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  1. Trailer door hinges

    Anyone know who does working ones or ideas on how to make them? For 1/25 build, side door and rear doors on an ERTL Reefer. cheers
  2. BJ and the Bear 1/25

    very little to report guys, it's been few and far between days on the bench. I've finished the ribbing of both sides, just needs some clean up. The sides are fairly close to how I want them now. I am going to sand down the ribs slightly to give them a flatter appearance. I've got some Archer rivets coming to hopefully replace some of the detail I have lost removing the Great Dane branding etc. The side door opening was a bit of pot luck as I just added sufficient framing with evergreen to make it look accurate and low and behold the side door fits in the groove perfectly!! So the side door relocation and the ribbing was a success for me. I have also trimmed the rear trailer framing as the kit doors needed to be larger; it is already heavily modified but needed more tweaking.
  3. Trailer rivets

    ok great thanks guys. I have ordered the Archer sheet with the multiple sizes so will see how they go

    Pros and cons for both. Revell is on the whole more detailed and the better kit in my opinion. It has the shorter chassis whereas the AMT has the long chassis. AMT kit has more accurate/detailed seats. It also has more accurate headlight surrounding panels like the real thing where the whole panel housing the headlights and cab step is one piece. The Revell kit is incorrect as it has just one piece for the front section. The AMT kit bumper is way to thin and the Revell too wide for the classic gullwing bumper, but DoubleTakeReplicas does a beautiful after market bumper. The Revell has the two piece roof which I like for the fact I will be able to super detail it a lot easier than the AMT kit. It will need a bit of modifying though. Revell kit has more detail piece to piece and has opening doors and inner door panels. The downside to this is the hinges on the doors are hideous and way oversized so it would need to be removed, filled and replaced with the ModelCarGarage piano hinge sets.. As mentioned the dash is incorrect in both kits for an Aerodyne - the dash in these kits seems to be an older KW dash, quite a lot of differences there. I'm sure there are more differences and comparisons to be made as I make my way through the build but these are some of what I have noticed so far. Chris B.
  5. Trailer rivets

    Has anyone used Archer rivets and can tell me their thoughts and more particularly if they have a size suitable for doing rivets on my 1/25 ERTL Great Dane Reefer? I am converting to a Brown Reefer for my BJ and the Bear build and have lost some rivets due to the sanding and modifying. They have a lot of stuff on their site and have no idea what size I would need to order. Thanks in advance
  6. BJ and the Bear 1/25

    One side ribbed! Didn't take as long as I thought it would. Way back at the start of this thread Ben Wicker suggested drawing a straight pencil line to line up the ribs. This is what i did and it worked perfectly so thanks Ben!! No I just have to do the other side and finish the door relocation.. I am thinking of sanding down the ribs to give them a flatter appearance just like the real thing, not sure though if I want to mess with it though...
  7. BJ and the Bear 1/25

    Thanks and I hope so! I'm sure once the paint is on any little mistakes I make should hopefully blend in!!
  8. BJ and the Bear 1/25

    cheers, i'm enjoying it
  9. BJ and the Bear 1/25

    Yeah taking my time as its the only trailer I have..! the plastic seems ok I am most nervous about the ribbing but I am going to tackle that this week hopefully. I will use Tamiya extra thin cement just in case things get messy which I presume they might. Worst case scenario is I attempt to scratch build the entire side walls of the trailer but I don't really want to do that, I think I can modify this one sufficiently or at least that's the plan...fingers crossed and a beer in hand... I'd actually like to attempt to sand the ribs down once they are done to give it a more flatter look like the ribs on the actual trailer but I will consider that after they are in place.
  10. BJ and the Bear 1/25

    just killin' time until we make this dash mate
  11. BJ and the Bear 1/25

    not much of an update... I've been sanding for weeks.. looking at the rear in the mockup I think I will need to scratch build bigger doors and make the opening bigger so they meet further to the edge of the trailer... l Next is on to the ribbing..
  12. BJ and the Bear kit

    I find it strange that this didn't get the AMT re-issue. everything else seemed to. It is the same with a dvd release. Universal says there is no market for it to warrant a release, yet Movin' On got a dvd release. There has never been any TV or cable reruns including most of the world for many years... Something strange seems to be going on with BJ and the Bear. Maybe it's just me but it seems to still be quite popular and has a definite niche/cult status. It had the Hot Wheels release but hardly accurate and comes up in a lot of different forums in many different genres, trucker forums, Kenworth forums, modelling forums, dvd forums, 80's TV show forums for e.g but nothing from the studios at all.. thoughts?
  13. BJ and the Bear 1/25

    So from this the best/most accurate representation would be the AMT bases and Auslowe seats?
  14. BJ and the Bear 1/25

    from what I can see from reference and definitely with Pauls restored original, you'll need a mix of both if you go down the Auslowe road as the seat/seat base in the AMT is correct but these have the Revell base which is different...
  15. BJ and the Bear kit

    I rephrase, Yahshu now has that figure haha, but the trade was worth it...