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  1. Test shot...shots. http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/hc47b/
  2. I don't recall asking anyone for any, if I need a dose, I'll be sure to ask someone else. So, when a reporter interviews someone and then writes an article/produces a video, that is secondhand information? Cop interviews a witness - COMPLETELY UNTRUSTWORTHY in MikeModelerland. You know what you're right, clearly the guy in charge of U.S. Product Development is a know-nothing dullard who passes on fake news. If nothing else, I guess I do admire your relentless stubborn instance to be wrong nearly every time you post here. Because saying Ed Sexton isn't in a position of knowledge might be the dumbest thing I've ever seen said here - and that's saying something. If you ever get to a show he's at (I think NNL East will be the next time on this side of the world if it doesn't get canceled again), ask him stuff. If he can talk about it, he will, if he can't, he won't. It's not rocket surgery, and I have spoken to him multiple time over the past half decade, so it's not like it was the first time we ever met. With that being said I've seen people nearly yell in his face when they get an answer that doesn't comport with their fantasy idea of what Revell is or isn't which is pretty embarrassing for everyone nearby. Think about Moebius, what's the most effective free advertising they can get? Sending Tim stuff in advance. I'd argue more people see his posts here and spread his Fotki links around social media than any singular post Moebius could hope to make, or advertisement they'd try to place - and it doesn't cost them anything more than an advanced review copy of the kit. Also, same principle with Chris on YouTube, Round2 & Model Roundup both use his videos in their own social media posts. Free advertising for the "price" of a review kit. Same principle with Ed telling people stuff about "advanced" kit announcements. I mean for cripes sakes there was a body on the table with a handwritten note next to it so clearly, he can/will discuss it at a show with thousands of people in attendance over the week. Frankly having a car guy around to keep him occupied from all the IPMS hussies who were up his backside for not having test shots of the RazorCrest and SR-71 was probably a relief. Plus, in posting what I did here the first day I was able to take back the feedback from the following day to Ed which gave him a rare real-time reaction to their product news he seemed to appreciate. See there-in lies the rub. I joke about "hobby insider" because frankly all the owners of all the companies could get together and do a Reddit style AME Q&A session live on this forum, and some people here still wouldn't believe them. Horse and water and all of that. So, no I DON'T speak about the various projects (in Asia) I've provided R&D assistance, technical assistance, design assistance, et al to over the years. Because frankly it's nobody's business unless I decide it is, and I don't want to be seen as some sort of attention seeking dingus who is all - LOOK WHAT I DID!!! There's a bunch of people on this forum who qualify as "insiders" if they were willing to talk about what they do or who they know. But they don't post here (or disclose what they do) because this place is also known for being a huge joke within the industry for the way people treat those who do try to pass along actual information. Y'all darn near burnt Tim Boyd at the stake a few months ago over that Chevy II build. One of the things I disdain most about people who do "show coverage" about new kits stuff is - they never take pictures of everything, and for some reason they never seem to be bothered to TALK to the people who are there. So, in the coverage I did in Vegas - which I did for my own YT channel, this place was a secondary beneficiary - I aimed to take all the photos (probably should have taken more) and talk to the people involved to make sure I had actual facts instead of random suppositions over blurry out of focus stuff in the background. But I guess since modeling is a solitary hobby that doesn't bless people with social graces (or the ability to take baths by and large) it's too much to expect people to behave with any actual decorum. Bunch of hugely divisive issues in the world we can't talk about here per the rules, so let's use that poor divisive rhetoric and attitude on the stuff we can talk about - toy cars. Brilliant...
  3. You know I stopped posting here for months and I swore I was done coming here. But I heard through the grapevine that people were referencing me so I figured I'd check in and provide clarity if I could. Huge mistake on my part clearly because now in addition to being a "so called insider" apparently I'm and out and out liar who didn't speak to Ed Sexton FACE TO FACE about the origins of the 71 body. This place was a relatively decent forum - drama aside - when I joined 15 years ago, but it's taken a turn over the past year where there's a decided glee in going after the people here who actually know stuff and talk to the people who are doing the stuff to know about. I regret logging back in today, and won't make that mistake a second time. You sir can directly take your smarmy attitude and shove it sideways somewhere painful.
  4. I quite literally said it wasn't... "Besides the Sportback top is the only way the 71 442 came as the formal roof wasn't an option after 1970 for that model." Am I misreading the history then? Was it not available at all from an earlier point?
  5. Planned possibly, but I never said it wasn't. What I said was this body and interior (et al) was never part of the 2009 kit tooling. This isn't like the Jeep Wrangler where there was an entire other "half" of that kit that was tooled up in 2004, but never saw the light of day until just recently.
  6. Good show I didn't remember that one, but in my defense that was released in 1996 which is when that kit was new. Missed it on a quick check on Scalemates when I searched by '32 Ford and someone entered it as a proper "1932 Ford". In that case Revell hasn't released a Ford Hot Rod kit in over 25 years
  7. The list is also RevellAG, not U.S. Those are German part numbers, which don't correlate to our kit numbering system for Revell US kits. Also RevellAG has never reboxed for the EU market any of the Ford Hot Rod kits (Model As, 32 Fords, etc) so it makes sense they wouldn't be getting a EU specific release of the Don't Call it a Rat Roaster '32 either.
