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  1. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    $82 for the RevellAG London Bus. Before the big price increase on the 2nd run took it to $125.
  2. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Hummer H1, Meng Models   

    And it will probably be $80 in a Hobby Shop.
    Subject matter is subjective, plenty of people wouldn't blink an eye to pay that much for a Modelhaus transkit, or a promo, or a vintage kit, or ten $8 Ollie's kits they already have 7 copies of...
  3. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Hummer H1, Meng Models   

    This came up for Pre-Order on HobbyEasy this morning with an initial delivery date of 8/25 (take with the same grain of salt as any other initial release date).
    Price is $41.99, with the resin detail up set going for just under $14.
    Upon initial glance it appears that H.E. might be the low cost alternative on this one. But until 1999 (Hobby Search) or HLJ lists that's not gospel. However the ¥ is pretty strong right now (103 to 1) which makes the screaming deals we've been getting pretty much fade away.
  4. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic AMT Super Boss 2016   

    Well if they were going to be sent out from South Bend yesterday (according to the earlier post), they better have made their boat ride already...
  5. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic revell 4Q2016 Release Annoucement   

    I bet he meant 150 Sedan, since you could build the Black Widow without the NASCAR parts as a base 150 as well.
  6. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic New Aoshima Super cars   

    They gotta get the Huracan out first. There's a toy show in Malaysia (I believe) this weekend and it looks like they'll be showing the runners from some of the upcoming kits. I've seen the bodies and other parts trees for the Diablo GT and GTR, so I bet the Pagani will be in there too.
  7. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Round2 July 2016 Announcements   

    That's all fine and well, but that still doesn't make it any more accurate.  Since one of the "new" releases for "July is 3 weeks on shelves already,  and that SnapIt version of the Camaro is going to be molded in Garnet Red not black like the flyer says.
    Round2 has also been showing things on their FB and YouTube channel as new kits that haven't been distributed to retailers yet. 
    It's not your fault in any way, but if it's not listed on the Auto World Store site, then Round2's guidance on releases is like a road map drawn in pencil with someone constantly erasing it and redrawing. 
  8. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Round2 July 2016 Announcements   

    That's an...interesting list to be called "July Releases"...
    The SnapIt Camaro is listed as an August release by Auto World Store. The puller has no official month yet, and the Petty car came out 2 weeks ago.
  9. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

  10. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Oops...self-driving cars perhaps not quite ready for prime time yet.   

    The Tesla system isn't an "autonomous car", it's an "auto pilot".  If you know anything about basic aviation you know an auto pilot can fly the plane at a given heading, airspeed, altitude, or Nav Point, or all of them at the same time.  However unless you input a new heading, speed, or altitude it will fly the same way for infinity, or until it runs out of gas - think of Payne Stewart's plane when it lost cabin pressure and everyone passed away, it flew until it ran out of gas before crashing.  Really fancy planes can be put into a "Landing Autopilot" that will effectively do everything but wash the galley afterwards, but a lot of minivans & SUVs will parallel park themselves too.
    The system isn't meant to drive you from Point A to Point B without you doing anything like a truly autonomous vehicle.  It's meant only for highway use where it keeps speed and lane control, it's not gonna grab an exit and take you to the charging station. You also have to turn it on, which involves "signing" a ToS every time you activate it, saying much like the pilot in the airplane, you're gonna actually pay attention and not sleep or watch the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  11. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Scale Modeler MPC Boss 351 Mustang article   

    Pretty sure Missing Link wasn't even a twinkle in the owner's eye back in 1997...
  12. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Heller rereleasing a dual trailer load of kist!   

    HobbyLink Japan has (or had) the majority of those January 2017 reissues still in stock from when they were all run last year. I'd like to get the Delage, Vivastella, and Estefette Van, I seem to recall all of those kits that are showing November release dates were also scheduled for 4Q reissues back at Nuremberg in February.  The only thing that's truly AWOL at this point is the Ferguson tractor.
  13. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic "New" Revell 48 Ford   

    That's all Revell ever showed of it, the coupe specific parts runners. 
    I have one, but I haven't opened it yet. The side panels only show a stock engine, but the rest if the contents were supposed to be the Convertible kit which did have Hot Rod parts unless they took those parts out for some reason.  
  14. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic "New" Revell 48 Ford   

    The biggest offense of that box art is the "Virginia State Police" livery applied to it. 1948 was the first year that VSP went to it's famous and still used gull gray and dark blue two tone color scheme. Not to mention they were never black and white (that I've ever seen in a historical photo), nor did they use that type of 5 point Sheriff star.
    Nobody's buying it for the decals, but sheesh who's coming up with this stuff.  The VSP has a very detailed year by year historical archive online that a quick read through "1948" would have prevented the weird color scheme they chose that doesn't match the real unique color scheme.
  15. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Revell 3rd Quarter 2016   

    If that had been the kit or the D&M Corvette Specialists one that was inspired by it rather than some goofy fake wagon I would have actually bought it. Seeing as how I was ultimately given the ultimatum to buy a NASCAR kit just to get a complete Supercharger system they can stick it in their ear if they think I'm buying two kits to bash into one model. I already have 2 sedans and the wagon as it is, not to mention the fiasco of buying 2 Nova kits to build one correct Yenko.  
    I hope you drag guys take the opportunity and buy a ton,  you guys are being buried in subject matter,  but I'll pass.