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  1. 2018 Cannonball Run

    Hi guys, I would like to enter this year's cannonball run. This year I would like to enter Revell Alley Rat, powered by Trailer Trash Kustoms 5.9L Cummins which I plan to add a twin turbo to this engine. I will draw a lot of inspiration from the new Dodge Power Wagon, as it is something i'm thinking of purchasing in 1:1 . Here are some pics of the engine and kit before I start.
  2. CANNONBALL 2017

    Congratulations guys great work, going to be tough to vote again,! The thing i like about this community build is that everyone builds something different from each other. I didn't get far this year I'm planning on finishing the javelin for the nnl north in may. I'm hoping for a better performance in 2018 cannonball.
  3. CANNONBALL 2017

    Great work guys, I'm going to get back on the javelin. There is still a lot of work to be done, a quick picture of the interior is where I left off.
  4. CANNONBALL 2017

    Got a little more accomplished before I head back to work, the ride height is about set and the engine/drivetrain is in. It's just taped together for now, I was pretty nervous and glad to see the height fit under the hood and engine didn't sit in the interior. Now the hard part, interior work on my next days off
  5. CANNONBALL 2017

    Thank you for catching that, I went back and checked it this morning. I think what happened in picture the chassis was not straight in the body, plus that control arm is bent forward when the metal axle is in place it seems to straight out. Or at least the wheels seem to fit.
  6. CANNONBALL 2017

    Great work guys, I'm excited to see these builds moving along. I'm just posting some small updates pics for this month. Decided against using the stock chassis since this is more of a pro touring build, started modify a zr1 c6 chassis.
  7. 70 Cuda CannonBall 17

    That car looks so sinister, the black on red is classic. Plus I love the stripped down interior great detail work.
  8. Absolutely amazing work, love that style of build. Looking forward to more.
  9. Just had to chime in, great work as I cannot believe this is a 29 ford. Coach building at its finest. Thank you for sharing this build, so enjoyable to follow along.
  10. Next up from Moebius ?

    On a personal choice I would pick the 71-74 javelin/amx, but the 1970 javelin actually makes sense. With at least 5 different option packages so reissues could be done like revell's 69 camaro. The engines were externally the same, so retooling less parts. Most reissues would need hood,spoiler, and decal changes.
  11. Viper cuda

    Love the way it looking, I also need more pics.
  12. CANNONBALL 2017

    Nice detail on the engine Bruce, and your mechanic look better then last years.
  13. CANNONBALL 2017

    I would like to join this years build off again, I've always had fun in the last three years although I did not complete last year. These are the builds I have completed. 2014--1968 corvette c6 running gear and suspension. 2015--1972 blazer Ferrari 599 gto running gear. This year I would like to enter a Jo-Han 72 javelin amx . I'm sure I'll update the engine and suspension but as for the rest of it I figure it out as I go
  14. I bought a kit similar to this when I was about 8. It was revell's penny pincher beetle, tried to turn it into the love bug. I painted the orange body with white enamel brush, it turned out sort of pinkish the numbers I made with permanent marker which smeared. To say the least it turned me off building till my late thirties. Which is why I bought this kit I thought with more skill and patience it would turn out better. I wanted my revenge on this kit. It just about beat me again but I will finish it even though I'm not happy with the results. I have lowered, added Pegasus cl 19" wheels still have to assemble the engine interior and glass. The bumpers are from a die cast I found at a garage sale.
  15. Amazing just about sums it up, love everything about this truck.