  8. Guys you have to remember this "conversion" to a 1971 442 is being done in the here and now in the 2021. There was no coupe body done with this tooling when it came out in 2009, so this is a brand-new tooling for the body shell, glass and interior parts. It's not a matter of what would be "easier" to make out of the convertible body shell, since that isn't involved here. The only thing carrying over from the Convertible is the chassis, engine & drivetrain, and maybe some of the chrome since they finally made a 442 grille with the Indy Car version that came out last - albeit I'm not totally up on the precise minute changes between model years to know if the 71 & 72 trim bits would even be the same. As for it not being something other than a 442...I know, I know it's the eternal struggle between selling 5k kits and satisfying the 10 replica stock guys who want a down-trim base model. I don't think you're ever going to win that argument fellas. Besides the Sportback top is the only way the 71 442 came as the formal roof wasn't an option after 1970 for that model. A 1970 350 Rallye as ear searing as that Sebring Yellow color might be, would require...a 350, which isn't in the 2009 tooling either since it has the 455 in it - as covered over and over - you can't just swap tooling inserts in and out of models they don't belong to without running the entire thing (69 Nova?) just to get the engine parts out of it. So, you're talking about tooling up another SB GM engine for a one-off car that is SO.DANG.YELLOW...my gosh even the bumpers were urethane color keyed! Only 3500 of them were built, and they're all yella. Best bet there is to get Keith Marks or someone to do the decals, and then swap in a parts box SB(O)C.
  9. My suggestion to you and anyone else who might want one would be go track one down on eBay, or your LHS. There are several on the 'Bay right now for $75-80 w/free shipping, the MSRP on this is going to be $125.95 - sooooo the only way you're getting an AMT boxed Italeri Western Star for $75 is if someone is selling you one for 50% off. Likewise, I wouldn't exactly expect this one to be carried in stock by a lot of places, even at wholesale + costs that's a lot of $$$ to tie up in inventory you probably can't move at nearly $100 @.
  10. Well Dave has worked with Revell and Moebius since then, given that the Comet release he did was 16 going on 17 years ago. I think any exclusivity ended awhile ago.
  11. Granted but plastic model kits aren't high-volume anymore. I bet some of these newer tools (say post 2008) out there haven't even seen 50k cycles. 3D printing as it's used now in the industry is for making rapid prototypes of what the tooling will spit out prior to committing to making a single nick on the metal. Even then it's not necessarily a technique that most American companies took advantage of until very recently. But older tooling isn't modular, and that's pretty much every single thing AMT ever made up until they were sold off in the 90s. None of those tools were done with CAD, or designed to be run piece meal, so to create what you want you'd have to run two entire kits, along with the new interiors to get one model kit. But Round2 didn't have to do much tooling modification to make the full bumper Camaro. That tooling was always designed with a separate core piece in the front fascia, but the Ertl AMT never lasted long enough to make get around to making that variant of the kit. The problems with that "re-tool" came up when they 3D scanned a full bumper Camaro and found out the Z/28 tooling wasn't level side to side and they had to tweak it "wrong" to make it look right. I'm not sure there's a way to make a Demon out of the Duster without destroying the Duster in the process unless you're talking about creating entirely new body & interior tooling to drop on the Duster chassis. I also wonder how well that Demon would actually sell. I know it's unobtanium and that makes it seem like there's a demand - but that demand is for a wildly cheaper version to buy than an original. I'm not sure a few guys on a forum and one dedicated champion for it on the Round2 videos translates into the sales needed to basically tool up 75% of a new kit. I think the Nova Wagon, two Olds kits, and the Garbage Truck are better comparisons in terms of sales vs. investment in terms of making a Demon a reality. I would expect making a new "old" '68/'69 (especially if they can figure out a way to engineer it to produce both the way Revell did with the two new Chevelle kits of the same years) Coronet would sell vast quantities more units than an A Body not quite performance car.
  12. Are you talking about 3D Scanning, as is what was done with the 4070A and an original was used to formulate the new tooling? Because 3D printing doesn't have much usefulness beyond creating a rapid prototype that you can use to "fact check" the tooling before you actual start cutting the steel.
  13. The kits going to Germany and coming here on not on the same boats, so transit times are not comparable. What we get here depends on their ability to even get it on a boat to the U.S., and then when it gets off the boat, how long it takes for someone to fish it out of the pile at the dock, delays on the railroads, etc. The first real public mention of the FnF Ford Lightning was in Las Vegas, and that kit was then released here a few weeks later BEFORE European sales. But as you point out this Bronco has been around for months in Europe & Asia before it strolled into stock here last week.
  14. But how are the 8 lightbars tooled up in 2006 considered "Classic"? I could go off on a separate tangent about what mediocre representations of the 1:1s they are, but that's a warehouse fire for another day. No I would presume you're getting the Twin Rotator "Mars" Style bar from the Impala Fire Chief/70 Galaxie, the twin single beacons from the Chevy Van Police/Fire kit, and the retool Twinsonic that they just did for the CHP version of the Monaco.
  15. Just for perspective... The Star Trek USS Enterprise that was in the most recent Round2 monthly video has an Autoworld Store price of $164.99 Border Models somehow got a hold of some of the old WingNut Wings tooling, and will be releasing the 1/32 Avro Lancaster - Andy's Hobby HQ has that available for pre-order for $599.99 Those kits will both sell out...car modeling is still the cheapest modeling there is, it's also the only one where every time a kit is announced a conga line of people show up and tell everyone what they won't be buying. This truck is what...75% new? The cab, interior, and one would presume engine carry over, but the entire frame - which leads me to believe at least parts of the suspension (since the driveshaft in nothing else wouldn't be the right length anymore) if not the entire suspension system, the business end of the kit, the wheels, fuel tank, etc are all new. Nobody pays retail, it'll shelf price for around $73 depending on how much of the wholesale gets passed on by your LHS/online vendor. Is $73 "worth it" for this kit, that's entirely a personal decision. But for people who don't keep track the MSRP on the Moebius LoneStar/ProStar is now $80.
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