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  1. Years ago (many) I acquired a 68 chevelle model. I have always wanted a real one but that never happened. If this is true, ill be sure to get one. One of my all time favorites, beside my Nova's.

    Wow, I remember those adds. Always wanted the x-ray glasses. I think my sister or brother got those sea monkeys. lol Whoops, sorry for the side track.
  3. MPC Daytona Show transporter

    I have purchased an original issue a few years ago, and it also included an insert of the bottom of the engine so you didn't have to put the engine in it.
  4. AMT '65 Buick Riviera George Barris News

    There is an early 60's vette around Monroe Washington with those fenders and hideaway lights. It is butt ugly.
  5. Japanese "kei" cars

    What does kei mean?
  6. I have never done one of these, and am going to try with the 95 blazer. Sorry no pics of the box, but i have started tinkering around with it. Years ago I was trying to build a crew cab dually s-10, so a few parts i will have to recreate, due to the price of another one of these blazers.
  7. Warming your paint

    I decant my paints, then put them in the dehydrator.
  8. BJ & the Bear XXL Project Complete

    We actually get some rigs up here at work that are pretty long like that, but they are conventionals. Southern pride is the trucking company. http://sptnet.com/ Mike77, that is one amazing truck.
  9. Want a noisy compressor? Craftsman 80 gal 5 hp. I have that attached to the back of my house in a little shed. When I need it, I just turn it on and open the door. LOL. I do have a small compressor in the garage for airbrushing, and small jobs that I need the portable for. As long as I keep my compressor off during the hours of 10 pm to 7 am, i don't care if i disturb anyone.
  10. 2019 Ram

    This one does seem to turn somewhat sharper than my old 95 f-350 cc DRW gas engine. I wasn't trying to pick on Ram, just all trucks with a small bed. Hell my el Camino has a bigger bed than some of these new trucks.
  11. 2019 Ram

    I do. 2013 Ford F-450 DRW.
  12. 2019 Ram

    Another car with a bed. might as well buy an SUV. Real trucks have an 8 ft bed.
  13. Lumpy's 40 Ford

    It always looked black to me.
  14. Factory Stock '26-7 Fords

    I own a 1:1 27 roadster, and I would like someday to build a scale version also. What did you use as a starting point for a 27? Tim
  15. I think its real, and the hand is photo shopped in. Excellent work, that's a testament of your building, cause it looks so real.