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  1. Mad Max Gigahorse

    absolutely incredible. I really enjoy seeing your updates.
  2. Sorry for the delay in updates, I had been waiting on parts orders and very busy with work. Ive started detailing the interior with decals and chrome trim. My FireBall Modelworks order arrived today with my Ralley wheels and Carter AFB carbs.
  3. Jeremy John/Clearly Scale?

    | What had you ordered? I have quite a bit of his stuff and could possibly help you out. Like Nick said, Jeremy has had ALLOT of health issues since christmas, He is a great guy, and has some of the nicest product around; Jeremy certainly isnt out to scam anyone, he is just moving slower than usual.
  4. Resin Half Up Top

    I have one for the Johan 77-79 Cadillac... not resin they are 3d printed. great detail... well worth the price... thats what it costs to print it.....
  5. 1969 Beaumont front bumper/grille

    If there is a list.... put me on it!! looking great.
  6. Ive got a bunch of his stuff.... needs work for sure, but its pretty decent, and workable.
  7. No major updates, I did add the white tail stripe and I am really liking it.
  8. Yes, FireballModelworks makes resin door handles, they are really nice.
  9. The kit is great so far. I hadn`t even considered buying it until I saw another member here ( Freakshow12) with his at a local contest, I immediately had to have it.... and Honestly Id like to get 2-3 more as Ive got more ideas. Everything seems to fit really nicely.
  10. IM really leaning towards the white tail stripe. Do you have a picture of an f8 Charger with red stripe? ive never seen it.
  11. I don't often build Mopar stuff, and Ive NEVER built stock, or close to stock; However Lately i've really been wanting to do a Factory Stock/ Dealer Delivered build. Ive always liked the oddball colors and color combinations, so F8 Dark Green ( F8 Ivy) with a matching interior seemed like a good combo. I started by removing all seams and mold lines, as well as the trademark script from the fuel tank. Ive done allot of research and read allot of material as well as talked with the Mopar guys. The body was sprayed with Scale Finishes Dodge F8 over black primer as the 1:1 would have been, and the Chassis was done in grey primer and then over-sprayed (the over-spray is a bit much but it will work). I could not find a proper green flocking or suitable embossing powder locally, however I found some scale diorama "grass" at Micheals, which worked out quite well. The interior was sprayed with the same Scale Finshed F8 but mixed with a bit of flat clear to simulate the vinyl and then the plastics on the seats, door panels, console and dash as well as the rear package tray were painted with a similar olive green. Reference pictures are quite limited for F8 cars I am finding. The engine will be done up totally stock also using Carter AFB carbs from Fireball Modelworks and a correct rounded air cleaner as the kit supplied one is too square and lacks detail. I have also ordered Fireball 15" Ralleye wheels to use with my f60-15 Poly Glas GT parts pack tires as 70 was the first year of the optional Ralleye`s and 15" tires for Hemi cars.. I will update as I have time to work on it more. Any comments and criticisms, pointers etc. are welcomed and appreciated.
  12. I am looking for the Hemi air cleaner from the JO-han 69 roadrunner or 70 superbird. I believe its a 2 piece air cleaner.
  13. Calling all Mopar Gurus.....

    Thanks. Yes I am going with the optional 15" and I managed to track down some parts pack f60-15s locally. I ordered the Rallys from Fireball also.
  14. Anyone have a source for an aftermarket 1970 Hemi Air Cleaner? something more detailed than the Revell 70 Charger kit.... its too square and just a chrome lump. Any leads are much appreciated.