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  1. Ford Capri Mk1 RS2600

    I have no doubt there are countless things possible outside the U.S., however I'm not the one that used the term "extensive use of resin parts". If the resin out numbers the plastic, it's a resin multimedia kit. I'd love to see another Belkits out there, but since Decalcas hasn't had a functional website in it's nearly 4 year existence, a mediocre social media presence otherwise, and is perpetually behind on their decal releases it's hard to put a lot of faith into them whipping up 175k€ out of thin Spanish air.
  2. Ford Capri Mk1 RS2600

    I would presume it to not be a new tool at all, but a resin multimedia piece. The question would be whether or not it has a higher end quality and feel (and ergo price) that a Hobby Design or Modeler's piece would have, or if it's gonna be a more garage kit - gonna have to beat this into something - feel that Reji, Renaissance and others who've done resin "kits" of Rally subjects before.
  3. So how come no one has piled into this thread like a derailed Aurora tooling train to point out that you all are just uselessly speculating, and nobody but Atlantis actually knows what's going on? I mean every Revell thread for 8 months around here got poo poo'd by some of you guys that nobody knew what was going on, even though some of us clearly did.
  4. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Local plastic pusher got stock today of the Camaro Pro Stock reissue, R.R., and '67 GTX reissue.
  5. Revell 1968 GTO

    That would be this Monogram kit.
  6. Toyota Fj Cruiser , New From Fujimi

    There will be three color versions released in December. An all white, two tone black, and two tone yellow. The two tones will have white roofs as their second color. Price around $35 in Japan.
  7. Mold blow

    Being that those pre-paints are being blown out by Ollie's from allegedly the remaining stock of Hobbico, there's a 99.9% chance the new Revell can't do anything for you in terms of replacing that exact body. I doubt they have any of the unpainted 2014s left at this point either.

    The "saw horses" make much more sense in the context of being a paint shop supports.

    November and December. The one gentleman certainly did sprout an Afro compared to the box art.

    Nope, not even a little bit. Not to say they didn't crib the idea, but aside from the lack of an actual garage part and the part where's it's the wrong scale, the AMT stuff is clearly MURICA 1960s (I believe the Rigid calendar says 1968 on it)vibe. Whereas the Fujimi Tools & Garage is more late 1980s, and also includes an actual car lift. I suspect Fujimi would also realize that a set of sawhorses are useless if they're knee high like the ones included in the other box of bits.
  11. Revell 67 Camaro

    Nickey is a modified reissue of the 2n1 '67 SS. New grill, new hood, but the over all body is the same.
  12. Upcoming Belkits...Kits

    And another one...

    Not particularly surprising, they've slowly been working their way through all of the kits that Burkett "resurrected" in his special runs at AMT.
  14. Upcoming Belkits...Kits

    Another teaser tossed out this morning.
  15. 2006 Lexus Super GT

    Historically speaking the team had just finished 2nd at the Fuji 500km event the race before, and so when Tamiya licensed the car they probably expected it to go on to greater things. Ultimately they never finished that high for the rest of the season and the Tom's Open Interface won the Championship that year. Tamiya made that kit too as one of the 3 Lexus kits they did in '06/'07.