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  1. The model is only $25.00. the rest is for the bear that's inside.
  2. I am working on building one of these. Its called a Thor, and is similar to a Sherp. This isn't mine just one of the pictures I am using to build it.
  3. There is actually quite a few builders on you tube out there on static grass usage. I have watched a lot, but only have done 1 diorama so far with the products.
  4. Need to find Luke Towan you tube video's. He does absolutely the most amazing dioramas out there.
  5. Sorry I was a little vague, when i asked this, so thanks for the reply. If it wasn't so close to Christmas, i would have ordered it. oh well, in a couple of weeks anyway. Just love FED's.
  6. I have the McEwen FED, is this the same but in yellow? Sorry if it was already mentioned.
  7. As an owner of a 73 pinto many years ago, I want this model.
  8. You did this model and Firebird products justice. Amazing weathering. Tim
  9. That is very nice. Great job on something a little different.
  10. Some day ill get a picture of mine. What i did was kinda of layering the leaves. I used some ground up (real) leaves as a base, then sprinkled some of the punched leaves on top. That way i didn't have to spend the next year punching these leaves out. It does take a while especially the leaves in my yard, some are not very big.
  11. Very nice, you really turned that toy into 1 sharp model. I like your work.
  12. I know this wont help, but I had a couple of models that are rusty and dirty, but whenever i dusted the other models, i left these alone. Now after 20 years, they look about right.
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