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  1. We need a front view to see the butterfly’s open! Later, Lee
  2. Martini colours would be cool also. Later, Lee
  3. How about Gulf colour scheme? Cross up sports cars and dragsters! Later, Lee
  4. Coming along nicely Ian. I read the article on this machine at the cacklefest website. Later, Lee
  5. Have you considered using Slixx decals? Has anyone on the forum used them? Later, Lee
  6. Outstanding! Looks like a dry lake bed is calling. Later, Lee
  7. Interesting! Are you going to hinge TT h body like an F/C, or just as is? Later, Lee
  8. I have this kit in my stash as well, but can’t get the HRM engine anywhere. Justin, is there any progress on this? Later, Lee
  9. I’m going to bump this again, hoping you are well and still working on these or have them completed. Later, Lee
  10. Looks great Kenneth! I have the Protar kits of the 312T and T2 that I need to make start on. Subscribed and looking forward to more! Later, Lee
  11. Interior looks great! Can’t wait to see it painted. Later, Lee
  12. My question is the pet-cock functional?😝😝
  13. Like the looks of this! I guess chopping it would move away from ‘mild’ customization. Keep up the good work! Later, Lee
  14. You’ve got my interest, any updates? Later, Lee
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