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  1. milkman added a post in a topic A young Tim Boyd!?   

    Please write the book Tim. I have been a car and truck modeler off and on since about 1958. I have all my copies of Car Model magazine as well as several of the early Auto World catalogs. I also have most of the model books written back in the day. I value them all and love to get them out and look at them again. You young guys cannot begin to realize what a valuable resource this magazine and forum is for us all. Thanks to all of you who make it possible and work so diligently to keep it going in a positive direction.
  2. milkman added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Firefighter William Scott Tanksley's funeral procession
    This young man played little league baseball with my son and I was lucky to coach them. He was a firefighter with Dallas Fire and Rescue in Dallas, Texas. He was killed on duty working a traffic wreck in an ice storm in Dallas. The funeral left Terrell on 205 and went to Rockwall. There they took Interstate 30 in to Dallas and the burial. This is a video of the procession on the interstate as it came into Dallas. I thought it might be of interest to the modelers of fire and rescue vehicles. Amazing the varied trucks and vehicles. The majority were from Dallas and the surrounding area. Trucks did come from as far away as Houston.

    The video starts with the beginning of the procession led by Dallas policeman and then freedom riders. Stay with it and the emergency vehicles will be coming.
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  3. milkman added a post in a topic Best Birthday present I've ever gotten.   

    Congratulations. We have 3 granddaughters. They are truly a gift from God. Time will show you how much your lives have changed and how much fun it will be.
  4. milkman added a post in a topic Hope all of our Texas builders are ok   

    I live about 60 miles northeast of West and we felt more than heard the blast here. It was like long distance thunder that shakes the windows slightly and you say, "What was that?". Amazing that it did not kill more people. It had been there so long the town had built out to it. I cannot believe they had become so complacent that they built a school, apartment complex, and nursing home that close. Typical farming community fertilizer plant with liquid tanks to pull behind planters as you put the seed in the ground. There were also fertilizer carts to apply the granular fertilizer in bulk. Just like the stuff you buy in a sack at your home improvement store to go on your yard only in quantity. It also had some feed bins full of grain. That is what you see in the pics of the huge bin collapsed with the brown stuff on the ground. That was a tank full of milo. We always stop in West to get kolaches when passing through on the interstate. The Czech folks in town also make amazing sausage and it is sold at several meat markets in town.
    I knew there had to be members on here in the metroplex area. I did not know anyone was within 40 miles. Benjamin, you were closer than I was. I imagine you felt it for sure.
    A little trivia on the ammonium nitrate that they had so much of stored in the plant. This time of year farmers apply it to wheat, oat, and rye grass fields to put the final growth on before harvest. It is also used on hay fields in the late spring and summer to produce high quantity yields with high protein content. I personally use about 45 tons of it every year on my bermuda grass hay fields to produce winter hay to feed my cattle. It is also used in the rock pits in this area. We have large deposits of limestone rock that is used as a road base. I have it on the road and driveway to my house and barns. They jack hammer out a hole in the solid rock and stick in a couple of bags of ammonium nitrate with one stick of dynamite. It goes bang big time and blasts out rock to be scooped up and fed to the rock crusher.
  5. milkman added a post in a topic Good Build Tips for a 10 year old...   

    First up, savor the experience. As the ad says, priceless. I agree with the acrylic paint. The painting seems to be most of the fun for them and it is easy to clean up. Get out an old T shirt to wear over her clothes. Teach the basics but don't get bogged down. Make it fun and be sure to finish so she has a completed car to carry home and display. These are tips from my own experience. My 8 year old granddaughter loves looking at my models and decided she wanted to build one with me. I got her a snap corvette since they are her favorite car. Her dad has one and her uncle has a Calloway vette. She painted and assembled in one week-end. Then wanted to do another model. I got the Polar Lights Scooby Doo van and she loved it. Painted and applied the stickers. It helped that it had the figures with it. She now has told her dad to put a shelf on her wall for "her" models since she is going to keep building with Pawpaw. Absolutely made my day. Hopefully I can keep it fun and we will enjoy several builds together.
  6. milkman added a post in a topic Freightliner Argosy, New Zealand Style..   

    SWEET. Truly realistic in every sense.
  7. milkman added a post in a topic Fruehauf tanker and Love Truck Stop   

    Hey guys, I live about 50 miles southeast of Dallas and in Texas the trucks are painted just like the Love truck stops in the same bright colors. Don't know what current tanker brand they are using here.
  8. milkman added a post in a topic Time for a round of show us your desktop   

    Anne, I have a shell casing from one of those big guns I use as a trash can by my model desk. My dad was in the Navy SeaBees during WWII and brought it home with some of his other souveniers. It is about 18 inches high, 12 inches in diameter, and is solid brass. It looks cool, reminds me of my dad, and always causes comments when seen sitting by the desk.
  9. milkman added a post in a topic Weekly Humor   

    Bet you guys did not know air and sex were a whole lot alike. You don't realize how important they are to you until you aren't getting any.
  10. milkman added a post in a topic Are We Model Hoarders?   

    I have been watching this thread with interest for a couple of days and thinking of my own collection. My hobby room/office is in the corner of my farm's workshop. On one side I work on guns and reload ammo and on the other side I build models. I have shelves on the walls in between the two workbenches for my kit collection. I was curious today and did a quick inventory of both unbuilt and built kits. I counted 328 unbuilt cars and trucks and 116 built cars and trucks. That works out to about a 3 to 1 ratio of unbuilt to built. My own diagnosis would be that although I like to collect kits that interest me, I am definitely not a hoarder considering that ratio. What do you think?
  11. milkman added a post in a topic Touchy, Touchy Terms   

    I have a new 3/4 ton GMC truck I bought to pull trailers on the farm with hay and tractors on them. I had a dually and the new 3/4 has a higher GVW with the Z71 package. It is a heavy duty suspension package. It is not 4 wheel drive. If you get the 4 wheel drive I believe they automatically include the Z71 suspension package. I think that is the reason for confusion. It has the Z71 decals on the back part of the bed but not 4X4 under it. Man I would love to have a new model kit of this generation of GM trucks.
  12. milkman added a post in a topic Touchy, Touchy Terms   

    ATM machine is not correct. ATM is automatic teller machine. ATM machine would then be saying automatic teller machine machine. One of my favorites is when people say they need a new hot water heater. No you don't. You need a water heater. If your water was already hot there would be no need for a heater.

  13. milkman added a post in a topic Beginner to Pro?   

    Sounds like an expert decoder ring to me. (ex--has been, spurt--big drip)
  14. milkman added a post in a topic Drop test!   

    Just a longer than average trial fit.
  15. milkman added a post in a topic Just a thought about the U.S.   

    Not only not tie their shoes, but cannot tell time on a clock. The last ten years or so that I have taught 7th and 8th graders, about 90% could not look at the clock in the classroom and tell you the time. They are the digital generation and are used to the time on a cell phone, computer, etc. They also run you absolutely crazy trying to teach grammar and correct usage of punctuation, capitalization,etc. They have texted so much they no longer can write a complete answer in sentence form, much less a page or paper.