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  1. Kmidd65

    Dirt Chevelle's

    Really nice, love them both. Those tires really work well with that kit. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Unfortunately, several yellow spoons were in that area, two of them Neon colors.. My thought per reviewing the spoons in that region to my chart; it was either Craftsmart Bright Yellow (lighter color), Liquitex Basics Primary Yellow (slightly darker color), or Anita's Canary Yellow. The first two may be found at Michael's while the Anita's is a Hobby Lobby house brand. HTH
  3. Colors really pop!! Nice job 👍
  4. Super nice job! Always liked Ernie, especially driving the Morgan McClure cars. Brings back memories, thanks for sharing!
  5. Agree with all the other comments, use these all the time. One of the biggest issues is how the color will look once it is dried! What you see in the bottle will dry a bit darker. I also clear coat all my craft paints with Rustoleum 2x clear, Testors Lacquers, or varnish if hand brushing. The results with a clear coat will also differ from the color in the bottle or dried! Whenever I have the airbrush out, I have spoons primed that I then test colors and clear coat for later project ideas. I agree, large plethora of colors and mixing abilities with the craft paints. I also add Future/Pledge to my thinned acrylics before air brushing. Seems to help with durability and tip drying issues (airbrush). All the spoons in the attached image are craft paints, most cleared with the 2x. Definitely give it a try!
  6. Was a fan of Jeff back in the day. Really brings back memories. Nice work, thanks for sharing with us!
  7. Really cool subject matter. Nice job so far, Wayne!
  8. Way before my time but very cool indeed! Nice job on this one.
  9. Another super job. Not certain how you crank these out so quickly!
  10. Agree with Dave Van, really nice!!
  11. Here is one I did a few years back. Tamiya Black with Testor's Glosscote Lacquer. The decals were terrible so I had to seal them in with a coat of Future floor polish to protect them...
  12. Cool truck and artwork you do not see all the time. Really like the unique stuff, nice job, Wayne!
  13. Those colors really pop! Nice job so far, will be interesting to see it completed. Thanks for sharing with us.
  14. Really nice, those headers are always a chore to get right... Turned out great!
  15. Wow, super slick!! Always loved that car (Davey and Ernie driving it). Love the smooth black paint. Slixx decals, I presume? Thanks for sharing with us. Look forward to the completed build. Darn impressive for your first Nascar!
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