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  1. tom added a post in a topic Thundershift 500, Need Cars   

    I remember seeing commercials for these growing up.  You pull on the blue "shifter" handle to propel the car around the track. You had to time it just right so the car was pushed along, rather than crashing into the pushing part,or missing it completely if you were too late.  Cool find!
  2. tom added a post in a topic Mass quanties of Sandpaper needed ...   

    I loved the above puns. I can't help but think it has a crate engine. 
  3. tom added a post in a topic An old story about the Revell '54 Sedan Delivery, and a Hot Jack Knife...   

    Thanks for this thread. I thought I was the only one who couldn't get the Auto Cutter to work as advertised. The one I had included attachments with which you could simulate dents, battle damage, etc.  Mostly all I produced was burns and toxic fumes!  
  4. tom added a post in a topic Barnes & Noble and MCM   

    I've never found MCM at B & N in northern CT, but
    i bought one today at Canton CT.  They had more!  It made my day.  And it's a good issue!
  5. tom added a post in a topic Modeler or Pervert?   

    Amen, Billy Joe
  6. tom added a post in a topic Philco P22 1/24 '66 Mustang Radio   

    These are very cool, but did anyone else click on this topic expecting to see a detailed radio in 1/25 scale?
  7. tom added a post in a topic This June @ a Post Office near you, Hot Rod Stamps   

    Cool, but what's a post Office?