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  1. xbazzarex added a post in a topic Round 2 AMT 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS "Fifty" Edition   

    awesome to see it opened up, when  i was at HL i thought the kit was another snap together. 
  2. xbazzarex added a post in a topic "General Ferrari" Charger/Enzo hybrid   

    looks cool so far, i had a 4th gen trans am kit and a viper kit set aside to do the same kind of build. this is great inspiration to get back to that soon.
  3. xbazzarex added a post in a topic carpet and other "fuzzy" stuff   

    that carpet certainly does look bright, do you have pics of it in the car??
  4. xbazzarex added a post in a topic Karmann Ghia   

    love the karmann ghia's, they are very under appreciated compared to the bug. build looks awesome so far, Love the rim choice(have the 1:1 rims on my Trans am). 
  5. xbazzarex added a post in a topic Dodge l-700 Hauling some surprise guests   

    yeah the bed will only be fitting 2 cars, if they were small like beetles it might fit 3. i haven't decided which GTO's will be on there yet, i think i have the three kits mentioned here. 
    the instructions are kind of silly, but the part fitment is awful. in the pictures you can see the trailer plates do not line up because of how bowed they are, im going to try some glue and a clamp or two to see if i can make it straight. still working on some of the detail paint as well, anyone familiar with 1:1 trailers like this? should there be hoses or something for the wheels and brakes and such(brakes i assume yes). i was having a hard time finding a reference picture online. 

  6. xbazzarex added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Dodge l-700 Hauling some surprise guests
    I've been on the forum for some time but i dont think ive ever posted any work. it can be a bit intimidating seeing how great some of the builds are here, but every build is a step forward and i figure a bit of feedback never hurts. so for starters im sure your thinking i put this in the wrong section and it should be in the trucks section, but the main focus of the build will not be the truck itself, but what the truck is hauling. 
    ive started the dodge l-700 by lindberg, at least ive started the trailer lol. none of the pieces that should be flat, are actually flat. however ive made some minor progress. the rear axles and box is assembled, the rims are painted a dark matte brown. i will be following a similar color scheme to the box except in place of the red, ill be using matte brown. and in place of the green ill be using a metallic red.ill have to get some better pictures of the color. 
    the truck will end up on a dio im slowly, slowly working on. and i believe the truck will be hauling 3 awesome GTO's, a 65,66,and 67. that is if all 3 will fit on the trailer, and if all 3 kits i have are the same scale and similar sizes. 

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  7. xbazzarex added a post in a topic 1/25 version of my 1/1 Trans Am., , , June '22 ,, Tail light panel   

    love it, i have an 85 t/a that im slowly getting back on the road. also building a scale version, the kits definitely have some....odd?... variations. the kit i used has the back seat molded in to the interior and the seats are squared off for some reason. 
  8. xbazzarex added a post in a topic '85 Pontiac Fiero GT   

    Have the same kit in my stash(just have to strip some paint off), the two tone color schemes were always my favorite. 
  9. xbazzarex added a post in a topic 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix - Tribute build   

    This was my first car as well, Though mine was used. Has a 02 GTP 40th anniversary edition after that. Grand prix's are the best cars ive ever owned. love the build, its even the same color.
  10. xbazzarex added a post in a topic (Update 2/1) Kits & parts, literature, die casts & ex-aerospace nameplate material   

    interested in the pontiac fiero piece. 
  11. xbazzarex added a post in a topic custom 68 mustang   

    whats holding the front tires on???
  12. xbazzarex added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    very cool ive got an 85, 305 tpi auto, has around 57k. 
  13. xbazzarex added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    Nice 3rd gen, what year?
  14. xbazzarex added a post in a topic 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS   

    very nice looking kit, i wonder if we will be getting a 50th anniversary kit sometime soon. 
  15. xbazzarex added a post in a topic K.I.T.T. Knight Rider -TURBO BOOST-   

    love it. 
    i love 3rd gens(building a 1:1 in the garage at the moment), and this is a fantastic dio.