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  1. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic P/M 63 Corvette   

    Nice work. You sir, are a craftsman, and your attention to detail is exceptional. Now could all this be because of your location? You are way too far north with too much daylight in summer and too much darkness in winter? Meaning,  that you don't want to waste the daylight (summer), but then come winter, being stuck indoors, and the models are calling...plenty of time to work on detail, I ask you what else can you do? Do you know what I mean...the trade off, one against the other but it all evens out and you have got some nice looking models, and wonderful molds. Good job.
  2. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 41 Willys Outlandish Paint   

    Detail is in the ROOF! You nailed some of the paint jobs that started to appear in the late 60's and carried over until about '73...maybe '74. A lot of work and planning went into some of those paint jobs, and like yours some were "far out mannn!" You really nailed, and a good study for those that are interested in doing the same. Go with the flow..."fire in the hole!" Now bite the bullet!
  3. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 41 Willys - 1/25 Scale   

    I've hit that wall...
  4. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Super Gas SS Camaro   

    P51 Mustang, who knew??? Think back...P51 Mustang, That is 1940's technology and design and here we are using it today. The internet just keeps on amazing me...to find this info and put it all together without the internet would take months...years of research...and this is why I am awake until dawn Friday into Saturday and Saturday into Sunday. Knowledge...it make my brain hurt!!
  5. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic They shoot horses, don't they?   

    Man I love the links...this is what keeps me up all hours of the night. I was just saying to my wife to find this info without the internet would take weeks...months and not to mention the bucks to track down such info...now off to my Alter Wheelbase Mustang that I making back to the original FX mustang...can't keep it simple stupid. I have taken a 66 AMT coupe and cut it up to make the AMT Mustang  back into a factory AFX...and I couldn't have done it without all the links. I love the H.A.M.B. and I love this website. Life is fun.
  6. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 41 Willys - 1/25 Scale   

    Like Tyrone, you two live in a 1/25 scale world but yet you must receive a 1:1 pay....love the detail, it kills me.
  7. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Billy the Kid Stepp Pro Stock 'Cuda   

    With a uni-body chassis, I would have thought the powers that be would have developed a system of locking the rear frame to the front frame for a balanced thrust of torque...but maybe I am just imagining that one would  aware of the torque bending of chassis...but then again maybe not....we are so unaware of our locals.  Just a thought...hemi powered, power has to go somewhere.
  8. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 69 Camaro Outlaw (fuel injected) finished...(04/07/16   

    You live in a 1/25 scale world...live long and prosper.
  9. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 91 Mustang LX outlaw.... (updates 10/26/16)   

    Your motor looks like a BBC? Just wondering if it's a BBC, why not a BBF? Besides, I swear, you do things on a 1/25th scale time....I don't know how you do it, but your attention to detail is dead on. I try to work on my 1/25th scales but for some reason the real 1:1 world interferes. Someday...
  10. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Outlaw Dodge Demon   

    Necessity is the mother of invention, and you nailed it. I love scale modeling, and to see what others have done to make it work, that is thinking outside of the box. Getting past the point of a crappy resin body and using the ideal of "parts is parts", you've got one killer build. BONES TO YA!
  11. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 66 nova outlaw..finished 2/15/17   

    Nothin' but BIZZ-NESS! You nailed it...
  12. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 62 Impala gasser (NEW PICS)   

    You nailed it! Love the '62 Chevy lineup body styles, but the Impala "formal" roof line in gasser form...trouble. Good job with the stance too, you've got it down...BAD!
  13. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic JoHan 68 442 Totally Restored   

    Nice score! My favorite year 442, design wise, after that anything goes. You have a rare scale 442...love it.
  14. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 64' Polara Wagon Cannonball Sleeper build. Completed   

    Too cool, what made you pursue a challenge like this? I love wagons, and you've got a great start, nice work, nice planning. I love the take charge and do it yourself models...out of the box. Nice.
  15. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic JoHan Maverick Pro Stock Grabber   

    Me too, I think it went for .35 cents, crazy!