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  1. It's called the "New Old School" because it's a 1995 JDM HiLux with the U.S. Spec trim pieces off a pre-1991 SR5. The LHD parts off any of the HiLux Surf/SR5 4Runners should drop fit into the interior.
  2. I don't have the HD set for the LP700-4 "base" Aventador because Aoshima did a factory set for that kit. But these are the instructions for the Roadster one from HD So yes you cut the center plastic hub off (or grind the brake rotor off from the outside) and the glue it into the center of the new brake system you build out of the P/E pieces.
  3. They've been out for over a month now. I'm guessing you're not seeing a "review" of them since they're just a reissue of something that's been around for 30+ years and has no new parts, and Casey already showed the decal sheet.
  4. Round2 purchased the assets of Lindberg in the Spring of 2013, and the Lawman kit was released July of 2016. I can't remember when Round2 started teasing the idea of merging the NASCAR and Drag car together to make a Plymouth Drag car, but even if it was the day they purchased Lindberg it's a hair over 3... Sometimes you throw an idea out there and see what the reaction is like before you actually spend the money.
  5. But much like Revell, Round2's customer base is the 90% (or so) of builders who pick up a kit at random and don't have a 1k kit surplus in their basement. Coke tie-ins excluded both companies have a reissue track of 7-9 years on any given kit which when you consider how a place like Hobby Lobby does retail means that any given kit that doesn't sell consistently might get less than 1 year of shelf time before it disappears for almost a decade. Round2 manages to keep the "rabid" 10%ers in check by kicking out stuff like the Pinto, Brat, Schwin, and 67 Ford AWB kits that haven't been produced in 35-40 years. But a casual builder who's new to the hobby doesn't have five '61 Impalas, or three '34 Ford P/Us.
  6. They've done (and are doing) several new tool Sci Fi pieces...because by and large Sci Fi builders aren't afraid to crack open their wallets. The last Star Trek offering of significance was almost $200 if you bought the "detail-up" sets they sold with it. Meanwhile automotive modelers here in the U.S. just went into a frothing near-riot over $7 clearance kits at Hobby Lobby. Which customer base do you want to invest in?
  7. I can see the plausibility in re-selling Ollie's kits. Unless you're East of the Mississippi (and really just the East Coast itself) you have no idea what an Ollie's even is...There are also plenty of people who won't set foot in a Hobby Lobby because of the Religion/Politics of the CEO. People on eBay are providing a service therefore and had to go to the store, do the shopping, and incurred transportation, warehousing, and distribution costs.
  8. The whole reason Revell U.S. exists is for the staff & consultants here to continue development and production of new U.S. subject matter - Direct from Ed Sexton's mouth at NNL East a few months ago.
  9. I'm going to concur, those bodies have that weird "wood" texture you get when you do a 3D rapid prototype.
  10. Bwaahahahahahaha...touche. Except he obviously has both hands free.
  11. As much as I enjoy watching you people malign Chad for all manner of things while ignoring how factually inaccurate the videos are in terms of correct release times...How is it Chad's fault that whomever is actually filming the video isn't adjusting the angle of the camera to prevent glare? He's not filming the thing himself and therefore can't know what angle is good, bad or indifferent.
  12. They aren't, they're taking somewhere in the neighborhood of a $7 bath on every kit. But such is retail, you get people to come in and buy up all the stock (hence the near immediate sell outs) which frees you from having to wholesale out to someplace like Ollie's. Not to mention for all the stuff people buy there on Clearance (they blow out everything in those stores, not just the models), people are also walking out the door with full MSRP items - which are priced 100% or more above what they paid for them in the first place. It all balances out. You can't just keep the same old junk on the shelves and never reduce the price - that policy is in large part what drove a lot of local hobby shops under. You wind up with a store full of dead stock hogging all the shelf space, which means you carry less new stock - and people stop coming to look at your wall of never rotating model kits. My LHS is a prime example of this, except he sells so much volume from also being on eBay and a major show vendor. But when I go in there for my domestic kit needs I shop from the quadrangle of shelves right by the door that carry the newest kits, I don't bother to go in any further, I've seen the same kits on the back walls now for 3+ years that he's had a physical store, and probably 15 years when he was dragging it around to all the model & collectible shows for 500 miles in every direction.
  13. Round2 also sells crate loads of Coca Cola kits to people who collect Coke memorabilia who have no intention of every breaking the shrink wrap off them let alone build them. I suspect reissue times on the Bandit and Hideout would have something to do with how well the reissues of the first two kits sold. You don't want to flood the market with semi-identical kits, Moebius made that mistake with their F-Series trucks.
  14. No the FX-16 was a Corolla, that's a completely different (albeit similarly shaped) platform than the Starlet. The only Starlet we got in the U.S. was the prior generation (KP61) from 1981-1984. The E80 generation Corolla, of which the FX-16 is one of, along with the famous AE86 is what replaced it in the U.S. But the Starlet continued on as a sub-compact in Japan and elsewhere until 1999 when it replaced globally with the Yaris.
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