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  1. While they weren't quite promos, Ford is who footed the bill for the Mustang, Ford GT & 2017 Raptor Build n Plays that they were giving away at the Detroit International Auto Show, and then Revell later sold as "kits" to the unwashed hobby masses.
  2. As mentioned earlier it's an unassembled promo. Hyundai is the one that footed the bill to pay for it, Academy is just doing what the manufacturers have always done - sell some off as kits to get some added profit.
  3. FWIW so nobody gets one and then throws a fit about the contents later, this is much like the Grandeur/Azera where it is a very simple - think AMT Showroom Replicas - unassembled promotional model.
  4. The even more odd thing would be the fact that Round2 is called Round2 because it's Tom Lowe's SECOND company dealing with diecast cars and eventually model kits after he sold Playing Mantis. Mr. Lowe founded Round2 in 2005, which was three years before they signed the agreement that allowed them to start producing AMT & MPC kits exclusively, and a full seven before they bought the tooling lock, stock, and two smoking barrels. Sooooo Round2 has nothing to do with it being "reissue city only"...
  5. Well to be fair that's because it was a RevellAG 2020 thread that got hijacked like a Libyan Airliner.
  6. The ones on the site so far are conversions to backdate the K2 out of Kremer spec, but there will be several upcoming ones for the K3 to forward date it into 1980/81/82.
  7. One thing to keep in mind when comparing K3s - the 1:1 vs the kit itself not withstanding - is depending on the year and the series the tails and rear fenders are different. If you compare the kit K3 vs. the Dick Barbour IMSA K3 featured a few posts above, the rear fenders are completely different, as is the tail wing area. There's a relatively new player in resin called Classic Racing Resins that is working with IndyCals to produce a series of specific livery & resin transkit pieces to modify the kit into it's various years and series changes.
  8. In regards to the possibility of a C8 Vette. Two things - this list was the 2020 RevellAG release slate. They've never included U.S. kits on it (unless they were being reboxed for Euro sale) at any point under any form of ownership arrangement. So we'll just have to wait to see what our side of the pond has in store beyond reboxing the Land Rover. Secondly people around here may remember the kerfuffle in regards to the C7 - Revell had burnt so many bridges at GM that they weren't given the factory CAD data and instead had to go to a Chevy dealership and measure the car themselves. Well the C8 has been in a production delay now for a couple of months and nobody has one to sell, so they can't measure something they don't have an access to...obviously. As far as a C8.R, that hasn't officially hit the track yet (although it will in a few weeks at the Roar Daytona practices). I'm sure a Pratt & Miller are at little busy prepping cars for the end of January to have Revell people crawling around the shop...and like other people have said, let's see it with something first.
  9. For what I hope is the last time, let me once AGAIN point out that Revell didn't go bankrupt. Hobbico, the parent company did. Revell and Estes were by the end the only two divisions who were turning a profit, which is why they were sold individually and the fetid mess they made of the R/C business and Mail Order business was divested as a conglomerated goop to Horizon. In the course of an hour you made up a rumor and then doubled down on it by not having your facts right. Do everyone a favor and stop it.
  10. Making it worse is the fact that original 2CV was the Charleston trim level, so is the German Flying Duck version even the right interior trim?
  11. I suspect it will give them the chance to drag out releases over a couple of years rather than doing them both at once. The 356s made a bit more sense as one was a SnapTite and the other a glue kit, nominally those are two different markets, even if they were both more tilted at adults being large scale. What's interesting is the Jag, T2 and one 1/72 airplane are the only two all new tools in the ENTIRE 2020 release slate. A lot of modified reissues and co-op releases.
  12. Looks like the i8 is being released with the optional "Turbine" wheels as the "variant". I'll pass as I (and I suspect anyone who really cared) got a set of those from Plamoz back when the kit was new. The Camper T1 does indeed look to be the one that Ebbro was working with Revell to produce. There are two actually, one is a Kombi, the other a Westfalia.
  13. Ahh I missed the generation designation, since all vans are colloquially "Type 2"s. In that case that is a whole new tooling. That also makes me wonder if that T1 "Camper" isn't one of the kits that Ebbro was involved with...
  14. Local Hobby Shop has both kits in...
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