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  1. I do sometimes, but more then names...is the story I've made of why I'm building it.I don'type it up..just make it up before and as its being built..take care all..Chris
  2. I have a AMT 1950 chev pickup.I built this when these were first released..I think back in the mid 90's. here is the question?...my model I remember building stock build.it has a spare tire mount on it.did these early releases have a spare tire mount in the kit..I don't remember. I want to build another and need a few..any help I'd greatly appreciate it..thank you..Chris
  3. Nice work work.the older ford car grill may make it easier.the grill would be difficult. doin well..take care......Chris
  4. Been awhile with this one.tried different brake drums from lots of other kits..but nothing would work well enouch.so I bought all round tube styrene from West Valley here around the time of GSL .doin research on the electric style drums so as to start scratch building drums for this trailer..pictures soon to come.sorry been so long sense last pics and progress..take care all...Chris
  5. Been working on getting the sun roof holes filled.its gettin there slowly was looking at maybe choosing a different sbc from some that look more correct and less issues.trans is coming along.will post a few pics soon. I bought a old beatup Revell movin out van..glued mess it is.the frame was of interest to me cause in our model club here,they thought it was best if I make this a C10 instead of a K20..sense its not badged right...I don't know..still thinking what this one will be..thanks for all the interest.....Chris
  6. Good looking!..nice weathered look.I will be doing a similar project on the same kit..when it gets here.question are you going to put mirrors on this 50 chev? also..is it possible for you to post here or to me a digital copy of the instruction sheets?...please!!..so mostly this kit doesn't have a engine.are you going to make it look as it has no engine in it?.....nice work......Chris
  7. wow!! 4x4..yes..getting closer to what I want to build. the 1/2 tons will be cool.will be getting a few.I wsnt to made f350s..the badging is a big problem for me.im the real or 1/1 65's ,do they have the same engines available as the 70's do? Agree with ya all..Dodges would be great,so would 73-74 chev/gmc. thsnk ya Dave,Steve an Art...take care..will be looking for more pictures and info when there ready..Chris
  8. Nice work Greg. .funny I have a few of these vans.from unbuilt/un touched. they all seem to have the edge problem. I believe the length was cause these vans/tooling was originally a window van.csuse it was passenger vans.they were long. My stepfather was going to buy one.which instead he bought a chev c30 crewcab..he had a farm.anyways...I'm building a g30 van/tradesman in blue to copy that window/passenger van he wanted...lots of work...and your doing well on this.do you know what the color is going to be before the murals get painted?..what wheels this badboy will have?......Chris
  9. Monkey motion?..never heard og it..any pictures of this one or the page an page system...Chris
  10. I sure love this one.my friend showed up with a gift. .this kit.can't wait to get to start the build. there is a few going on righy now thay need to be finished first.thanks to Dave M and Moebius.....Chris I was going to add a picture.but the site says it has to be a 10.kb picture.I don't know how to do that,so no picyure..sides you all know what it looks like.
  11. Dave, great lookin.love the work your a doin on this.I use to drive my bosses around to pick up other cars. (with a trailer).I'm with a on the 4x4 thing.I'm putting parts together for a couple dodges and Chev's.I'll keep watching this..nice work......Chris
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