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  1. Oh, hai... Looks awesome jimmy boy.
  2. Off to a great start Edward. Nice group shot.
  3. Nice, clean and simple. Looks great man
  4. Sweet s12 Del. love the old school feel in this.
  5. I like this. The green and gold combo look good. What green is this?
  6. Thanks guys. Eric, it's true about it "being plane jane" to go from the hakosuka and kenmeri skylines to this boxy body style was a daring attempt to reignite the gtr flame. Although it didn't wear the gtr badge, it still did good in the race circuit with its turbo 4banger.
  7. Haven't post much in a while. But I have been building at a turtles pace. Had some stuff going on in life, but it's all good now. This one took me a bit longer than anticipated, but it's done now. Kit: Tamiya Wheels: Aoshima SSR MKIII painted with Tamiya bright orange Paint: Testors once coat white lighting and Tamiya gunmetal. Suspension: lowered and cambered Interior: Tamiya rubber black and German gray. Mods: cat back straight pipe exhaust, cambered rear axles, bmf trim and cut out side windows. I'll take pics of the interior and chassis later. Thanks for looking
  8. Del! It came out great bro! I have this kit and the day I build it. I know I'll have fun with the decals...haha
  9. Looks great Del. dig the color on it.
  10. Sweet dato. Feeling the old school vibe.
  11. No prob Art. If you saw it, it might have been at the citrus nationals. Thanks for the compliment.
  12. Fantastic build. Gotta love these tamiya kits.
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