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  1. If there are any changes NASCAR provides the data to Salvinos before the teams get it, one of the delays to the Camaro was the fact that NASCAR moved the exhaust between when the rollout car was debuted and the car was actually raced.
  2. Yeah what Rob said. The chassis, running gear and all of that are a direct carry over.
  3. I think the best thing we could say in regards to the Mustang and Camry would be if you like the Next Gen cars, you might wanna start saving your pennies now for the 1Q of 2023.
  4. They've reissued that Malibu, Mack R w/Trailer and the Mack Fire Truck seemingly twice a decade or so for all of the 90s-2010s without ever kicking out the rest of the 1/32 kits other than the ones that were in the Luminator Series back in 1991. Several 1/32 kits were tooled in the 90s (NASCAR, Mustang, Ferrari F-40, S-10 ZR2, etc) Plus we're getting back a couple of the 1/32 trucks in the next 6 months or so...
  5. If you want something fixed there (Scalemates) PM the information and I can get it fixed, I have Editor privileges there.
  6. I understand what you were saying but based on conversations this forum has had in the past I believe the only difference between the 71 & 72 grilles was the 71 was black and the 72 chrome. So the hood and chrome trees are recycled from the Convertible. So if the problem exists as you say, then it's always been there on this series of kits from the beginning. The new parts to this kit (other than Coupe glass) are the 3 things on tops of all the other parts. New Interior platform, new body, and new door panels & seats.
  7. Consider myself educated. Thanks for all of the clarification.
  8. Interesting observation, but incorrectly backwards. The original version of this kit is the 72 Convertible, and this is a 1971. None of it would copied from a 1970. That was a JoHan kit back in the day.
  9. That W900 had to be older than 1992. I think it's as old as the Cabover KW and the Pete 359. I can't see a reason why in 1992 Revell would make a 1980s spec W900, because by 1992 the W900 had square quad headlights and slightly different front fenders. Plus the kit has 230+parts with opening doors which is a sign of those Venice designed, European "Trucks of the World" kits from the early 80s. The 1/24 Pete & W900 kits are Monogram SnapTite kits and while they're the same vintage as the Revell kits that's way back before the merger and aren't related. The scale on that one box is a misprint indeed.
  10. This month's HLJ haul, not shown the P/E set for the Carina.
  11. Because when they redid the Skill Levels from 3 to 5 it made Level 2 the default level for SnapTites. Level 1 is now the 9-14 part Build n Plays. Level 3 are the Pre-Painted kits. Level 4 is Glue Kits under 125 parts, Level 5 is glue kits over 125 parts.
  12. Caught it how? Moebius uses a 3rd Party Chinese factory just like everyone else (save SJR) and the run is done all at once and then shipped over. Clearly no one was manning the QC station and/or knew what to look for, so now you have several thousand kits over here with some level of problems that are being discovered as they go along. It would be easy to go on a Anti-China tangent. But even Salvinos JR making kits in California isn't immune. They just figured out that no one who got the July KoTM (the #11 Dodge Charger with the new flathood) or who purchased it on their website and got a kit as part of the early shipments received the metal axle you need for the rear end. The #28 Tuflon LeMans kits all have a sizable tooling defect on the front fenders that no one noticed in QC until it was mentioned to them when we got our kits. QC is an attention to detail job, and usually there are known issues with a tool that you're specifically looking to make sure aren't in defect...which can mean you're overlooking an entire other defect(s) that isn't supposed to be happening.
  13. Makes sense as we'd normally be heading into the All Japan Model Hobby Show, but there is nothing posted anywhere, including the show's own website that shows a 2022 event. It might be two years of Covid cancellations have finally taken out the event...but the model companies are so used to doing an end of the year "dump" of new products. Aoshima announced that "Version 2" of the LibertyWalk Aventador last night, along with the Hase Mini, and this kit as well. Have to keep an eye on Hasegawa and see if they plan to do a Nov/Dec joint release like they would normally do for the show that might feature more new tooling, or significant revamps to the recent new tooling kits. I suspect this will be the only Tamiya car announcement (there was a new tank announcement on the same page as the Z story), and beyond getting a date for the LB Murcielago I wouldn't expect anything of substance out of Aoshima since their stuff is scheduled through November already.
  14. This version is still readily available for the just under $20 at all your finer Japanese Vendors and is one of the cars lent to McQueen to "drive" in the movie (even though the driving of the car was actually done by Works driver Herbert Linge), and the car was later owned by Jerry Seinfield. I'm not aware of any decal sheets in current production that have his character's name on the car, and in the actual filming of the movie the insurance companies wouldn't allow him to drive the 917K in the actual race itself with Jackie Stewart as originally planned. So all of the footage of him driving was filmed in a Porsche 908/2 which due to all the film changes didn't run enough length to be classified in the 1970 race.
  15. New tool. Even the recent 86/BRZ kits which share 90% or so with the older 1:1 and 1/24 kits were entirely new tooling. They might be able to share patterning for the some of the dirty bits, but the New Z is almost a half foot longer than the 370 so the chassis plate would need lengthened, and that probably means the interior is deeper than the 370 as well.
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