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  1. Did a bit of digging through my storage unit/7th ring of h*ll this weekend; didn't find everything I'd hoped to, but a few interesting pieces were within reach. You mentioned 55 Chevies, I've got an unbuilt but opened AMT 55 sedan, as well as a Revell 55 convertible, and I'm pretty sure I can lay hands on an AMT 55 Nomad. I've included pics to show some resin bodies I came across: Pretty sure the 57 Ford 4-door wagon is not a Jimmy Flintstone, but one of R&R's better bodies. It has very crisp details, and I have an unopened AMT 57 Ford as a completer kit; that's the one it was intended for. My Brookwood is a '59, and needs an AMT 59 El Camino for a completer. It is a Modelhaus kit, and includes the interior tub, vacu-formed glass for the rear windows, and 4 stock hubcaps. The Hearse body is meant to have the Polar Lights Ecto-mobile from Ghostbusters as its completer. Pretty sure that one's a Jimmy Flintstone body. All the resin bodies need typical resin flash removal, but very little.

    Let me know if there's something here you can use more than a Buick! Whadaya think?

    FiveFive (Medium).JPG

    Wagons (Medium).JPG

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