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  1. No worries. Life has turned upside down for many of us. My shifts have changed three times in two months, and now we have more than 15 maintenance personnel out, so things could get real interesting.
  2. Thanks for the effort you put into this, it is a great resource for all modelers. ??
  3. This build is looking fantastic! Great work. Later, Lee
  4. Very cool build! Lots of details to steal...uhh...get inspired by??! Stay safe. Later, Lee
  5. Wow, those wheels are amazing. Do you have a contact number or email for DBSC? I am not on Facebook and steadfastly refuse to get on (I know, behind the curve, but my social media footprint is extremely small, only YouTube and a couple of forums).
  6. Very nice work. I have the Protar version of this and the 312T2 in my stash. I know that I am going to have to do some scratch building on these to get them looking good. Definitely following! Later, Lee
  7. No problem. I have watched the entire series. It’s pretty interesting from a historical point of view. In one episode Tom Jobe tells of how the scoop was thought out and designed. Later, Lee
  8. Definitely going to follow this build! In case anyone is interested, here is a YouTube link to the first of a 50+ video series about the Surfers: Looking forward to updates! Later, Lee
  9. Chris, What size rivets are you using? Later, Lee
  10. Tim, fantastic build! Still boggles the mind that you are working in 1/25! Could you please post a link to the zip tie tutorial? Later, Lee
  11. Thanks Goat, I am well, but time to build just doesn’t seem to be available to me. I will try to get some progress done soon! Later, Lee
  12. Very nice detail! I will have to save these for when I eventually get to two Protar 312’s. Well done! Later, Lee
  13. But........do the butterflies actually move????? Fantastic detail!
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