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  1. Ford to End Ford GT Racing Program

    My Silverado has cylinder deactivation at highway speeds and goes down to a "V-4" (according to the gauge), and will get 25MPG doing so. That's 2-3 MPG better than my '05 Ford Taurus ever got. It's getting to the point where you almost have to special order a V-8 F-150 if you're not shopping in say Texas. Most of the inventory around here is all the Twin Turbo V-6, even the Expedition is running that engine.
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    It's just a thin sheet of what model kits are made out of, so anything that will "weld" the plastic together via melting it will work. Tube glue up through the fancier TET based liquid cements, and of course C.A. (super glue), and epoxy.
  3. Six Pickup trucks I'd like to see.

    You have to wonder if something happened to the Flareside bed insert and/or the wheels from the Ranger Splash, it was the only one of those Ranger kits (that I recall) that used that bed and wheel combination. The Xtreme S-10 was reissued back in 2002, so it all still exists.
  4. Interesting that gets a Skill Level 4 on it, but it's a SnapTite kit. What is it with their weird need to neglect to mention that? I get that they think adult modelers are put off by SnapTite kits, but at the same time how many people have seen this in it's "EasyClick" RevellAG box and are going to be screaming all over FB when they pull a SnapTite kit out of that box? Also H.L. - or at least that H.L. - has overpriced that kit. The MSRP via Stevens is $19.95.
  5. Shipping Kits USPS (Post Office) Sweet Spot

    Well you can still get Priority Mail service with a regular "brown" box, you just don't have to a fixed "lowest" price which is something you do get with those "free" boxes from the USPS. They're not free, they charge you a minimum shipping rate depending on the box size (or the Region) no matter how much the contents weigh. I can ship a kit in a regular box for about $8, the same size flat rate box is $12.65...that box isn't free.
  6. Revell 2019

    All of that is fine and well, but the box art says Joey Saldana.
  7. A Idea for NASCAR

    Opening up the cars to more manufacturers is the whole point of the Gen 7 cars that are supposedly being worked on for 2021/2022. If people really want STOCK CAR racing, the best thing Jim France could possibly due is fold NASCAR into IMSA and make everyone race GT3/GT4/TCR type of vehicles. Cut the schedule in half and GM, Ford & Toyota already all participate in IMSA. Customer Racing, IMSA/Le Mans, Super GT/DTM and the various Touring car series offer far more entertaining racing than any snoozefestival NASCAR is currently producing. Not to mention it's a heck of a lot more fan friendly and economically viable for fans. The IMSA race at Watkins Glen is $85@ for the entire weekend, the Blancpain GT World Challenge America race there is $70@ for the entire weekend. The CHEAPEST available tickets for the NASCAR race are $300@ for the whole weekend, or $120@ for just the race on Sunday.
  8. Revell 2019

    Also I'm not whining about anything. I think the releases shown on that board make a brilliant amount of fiscal sense to the new Revell, since again they're just running a mint over there. You figure that the MP&T (manufacturing, production & transportation) costs on those are maaaaybe $4-5 per kit, and Revell's wholesale to their largest customer (Hobby Lobby) was around $14-16 a kit (depending on what it was) they're clocking in right around $25-50k profit per model shown there if they can sell out the runs (reissues are a lower unit count run than the "new" kits). I was offering an opinion that it's somewhat disheartening to hear that in what was in effect Revell's debut appearance to the hobby world, there was a bunch of "what we can't do" being thrown around. Do a little salesmanship and say that everything is being considered by the new refreshed lean and hungry Revell USA...even if it's not. I mean is the writing not on the wall? Constantly lamenting what can't be accomplished and what "wouldn't sell", is what begat Moebius, and to a lesser extent Salvino JR. Those 9 Hudsons, and what will be at LEAST 9 F-Series trucks are all cash Revell left on the table by being a slow moving dinosaur. Holy heck there's a Japanese company selling $75 Citroens, and a Belgian company selling all the $60+ rally kits they can make. Beemax sold out of those Lancia Delta S4 kits in six...YES SIX...days!!! Those are small lean and, aggressive companies taking risks, while being agile and forward thinking.
  9. Revell 2019

    I don't think the Capri even exists anymore, wouldn't it have been merged into the Turbo Cobra Mustang? That kit has never been reissued since 1979/1980 which makes me think it doesn't exist as a Capri anymore. The '80 Mustang got reissued back in 2003.
  10. Revell 2019

    I have no doubt that was true, particularly when the money started to run out from Hobbico. But it's a fresh slate now, if there was ever a time to take a flier on a "risk" project - although I think you could easily sell 5k Rancheros globally - it would be now when the budget is fresh. With everything they're releasing either being done just before hand ('68 Chevelle, Ford GT LM) or a variation of existing tooling '57 Ford Gasser, AAR Cuda, Updated Sprint Car that was also done awhile back, they're effectively just printing money over there. All the tooling costs are wiped out, and the old argument of legacy costs of purchase is moot, we know exactly what that was - $50k for the trademarks & names, and $49,999 for all the tooling. Blitz then sold a bunch of that tooling down to Atlantis further reducing what they actually paid for Revell U.S.A. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that between the Mustang and Chevelle they made back everything they spent on our Revell, and now beyond box art, decal printing, and running the tool these releases are pure profit.
  11. Revell 2019

    New excuses same as the old excuses. Company is operating with effectively 0 debt and is cranking out kits of stuff that was tooled prior to the sale (AAR Cuda, '57 Gasser, etc) and they still are being playing the super ultra conservative game...I guess I'll reserve final judgment until we see some project that is being funded by the new ownership from the ground up. Because these kits being shown here were all bought and paid for by a company that technically doesn't exist anymore and who's assets cost a whole $100,000.00, which is probably right around the amount Aoshima spent on new tooling so far this year converting a half-dozen existing kits to fit into their Initial D Universe.
  12. Revell 2019

    You're on it right now. Revell's actual website and FB presence are still a *cough* work in progress to put it mildly.
  13. Revell 2019

    FWIW the WoO Sprint car is Joey Saldana's, not Kevin Swindell. Unless you're talking about the origin of the kit, which would be Sammy Swindell, although I think the Sprint Car kit is older than that in terms of who's car it was supposed to represent first in the late 80s.
  14. Shipping Kits USPS (Post Office) Sweet Spot

    The actual Priority Mail boxes you get from the Post Office have a flat minimum price attached regardless at to what an item weighs. So it is more economical to ship stuff in plain brown boxes either buying them new or recycling older ones since you then can ship for Priority using the size and weight scale rather than having an artificial pricing "floor".