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  1. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic 1/25 BJ & the Bear WIP update 1st Oct 2012   

    Any movement on this nice build Yahshu?
  2. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic 1/25 BJ & the Bear WIP update 1st Oct 2012   

    Nice stuff!!
  3. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic 1/16 bj and the bear truck cont.   

    Nice work William!

    The 'Bear' figure form the 1/32 kit is way too oversized for that actual kit it comes in. It would be much more suited to the 1/25th kit or this size.
  4. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic 1980 GMC "General" Updated 3/25/12 "hood"   

    Top stuff!!
  5. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic What to use for fuel line for detroit diesel   

    Guitar strings are also great for hoses, lines etc. And being an avid guitarist, I have plenty laying around! They come in different sizes too.
  6. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic Paulie Hauling's "Love Machine"   

    You're a freak man!! Unbelievable Mate
  7. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic BJ and the Bear 1/25   

    The rims are Ben Wicker designed and were machined by Jim Littiken. I then had them sent back to Ben after Jim machined them and he cleaned them up and also polished them. I love em! The hubs are also Ben Wicker.
  8. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic BJ and the Bear 1/25   

    Thanks Scott!!
  9. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic BJ and the Bear 1/25   

    Thanks Dennis and Jaroslav, your comments are much appreciated. Scott, I've seen those hinges of yours, they're great and will have a crack at doing them myself also.

    I have been still fiddling with the aftercooler area and have knocked up another attempt using parts from an Italeri kit. I am happy with it but now my problem is seeing they are 1/24 scale, they may well be too big for the revell engine? On a dry fit, it may end up being too high and too wide, but will persevere at the moment. Here's some pics. The black part is the Italeri kit part.

    I have posted these before in a separate thread but here's some shots of my aluminium wheels that I've had made

    On a separate note and pardon me for my lack of knowledge but can anyone tell me what this is and what is it's purpose? I notice it's on some Cummins and not others?

    BJ's rig had a Cummins NTC400BC. Does anyone know if this part is standard on that motor or should it be left off?


  10. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic BJ and the Bear 1/25   

    Still alive!!!

    Thanks for the interest guys.

    This is my pet project and I've never built a truck model before(apart from a 1/32 BJ kit) so want to get it right. But yes it's been a long time since I've updated and even worked on it. I have still been sourcing aftermarket parts such as the Ben Wicker aluminum wheels, I posted shots of that in another thread titled "Aluminum 10-hole Alcoas". They are awesome so thanks to Ben and Jim Littiken for those.

    Been hell busy as I'm trying to get into the Australian Army as a helicopter pilot so it's taking a lot of my focus, that and my new baby girl Charlie, free time is hard to find!!! Enough excuses though.

    I have completely changed the work I've done on the motor again! I have got a hold of a few pieces from an Italeri Cummins which I'm incorporating into the Revell motor. I will try and post some pics of that tomorrow. I sometimes think my vision far exceeds my skill level though, especially when I see fine work like Sergey's "Love Machine" build for instance. That is some master work.

    I need to get cracking.

  11. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic BIG Cat on a lowboy!   

    I found out the hard way about cats and models not mixing. I had about 8 helicopters all sitting nicely on top of a feature wall about 8ft high until I came home from work one day and my cat had systematically knocked off every single one!! He wasn't popular for a while that's for sure!!
  12. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic Kenworth Stacks   

    Yes cheers. 13/64 would be an option too if you can tubing that size? 13/64 is 5.15mm
  13. CharlieBravo added a post in a topic Aluminum 10-hole alcoas   

    Contact Jim Littiken (hoosierminiatures@gmail.com) he makes them. I think they cost me 12 bucks a wheel. The lugnuts are another story, quite expensive(100 cost me $60 bucks) but they are nice. I had Ben polish my wheels up for me after Jim made them which maybe an option as well.

  14. CharlieBravo added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Aluminum 10-hole alcoas
    G'day guys.

    Just want to show off these superb aluminum wheels designed by Ben Wicker and machined by Jim Littiken. They're for my "BJ and the Bear" 1/25th build. Lugnuts are from rbmotion. Highly recommend these to anyone looking for that extra detail. The hubs are also Ben Wicker designed. Many thanks to Ben for all the help and ongoing tips he has been giving me regarding the wheels and truck modeling in general. I've never really built truck models so I've been doing extensive research on the matter.

    Here's the quick mock-up;



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  15. CharlieBravo added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Kenworth Stacks
    I'm replacing the kit stacks in the Revell K100 kit for some aluminum ones, anyone know the correct size to be getting? 3/16(4.76mm)? I'm not sure what the 1:1 dimensions are on the real thing. They are to be original(factory) size replacement.


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