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  1. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Kit Bashing - The Art of Rivet Counting   

    LOL...I agree with and Mark...the three stooges made me laugh csuse it sounds so true in a funny way.there us and will always be people complaining about kits don't look right.some of it is right,but other complaints are just throwing stones to throw stones!.those complaints I personally ignore. you have to learn to over look those builders or collector's that complain ...just wanting to have something to say that others have thought of.people have been doing that for ever.
  2. Nova-ss added a topic in General   

    1965 Plymouth questions
    hi all,
    I was wondering what the parts are called on the real car.the part I want to know about is where the rear spring shackles conect to.the model has has it conecting to the what looks like the trunk floor.all the weight of the rear suspension and the forces put on the trunk floor...sounds not right.does anyone know? or have pictures? of the area. I've looked on the net...don't see any.thanks any help would be greatly appreciated. ...thanks,Chris
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  3. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Shocking news!   

    LOL....I hear ya.i have a difficult time to, finishing.and the at least that many projects going.I know the feeling.
  4. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    Thank you Dave.I greatly appreciate your work on these kits...smokin job dude....Chris 
  5. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Question on AMT Dodge Charger   

    Thank you !..I greatly appreciate it the info....Chris
  6. Nova-ss added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Question on AMT Dodge Charger
    hi All,
    does anyone if the AMT Dodge Charger has the 83/4 rear axle in the kit?...thank you all for any info....Chris 
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  7. Nova-ss added a post in a topic MPC Soapy Sales Challenger Funny car ......   

    LOL....I agree as long as we whine and moan but don't take it serious. ..then no big deal.we can laugh at it...laughing is better then crying. ...Chris 
  8. Nova-ss added a post in a topic MPC Soapy Sales Challenger Funny car ......   

    Amen,weather it be model or human forgive and nothing in this world is perfect.if there is something I don't like..I fix it.I wantthe soap sales version.
  9. Nova-ss added a post in a topic 1959 Rambler Wagon   

    I would rather see some of the others not the rambler.someone should be able to find away to make the old tooling work to reissue the kits that would sell..Chris
  10. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Deisel engine info needed   

    oh yes me to
  11. Nova-ss added a post in a topic What to do when frustration strikes?   

    A big freaking hammer!! and a foot print on it!! not really...but feel and want far I have only stripped the paint twice.
    third time lucky...or bless..maybe the lord felt sorry for Ace said "soldier on"...I just keep going....Chris 
  12. Nova-ss added a post in a topic I don't get it!?!   

    I hear ya Ben...samething for me.its so upsetting to decide to go after a kit,then when you want the prices are nuts.
    Mark...I'm still looking for parts for you...I just don't see any more then the few I had found for ya.its exasperating. ..looking for parts myself...never see them.and its hard to get out alot for the hunt....the war goes on though. ...Chris 
  13. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    I have mine as well but will be awhile till I start the build.the camper is pretty cool. I didn't know a camper was available. .dumb me.I'm hoping that Moebius will at some point kit a 1 ton crewcab and 4x4 versions as well.does anyone know what Moebius has plans for these Fords?
  14. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Stang-banger - MPC "Style"   

    LOL...yes MPC hard some nasty custom wheel flares and other aero packages that look bad along with bad chassis plate detail...but as I say if you don't like what there is....fix it...its what I do..what we all do.....Chris
  15. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Just bought Moebius 65 Satellite   

    Thank you and everyone who put thete two cents in....Chris