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  1. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Galaxie Limited 1947 Chevy Coupe   

    Moebius is doing runs in excess of 5,000 pieces. Just the MK '69 was 6,000 kits alone. Also one of our local plastic pushers is carrying it for $35.
  2. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic All new Citroen DS19 kit   

    The entire kit description is akwardly worded, making me think perhaps nobody at Ebbro is particularly fluent in the finer aspects of English grammar. It's not as rough as a straight up machine translation, but as the ownee of several cats I'm not particularly sure I want to ride in one across the French countryside - they get pretty clumsy sometimes.
  3. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic All new Citroen DS19 kit   

    That's lifted directly from the English on the instructions, and ends " a cat".
  4. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    I have two thoughts on this statement...
    First - the few are the groups of people on here that feel the need to personal belittle and insult anyone who critiques anything about a model kit.  You can break them into the "Guys who once talked to Dave Metzner or Ed Sexton at a Model Show and now think they're personal friends and need to defend them" and "The blissfully ignorant who you could shovel a box of random parts to and they'd be happy - because NEW KIT!!!!!" 
    Very few assessments of tooling mock-ups, test shots or anything else have ever STARTED off with any type of personal attack by the person doing the initial "rivet counting" - and in no case can I ever remember anyone ever suggesting that anyone NOT buy something.  But very quickly the two tribes mentioned above fall out of the sky like so much flushed airline sewage and quickly start flinging insults and libel all over the place.
    Second - There's no need for ANY argument to take place at all over this stuff.  The people with the expertise (or in some cases just functional eyesight) state their case what the problems are...there it can just end right there.  But for some reason people can't leave it be until the kit comes out they have to swing in and start claiming it to be fine, they're gonna buy a case, BLAH_BLAH_BLAH, until they're belittling and insulting the people offering suggestions to MAKE THE $30 MODEL KIT BETTER.  Here's an idea, nobody care if you're gonna buy it or not.  The forum here by and large DOESN'T really know the people involved (some people like Sven, Art, & Tim obviously do) at any of the model companies, so how about everyone act like the grown ass men they are instead of the 12 year old boys they were when they got into the hobby?
    Because after the flaming libel beating I took in the Mustang LX debacle I have by and large stayed out of the test shot critiquing business, and I can tell you NOTHING delights me more than everyone on here moaning and wailing about what a pile of dung a new kit release is, because the Rabid & the Blind have run off everyone who actually gives a rats toe about making something better rather than coddling the imaginary egos of an inanimate corporation.
  5. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Subaru Sambar Fire Engine   

    The ladder truck is designed to have functioning out riggers and working 90ft ladder (works out to be like 15+ inches) after it's built.  I don't know what they're gonna make it out of to keep it from snapping like a twig if you "play" with it too much.
  6. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Subaru Sambar Fire Engine   

    I don't think it's really much more than a Quick Attack/Brush Truck over there either. Be the perfect thing to get down an alleyway and put out a dumpster fire with...along with 4WD it would be able to be used in the winter, and minor off-roading along the lines of a grass fire.  Looks like it's got a filtered 4" hard suction line on the one side, so it can be tossed into whatever nearby water source is available if hydrant access isn't available.
    Aoshima is also doing two full size Isuzu based pieces - a rescue engine with deployable fire fighting robot (because JAPAN) and an aerial, but in 1/72.
  7. niteowl7710 added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Tamiya Announcement - 2016 Mazda Roadster (MX-5)
    Joining in with Revell AG in bucking the conventional wisdom that you can't possibly put out a model kit of something while it's still relevant, Tamiya announced this morning (officially) that the next addition to their 1/24 Sport Car line is the brand spankin' new 2016 Mazda Roadster.  The 4th gen "Miata" just went on sale in the past month or so, and about 90 days afterwards we get a model kit of it. Frankly it's "amazing", I'm sure certain parties in the Midwest could list a laundry list of reasons of why this just isn't technically possible and we should have to wait almost 2 years after a body style changes to get a model kit of a manufacturer's "halo" car.

    List price is 2,800Y, so expect a curbside, and perhaps a RHD only version at that.  Time will tell if there's a LHD parts assortment in there, or if there will be a separate U.S. spec kit released in 2016 like the 1st Gen Miata, FD3S RX-7, and Honda S2000.
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  8. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    So nobody is going to give any "credit" to the people who have nit-picked and rivet counted stuff in the past and in turn gotten you a BETTER product?
    One thing that Dave and the rest of the crew at Moebius deserves credit for is fixing what they can with their issues without going to the nuclear option of blowing up the tooling and starting all over again.  Unlike the 800lb Illinois elephant in the room that screams "WE CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!" at the top of their lungs.
  9. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Tamiya Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI DTM   

    Everyone seems to call that red one the "DEKRA" car when Dekra is just a sponsor of the DTM series in general. The car itself is sponsored by Alfa Corse - it was the factory backed racing team.
  10. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Is Round2 models down?   

    Considering AMT hadn't seen an update since March and the rest were all still parked in 2014 it wouldn't kill them to do an overhaul.
  11. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic All new Citroen DS19 kit   

    Well it is 7am, Friday morning over there. 
  12. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic All new Citroen DS19 kit   

    Too slow on the draw Mr. Kourouklis! I got in on the pre order, and just got billed for mine a few minutes ago.
  13. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic All new Citroen DS19 kit   

    Kit is out this morning.
  14. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Kits gone at WalMart again   

    Slusher would be correct as to why things are being clearanced at the moment. The stores are being reset for Christmas. For the stores that have been doing well with models they're only "liquidating" certain items to make shelf space for other models.
    My local Wally World has been pretty up on newer Revell kits, especially the Prepaint, SnapTite and Build-n-Play kits.
  15. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Aoshima announce 1/24 Sesto Elemento   

    Aoshima did in fact do a SL65 Black Series. They've been Out of Production for a few years now, so they aren't at all cheap on eBay - unless you find the odd listing.
    Both Aoshima themselves and Hobby Design did P/E upgrade sets for the SL63. The factory Aoshima one is probably unobtanium because I don't believe it's ever been reissued. The H-D one runs about $30.