solution to an end to a problem that makes scale modeling fun. It's just weird how these solutions pop up and prove to be a simple solution to a profound problem, and yet through this medium you able to share so that others can now "do the same". I love the computer revolution, answers are just a dig away. You have helped thousands with a solution to a problem that plagues many builders because they can't thing "outside the box". I love detail...and you have done your share...make it look real.
  12. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic "PSYCHO" Mustang - started   

    Great Build! Man, I love that era of drag racing, when it was truly "Run Whatcha' Brung" and the Genie was let out of the bottle. I was a teen throughout the mid 60's and I remember reading about "Funny Revolution" that was sweeping the nation. I am stuck in the 60's when it comes to building my models...mostly early Funny Cars, to flip tops, just stock body movers. Your depiction of "Psycho" is right on, and hats off to those "knuckle heads" that had the balls to build those wild ass machines. You nailed it, nice work...Run Whatcha Brung...words that resonate even today.
  13. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 2004 Monaro (GTO)   

    You Aussies, you guys still have real cars. Granted, everything that GM/HOLDEN build, translate, but we here (USA=Lawyers=Politicians=Money=Ruling Class, nothing has changed in the thousands of years...wow how I digress) are sometimes governed on what "WE" want, or would like. v.s. what the Insurance Industry wants us to have. Insurance companies are NOT in the business of giving money away...that is save for their share holders!
    I will admit, GM has done a lot with the new Camaro's and the different level of Corvettes (basic, Z06, Zl-1's), depending on how deep your pockets are, but they still believe in speed, but guarded in pursuit. So thank you Aussies for our 14, 15, 16 & maybe 17 Chevy SS...sweet car. Hey, spring is just around the corner for you guys! Lucky Ducks! As we hurl into the dark abyss of winter, it only with the advent of winter I can appreciate Spring, Summer and Fall. Unfortunately I cannot control time, and winter seems to last longer that the other three seasons.
    Keep building.
  14. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Swine Hunt II   

    too cool, and nice sculpty work. One of my daughters was a sculpty sculpturist, and she did stuff as a teen that blew me away. You Sir have you've Deal Right...Big Deal being one of my favorite car artist...the freedom of the 60's mindset, go with it. Nice work.
  15. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 1941 Plymouth   

    Nice Pee-u-muf, and your photos, perfect spot, fits in with the 1:1 background. Looks good. Good eye. It's the added depth, makes it all look good.