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  1. bill_67 added a post in a topic Viper cuda   

    Love the way it looking, I also need more pics.
  2. bill_67 added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    Nice detail on the engine Bruce, and your mechanic look better then last years.
  3. bill_67 added a post in a topic CANNONBALL 2017   

    I would like to join this years build off again, I've always had fun in the last three years although I did not complete  last year. These are the builds I have completed. 2014--1968 corvette c6 running gear and suspension. 2015--1972 blazer Ferrari 599 gto running gear. This year I would like to enter a Jo-Han 72 javelin amx . I'm sure I'll update the engine and suspension but as for the rest of it I figure it out as I go

  4. bill_67 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Revell's 60's beetle (bugging me) 1/25
    I bought a kit similar to this when I was about 8. It was revell's penny pincher beetle, tried to turn it into the love bug. I painted the orange body with white enamel brush, it turned out sort of pinkish the numbers I made with permanent marker which smeared. To say the least it turned me off building till my late thirties. Which is why I bought this kit I thought with more skill and patience it would turn out better. I wanted my revenge on this kit. It just about beat me again but I will finish it even though I'm not happy with the results. I have lowered, added Pegasus cl 19" wheels still have to assemble the engine interior and glass. The bumpers are from a die cast I found at a garage sale.

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  5. bill_67 added a post in a topic F100 Custom - The Green Machine   

    Amazing just about sums it up, love everything about this truck.
  6. bill_67 added a post in a topic Aussieball 1950 Chevrolet   

    Great to see some vintage tin in this build off, your is build very cool. Good luck as well.
  7. bill_67 added a post in a topic AussieBall trophy truck   

    Amazing detail Bruce, your truck turned out great! Good luck in the voting. 
  8. bill_67 added a post in a topic '68 Shelby GT-500 (20 Feb - Under Glass)   

    Love the direction you are taking this kit, looks great even I the mock up stage. By the way the 66 is very sharp as well!
  9. bill_67 added a post in a topic The Virus   

    To start off I could not agree with you more on this kit it's terrible, I'm building one now. But you are certainly doing a great job on this especially with no plans to start with, very much looking forward to following this build.
  10. bill_67 added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2016 "The Aussieball" Official Build Thread   

    Great work to all builders! I was disappointed in myself that I didn't get very far this year working two full time jobs didn't help, but I'll be back next year. The number of finished entries this year was down but the quality of the builds was top notch!
  11. bill_67 added a post in a topic '54 Chevy Sedan Delivery   

    Glad to see you back on this, I can't speak on the proportions of the car, but I know what I like, I really like the way it looks now.
  12. bill_67 added a post in a topic Cobra Wagon   

    I was very surprised how well you made that roof fit on that body style amazing job, looks great it reminds me of the Ferrari breadvan. Very nice choice of colour too, I'm glad you stayed away from the blue with white stripes or red, to common in my opinion.
  13. bill_67 added a post in a topic Revell '67 Camaro finally done!!!   

    This is just gorgeous the paint quality and colour, the wheels and engine. Perfect in my opinion love this build one I wish I would done.
  14. bill_67 added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2016 "The Aussieball" Official Build Thread   

    Great work Pat, there are a lot of cool builds happening. Some really nice roll cages on every build, very intimating as I haven't built one before. I'm off to a bad start tried using some heat to straighten the chassis and melted it. Not to big of a deal I'm going to rework most of that any way. I'm looking for some opinion though, is the cars ride height to low? Seems that everyone is going pretty high up.

  15. bill_67 added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2016 "The Aussieball" Official Build Thread   

    HI guys, I'm changing my build for this year, still going to build a rally car. This is the Nitto 1/24 Lancia Stratos, it's the same kit as the italeri. The kit is a curbside and was supposed to be motorized the body is a 2 piece, just taped together for now. I will add an engine, running gear and suspension. I'm think of using a 1uz tbi Lexus engine from clearly scale