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  1. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Hello from NC   

    Good to see you over here! 
  2. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Dodge Drag Car   

    Nice Job Neil.  Super smooth black paint, I LIKE!!
  3. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Hooters ..........   

    Really nice one John. You did that Grand Prix kit proud!
  4. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Next Project: Jack Ingram LMS   

    Very nice job so far Drew! Love the subject matter.
  5. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Monogram Days of Thunder Lumina WIP   

    Looking very good! Those colors really pop. I was afraid about those decals, they look great. I really like following this build, thanks for sharing it with us!
  6. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Monogram Days of Thunder Lumina WIP   

    When I airbrush Future, I try to apply my first two coats in a nice mist covering. In effect, I am sneaking up on it and providing a good base for the final wet coats. You need to be careful as the stuff will run quickly! I use a dual action Air Brush so that is minimized some. I do not dry Future coats with the hair dryer as that causes a grainy finish. I usually wait a day or two between coats. The third and fourth coats I lay on wet. After another couple days of drying, I will rub out the Future finish with Meguiers #7 or fine polishing compounds, if needed.

    In my previous post, the #31 Lumina and the #28 Texaco both had Future finishes to seal the decals. The #28 was brush coated and polished. The Lumina was the better effort (airbrushed). Not certain if you ever saw the write up about applying Future to models? Check out the site at the link, it is full of great information. Hope this is helpful!

  7. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Monogram Days of Thunder Lumina WIP   

    Definitely, I use Future to mix most of the acrylics I spray through my airbrush. I typically cut it 50 to 75% with the Future and finish out the brew with Rubbing Alcohol or Acrylic Airbrush reducer (Createx). I have had great results but it takes a lot of coats to build up a good color finish. I typically spray a good even coat then dry it with the hair dryer, then repeat until I am happy with the finish. You will definitely want to seal the finished paint after drying it a day or so with several coats of Future or you could build up a couple "light" coats of Testors Lacquers. Good fun stuff, that car should really pop when you are finished!

  8. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic The Grinch ..............   

    I could only imagine the time and effort put into that set of decals. Another impressive build, John!
  9. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Bayer Monte Carlo ............   

    Another nice one, John! Thanks for sharing with us.
  10. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic CKM Summer Classic Aug 24th   

    I agree, thanks for the pictures Tom!
  11. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Derby City Shootout   

    Thank you, Hunter. I have been searching all over for coverage of this show. Looks like a lot of quality builds as usually can be expected at this event. I appreciate the pictures!
  12. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Piedmont Airlines ............   

    Nice stuff, John. I always enjoy seeing your builds!
  13. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Flintstone Flyer dirt late model   

    Hi Drew, they turned out very nice. I wouldn't fret the placement thing. You built some nice models and that is what counts most!

    I will share a little tip for those crowd-judged shows in the future. Do not enter more than one of your models in the same class. You probably split some votes between your late models whereas if you had only entered one, that one most likely would have received a greater amount of votes and maybe had placed Either way, nice job on these!
  14. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic Post a cool model pic   

  15. Kmidd65 added a post in a topic SCMA Simpsonville show Pictures....   

    I appreciate the show coverage, Tom.