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  1. mademan added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Phantom Yenko Tahoe shop truck Completed
    Im calling this one done. I just need to mask and spray the front black bumper trim in metallic grey to match the sides. Its just a quick curbside build for the local club meeting tomoro night. The theme is "One of a kind" so I figured a "what it" Yenko would fit the bill. I used Firebird Designs Alps printed decals.... they fought me the whole way, bled through, brittle, etc. etc.  Wheels are Pegasus 23" hellas misted with multiple colors of grey, silver, charcoal etc for a magnesium look. Ride height was lowered all around about 4" in the front and 3-4" in the back. Color is Metalcast Transparent red over Duplicolor Ford Charcoal Metallic.

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  2. mademan added a post in a topic I don't know what to say   

    they are modern versions of " Elbows" "84s" "Swangas"  "super pokes"  if you google it its big with the Slab guys, mostly a southern states thing. Some older, 80s cadillacs look really good with em.
  3. mademan added a post in a topic Phantom Yenko Tahoe "what if" shop truck   

    I got a bit more done, Side trim painted, Yenko decals added to the sideplates in the trim. Final clear coat. Interior is all done and ride height has been set.

  4. mademan added a post in a topic Custom   

    Love the ride height and the wheels ( check the custom 49-54 page on facebook) youll see allot that low.    just wondering where you got the chrome wheels?
  5. mademan added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Phantom Yenko Tahoe "what if" shop truck
    The local club that I meet with has a theme night for December of "One of a kind" ( customs, prototypes, phantoms etc)  I have been wanting to do a newer Yenko truck for a while so I decided on this Tahoe. I sprayed it Duplicolor Charcoal grey metallic ( ford color) and then Metalcast Transparent Red over top.  Decals are Firebird Designs Alps printed ( not the greatest quality)  Decals were an issue, very brittle and not thick enough in some areas, causing "bleed through" from the paint.  I am using 23" Pegasus Hellas, which I dull coated and misted with a couple different metallic greys to give them that Magnesium cast look.  For the interior I added a few little things such as a 4 speed shifter and tach. I am just building this as a curbside to have something for the meeting theme, later on I will revisit the idea with a full detail, probably sporting a clearly scale carbed LSX resin engine

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  6. mademan added a post in a topic Whats your work area like?   

    Mine is a HECK OF A MESS right now, Ive only moved into my house a couple of months ago and with a busy work schedual and trying to build at the same time im setting up makes it hard. I hope that it is as organized as yours when done! I built the benches myself and still have a few more shelves to put up.

  7. mademan added a post in a topic Revell 2016 releases   

    Im pretty pumped about this kit! I just ordered 2 Resin stinger hoods off ebay, and both are warped, junk....... cant wait for kit pieces

  8. mademan added a post in a topic 69 Nova COPO 427   

    Sorry for the picture quality, lighting and the camera were not co-operating tonight.  I got the rear suspension mocked up with scratch built shackles to bring the back end up for the tires to clear. Ride height is mostly set up now, I added ( mocked up currently) some traction bars also.

    I should have more updates in the next few days, I rushed and got the shackles built so that I could have it mocked up for a club meeting tonight.
  9. mademan added a post in a topic Vintage Valve Cover Breathers
    they come with the BBC/ Hemi parts packs
  10. mademan added a post in a topic Best single year ever?   

    yep, 67 for me too, the Camaro, Chevelle, the Impala ( my absolute favorite) I finally got my 1:1 67 SS after tracking this car for near 15 years.

  11. mademan added a post in a topic Clearly Scale thread   

    im in for the 609 that is wicked!!
  12. mademan added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    got my order from Clearly Scale...... super super clean.

  13. mademan added a post in a topic Clearly Scale thread   

    Just got my order, WOW  this stuff is super super clean. Best aftermarket casting ive seen, and ive got allot of aftermarket engines.

  14. mademan added a post in a topic 1971 duster on steroids nov 6 decalled and nearly done   

    Looks great, the color and white interior go great together, and your engine detailing is excellent as always.
  15. mademan added a post in a topic 69 Nova COPO 427   

    I had a buddy draw them up for me, and had them printed at Shapeways. I tried to get more as im almost out, but he no longer has the file.  I may commission him to redo them for me soon and mabey make them available, as there is nothing in the way of aftermarket mufflers currently..... aside from the old detailmaster cheese blocks, lol