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  1. Is anyone planning on attending the show.its usually a good take .some great builds this years theme is 32' fords, im hoping to pick up i few kits ive been wanting.. i'll take plenty of pictures
  2. can you still purchase these items ? i would really like the 57 gmc parts
  3. looks like the good Doc has plenty of room in his ship for scrapple..
  4. Let me know when i can get a life time subscription.it will be my favorite mag lol
  5. i had to rush my dog to the vet ,and didnt finish my build, i hope to some time this week , i will post final pics when i'm done
  6. As usual Doc ,you've blown me away .that Cobra is awesome
  7. first body coat,but it fell off the stand and onto the floor ,i caught it ,but not before, the right rear and part of the rear hit the floor ,so i have some sanding to do lol
  8. here's my start,having trouble with photos has slowed me down,but i think i have it figured out
  9. ok Doc, I told you last time , if you have another 3 day build, I would join . I'm recouping from a hand injury ,but I'm in. I have a Munsters Coach ,I'm itching to start so that will be my build...
  10. WOW great job ,i thought it was actual rusted metal
  11. i dont have a LHS ,so a 27.00 kit at micheals with todays coupons 40% and 15% is about 14.50 not a great price but still decent if they have a particular kit that i want
  12. but ,micheals also has 40% off a single item coupon in thier weekly flier , just about every week , so ,you still can get a kit for a decent price. and this week there is also a 15% off entire purchase so that knocks alittle bit more off.
  13. You guys made this a very fun weekend following all your buils,congrats to you all for some really great work .hats off to you good Doctor ,for getting this craziness going.I will definately join in next time..
  14. sweet build ,the graphics are great ,nice job.. jim
  15. deluxe Batmobile 50 Hudson newest Munster set 77 wrecker tamiya painting stands ( finally )
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