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  1. I havent had any contact with Jeremy in about 5 months, so I have no clue how he is doing or if he is even doing ok.
  2. I ordered a few things from them in October, from the website.... Just had to have paypal step in and refund my money. Nothing from them, no replies to emails, no response to the case by paypal..... this is the second and last time I ever use them.... both times I had trouble.
  3. kit engine with alum valve covers in the brown.... fully 3d printed engine in the Bronze.... 3d printed ignition box, engine, intake, carb etc...... I think we are "there" when it comes to 3d printing and the hobby.
  4. ive started storing m testors cans upside down.... well see how that goes,lol. I had 30 cans leak out this past year.... all under 2 years old.
  5. Anyone with an alps or equivalent printer able to print a couple of decals? Nothing special just a font (3 words) printed in gold outlined in white, or white outlines in black.... willing to pay a premium, need fast. Cant get a reply from Keith Mark's or anyone else who makes decals.
  6. Love the color and the interior detail- the wood wheel is excellent. Hope to see it at Bridgecon2019
  7. https://www.acme.com/licensemaker/ here you go, just make your plate, then copy and paste into Microsoft word or a like program, make it smaller etc. then print on photo or decal paper.
  8. hey buddy< I didnt get a pm, must not have gone through.
  9. Until Recently there haven't been any issues with Clearly Scale.... it is the best quality resin that i've ever used. Jeremy has only owned Clearly Scale for like 3 years........ I have probably over $1000 worth of his product from the start up until last Christmas , and not once did I ever have an issue. The thing about it is.... the US guys buy more and its easier to just sell in USD, its that simple.
  10. Does anyone know what kit, or aftermarket supplier has these decals? I really need a set for a project I have in mind. **EDIT** Model King 50 Austin kit
  11. I ordered 2 distributors in october.... still havent recieved anything , and no replies...
  12. https://www.shapeways.com/product/HPTLS6YE5/nitrious-1-24-pkg-x4?optionId=63865180
  13. looking good! I got my parcel yesterday, thanks again, soooooo clean!!!!!
  14. 3d model specialties on Shapeways does an incredible dominator, split dominator, 4500, 4150, etc.
  15. generally im not a fan of the 4 door stuff, or import stuff.... but dang I really want one.
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