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  1. No problem. I have watched the entire series. It’s pretty interesting from a historical point of view. In one episode Tom Jobe tells of how the scoop was thought out and designed. Later, Lee
  2. Definitely going to follow this build! In case anyone is interested, here is a YouTube link to the first of a 50+ video series about the Surfers: Looking forward to updates! Later, Lee
  3. Thanks! Looks great! Later, Lee
  4. Chris, What size rivets are you using? Later, Lee
  5. Tim, fantastic build! Still boggles the mind that you are working in 1/25! Could you please post a link to the zip tie tutorial? Later, Lee
  6. Thanks Goat, I am well, but time to build just doesn’t seem to be available to me. I will try to get some progress done soon! Later, Lee
  7. Very nice detail! I will have to save these for when I eventually get to two Protar 312’s. Well done! Later, Lee
  8. But........do the butterflies actually move?🤪🤪🤪🤪 Fantastic detail!
  9. Looks fantastic Bruce! I have the 1/20 of this, but unfortunately have misplaced the bodywork🤨🤬. Later Lee
  10. Wow Chris! Winner at Nationals! Too bad they didn’t have a Wally for you. Congratulations and well deserved! Later, Lee
  11. Yeah, you definitely need to add a GSL best in show to you case! Later, Lee
  12. Definitely following this Chris! It is great that you are going to honor your youth in this model. One more time, congratulations on your hit at IPMS, very well deserved! Later, Lee
  13. Wow Chris, what an accomplishment! Years of effort and sometimes frustration has paid off. Congratulations on the award, it is well deserved and definitely something others will try to emulate. CHEERS! Later, Lee
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