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  1. Well barring any further nonsense with Covid (mass uptick of infections, more restrictions on gatherings, etc) we've been given the green light from our venue to hold our show this year.
  2. FWIW even Tamiya's 962C is a curbside devoid of any detail. Possibly worse since it's a repurposed R/C body and comes with the window glass and headlight covers glued in from the factory. If you have questions about a model kit, there are literally hundreds of people who can answer them before you purchase something, the Hasegawa 962 is 32 years at this point, it's a known commodity.
  3. You'd have to prove they're competing with each other. It's not like Atlantis is gonna start making new tool Muscle Cars or something. This tooling is in fact things Revell disposed of, so it's hardly like that's a competitive situation. If Blitz wants to license the name, and Atlantis wants to pay to license it, then it'll be there...or not.
  4. This is something that Mike and Salvinos JR have done for the past 2 kits that had newly tooled bodies in them. Both of the Grand Prix 2+2 and Le Mans were sold by Mike in plain "blank" boxings that you could pair with various decal choices to finish them out livery-wise. This arrangement seems to involve a couple of other retailers on a larger run (the Mike's kits were 500 pcs per if I recall right). The idea of them paying up front allow them to sell the kit as an exclusive, then next month Salvinos will distribute their Petty 1973 Charger kit, and later versions of the 71 will be released by the company themselves as well. If you look at the Coming Soon! part of Mike's site (http://mikesdecals.com/) you will see there are four sets of decals coming in around the same time as both kits will be, so there are options for the blank kit.
  5. LHS says their getting a shipment in Monday the 15th, presuming the weather here in SWPA allows for it.
  6. No model company is going to base their kit decisions on whether or not there's a resin kit available, it's two entirely separate market unless MCW starts getting carried at HobbyLobby.
  7. Not trying to be pedantic, but that's really "any more kits out", because hobby shops here in the U.S. that wanted to carry it already received shipments of the Germany boxing of the kit. The shop on eBay in the UK who's sold 46 of them is still listing the kit, and my auto correct ate my attempt at saying Japan just received and are selling the kit this week. There's a decent chunk of them floating in the wild and I wonder how they're going to deal with that, particularly if they're addressing the windshield/frame. That's going to require fixing the body, the frame height and the windshield glass unless they plan to chop the roof to fit the frame/glass. But Megahobby's announcement (they're the retail arm of Stevens International) was specifically addressing a delay on pre-orders of our U.S. sized box (and priced) reissue of the kit that was due this month. They were not carrying the German boxing of the kit.
  8. This would be specific to the U.S. rebox of the kit. The initial Germany boxing of the kits already shipped a month or so ago. Couple of vendors in Japan just got them in this week.
  9. Squadron's problems were the same that befell Hobbico. At some point they lost vision of what their core business(es) were and became all about leveraged acquisitions of other companies to attempt to be a jack of all hobby trades and a master of none. Did investment capital come in and sell off everything of value, sure, but Squadron had been slowly imploding for a decade and outright dying for the past several years. I know they hold a certain nostalgia feels for a lot of people back when they were THE mail order and brick and mortar place to be, but that ended quite awhile ago. They never pivoted in a meaningful way to eCommerce, their website was a hot mess more than it wasn't, they never had anything in stock and when they did it was almost always Hobby Lobby levels of MSRP over priced. Even the last weekend fire sale before they closed, the 70% off wasn't enough to pull some Tamiya kits down below the price you could buy them for in Japan.
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