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  1. Turned out just amazing, I'm glad I followed along with the w.i.p. so many great details 👌 great build, thanks Kurt!
  2. Great body work on this kit, I've heard a lot of these prestige kits were warped I know the one I'm currently working on is. (Didn't help that it looked like it was stepped on during delivery) can you post some pictures of the interior/dash assembly when it is time for installation I'm a little confused by the instructions.
  3. Thank you guys very this really helps me to order with a more confidence 😊
  4. Amazing work Kurt, the body mods and chassis mods alone would have made this a great build, but the small details some may miss if they weren't following along with this post are what makes it awesome! Once again thank you for posting it.
  5. Hi guys just wondering what size styrene you use to build your front splitters from scratch. I don't have any hobby shops near me (nearest would be 6hrs away) anything I get will need to be ordered online. I know there are many different styles and opinions on what to do and that's great, I'd love to see them. Oh, I'm building in 1/25 scale right now. So anything in that size would be great.
  6. The ebay seller I purchased them from was miniatureauto - user ID, click for member’s profile all though I'm think they may sold out as I do not see them listed. They are also listed on Zoomonmodel.com web page but I have not purchased from that site.
  7. I have found these on eBay, they may not have the exact script for your car though. I purchased them for my Amt 300sl that I’m currently working on, I’m customizing it anyway.
  8. Thank Dan It's a little rough in spots but I'll take care of those next week, I''ll finish interior first.
  9. Nope, that's the shore line of the USA you see in the back ground.
  10. Thanks Bruce Good to be back, I've been working on this one for a year more off than on. I made all the flares myself following restomodguy's method.
  11. The chassis and engine are painted, decided to paint the car fm3 TorRed from the 2018 dodge colours.
  12. Hi, everybody just posting a build I've been working on for a while. It's revell's 1/25 hemi cuda, I know some people aren't going to like it and thats okay. But with this kit I wanted to sit low, with wide tire and most importantly keep the rear seat. I've never built one with 4 seats, plus I like flared fenders. This was inspired by a rendering by Andreas Wennevold and the Srt Demon. The engine is the hellcreate demon from Iceman Collections the suspension is revell viper acr. The body still needs to be touch up, and straightened a little but I should get to it within 2 weeks.
  13. This build is really coming together very well, the detail is fantastic. I'm very excited to see more.
  14. Great looking build please keep it going, I'm looking forward to seeing more.
  15. Great work, love resto mods, builds like this get me inspired. Thank you for posting!
  16. Cool idea for a build, great stuff so far. I'm looking forward to more!!!
  17. Yes!! Thank you guys. I was getting frustrated looking for it, but that is exactly what is was looking for. I thought this was just a great idea and to researched all of the option like this builder did.
  18. Hi guys, seems to me I remember some posting a topic where they were building all 11 1971 hemi cuda convertibles from the old revell kits. But over this past week I have searched this forum and others, as well as Google searches and turned up nothing. Guess I was wondering if any had a link our remebers this at all.
  19. Just love the concept and execution of this build, looks like prototype ferrari may have done.
  20. I"m just amazed at creativity and workmanship, I hope you get obsessed like you did on the Ferrari. Absolutely fun to watch, thank you.
  21. Hi, Mike great build. Just make sure that windshield fits before paint and body are finished. I bought 3 kits before I got a decent windsheild for mine.
  22. Very cool that what it is.
  23. Love what you have done here, Claude. The color looks great to me. Did you have to tub the interior to get the tires to fit in the rear?
  24. I had ordered a hellcat engine while they where in stock, they haven't arrived yet but i'm willing wait, the parts were worth it. Hope he is feeling better. I didn't have any communications when I ordered from him last spring but I received the parts at about 7 weeks. So if you can wait a bit longer I would. He is very talented, I hope his health improves.
  25. Hi guys, I would like to enter this year's cannonball run. This year I would like to enter Revell Alley Rat, powered by Trailer Trash Kustoms 5.9L Cummins which I plan to add a twin turbo to this engine. I will draw a lot of inspiration from the new Dodge Power Wagon, as it is something i'm thinking of purchasing in 1:1 . Here are some pics of the engine and kit before I start.
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