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  1. txsportrider added a post in a topic '76 Caprice Rides Again!!!!   

    I'm pretty sure the 74-76 Caprice and Impala Custom coupes did not have a lower rear window molding. I know my aunt's 76 didn't, I waxed her faded out maroon trunk paint at least a dozen times before she had it redone. Here's the best brochure photo I could find, and it looks like there is nothing there.

  2. txsportrider added a post in a topic '71 Cuda finished! 11-16-13   

    Just found this project, and it is awesome! Your craftsmanship is outstanding! Are you or your dad active on the H-body forum for your 1:1 Vegas? There's some pretty cool guys over there that would love your cars!
  3. txsportrider added a post in a topic Now you can own it, first Pontiac Aztek off the line   

    Tom, I can tell you where to get the yellow Aztek you want. I just traded mine off. I had a 2001 hard loaded AWD, with the black and gray leather interior. I bought it to replace an older Suburban, and I have a soft spot (in my head or heart, I can't tell) for the underdog cars. After the novelty wore off, it was actually a decent daily driver, very comfortable, good on gas, and with some decent all terrain tires, it would dig in the mud pretty good. But mine was one problem after another, and the parts for it were surprisingly expensive. At 100k, I didn't expect the trouble it was having. Even though I really liked it, I wouldn't have another one.
  4. txsportrider added a post in a topic Hi from UK newbie   

    Welcome, Steve. I have plans to replicate my 1:1's in 1:25, but haven't done it yet. Same with the work on the 1:1's, big plans, no time!
  5. txsportrider added a post in a topic Back in the Herd   

    Hi Will, I just registered myself. I'm Ken in Tulsa.
  6. txsportrider added a post in a topic Hello folks!   

    Yes, that is one of my full scale time suckers. It's a pretty nice 1977 factory 305 car. I currently have the dashboard out, giving it new gauges and wiring. I have two more coupes that I had big plans for until I found this one.
  7. txsportrider added a post in a topic Hello folks!   

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I opened a box this weekend and dug out a couple of gems. I'm going to try and take some pictures tonight. I don't know if I'll post all of them, though. My history goes back a while, and some of them are a bit rough around the edges!
  8. txsportrider added a post in a topic 1972 AMC Gremlin   

    I love this build! Must... get... Gremlin...
  9. txsportrider added a topic in General   

    Hello folks!
    Ok, so I've now registered and ruined my reputation as a serial lurker here. My name is Ken, I currently live in Tulsa, Ok, but I'm from Dayton, OH originally and plan on returning someday. My full scale projects keep me from building models much anymore, but I love model cars and blame them for my real car addiction. I'm kind of technically challenged, but I'm going to try and learn to post pictures so I can unbox all of my old builds and show them. I have about 400 built kits that have been packed away since 1990, and I'm just now starting to go through them. There's some cool old stuff in there. I lurk on other boards as well, and probably know some of you from them. Thanks for the entertainment over the time I have been in hiding!
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