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  1. This kit was molded in this metallic blue. There's a small dip in front of the hood. Thought it would display nicely and I still enjoy it!
  2. Revell Wheels of Fire snap kit. These were common about 20 years ago.
  3. Built this out of the box about 20 years ago. Worked at detail painting after a few years of not building models.
  4. Built this about 20 years ago and originally used mag wheels with a silver wave stripe. I returned it to stock about 15 years ago. Molded in red and one of my early trim foil jobs.
  5. Built this about 20 years ago and first model I foiled trim on. I swapped the wheels to rallys from a Corvette kit. I handpainted the white stripes on the tires. I like the metallic blue it was molded in and wanted the "triple blue" look.
  6. Nice start on these cool old cars! Missed a buy on Facebook for 65 Olds.....
  7. Interior, paint, and foil are finished.
  8. GREAT build! Love the color scheme! I did something like this with the blue Wheels of Fire issue. Triple blue with rally wheels and white striped tires!
  9. Doing a replica build of a Friend's 66 Toronado that was his Father's and is restoring. I accumulated some 70 Toronado kits and 66 promos some time before I met this guy! Such a cool land yacht! Main thing was cutting open the hood.
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