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  1. How to Decant Spray Cans

    It has only taken me 12 years to get to 200 post's.
  2. How to Decant Spray Cans

    I don't have a picture of it, but I use a small funnel with high sides. I spray into the funnel tipped at an angle until i have what i want. Wipe down the funnel and i put in the dehydrator till its warm, then ready to spray.
  3. The Assassin AA/FD - Built

    Yours look just like the restored car. I have also seen it in person, beautiful car. I also liked the Ranchero that was with this car, that had a SOHC engine it.
  4. I tried to order last week. He is backed up and cant take anymore orders till after the first of the year. bummed, but totally understand. Amazing product that we all want.
  5. Here is a different picture of the diorama with out the bronco.
  6. Sorry for the high jack. This is all i have as far as pictures go. I built this as a test trying to do a camo, about 20 years ago. Still have this on my shelf. These were some of my early resign molds, which i am not good at. The mold tore and I barely got the 4 i needed for this model. I did buy a set from A.S. when they first came out, I am not even sure if I have any of the originals left.
  7. Clive Cussler reader I see. My issue on bldg. things like this is, where to put them when done. Looks good, keep it moving.
  8. These are my resign copies of the ones i purchased. I have only used them on this model.
  9. Budd Anderson and GT40

    Old version of the go pro.
  10. Washes That Work

    I have been getting into more of this brand of washes, and have found them to work pretty good.
  11. Automotive wax ?

    Novus polish for the win.
  12. Model cars and Bodybuilding

    I actually have one of the small Folgers containers, that I keep sawdust in. When i have mixed too much paint, or when cleaning my jars, i just dump it in there. After a while I can just dump out the sawdust and put fresh stuff in it. For cleaning the airbrush after acrylics, i bought one of those paint pots to spray in. I don't use that for solvent based paint. I do save a lot of containers though. I have been keeping some that have had lunch meat in that have a lid, and found those to be handy because they are a slim design and can be stacked on top of each other.
  13. AMT Wild Wheels 'n wide Ovels

    haven't bought any AMT's for awhile, so i don't have these. I may purchase them now, and save me from buying more kits i don't plan on building.