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  1. You can link up to 5 of them together according to the instructions. Not sure what happens at 6...maybe the tax guy shows up and wants 1/24 money for the major garage operation you have going. The Fujimi Garage as wells as the Tool Sets (Tools, Tools Remix 1, 2, & 3) and one unified kit called "Garage & Tools" have all been reissued several times over the past few years as recently as 2018. They're relatively cheap in Japan (About $17 for the garage, $12 for the tools and $26 for both, with the remixes being around $15@). The problem is the Rona cancelling all mail service between here and Japan the only shipping is FedEx/DHL/UPS and that can make them a bit pricey.
  2. Not speculation, there are several people currently building kits for review for FSM as we speak. Named you'd recognize once their published.
  3. EGV is right around the corner facility-wise from the Chicago ISC that processes International Mail in both directions. Sounds like they didn't pay for an equivalent Priority level of shipping though as EGV is a ground mail facility. Gonna get trucked the rest of the way.
  4. There should be all the parts you need in there to build it stock as the new parts are shown in the one runner with the wheels, disc brakes and revised front suspension, along with the extra tires. A quick spin through 1:1 '71 GTXs that are for sale show a seemingly 50/50 split in cars that have the Air Grabber "hood door" hood the kit has had the past few reissues, and ones with the "Road Runner" style one included with the kit.
  5. Depends on the country. Spain for instance doesn't track it's own mail once it leaves the country on normal mail service. The USPS doesn't track it's own International Mail once it leaves the U.S. either unless you pay for higher levels of International Priority service.
  6. Latvia is one of many EU counties that the USPS doesn't provide tracking for once it leaves the country of origin. So it'll just show up one day out of the blue like an early Christmas present. Not sure if the Canadian Postal authorities are any better with that sort of thing.
  7. They were some of, if not the last of, the kits designed during the final years of the actual AMT/Ertl. The kits didn't get released until 2000 & 2001 and by then Racing Champions had owned AMT for a few years and was well on it's way to death spiraling the model business to the point of irrelevance. The way the tool is designed, it would appear that they probably at some point planned to the full bumper at the time but nobody knew in real time that there would never be the finances or wherewithal to pull it off for another 20 years.
  8. The "problem" now is the most talented people to do this type of tooling are in China. They've been at it for over two decades now, and you'd almost have to reintroduce the "art form" back into the States. Clearly design and tooling can be done in the U.S., as Salvinos JR has proven (at a cost of $40/kit), but even then their various new tools and new tooling (on the old Monogram kits) has left reams to be desired in terms of proportions and accuracy. Because frankly the kits are only as good as the person doing the CAD work and the people putting their "QC" peepers on the test shots...oh and the available budget to fix things or being forced to let them roll as is. Things can and occasionally do go wrong with interpretation of the design into the tooling that's cut, but for the most part any of this type of work is producing what you're being given from the "designer".
  9. Well the only two Revell US kits that were for sure 3D scanned were the two Foose "one off" kits of the F-100 and the Cadillac. Perhaps it's because there isn't enough experience with the 1:1s to be able to compare, but I'm not sure I've really heard any accuracy complaints about either of those - beyond the normal "Why didn't they make a factory stock version" stuff. The post Blitz Revell's first kit was scanned, the Land Rover, and other than some possible missteps as to which side of the tranny hump the stick things stick up on LHD vs RHD, I don't believe I've heard nary a peep about the body as a whole - and that's a heck of a thing to get out of a mold in that big of a piece like they did.
  10. Keep in mind that when full on Lidar scanning of cars became a portable thing - as opposed to having to take the object to a fixed location - is pretty much the same time Hobbico was beginning to drain all the cash flow out of their subsidiaries to cover up their losses in R/C, which is ultimately what caused (along with a lawsuit from TraXXas) their bankruptcy and sale of the Revells. Lidar scanning costs money - which Revell had just enough of to keep the doors open at the end, and more over takes a little bit of forward thinking in terms commitment to the expenses involved.
  11. It's not real, if you check the link provided it's part of a series of "What if" box art creations that were done several years ago.
  12. Nobody releases information that far ahead except maybe Revell of Germany with their yearly New Year's Day announcement. If Moebius (and/or Pegasus) had any information they wanted to be public, they would do so. Their efforts were devoted to getting out the rest of the '65/'66 lineup, which was completed this month with the release of the 4x4. Then getting out the 48' flatbed trailer, which sounds like it should arrive in time for Halloween.
  13. My personal favorite sub-genre of this phenomenon are the people who out and out flame war people for daring to point out inaccuracies and other issues as being irrelevant and we should all just be glad xyz is even in business anymore, and then proceed to turn around and birth a ranch's worth of cattle when the same company "totally messes up" a piece of subject matter that is near and dear to their respective hearts. Which quickly points out so much of what is true within the hobby in general and automotive kits specifically - Nobody cares about it, until the IT is something you care about.
  14. In from UpScale Hobbies, nice to find a place in the U.S. with the new 6R4s with the prices of International Shipping and how much of a bath the U.S. money dollar takes converting to a Euro.
  15. There was a week or two delay between when I ordered the Benz Flatbed and when it was shipped out. As I recall these guys are like most resin casters, a couple of people. If they're getting a lot of orders it's probably taking a few days to get them all sorted, packed and shipped out.
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