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  1. Model cars and Bodybuilding

    I actually have one of the small Folgers containers, that I keep sawdust in. When i have mixed too much paint, or when cleaning my jars, i just dump it in there. After a while I can just dump out the sawdust and put fresh stuff in it. For cleaning the airbrush after acrylics, i bought one of those paint pots to spray in. I don't use that for solvent based paint. I do save a lot of containers though. I have been keeping some that have had lunch meat in that have a lid, and found those to be handy because they are a slim design and can be stacked on top of each other.
  2. AMT Wild Wheels 'n wide Ovels

    haven't bought any AMT's for awhile, so i don't have these. I may purchase them now, and save me from buying more kits i don't plan on building.
  3. OK, thganks for replying to my questions. It is very nice looking, good job.
  4. Thanks for that pic. One more thing, what did you use for the front springs?
  5. 1/25 MPC 890 - Joker Getaway Car

    I have watched quite a few of his you tubes and I do like them. Ill have to check this one out. Chris if you are out there, quit using the word delicious when describing parts. LOL I know, there is only so many words that you can use.
  6. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    As if i don't need any more models, but I have always liked the 68 over the 69, which I still have built from the early 80's. I will probably buy this one.
  7. Nice job, love the color. I am working on this truck right now. I have bought all of these so far, and only a 69 done right now. I would like to see the chassis if you have any pictures of it. I bought some wheels and tires from Fireball model works, and looking at how to lift this up.
  8. truck says Olympia, but your pictures are Eastern Washington, there isn't any trees to log. LOL nice looking truck, and cool pictures.
  9. Japanese "kei" cars

    thanks for the description. now I know.
  10. Years ago (many) I acquired a 68 chevelle model. I have always wanted a real one but that never happened. If this is true, ill be sure to get one. One of my all time favorites, beside my Nova's.

    Wow, I remember those adds. Always wanted the x-ray glasses. I think my sister or brother got those sea monkeys. lol Whoops, sorry for the side track.
  12. MPC Daytona Show transporter

    I have purchased an original issue a few years ago, and it also included an insert of the bottom of the engine so you didn't have to put the engine in it.
  13. AMT '65 Buick Riviera George Barris News

    There is an early 60's vette around Monroe Washington with those fenders and hideaway lights. It is butt ugly.
  14. Japanese "kei" cars

    What does kei mean?
  15. I have never done one of these, and am going to try with the 95 blazer. Sorry no pics of the box, but i have started tinkering around with it. Years ago I was trying to build a crew cab dually s-10, so a few parts i will have to recreate, due to the price of another one of these blazers.