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  1. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI DTM   

    For March release - Martini Alfa DTM .
  2. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    New Additions to the Auto World Store for March Release -
    George Barris Surf Woodie
    1967 Chevrolet Impala SS (90's tooling)
    '70 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible/Pick-up
    1984 GMC Pickup "Deserter"
  3. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Aoshima 2016?   

    The train is a 1/45 item -
    The van is a Toyota HiAce of which Aoshima makes more than a dozen variants ranging from bone factory stock to wild VIP designs. Curbside, they run $23-28 depending on the version from HLJ.
    Negative Ghost Rider we have no McLarens on the radar at this time. Or well, not within the 3 new tools I'm talking about. 
  4. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Aoshima 2016?   

    I got all the tidbits you could handle, but as of yet they're not choosing to disclose any of it publicly.  I can say that there are 3 new tool Supercars in the works. One you know about if you paid attention last year,  one you know about because someone WASN'T paying attention to the background of a photo they were uploading to FB. The last one is a no brainer if you know their licensing that will probably be announced officially before the Shizouka show in May.  There are other modified tooling kits to come as well.
    Right now priority is focused on getting the Sesto Elemento into production along with the Sambar Fire Truck, and R32 GT-R and RX-7 (Initial D Series) done before anything new is disclosed. 
  5. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Revell AG Mercedes AMG GT   

    I'd also like to point out that the 95 piece part count we're sorta lamenting here is the same parts count (according to the instructions pdf) as the '83 H/O Cutlass, and while that kit certainly has flavors of 1986 Monogram the way it builds up it certainly has an engine, and a chassis with separate pieces (as compared to the promo nature of the pre-painted Revell kits).
    With the FXX-K having 154 parts BEFORE the 2 separate Detail Up Sets, I'm O.K. with not every kit being a tour de force on my bench.  Just nail the shapes right,  and I'll Plamoz myself out of the wheels.
    Funny some guy in his basement in Hong Kong can figure out how to fix RevellAG's wheels,  but millions of Euros worth of kit development has come up empty.
  6. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Aoshima 2016?   

    But the lace black curtain is in the upper left of their display cabinet, which isn't in frame of the last photo of their display.
  7. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Aoshima 2016?   

    Some of us know, but your knowledge would be limited by the rapid interment of your body in a shallow grave. O.K. perhaps not, but I doubt any of us are going to burn our bridge of knowledge and talk before Aoshima is ready to go public.
    Basically they're showing off their stuff to distributors only until the Toy Fair opens to the "General Public" - as technically it's never open to the public per se.
  8. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Revell AG Mercedes AMG GT   

    So I went and looked. The SLS AMG has 137 pieces, not 146. Of those 9 are specifically dedicated to the opening doors, so that does in fact knock it back into the 120s. There's a lot of buried detail in the SLS too like the top of transaxle cover, most of that complex transaxle itself, a wildly over engineered front suspension. You start simplifying assemblies - did there REALLY need to be a separate third brake light for example and you can easily get into that 100 part range and still have an engine. 
  9. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Revell AG Mercedes AMG GT   

    How many of the 146 parts are dedicated to the opening doors? Between the sheet metal, door panels, hinges, et al? Now delete them all out since the AMG GT has traditional doors and they don't open on this kit...I bet that knocks the SLS down into the 120s.
    RevellAG said they were looking at getting back to the basics of modeling, and perhaps that means kits with a few less parts. Sort of the way the Lexus LFA was way over the top for Tamiya and they wound their engineering department back in after that. Even Mr. Tamiya himself said that kit was probably way more than it needed to be - in terms of parts that you never saw again once you put all the chassis aero panels onto the kit.
  10. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Hmm, another brass-era Model T I'm going to have to have, I think!   

    Ladder truck with it's own fire suppression supply, doesn't that make this a Brass Era Quint?   
  11. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Ebbro Citroen H Van   

    Ebbro only worked with Tamiya on the 2CV Fourgonnette and the first F-1 cars.  Beyond that they've been doing their own tooling.  The 2CV "Slough" Pickup SHOULD have shared all it's dirty parts & interior with the Fourgonnette - which were sourced from Tamiya's 2CV, but it is in fact an entirely NEW tooling that shares only the cab and a few other parts with the Fourgonnette and they made all their own suspension, interior, and infamously made the kit a curbside.
    I'm wondering if there's going to be an engine in this HY van...there's obviously the indent for it in the interior, but that's neither here nor there as it's a feature of the interior appearance. 
  12. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Revell AG Mercedes AMG GT   

    The McLaren is 105 parts.
    If you look under the hood of a AMG GT, there's not a whole lot to look at, everything is shrouded in plastic.  I can't see tooling up a 15 part engine if you can see precisely 5 pieces of it.  The fact that the i8 and 918s have the little hybrid motors tooled up that you never see again always puzzled me about both those kits. 
    I know some will wail at the lack of a "full detail" engine, but they were never going to buy a $30+ RoG kit to steal the engine in the first place.
  13. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    It's a 1/25 scale Oldsmobile version of the Monte Carlo SS is what it those plans that Casey found way back when were correct.  Not a deal breaker I suppose...
  14. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic First look - Production version Moebius 65 Plymouth Belvedere Sedan   

    The could be the single greatest model kit ever created.  It has succeeded in turning 98% of this forum into whining 12 year old girls.  This clique doesn't like it cause it's not a full-on A-990 car.  This other clique is pouting in their Apple Cinnamon Cheerios that it's not a 6 Cylinder Econobox. 
    Congrats to Mr. Metzner for making NOBODY HAPPY!
    Except me, because other than delighting the hypocrisy of how people were being burned at the stake for point out legitimate accuracy concerns in prior kits; compared to how this multi-page crybaby festival - which is now calling the box art, and perhaps the entire kit a mistake is being treated.  But beyond that I'm going to buy one and build the you know what out of it enjoying it exactly as Moebius intended a "Day 3" somewhat modernized hot rod.
  15. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Tamiya at 2016 Nuremburg Toy Fair   

    Tamiya usually announces 60-90 days in advance, and clearly that's beyond "test shot" phase. Also the Detail Up P/E and Carbon Fiber are done, so educated guess says April at the latest.  If it's sold like the LaFerrari was the goodies in the background will have 2 separate SKUs. They've been selling stuff separately to keep the retail cost outside of Japan down. With the LaFerrari hitting shelves at $92 MSRP, I bet this creeps a few more bucks towards that $100 mark.  Of course nobody in their right mind buys Tamiya kits at U.S. LHS prices, and the kit and both detail up sets will probably get out the door for less than $65 @ HLJ.