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  1. "Green stuff World"

    Some day ill get a picture of mine. What i did was kinda of layering the leaves. I used some ground up (real) leaves as a base, then sprinkled some of the punched leaves on top. That way i didn't have to spend the next year punching these leaves out. It does take a while especially the leaves in my yard, some are not very big.
  2. Volvo-ew160c diorama (not complete)

    Very nice, you really turned that toy into 1 sharp model. I like your work.
  3. unusual question on dust

    I know this wont help, but I had a couple of models that are rusty and dirty, but whenever i dusted the other models, i left these alone. Now after 20 years, they look about right.
  4. 95,96 AMT blazers, and S-10’s and Sonoma,s. Compressors, dryer, and 1 hose.
  5. Industria Mechanika Remora flying boat

    I like the soylent green cases of food. Actually there was some of us who asked them to produce some of the figures in 1/24th scale. I did get the set of 3 deck hands, and another of Sasha the welder. Since there wasn't a big enough market, they only did a short run, and will not produce any thing else in 1/24th scale. Its too bad, cause i do like their stuff. I know 'scale bigot'. Tim
  6. USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E

  7. Zvezda Star Destroyer

    Wow. I will try to keep up with this build.
  8. Ill bet that VW would be as squirrelly as an altered. Very nice job on those.
  9. I have one of those kits. I started it sometime in the mid 70's. I guess if I ever went back to it, it would be the oldest one i ever had. Ill try to look into it.
  10. How to Decant Spray Cans

    It has only taken me 12 years to get to 200 post's.
  11. How to Decant Spray Cans

    I don't have a picture of it, but I use a small funnel with high sides. I spray into the funnel tipped at an angle until i have what i want. Wipe down the funnel and i put in the dehydrator till its warm, then ready to spray.
  12. The Assassin AA/FD - Built

    Yours look just like the restored car. I have also seen it in person, beautiful car. I also liked the Ranchero that was with this car, that had a SOHC engine it.
  13. I tried to order last week. He is backed up and cant take anymore orders till after the first of the year. bummed, but totally understand. Amazing product that we all want.