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  1. That's a gem of an old advertisement right there. But at the same time what was Ford going to do, come out with a brochure going - Holy COW will you look how much better this IHC Loadstar is?!?!?!? Why would you ever buy a Ford Tilt again? 🤣
  2. Here ya go! https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/35376/index.htm
  3. The Italeri Beetle is the same old pile of Imai junk recycled into a new box.
  4. Tamiya releasing photos and detailed information about the upcoming Toyota GR 86. As I figured (since some of this kit can be recycled from the original 86 kit) it appears to be RHD JDM only as the engine bay is not set up in a way to reverse the battery and brake cylinder. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/24361/index.htm Also breaking covered today along with a 1/35 M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer is the sister kit, which I had kinda wondered where it wandered off to...so kit 24362 is the 2022 Subaru BRZ
  5. It's Christmas and Beginning of Summer just as schools let out.
  6. Granted...BUT that wouldn't have the magical nostalgic appeal of the kit that never was...OoOoOoOoooo mystical sales genie sprinkles with Retro Deluxe OooOoOooooo. /sarcasm
  7. Well they were many unique Ertl features on the original, but between the new one being a ground up new kit (albeit scanned from the original) and Ertl being another company's brand name...those features are now AMT ones. It's a quick and cheap way to reissue the kit with minimal investment in some decal art and paper printing (box, instructions, decals). They didn't invest upper 6 figures into this tooling to release it once and hope for the best. It may very well catch someone's eye with the Rat Fink logo who normally doesn't shop truck models, especially with a matching trailer floating around.
  8. From talking to someone who's built both that had the "splayed" hoods, they said that taking your time to throughly and completely gluing the inner fender/hood bracing on will "suck" the width of the hood back in line with the body, plus the body will get a small amount of flex cramming all the innards up in there.
  9. Oh believe me I hope so, the only reason I don't have a Piazza in my Stash is the heap of 80s toy based drek I'd have to buy from Fujimi to get one. In fairness Fujimi's 117 isn't the worst thing ever, it's probably getting close to 20 years old now, but you just figure Hasegawa's will be better, with more pieces that matter, and the differences between the variants will be more than wheels and some decals.
  10. There's not a whole lot to look at on either end to be honest, they really crammed it in there to get that midship engine placement. I suspect the CAD rendering looks odd because the kit will come with the Supercharger "T-Bar" roof as the standard build out, but include the full roof, A/T, and N/A hood options. The CAD seems to reflect the intercooler, but I wonder if that's separate part for folks going the base model A/T N/A version.
  11. Nats was great. IPMS Vegas ran a great Convention especially given the ever moving changes that the Delta variant brought right before the show. My wife and I had an absolute blast...maybe it was Vegas, maybe it was the first time in a long many years we had been on a trip without kids in tow, but I'm certainly looking forward to going to the 2022 Nats in Omaha in July.
  12. 117 test shot images... https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10813074
  13. The Izusu and MR2 are brand new tools, the RX-7 is the predicted (by me anyways) retool of the yet released new RX-7 as the 24h of Daytona class winner. Supra & R32 have a few parts added, most of the rest are decal related reissues.
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