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  1. Id still rather work with the old plastic over this new thin stuff. that being said ill still buy a case of these wagons to go with my pile of originals.
  2. Thanks guys! I thought I had some Fireball Modelworks carbs around here somewhere but cannot seem to find them, so I just placed an order tonight. In the mean time I am going ot wrap up the interior and wire the engine up.
  3. Final stance has been set, wheel backs havent been painted and the tires were just put on for mock up purpose.
  4. For sure! I'm a street machine guy, all round lol. Here's my project 70 monte.
  5. This started out as a box stock, factory stock build..... and well, I cant leave anything alone. I started with the Revell 68 Chevelle SS kit, painted with Scale Finishes GM Frost green, and accented with black. ..... that's where it took a turn, I added some Fireball Modelworks N50-15s, ScenesUnlimited Deep and skinny Cragars, and some aluminum and 3d engine parts. The engine will be wired and plumbed and ill be adding Air shocks with hoses out back. Im going with a basic black interior, bare bones, with added gauges and tach, mabey some fuzzy dice. Ill probably run it hoodless, as I painted the hood before deciding on the tunnel ram and dual quads, and I'm out of that paint.
  6. I will continue to keep everyone in the loop as I find out more, and when I find out how it will be sold etc. im not sure as of yet how far off that will be.
  7. Once his friend is able to get to his storage, the orders that are outstanding and not refunded as of yet will get shipped out. There is a box of orders that were packed and ready to send out when he wound up in the hospital. All of his belongings and everything were packed and put into a storage unit. Once those are out, the remainder of the stock will be cleared out from what I understand. Jeremy is very motivated to get better, but it is a long road to recovery, he expressed to me that he really wants to continue on with his current product and planned projects. I will stand behind him 100% he is honest and has nothing but good intentions.
  8. TDR innovations on Shapeways.com has a 3d printed one as seen on my Bronze Nova... about $20 each though.
  9. Nickolas is the owner of STL Printables.... they work together.
  10. I'm just happy about the flat hood,bench seat, non SS grille and separate bumper guards.. the rest is trash as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Same, I'm fairly local ( like 7 hours ) so I generally bought the first of each engine etc. To try out. The quality is second to none. I hope he makes a good recovery and gets back to it, as he has lots of great ideas and some serious skill.
  12. A friend of Jeremy has just posted an update on the ClearlyScale Build page on facebook. Jeremy is still in very rough shape following his major heart surgery near 2 years ago, and has suffered a stroke earlier on this year. So his fight isnt over yet, but he is slowly recovering. I know allot of people are waiting and people start to think they are just being ripped off , due to so many other casters going MIA and taking their money. I can say with extreme confidence that when Jeremy is back to health he will take care of long outstanding orders. All I know is what was posted as I havent talked to Jeremy myself in almost 8 Months.
  13. WOW!! Incredible work so far. Im watching this build, have wanted to build something similar for a while.....minus the incredible machine work.... im blown away.
  14. Ive got a pink panther complete unbuilt in the box..... pm me if you have an 62-65 Nova stuff, or cool hot rod stuff. I wont ever build the panther.
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