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  1. Lumpy's 40 Ford

    It always looked black to me.
  2. Factory Stock '26-7 Fords

    I own a 1:1 27 roadster, and I would like someday to build a scale version also. What did you use as a starting point for a 27? Tim
  3. I think its real, and the hand is photo shopped in. Excellent work, that's a testament of your building, cause it looks so real.
  4. Revell Visit to November GTR meeting test shots

    I have always liked the 53 to 56 fords, and ill buy this one, no problem. The suburban, ill be buying a few, I really like it. Tim
  5. My most successful use of Alclad yet

    Didn't know its in a bottle, I just assumed it was only in a spray can. Ill have to check it out. thanks for the reply. wow 10 years and I still don't have over 200 posts. I must real be slow. LOL I do lurk daily though.
  6. My most successful use of Alclad yet

    Can you decant this type of paint? I would rather use an airbrush. I get a heavy hand when I spray right of the can. Tim
  7. That's funny, I am watching that show right now.
  8. Manufactured Paint spray booth

    I bought one from e-bay and I like it. I do have mine exhaust to the outside through a hole in my wall. I found micro mark has the best deal on the filters. Only draw back is I don't think a semi box trailer would fit in it. Tim
  9. um that looks exactly what my 83 looked like from the factory. It was ordered by a car dealer in Auburn Washington as the owners car. That's not what mine looks like now.
  10. Holy cow, is what I said after picking myself up off of the floor. Simply Amazing..........

    Never a disappointment from Dr Cranky. I like your vision on this 29.
  12. I bought the kit and am building it, so there.
  13. Wife was with me as I was looking for the trucks, and picked this one up. Asked if I had this one, nope, but if they dont have the truck then thats what I want. Worker said thats the first one out the door, I thought they had been out for awhile. lol.