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  1. Calsonic R91CP , Whats In The Box ( Photos)

    It's curbside, none of Hasegawa's Group C cars have engines, just parts of the rear transaxle that would show from outside the body work.
  2. OK..........I gotta compose myself!!

    MFH has dropped their Ferrari license in the past, I imagine they can only afford to keep it active for so long.
  3. Gravity Colors

    It had been a long before the divorce while since Gravity here got anything from Spain. The divorce pre-dates Mate's inability to fill orders without threatening him with PayPal. I can't say I blame the guy in Spain for using Mate's issues against him to promote his own sales, but at the same time it's been nearly two years (went back and looked at some old posts) since it all happened. It's sort of like when divorced parents still speak ill of each other.
  4. Gravity Colors

    That split happened over a year ago.
  5. Hasegawa 1966 American Lowrider Type C

    Bonus the "Type I" is gonna have a resin "blonde" figure to sit on the hood.
  6. Retro Ford GT at 2019 Daytona 24

    Decals will be made, I've already spoken to a few of the usual suspects and gotten one confirmation.
  7. I would suspect Revell will be running an auto pilot for a year or two over here. There are a number of tools they could run the variations off of before needing to truly worry about investing in an all new tool.
  8. Well arguably that's been my whole reason for existing for the past 3 1/2 years. Separating hobbyists from their money...
  9. Aoshima made a P/E set for it, not sure why Mr. Pheedens didn't show it. Perhaps because it's sold separately.
  10. Best Skyline GT-R R34 Nismo?

    Well none of the R34 kits have engines regardless as to who made them. Hobby Design does make a very detailed engine and engine bay "transkit" for the Tamiya R34 for those who are so inclined.
  11. I suspect that Revell and everyone else under Hobbico's thumb saw quite a bit of belt tightening in their budgets well before January of last year...obviously.
  12. I would highly doubt it. The only two things that got 3D scanned were the Foose kits and they were done in California at his shop. Revell US wasn't going to be investing in their own system while the parent company was imploding around them.
  13. Need a 1967 car

    All three of them have been recently reissued/released in 2018, so they're plentiful and should be easy to find for the normal price ($24-28 in Japan).
  14. Best Skyline GT-R R34 Nismo?

    Tamiya's easily. Aoshima's curbside R34s have EVERYTHING molded into the chassis pan almost. Fujimi's R34 is a lower detail SnapTite kit, and their NiSMO version is in name only.
  15. If I Ran Revell....

    Well you could re-release the convertible, but they "destroyed" the regular Corrado tooling when they made the convertible. It's the same fate suffered by the BMW 850i.