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  1. RevellAG has always done these 4Q/1Q handful of reissue type of announcements. The actual 2020 kits are announced New Years Day, but this gives them some models to release early in the year, since the 1/1/2020 announcements that involve new or significantly modified tooling are always 2nd Half of the year items.
  2. The same time - as in released at the same time. Not comparing previous releases to current ones. Round2's prices have constantly slid up with truck kits being MSRP'd at $47 last year, $49 this year and $52 for some kits that will be out in 1Q 2020.
  3. Those Chevy kits were shown as rapid prototypes and then Moebius was promptly sold to Pegasus. So unless something has changed, there's nothing to show because the tooling hasn't been cut for them yet. The new Fords and the various AWB kits are easier to push out because that tooling was cut prior to the sale (for the Fords) and years ago for the Mopars and Mercury.
  4. See here's the thing. I don't understand why people who WOULD pay the Modelhaus (or similar) price for a resin piece, and then have to chip in a base kit to boot, are then also unwilling to pay say $35 for a model kit. The same with models are too expensive! The proceed to spend $100++ on the HL Clearance or Ollie's kit dump dujour buying multiple copies of the same kit - usually one they already have 10 of to begin with...I know, I know - "It's a deal"...but to me you can't cry poor on new kit prices when the money you HAD you blew on a half dozen '55 Corvettes and three '72 GTOs. $50-60 is probably too high a price tag unless it's a one-off subject matter that can't really be reissued in a "modified" way. We see that type of prices from Belkits on their small run rally kits. Japanese kits don't get to be used as an example as the U.S. mark up is a separate issue. The new 2020 Supra kit for example is less than $30.
  5. The old wive's tale rumors about the S-10 have always circulated around whether or not the S-10 specific inserts still exist. The overall kit itself does because the Syclone has been reissued well after the original runs of both kits in the 90s.
  6. I'd also like to point out the reality that exists that there's pretty much nothing in the Round2 tooling catalog past the current Camaro kits, the CoT Nascar Snapper, the General Lee Snapper, and the Showroom Replica kits that exists as a digital CAD file. Everything that was made prior to AMT/Ertl being sold to Racing Champion were made the old fashioned, pre-computer aided design way. So it's not just so easy to take a "X" that exists and spin into a "Y" without have severe compromises in how it all comes together in the end. I mean how long has the recombinated '70 Super Bee existed now, and no one has every bothered to tool up a new runner of clear parts so you don't have to perform surgery on the bottom of the old MPC Coronet glass to get it to mate to the AMT Roadrunner chassis. When they tooled up that new stock grille for the original Gremlin kit, it didn't fit. If modelers would suck it up and pay what it would actually cost to get new tooling made - and not act like the sales at Ollie's and clearances at Hobby Lobby are the only way kits are affordable - then maybe you'd see some movement towards getting some of these wish list items fulfilled.
  7. The Coke kits have the same price as the other comparable kits issued at the same time. Eg the AutoCar was MSRP at $47.95 and so was the Coke Pacemaker Peterbilt. The C600 Coke Stakebed is the same price as the Hostess C600 Van body. The Snowplow has the same price as the Coke GMC General on so on and so forth.
  8. I'll toss another vote of confidence at Misha and his crew. I have the Mansory AMG, the fantasy R33 GT-R 4 Door, and 4 Door 2010 WRX STi conversion (that's now sold by DioLex since Dima & Misha separated). All of it is very nice stuff, if I were to complain it would be the B pillar on the R33 didn't survive the trip, but it's a quick fix to reattach it.
  9. Go find the thread (which should be combined with this one) a couple down from this and you'll see they just reissued it, molded in white, without the overly lowriderish flavor.
  10. The "T" model is being reissued with a resin bikini lady as well in December. Much like the Caddy it was done as a lowrider earlier this Spring, but the kits with figures have sold so much better they chose to have two more figures sculpted and reissue them to make the entire series have the option.
  11. All of the "1966" cars were based on, and then reverse engineered versions of U.S. kits made to be slot car bodies by a long defunct Japanese toy company. Somewhere along the lines the tooling wound up in Hasegawa's vaults about 30-35 years ago, and they decided to tool up some basic universal style chassis and interior bits for them and sell them as complete models.
  12. A full size vending machine wouldn't fit in a 1:1 van, that's why you need that C600 Stakebed for...😎.
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