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  1. looking great! love seeing another BJ build going on! I have a couple of sets of JBOT decals well preserved I hope they still work out for me when the time comes soon. nice, clean build mate! Chris
  2. Still going on this build! It's been a busy 12 months and little and sporadic time on the bench but still chipping away. modified kit reefer to get the control panel on the correct side. Added some bolt detail to chassis. used balsa wood and varnish to create the Brown mfg trailer inside walls. still plugging away on the scratchbuilt aerodyne dash. Not sure how I will replicate the rocker switches yet, any ideas? used a 3D printed Hutchens suspension with scratchbuilt frame. Raised the floor of the kit trailer and detailed the ribbed floor. Got some momentum!
  3. Hi Guys, I'm Having a real hard time deciding on rim size for my 1/25 Kenworth Aerodyne BJ build and I need some expertise please. I thought it would be as easy as 1/25 scale rig/trailer - 1/25 rims. I'm using the 1/25 Revell Aerodyne and the 1/25 ERTL Reefer. To be honest the kit rims on the 1/25 trucks seem too small to me. They measure out to be 23.5mm in diameter. Can anyone answer whether the K-100 from Factory and particularly the BJ and the Bear Kenworth had 22.5 or 24.5 inch Alcoa rims? Was one a standard factory option over the other? In 1/25 scale that would measure out to be roughly 22.8 or 24.8mm in size. Kit rims are 23.5mm. I do have some nice aluminium rims that are 1/24 and measure out to be 26.7mm. Although the scale would dictate to use 1/25 rims, my eye tells me different in that the 1/24 scale rims might look better? Does anyone have experience fitting 1/24 rims to 1/25 trucks? There seems to be quite a size difference. Using 1/24 rims will result in width issues. I've tried to do a bit of a side on comparison with a Revell rig but note the height of the picture is not uniform in both pics so that could alter the view and I don't really know what i'm doing! opinions? cheers. chris
  4. Cant wait to see you start this! I've just acquired a gold mine in BJ rig parts for my build which I am forever in debt... the dash is still a go it's about 80% done, lots of custom aluminium parts - bumper, mirrors, horns, grill, light surrounds you name it. Will be good to bounce ideas off each other. Long live BJ McKay!!
  5. Nice!! shall do. Do you have any pics of the masters Ben?
  6. This is what I love about this site, thanks for this info also. Sam I Am has kindly found one in his stash he is happy to part with. the AMT Livestock Trailer is not too badly priced at the moment so that is also another option if I get stuck. Just fyi for anyone interested - with small mods to this suspension it will make a very accurate representation of what is on the 'BJ and the Bear' Brown Co. reefer trailer. Chris B.
  7. I did look on KFS/Auslowe but couldn't see that suspension anywhere.
  8. thanks Warren, that's not it but I have confirmed the correct suspension I need is out of the AMT Livestock Trailer kit!
  9. Need some expertise which is why I love this site. Can anyone tell me if this kind of suspension (Hutchens) is available in 1/25 in any kit form? From my research so far the only two kits that I can find that may be able to replicate this is the old AMT Wilson Livestock trailer kit; the AMT Tandem vans also looks to be accurate but being singles i would need to join two together and go from there; Would there be any more kits that would have this suspension or more appealing - any resin/printed ones available? Thanks in advance; Chris
  10. from what i have researched it looks to be the same red used on the Chervorlet p/up trucks and also know as cardinal red Still can't seem to cross it over to a equivalent tamiya or vallejo but I'll keep searching!
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