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  1. i cant wait,..somebody pull the tarp off please ,..
  2. ronald6386 on ebay ,..has a store called hobbies plus ,he has a pair of seated figures of bo and luke ,,he cant call them that of course they are #2004 in his store
  3. yes its the same dvd ,..but with added footage ,a concert from 1977
  4. its a fantastic dvd ,..if your an eagles fan ,its a must see,..the eagles story from start to finish is really interesting ,
  5. wow,thats a great model combo you got there ,,.nice job ..the base is really cool too
  6. hanna barbera figures by Jazwares came out in 2012 there were 3 inch figures of all the flintstone characters - that will work--they also made 6 inch ,so if you look on ebay or something ,make sure its 3 inch ,the 6 will be too big.,...hope this helps
  7. hi brian,. i use to spend alot of time at the skate 3 hockey rink in your town,..when my boys were still playing hockey,..welcome
  8. i think the Monkees car has one also the the tom daniels Garbage truck has two guitars...i think its a tom daniels ,..its the hotrod truck
  9. if thats the 7 and 1/2 in figure its being reissued with the cardboard sign and shop
  10. how about this right here,..great forums..as a kid i always built alone,.. never really knew what anyone else was doing ...now we get to share anything we're working on ,,,get inspired by the eye candy others share with us ,,ask questions ,learn new ways of doing everthing ,,get great opportunitys to trade for kits or parts ,,..and to understand that we are not alone .doing what we love with this forum and youtube im having my favorite modeling times right now ,and i've been building on and off since the sixtys so thats saying something.....just my 2 cents worth...jim
  11. nice build,that green is amazing
  12. welcome Andres, " NORTH EAST TRAINS " .in Peabody sq. has everything you'll need ,paints,glues putty ,styrene ,baremetal foil ..ect..ect.. jim
  13. there aren't enough w's and o's in " WOW " to say how much i love this build..that color combo is absolutely fantastic ..thanks for the eye candy..jim
  14. im terribly sorry to hear that ,...i lost my younger brother a year ago next friday,...so i can tell you it will get easier ,it will still hurt ,but you'll be able to handle it better,...so god bless you and your family ......with my deepest sympathys....jim
  15. alan arbus( ,dr freidman from mash ) also died today
  16. great stuff ,love em all...thanks for sharing
  17. the 442 is cool---has always been cool --great build ,nice job
  18. i also have been trying to get one of these ,if you do cast some i would love to be in on it
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