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  1. about fujimi?

    Well sure there's a wide spectrum of dubious formerly motorized kits marauding around as models. I think Hasegawa might be the only ones who don't have one of those in their car lines, but the rest do, even Tamiya.
  2. about fujimi?

    Cheaper doesn't necessarily mean easier unless you start talking about stuff like Fujimi's Easy Kits or their other SnapTite construction (like their R34). One of the main reason Fujimi kits are less expensive is they've reissued the wheels off of them. Aside from the most recent round about 18-24 months ago when they reissued all of the factory EVOs 3 through 9, they also have a LOT of variants - particularly in the V, VI, and VII. The more times you offer tweaked modified reissues the cheaper the cost associated with them becomes in terms of paying off the tooling costs. If you want to do a tooling that doesn't support multiple variations and you want to sell 5k copies, the per copy price is much higher (think Belkits or Ebbro and to some extent Tamiya) than it is for Fujimi to sell an EVO 7 that there are 6 versions of...30k kits is a lower per unit cost.
  3. about fujimi?

    Pick something and build it
  4. about fujimi?

    The only street EVO Tamiya makes is a 6 and it's got metal axles front and back. Nothing WRONG with the Fujimi kits, you gotta start somewhere. If you worry about what to build and never build anything, you'll never get the skills required to tackle serious projects.
  5. Jaguar XJ-S H.E. TWR - Hasegawa

    Hasegawa is going to reissue the TWR street version in April, and I'd expect they'll run off more of the touring car while they have the tooling in the machine. It's just out of stock, not discontinued.
  6. Isuzu Gemini

    Go grab a bottle of Tamiya Retarder, it comes in one the size of the extra thin glue and panel liners. It's designed to slow the drying time on the acrylic paints when brush painting - which is the problem with X-18.
  7. about fujimi?

    Their Evo III isn't BAD per se, it's just the Hasegawa one is better. The Hasegawa one is just Out of Production and expensive. The downside to Fujimi's EVOs are small wheels, and all of them from 3 through 9 share a universal Mitsu chassis and other parts. But then how much time do you spend with the car on it's roof...
  8. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Check your hot water heater or dryer...
  9. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    ...and like I said they're eeking our a profit under bankruptcy duress and a lack of real saleable product line with the retool '69 Stang and fixed '29 Model A lingering out into 2Q. Fortunately the Honcho and 2nd Bronco kits blew out the door for them. Might they have taken in water both those prior 2 yrs, possibly. But I'd be willing to bet they chug out a few million in profit every year. Nothing that's going to set the world of fire, but enough to be self-sustaining. Hobbico hemorrhaged cash because it bought it's way to expansion, tried to be all hobbies to all people, took a bath in R/C drones. Plus got sued by Traxxas and botched the daylights out of their ESOP.
  10. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    We won't lose Revell they've had gross revenues of close to $40 million over the past two years ('16 & '17). I'm far too lazy (and/or busy) to crunch the numbers to try to extrapolate how much would be net profit, but even a casual once over shows they're eeking one out even under the duress of the 1Q of 2018.
  11. No this kit was never reissued, and RevellAG no longer has a Ferrari license.
  12. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    The owe Futaba - $2,310,765.19
  13. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Alright Hobbico owes... Moebius - $63,150.73 Tamiya USA - $662,854.68 Testors - $302,115.91 Paache - $25,929.19 MRC (Model Rectifier) - $11,454.09 Iwata - $13,002.09 Hasegawa - $38,726.24 Bandai Gundam - $39,717.65 Badger - $13,311.91 A number of other smaller claims for less than $10k exist for stuff like Atlas Brushes, Xacto, Excel and stuff like that. Now there is no specific claim for Round2 being owed money, but Hobbico PAID them $254k and change in the past 90 days. One thing I found interesting is Hobbico owes $270 to a local donut shop...
  14. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    I can tell you off the top of my head one of the biggest liabilities Revell itself has after the money it owes to China is the over $300k it owes RevellAG.
  15. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Be more specific. Not as a knock, but these filings are hundreds of pages long and there are only so many hours in the day when you work 12hr graveyards. What specific company(ies)? Also Hobbico as a whole or just Revell, because those are two different documents.