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  1. mademan added a post in a topic Best 63 Vette coupe offeringin 1/25?   

    Thanks for taking the time to comment guys! I am going to be starting on a replica of George Barris's Asteroid 63 Corvette. I am thinking however after going through my stash and only having the AMT 63, the Revell snap kit and the Revell 67, I may just use the 67; The body is close enough, the gills on the side of the front fenders and the window splitter will be cut away and thats the main distinguishing factor

  2. mademan added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Best 63 Vette coupe offeringin 1/25?
    Has anyone built any of the offered 63 Vette coupe kits? which is the best?
    I have the newest release of the AMT, however its got a molded one piece interior with seats molded in. Is the MPC version better? if anyone has build any and could give a quick review would be much appreciated.
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  3. mademan added a topic in Wanted!   

    Wanted few Miscellanious parts
    I am looking for a few odds and ends for some projects, if anyone has these for trade etc. lmk:
    -67 corvette coupe rear glass
    -stromberg 97 carbs
    -log style intake for above carbs for SBC - can make anything work though.
    -Rat Roaster tires (stacey david kit)
    -SBC corvette script chrome valve covers
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  4. mademan added a post in a topic Buick Avista Concept   

    ^ I see 2015 Mustang..... that roofline and side glass, the whole overall shape of it.
  5. mademan added a post in a topic Clearly Scale thread   

    Not even close to finished, however here is my Supercharged Hemi for my Bad Apple Kandy Challenger build, also the ACR hood.

  6. mademan added a post in a topic New tuck'n roll interiors   

    Just received my interiors and the only thing im not happy about is that there isnt more money in the budget to order more right now! Super cool interiors, I cannot wait to build with them.
  7. mademan added a post in a topic T.M. Resin on eBay   

    ive got over 100 hoods, and random parts and a pile of bodies, all great quality and shipped fast, had an issue with warpage and they took care of me.
  8. mademan added a post in a topic 70 hemi cuda Feb 5 chassis/ hemi   

    love it, Ive always liked the gold/brown oddball colors on muscle cars, paint is great as per usual. What clear are you shooting?
  9. mademan added a post in a topic chuck naylor R.I.P   

    Very sorry to hear this, We just spoke a week ago and he was going to start on some decals for projects I have in mind.
  10. mademan added a post in a topic How do you pick which model you will work on next   

    I rarely finish anything and start new projects all the time, Ive got basically everything on hand with about 2500+ kits so if I see a car I like, or get an idea/inspiration I pull it out and do a bit,and then write a list of what else I want to do and put it in the box and shelf it until I want to come back to it. I also keep a notebook with me most of the time, at work etc, and if I get an idea I write it down.
  11. mademan added a post in a topic Dodge Challenger 6.4 Supercharged Swap :)   

    Thanks for the comments. Here are a couple of pics taken with my Camera instead of phone. Also some pics of the heart of the beast. I painted the block and heads in billet silver, and started detailing; Also a pic of the Tremec T56 6spd. I will be using Scale Productions Foose Nitrous II wheels for this build, which were painted an anthracite metallic w/ machined barrels. I also included a pic of my building partner my Rescue Pit, Rita DeVille. She always curls up at my feet while I build.

  12. mademan added a post in a topic Source for Buick straight 8?   

    I was looking at pics online last night and thought the same thing. I will be ordering from Ken instead.
  13. mademan added a post in a topic Dodge Challenger 6.4 Supercharged Swap :)   

    the next one I do is going to be this new resin body, with the supercharged 6.4 and the other Ram air hood that Clearly Scale offers, probably in Plum Crazy

  14. mademan added a post in a topic Dodge Challenger 6.4 Supercharged Swap :)   

    To tell you the truth, ive got 10 of their engine kits/ transmissions, and 4 of the challenger hoods and I can honestly say ive never worked with resin aftermarket engines this clean, fit is perfect right out of the bag.
    Im thinking I may go with aluminum/billet for the block/heads and satin black on the charger.
  15. mademan added a post in a topic Dodge Challenger 6.4 Supercharged Swap :)   

    You just tell me when they are ready and ill put another order in, haha I cant get enough of your stuff, its just so clean!
    Its a really deep green, Ill try and capture it outside tomorrow with a good camera, I used the magnesium pearl as a base, and shot the spaz stix Kandy Apple green right over top. It layed down really nice. The hood is just dupli-color flat black at the moment, I was going to paint it green also, but I think im gonna just leave it black for that oldschool look.