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  1. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 70 Chevy Nova Outlaw..updates (08/23/15)   

    Tyrone, you surely work magic with the plastic. I can't believe the detail! What do you have, hot rod sprites working for you...killer! Micro midgets putting these models together? I enjoy the detail and your photos of the details to keep us posted. Your technique is something to be admired. I'm always impressed. To live in the miniature world.
  2. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 70 Chevy Nova Outlaw..updates (08/23/15)   

    TYRONE! Please send the tiny people you hire in my direction. It's all in the details..."push off" in one of your pics, only a tiny person could script that...not to mention the rest of the "tiny" details. Einstein said something to the effect, "time is relative" and you sir have found that "sweet spot" in time, your attention to detail...and your consistent grasp of detail, you live in a miniature world my friend; excellent work.
  3. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic AMT M&H Racemaster Dragster Slicks & Parts Pack Tires   

    You young whipper snappers.....lemme tell you Just be glad somebody out there is putting this stuff together. Sweet Geezus, we use to really have to be good with a brush, toothpick, needle or pin just to get white letters painted on the tires back in the late 60's. Funny thing is after a dozen or so times on one tire one gets pretty good at it...practice, practice, practice. Granted, I'd never have the mad money to spend on these tire packs (money went to models), but these tire packs are pretty sweet when one wants a finished look to the model. Funny thing is, it was the same with our crappy painted letter tires...they're just models, it's all in the head...smooooooothhhhh and looking bad! Going fast but never moving, just looking good...oh so good. It's all in the details.
  4. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic r/m 67 Camaro..... Outlaw..of course... (updates 02/18/15)   

    Alright, what do you have, some kinda "shrink ray" or something.to make yourself small and work on these models? Your attention to detail...sez it all! Eye grabbin' detail.
  5. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Blown Big Block Chevy?   

    JUST SPEAKING FROM experience and usage, Revell 68 Roadster...it's got it all. BBC, S/C, nice HAT...manual trans. It's a start.
  6. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Sox & Martin 70 Cuda   

    Everything I've read about S&M, they always refer to the "blue" blocks. Don't know, never seen one, or failed to notice, but it has been reported that it was a trademark of Jake King, the engine builder for S&M, that he painted his blocks blue. Rumor? I'd say "google" sox & martin - jake king hemi's and read on, there has to be an answer.
  7. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Blown Big Block Chevy?   

    REVELL 68 roadster, bbc two optons, stock and the supercharged version, which is pretty nice. The s/c is a carb fed version, nice hat and with a little work, you can make it f/i,
  8. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic '57 Chevy Bel Air (Completed 1 Jan 15)   

    Tim, sorry about the "MAMA's BOYZ" reference, as you know by now it is a group of auto modelerz. Your work is "attention to detail" and was just wondering being D.C., whether you attend MAMA meetings. No slight intended just a question. Just one other question, did you ever work for UPS?
  9. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Scratch building a classic muscle car.   

    Change your name to Gulliver. Nice work, I love your attention to detail, but it's never ending. Do you ever go outside?
  10. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic '57 Chevy Bel Air (Completed 1 Jan 15)   

    Tim, are you a MAMA's Boy?
  11. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Chevy Beretta "Grizzly" Nitro Coupe   

    It is so typical of "Run Whatcha Brung" or even the "OPS", and you know it's not a street car by any means. Good job and you capture the spirit so well...TEAR IT UP AND GO FAST AS SH*T!
  12. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic Scratchbuilt 33' Willy's (mostly)   

    What did you do for the last 40 years? You seem to be working out some frustrations. Are you now retired? Man, I look forward to retirement. I still have work to deal with, art that I want to do, too many books to read, there is so much to do, but I do wish I could spend more time building models. I too have just returned after 40 years, and the aftermarket parts available just boggles my mind. Back in the 60's, I would use sewing thread for plug wires, strip phone lines for color wire or the copper wire to paint silver to look like aluminum tubing or leave copper to use as fuel lines. The mail order parts, and the detail, this is a whole new game. Your work is amazing. How are the eyes? Fingers still nimble?
  13. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 68 MUSTANG PRO MOD..updates 06/30/14   

    Is building models your job? In another post (63 promod vette) you state you can't paint because of the weather, so you start another project!! I'll be doggone if I could even do in a year what you do in a day...I must have A.D.D. or something. Too many distractions (work), but I must say that you do some really fine work...I can only dream. Keep up the great scale model work...I don't know how you do it. We just got 21" of snow along with sleet and freezing rain up here and it takes me hours to clear it off my drive and walks, so much for model time.
  14. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 1/16 70.5 ADRL Extreme Pro Mod Camaro Update: 6/4 addition of wheelie bar   

    too much, how do you sleep at night? Art...you are an arteeest. Cool.
  15. Rrrrrrumps added a post in a topic 1/16th Promod Duster   

    Seeing a build like this is like listen to a great funk jam...horns, bass, drums, all rising and coming to a finally of a blast of sound that it overdrives the senses, it's where you can't wait to see where it's goin'...it grabs you, it cuts loose...nice.