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  1. Wasn't going to post until I got it in clear...... but I haven't had time when its been the right temp to clear. Bedlam creations knocked the decals out of the park for me.
  2. over 10 days ago he submitted a tracking number to Paypal so they closed the case..... tracking hasnt updated... says shipping label printed, awaiting pickup.
  3. I dont quite like the shape of the ones included. Based on the 2 1:1 subframe kits that I have I shaped mine after them. I will have updates soon, body is foiled and my Custom decals have arrived.
  4. Great build! I really like it without the Ttops and spoiler. I am about to toss together a ratty 1:1 80 Camaro Berlinetta.... no spoiler, no ttop, Airshocks and some steam rollers out back with some serious rake.
  5. The things I would do for a set of those wheels lol. I have some super deep 15x10s and 14x6 on my 1:1 70 Monte Carlo " Flirtin' with disaster". By far my favorite wheel.
  6. LEX hood seem to be hit and miss. I have about 25 of them and most are warped beyond repair or ill fitting. Guys say that in the last while the quality is better, whereas mine are from 4-5 years ago.
  7. Anyone have experience with Gravity USA? I placed an order a month and a half ago.... no communication no tracking etc; After no replies to emails and guys on facebook groups saying they have had problems, I started a claim with Paypal, they escalated and opened a file and Gravity promptly gave them tracking info.... Paypal closed the file and for the last week the tracking has said " label printed, waiting for pickup" so it looks like im in for another long wait. Im in Canada and no-one offers the colors that I wanted, and if they did shipping was 4x as much as the product. I know that elm street hobbies in the Maritimes is a ScaleFinishes distributor but they never have any product and Ive never gotten a reply when I ask to special order anything.
  8. WOW! Incredible work on the wheels. Keystones are my Favorite wheel by far. Got a set of 14x6 and 15x10s on my 70 Monte "Flirtin' with Disaster"
  9. Once again minimal progress.... I've been out in the shop working on my 1:1 63 Nova hardtop and 65 Parisienne.....so i've been neglecting the model subjects. I like the kit wheels however they are not deep enough for the obnoxious stance/tires that I am using. So I got some wheels that I didn't like anyways from the 72 Challenger kit ( molded in yellow) and took the barrels off them, sanded down the top edge of the kit wheels and mated them together inside some Fireball Modelworks N50-15s. I absolutely love the look.
  10. Looking great! love the dash in these cars, the triple gauge is cool as heck. Im currently building a 1:1 65 Parisienne ( basically a Canadian Bonneville/Catalina)
  11. A bit more progress..... Not much.... but a bit I finished the mounts for the leaf springs, still waiting on my etch bolt heads to come in ...... I sprayed the interior panels with a deep red, and added foil to the panels to look like aluminum. I also got some machined tachs ( and other parts) from Brazil..... quality is great.
  12. I use CA glue ( like zapagap) and have been using Shapeways items for years now without an issue. I use cardboard nail files from the dollar store to sand also.....
  13. AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalrighty.... back from page 5 with some Minor updates. Mostly stuff that nobody will even notice. Having a 1:1 63 Nova with an aftermarket front subframe (Heidts) .... not the one pictured but similar. I couldn't just mount the support tubes to the firewall without proper mounting plates. So I shaped some out of flat styrene and am now waiting for my etch bolt heads to arrive. I've also been messing with headers and have had no luck with big block fenderwell headers ( looking for a set from the Monogram Spirit of 57 Gasser kit) so I found these 3d headers I had laying around..... which may work with a bit of modification. I am going to dump them right at the toe board anyways so I wont need to worry about exhaust at all.
  14. GARY! great to see your name come up. AND building a Nova.... Ive got your artwork you did for me hanging up, and I still haven't finished my 1:1 Nova or 67 Impala SS lol .... but slowely making progress.
  15. As someone who owns currently around 45 62-65 Nova and Acadian 1:1s.... id venture a guess that none of them have a straight gas cap. My 63 Hardtop has new quarters and the way the fill tube is...... the cap is slightly crooked..
  16. I'm gonna be completely honest.... I haven't looked at an instruction sheet for about 15 years. Nor did I look at the extras, I had a build in mind and just pulled out what I needed; That being said.... Mine will have all kinds of extra goodies since I've used very little from the box, lol
  17. Its, Its..... a Ballroom Blitz! Custom decals should be done soon "Ballroom Blitz" seems fitting.... song about getting rowdy. The 427 4speed went together well, and is right at home. Paint went down today, heavy silver flake. no clear yet.
  18. from what I can see , nobody in Canada has them yet. I had one sent up from MonstersInMotion in the states, while I wait for mine at the local hobby shop..... owner tells me early april.
  19. The 1/12 has the same Grump Lump scoop haha. It's my favorite. Street Machine build, all 3d printed details, vinyl top. Not decided on color yet but the top will be white.
  20. I managed to find a set of MAS aluminum valve covers in my storage area. I am quite happy with how the big block fits and looks. Ive been playing with stance and think i've got it figured out now. I will not be running the rear wheels, they are just for mock up purposes. I will however be using the tires. I need to shave the engine mounts a tiny bit more, so that the valve covers clear the hood.
  21. Looks great. The green with gold lettering really pops!
  22. Love the color! It's looking great.
  23. Its not much... but progress is progress. After removing the Tunnel ram to clear the stock hood, I added an aluminum intake and Fireball Modelworks Quadrajet. I will be using the foam "triangle" mesh air cleaner from the Moebius gasser Nova which is still era correct for this build.
  24. No major progress but I did track down a set of air cleaners, and made filters for them. I really like the look.
  25. Bit of progress on the 427/4spd. I painted the engine, trans and heads. Heads are mounted and I started working on the intake. The intake is a Wieand tunnel ram that I had bought a while back and started using on my 68 Chevelle, but decided to go another route. When removing it a piece broke off which had to be repaired, as well as some styrene added to the runners to mate up with the heads properly. Heads are drilled for plugs/wires.
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