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  1. It is Duplicolor bright white. In person it is a bit creamy but pretty close to the reference pics.
  2. Thanks everyone, this is my first stock mustang build and I'm impressed with the quality of the kit. I hope to get some blue embossing powder today so I can finish it up.
  3. A few more. detailed the engine a bit And got the body painted dash painted and detailed decals on bmf on and details painted engine bay finished up
  4. Finally got around to posting some pictures of the Mustang my gf got me for Christmas. first mock up sorry for the blurry pic here shot it with duplicolor bright white and found a few hidden problems that had to be addressed.
  5. Im in with the supra and eclipse from f&f1 as well as Roger Rodas mustang race car.
  6. I agree it was very sad but at least he got to go doing something he was passionate about. I will be building the eclipse from the first movie as a tribute.
  7. Lately when i get burned out on my builds ill take a day or two off then just paint or glue on a couple small parts. After a few days the small parts start adding up and then you see the finish line and get excited to get er done! A couple years ago I finished my Lancia rally car that I started then put away in fear of messing up a 50 dollar kit by doing a couple pieces a day till it was done.
  8. looking good so far. nice engine detail.
  9. Just a small update got most of the chrome put on and painted the radiator support and hood seal.
  10. Made some progress today, got the inner fenders in, finished up the small engine parts, and got the engine glued in. Im hoping with any luck to have this under glass this weekend along with my club community build. all comments and criticisms welcome!
  11. Ed-This kit offers both columns and us or euro spec badging.
  12. Tom yes the wires are box stock. I would put this in my top 5 nicest out of the box models. Thanks everyone else for the kind words.
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