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  1. 1967 Chevy 4 dr.

    look into Page Resins..... I think someone on the forum was doing one too, but cant remember who
  2. 69 Roadrunner

    WOW!!! incredible work!.. where did you get the decals from the 6bbl hood decal and the roadrunners?
  3. Shapeways Reviews

    Ive got allot of Rons stuff, I actually won the 1/12 project contest a while back and used my winnings to buy a bunch more lol. I only order in FUD or Ultra frosted detail., the quality is great. with the regular flexible white plastic its a bit grainy or textured, but most of his stuff in FUD is paint ready right out of the box. His design work is excellent and to scale, I havent gotten a part that I wasnt happy with.
  4. 1970 Charger

    Excellent build as per usual! I look forward to seeing it in person at BridgeCon.
  5. ISO 69 Roadrunner

    best bet is to grab the current dirty donny 69 GTX and hit up HartsParts Resin for the roadrunner grille and hood. thats what I did
  6. Wanted 1/10 hemi

    looking for a 1/10 Hemi, gluebomb Parma, unbuilt, resin copy etc. etc. doesnt matter, even parts. Id prefer to trade, I have lots of stuff, mostly 25th scale.
  7. Scale Finishes

    Elm city has been out of stock on MOST colors for over a year now.... every time I go to order it hasn't been restocked. I ended up placing an order with Scale Finishes a few days ago. So we will see.
  8. "Just A Car Guy" Blog

    spend all my free time building 3 cars in my garage and driveway lol ..... barely any time to check here, le talone a blog
  9. Scale Finishes

    yep, thats the stuff
  10. Scale Finishes

    Chrysler F8 , and GM Frost Green
  11. Scale Finishes

    for the guys that have ordered directly from scalefinishes and had it shipped to Canada.... whats the shipping cost like? I only need 2 colors 2oz bottles.
  12. Scale Finishes

    Unfortunately the colors that I want have been out of stock at Elm city for nearly a year, and ive asked for it a few times with no response.....
  13. 69 Roadrunner

    anyone have a pic of the Harts Parts 69 Roadrunner 6BBL hood? there is only 1 picture on the site and its a front , overhead view.....
  14. Scale Finishes

    Just wondering if anyone has bought from scale finishes lately? I am needing a couple colors that I cant get locally and last time I had ordered it took almost 2 months with no communication.
  15. 69 Roadrunner

    I just snagged an AMT 69 GTX and hit up Harts parts for the Roadrunner hood and grille