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  1. Nova-ss added a post in a topic First look - Production version Moebius 65 Plymouth Belvedere Sedan   

    Yes!!!....absolutely. ..can't wait.I'm still working on my satellite. .but love the build.great work to Moebius and mister Dave...thank you.......Chris 
  2. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Brian James Trailer   

    wow..I'm interested. ..I make my own,so this looks we know when?...and thank you for bring this to our attention. can't wait......Chris 
  3. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Changes at Model Cars Magazine   

    Happy New Years as well.I don't know if you get the time to see to much on this thread. .I know your  busy beyond words.but here goes.I'm grateful to you for making this mag so amazing.I look forward to it ever time.with the website and all it has on it I personally thank you for all you do and have done.please don't quit. so many of us enjoy and need an want please keep going.I know about health problems. ...boy do I know.I'm not worried about late...I just want to to keep coming,so I have it to read and look and please keep going.before my health changed for the worsed.I mixed matter when 5K people was happy..there was always a couple of people wanting a level raised or lowered.people never see the same thing....even when there looking at the same thing. I for one are happy with the mag and website. .keep going..please.I hope your health gets better and all the other hiccups in the mag and website get worked out....take care...Chris 
  4. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Question on 40 ford pickups   

    Thank you Jeff and Bill.I'm making the seat like a factory stock 40 Ford pickup and yes..its a half ton.I have the tank made and it fits behind the rear axle.the seat is a bench seat and I had to remove all of monograms custom seat patterns.I made a back to the question is? how does the back of the bench seat mount to the bottom of the bench to make a whole seat...I hope the makes sense. ..thank you....Chris 
  5. Nova-ss added a post in a topic B.R.B.O. ?????   

    Well,I didn't get it either...but thats ok.I looked and figured it out.Its ok to me,and where it it keep building brothers. .take care..please.....Chris 
  6. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Question on 40 ford pickups   

    hey ya bud.I'm making a bench seat from a glue bomb and the the back and bottom separate pieces now and was going to make it tilt.but didn't know if the seats back then did that.but if not then I'll make it fixed then.I found out that the tank is in the frame rail behind the rear axle.I don't know yet when they changed the tank from rear axle to behind the bench seat...hope your well....Chris 
  7. Nova-ss added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Question on 40 ford pickups
    hi all,
    does anyone know if in 40,ford pickup made tge front bench seat tilt foward? and if did they get behind tge seat?..thank you..Chris 
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  8. Nova-ss added a post in a topic To the KOOL KATS at Round2   

    Oh yes..truly happy with what Round2 is doing with the trucks [big trucks and pickups] and the cars mentioned. I just want them to return the older kits to there former greatness.Its been a blast building these a and some I never was able to.yes I know tgere has been issues with them.,,so what!!...I'm having fun and to me its worth it and fixing an moding these are fun.thats what modeling is all about.I would love to see all the vintage kits reissued with all the parts and box art they came with back in the original issues.please keep up the great work.I have no suggestions cause everyone else's suggestions are perfect for me.but if your listening to this.why not make the decals, boxes with the original art work and istruction sheets available to purchase directly from you..many other things that I would love to get  besides the kit of course. ..please think about the suggestions mentioned here for future releases..again thank you.I for one am happy....Chris 
  9. Nova-ss added a post in a topic History of MPC's Rounded Line Trucks   

    so the annual 78 is the only 2 wheel drive version?..thank ya..Chris 
  10. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Mid 70s Chevy stepside restoration   

    Nice stance.I see the lowering of the front for a little raked look.I own a real 74 chev stepside.its rusty everywhere but runs and drives well.and the stance of the real truck,has the same raked look as your 25th scale look..good job dude....Chris 
  11. Nova-ss added a post in a topic '78 Ford 4x4 beater / scrapper's truck   

    nice start on this what I see....Chris 
  12. Nova-ss added a post in a topic 70s Ford van   

    Nice looking said its a custom?....Chris 
  13. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Question on which hood this is   

    Hi all,
    thank you for the help,thanks Rick for more detailed info.thats cool. so a 4200 series I would need a 4300 model and make it a 4200 out of the difference between the 4200 and 4300 is hood length?..seems like maybe a frame a weight  difference too..but I don't know. ....Chris 
  14. Nova-ss added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Question on which hood this is
    hi all,
    I have this resin hood.I know its ih hood.but does anyone know for which truck cab and who made it.thanks for any and all info...Chris 

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  15. Nova-ss added a post in a topic Speaking about Stash Size........   

    I've felt that way before to..but a few days or a given time later ..I felt different.I don't think about "stash" to me its my store.I look at it that way.I have in it what I want.its fun to look through.I'm going to build them all.but about 20 percent of the kits are for parts only..never will be built as a model..there just parts and that is separate from parts only bins.everyone see's it differently. .....Chris