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  1. Tye Lee added a post in a topic Jada's concept camaro   

    Love those wheels!!! Are those the wheels that came with the kit or did you buy those seperately???
  2. Tye Lee added a topic in On The Workbench   

    87 Buick Regal Donk
    This is the first model I've done in at least 15 yrs!!!! Although the paint job is sorta rough, think I did pretty good. What do ya'll think???
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  3. Tye Lee added a post in a topic Paint Booth Help...   

    Thanks a lot bigmikevee!!! I'll definitely do that. Im always trying to learn new tips and trick to make building easier yet more efficient. Thanks again!
  4. Tye Lee added a post in a topic Paint Booth Help...   

    Oh and I forgot to mention also that I stay in an apartment so I have to be a lil more creative with the ventilation part...
  5. Tye Lee added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Paint Booth Help...
    I am just getting back into the model car hobby and know absolutely nothing about a paint booth. Im use to just sticking the body of my car to a pop bottle, taking it outside and spraying away. I searched on here for paint booths to see what I could find and it was mostly about buying a paint booth. My plans are to just build one considering that will probably be the cheapest way out until I save the money to buy one. So if anyone could give me some direction on what type of fan I should get, how I should wire it, where I should mount the fan, and just the construction as a whole I'd greatly appreciate it, oh and pics would be great to!!!

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