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  1. Revell 1930 model A coupe kit

    The reason you confused people is that the actual re-released kits will have the engines and wheels swapped so the SBC is going in the '29 Roadster, and the Buick Nailhead is going in the '30 Coupe. So what you bought is a final pre-production build of the ORIGINAL kit, not something that represents the kit as it will be re-released from the fixed tooling.
  2. How Old Are You

    My point was that the older generation has ALWAYS had something to complain about in regards to new technology. The irony is it always seems like the up and coming geezers feel the younger people below them are the WORST EVER, and yet you guys were once those awful young people and you made it to geezerhood.
  3. Isn't it time....

    You just assumed my modeling tastes... I'd be happy with a '58/'59 Ford, after all I have 2 '57 500s and the Del Rio Hidden Valley Ranch Wagon (pass the croutons). But to claim that only Moebius who's currently lining up a ho-hum Nova and a retooling of an existing kit line are "the ONLY thing that's new and exciting" is a wee bit disingenuous at best. For the record I have all the Hudsons, both Chryslers, both Plymouths, one of the Pontiacs, and all of the F-Series. Just because YOU don't like it, doesn't mean it's invalid. Some of us have an appreciation for cars assembled after the year we graduated High School, or race cars that accelerate AND turn NOTHING directions.
  4. Isn't it time....

    There, fixed that for you...
  5. Ollie's strike again

    Grabbed one of the Fusions because for $10.59 out the door with tax the one Ryan Blaney car I had an interest in doing is more feasible considering the need for aftermarket decals and whatnot and my general meh of current NASCAR.
  6. How Old Are You

    I wonder if 90 years ago a bunch of old men were sitting around the General Store lamenting how young kids were spoiled because they didn't have to hand crank their cars anymore. Dagnabit nobody knows how to hitch a horse to a plow anymore, they all have those infernal motorized tractors these days!!!
  7. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Bah the logic showed up entirely too early in here. I was planning for a nice evening of baseless hysteria. The ACTUAL reason why Blitz isn't pursuing the Revell licensing is that everything is going to be run out of THE Revell now, and AG already HAS a Ford license - as evidenced by their release of the U.S. '10 Mustang GT-500 kit in a Europe box this week.
  8. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    So a quick spin through the paperwork shows the tattered remnants of Hobbico selling off all of the former Great Planes manufacturing properties in Urbana, IL for $557,000. Also the only lingering issue in the Blitz Sale is Ford still acting like the girl who didn't get asked to the Prom over their licensing and payout. Clearly they're willing to spend a great deal of money in hopes of scraping together another $35k or so out of Hobbico. I can only assume someone is doing a - Well it's about the PRINCIPAL OF THE THING! Because at this point they're clearly spending way more than they're ever going to get out of this, even under the most favorable judgement, to continue to litigate this for over 2 months now. The great rub in all of Ford's "drama" over this is a mention in the paperwork that Blitz isn't even going to assume the Ford licensing in the first place, so the entire thing is a non-issue. Ford promptly stuck their fingers in their ears and added more council to represent them while screaming "LALALALALALALA CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!"
  9. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    HobbyLink Japan and Hobby Search both carry Modeler's resin kits. None of that stuff is up for pre-order yet, but the previous 2 Super GT GT-Rs, '17 GT-R, 370Z NiSMO, Prius, 2x '15 WRX STI, and Honda 660 Alpha are all available with a '17 GT-R NiSMO and '15 Civic Type-R due this month. Occasionally they'll pop up on eBay, but at a premium from a secondary seller in Japan - eg the Super GT kits are $110, but are listed between $160-$199 on eBay.
  10. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    MAP doesn't have anything to do with MSRP anyways, it's the minimum ADVERTISED price. I guess no one remembers when Revell pulled this same stunt last year, or maybe it was the end of 2016. But the theory was to attempt to level the playing field between brick and mortar stores and Internet storefronts who can obviously sell at a lower price due to reduced overhead. I don't seem to recall any real fall out from that MAP program, Hobby Lobby still sold kits for 40% off, my local plastic pusher sold kits for 40% over wholesale - which is effectively the same price in the end. All of which is moot when comparing the direct import price of a Tamiya kit and the U.S. price of said kit. Tamiya can't force HLJ, Hobby Search, Plaza Japan/Tokyo Hobby, HobbyEasy, Hiroboy, Spotmodel, etc, etc, etc to only advertise a price that's in-line with the Tamiya USA MAP price.
  11. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    Probably trying to claw back some of that half million dollars they lost when Hobbico when under. Still - go buy direct from Japan, it's silliness to even buy kits from any manufacturer over there via U.S. prices.
  12. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    The more important question is who buys new Tamiya kits from U.S. vendors in the first place?
  13. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    There's no actual mention of this "notice" on their actual website. So I'm not sure where this image which popped up all over Facebook this morning came from exactly. After the stink Tamiya USA made to the home office about people direct importing kits and whatnot, the last thing that would help their case is setting a "fake" MAP price for retailers regardless to whether or not it could be enforced. Also as Fumi has pointed out twice already Internet Hobbies has the reputation of a flaming dumpster fire and their prices on Tamiya kits are already overpriced in terms of what they're offered for elsewhere in the U.S. I suspect this is a scam relating to a pitiful attempt to move some merchandise on their part. If Tamiya were instituting a global MAP program it would have been the scuttlebutt of the Shizouka Hobby Show. The only thing I saw Mr. Tamiya handing out were thank you awards to the various model clubs that have supported the public show days over the past 20 years.
  14. Dyno Don Funny car coming next year 2018

    Yep it's in the May kit slate at Round2, so in the next couple of weeks.
  15. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    Well Beemax doesn't make factory cars, so that's probably Strike 1. Also the widebody was never used in Group A racing so...