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  1. just watched the video,awesome detail and weathering ,,great job
  2. the dollar store or dollar tree whatever they call it has bags of zombies the same size as the mcfarlane dio ones that you could use ,,,,,this dio is very cool
  3. i would love to see you do a tutorial on building small buildings like a small soda shoppe or drive in burger place
  4. i used a can of accents ,over krylon grey primer ,it worked fine
  5. go to dr cranky's labratory ,on youtube ,and go through his massive library of how to videos ,you'll be glad you did,anything you need to learn is there ,and no loud music ,,
  6. there is also checkerboard duct tape ,it looks great ,,walmart ,staples ,,amonst other places
  7. its my first time ordering and i hear nothing but great things about them and thier products ,,i was just curious about delivery times ,thanks everyone for the feedback and your right nick ,i will definately have my parts before i can finish all my kits lol.. thanks again jim
  8. thanks everyone ,i only ordered two sets of tires and a couple 53 caddy aircleaners ,its been about 5 weeks ,i didnt know if they were always very busy
  9. does anyone know the average wait for an order from the modelhaus?
  10. love it brother ,,i need one ,,thanks for the unboxing
  11. did these cranky figures ever become available to purchase ???
  12. your welcome buddy,,..i tried ebay for along time for them and finally won a bid for all three johnny lightnings for just under 30 bucks ,,,,i wish someone would cast the pharoahs car club that would be cool..
  13. the milner's coupe from that series has a figure of john milner,,,johnny lightning has several matchbox size diecast cars with 1/25 scale figures ,toad ,debbie and wolfman jack ,,hope this helps
  14. i also would like contact info for shawn
  15. thats sharp as hell ,..great job
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