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  1. You'd think but then there are still people who insist Revell is bankrupt and doesn't make kits anymore despite all the evidence to the contrary.
  2. The Rabbit, at this point with the far superior Revell kit out there (fiddle detail possibilities notwithstanding), is interesting in that it's just in putting another nail in the coffin burying that old - "All the AMT Lesney Era tooling rusted on the docks in Baltimore" rumor.
  3. All Hobby Lobbys nationwide were closed at 8pm tonight. Ohio and one other state had sent them official Cease & Desist letters from the Attorney General's Offices after they initially closed - and then after the CEO's Wife claimed God visited her (not making it about religion - that's just a factual news item) they decided to try to re-open the stores in defiance of the various state mandates. So today they furloughed all the retail employees and most of the O.K. Distribution ones without pay and told everyone to go file unemployment. Your paint and glue are going to have to come mail order at this point.
  4. My favorite bit of hypocritical two step this forum does, that I love the most is the... Revell makes a mess of something - We should all just be happy we get model kits at all. Tamiya decides not to put an engine in this thing to keep costs down, and there hasn't been a modern race car with a full engine in it (no the top half insert in the R8 doesn't count) since 2013 (Aoshima Lamborghini Murcielago GT1 - which is also more of a function of it also being a street car kit) - WHINE WHINE WHINE, MOAN, WHINE - with a Tim Boyd on top. Lambasting a new tool kit of a modern subject because it's not molded the way you want vs. giving a free pass to the company who can't seem to get body proportions right, makes basic molding errors (everyone remember the '30 Ford's bomber interior is molded in inverse relief of it's correct design), and lately can't print a decal sheet to save itself is - say it with me now - H Y P O C R I T I C A L
  5. The series that GT4 runs in IMSA has also had it's tire sponsorship change from Continental to Michelin, I'm not sure what British GT and FFSA (French GT4) were running their cars on without digging up photos. Makes the most sense to Tamiya - who doesn't wanna license bupkiss lately - to just bow out and leave that mess for the aftermarket.
  6. Amazon said they weren't going to accept stocking of anything that wasn't deemed as "essential" until this situation resolves.
  7. Have to consider the target audience. Race car builders buy and build multiples of these things under different liveries. Pretty much none of which will be the Ford Promo livery the kit has inside of it. Engines are nice thing, but by and large something we (yes I'm now speaking for all of us ) don't need in a kit because it's just something that slows down trying to build a half dozen Mustangs in rapid succession. I'm sure someone like USCP or maybe Hobby Design (they did a set to add an engine and open the doors for the AMG GT3 Tamiya kit) will come along to fill the void for the people who HAVE to have an engine in there.
  8. At some point this year, yes the '57 is on the planned kits. The bittersweet irony of the situation is now there's now no problem getting the kits produced, but there may be no way to distribute them or sell them here in the U.S. until later this year.
  9. That's the U.S. MSRP after a couple levels of grubby up-charging occurs. The actual kits sells for a few pennies over $35 in reality, plus another $8 or so shipping from Hong Kong.
  10. That was March 11th, that was 5 days ago. Now the confirmed cases are 3,774, with 823 of them being the past 24 HOURS. Deaths have creeped up to 69. It doubled again in less than 5 days...of the people who have been tested - which is in reality hardly anyone.
  11. The point of cancelling or postponing things is to keep people away from each other. You can be asymptomatic for up to a week, but still spreading it to others not even knowing you're sick to begin with - which was the case with the two players for the Utah Jazz. So here's an illustration of the problem, this is while we're wildly undertesting for the virus. With a wife in health care we've been tracking the numbers via the project employed by the Engineering Department at John Hopkins and believe the numbers below to be accurate. So you see the problem is with the exponential growth. It doubled, then doubled, then went up by 3x, then went up by 7x. Presuming it doesn't increase by a larger factor you're talking about having over 106,000 cases by the end of the month. 20% of cases are severe enough to require some form of enhanced medical care (hospitalization) which means having around 21k people in Isolation/ICU - and POOF - the health care system lurches into a crisis the way Northern Italy's has the past two weeks. Canceling mass gatherings and keeping people in smaller social circles is the only way this isn't going to over run the country. Be prepared, don't panic, but also realize the majority of this forum is the target "audience" for the severe/critical cases - take it seriously and be safe out there.
  12. The only thing that Salvinos JR got is the Monogram NASCAR tooling from 1982-1993. Back to the topic at hand, the '29 Ford, Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (and I presume the LUV, but I didn't specifically confirm that one) are shipped from wholesalers/distributors and should be arriving at your local/online plastic pushers by Monday. You mileage may vary depending on where your source is located relative their supplier.
  13. The Chinese facilities for injection molding were not near the epicenter of the outbreak have been back up and running for a few weeks now. Round2 is expecting kits again in April, and the test of Revell's release time will be easily determined based on when the Jeep Rubicon & '29 Fords hit the distributors (the LUV doesn't count as it's being run here in the U.S.).
  14. May/June is what Stevens was telling their customers when it was announced.
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