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  1. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic C'mon USPS!   

    We have a little bin at the dock doors of the local MPC for mis-sent packages that make it past the Warrendale Plant down to County Level.  Last night it had a package from Amazon sent from China going to Massachusetts that the correct city/state but did not have the "0" for a Mass Zip and instead the remaining digits - which were printed offset and in bold no less - which sorted it to our 15x Zip 3 service center.  Dunno if the person in China thought the zero was a place holder, or forgot it, but that package took a really circuitous route.
  2. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford FD-100 Pickup   

    I think you guys are overthinking all of these, just a weeeeeeee bit.
    The licensing agreement for these Foose kits was for 6 models total. Two SnapTite, Two pre-paints, and 2 all new tool glue kits.  To assume this was going to be a pre-paint would imply that Revell was going to make this truck regardless as to how the voting was going to come out, and gee-golly-shucks look it "magically" won.  The entire voting process being a fraud a P.R. disaster Revell doesn't need, especially since it would completely overshadow what seems to be a nice model.
    The reason the kit has two metal axles, and a grand total of 9 suspension pieces is because it's a "one shot" kit.  This can never be made into something else down the road.  There's no 2nd and 3rd versions to make up for poor sales.  The price we pay for kits is a carefully tabulated guesstimate based on tooling costs and expected sales.  Because there can't be a stock '56 Ford based on this tooling, or anything else for that matter, cost savings had to be implemented in order for these kits to be feasible.  Putting metal axles in it might harken back to a simpler time to a certain extent, but that doesn't make it a toy, or marketed at kids.  It's the realities that Revell faced in making this kit, do you want it or not?  The little axles nails wouldn't work in this application because of the way the disc brake and wheel assembly interface (which if we want to be honest is very diecasty) is designed.  Plug the hole, cut the axles down and voila problem solved.
  3. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic C'mon USPS!   

    The other "amazing" thing about the USPS logistics model is that other than the local mail carriers and time spent on FedEx planes, about 99.5% of the entire ball of wax is coordinated through an army of private government contractors like myself. Dirty secret, unless you have 23 years in as a "Federal" Postal employee, we make more than they do. 
    But we're also some of the most experienced and motivated drivers you'll come across. The mail has to go regardless of the weather. The two drivers and myself that operate our little contract have over 70 years of combined accident free operations. 
  4. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby made my day   

    Well what you said was "coupon for the week" implying singular. My deepest apologies that I have a life beyond this forum and didn't pay attention to what day of the week it was, night shift will do that to you. 
    Normally I don't have any problem with any part of Saturday,  except maybe when the alarm goes off to get up for that night's work. So I'm guessing it must be with your inability to articulate your thoughts into coherent written statements.
  5. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Suggestions on making first spray booth   

    The biggest killer to your CFM (other than a plugged up filter) is how long your "run" is to the outside vent. I have a professionally made down-draft booth rated at around 400 CFM and they recommend no more than 8' of distance between the booth and the exit vent before the fan loses it's ability to flow at it's rated power. 90° turns and significant elevation changes will also diminish the effectiveness. 
  6. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic C'mon USPS!   

    Alright so some thoughts on the subject matter from someone who lives this stuff 5 nights a week...
    First off in regards to weekend closing times. Your P.O. closes at a time that allows the employees to consolidate all of the incoming mail for pickup to the Regional Zip 3 (aka the first 3 digits of your zip code) Mail Processing Center and then along it's merry way. There are no late pick ups from the contractors on Saturday, so everything had to be ready to go. Your closing time is directly affected by your distance to the Zip 3 MPC. Sure the P.O. could hire some extra Mail Clerks and stay open til 6 on Saturday,  but unless they then hire an entire swath of us Contractors who actually move the mail, your stuff would just sit at your local P.O., or the MPC all weekend. BTW the people who are working at your local P.O. are usually at work by 6am and working until 2-3 PM on that Saturday,  so they get their hours in, there's a lot of sorting and pick ups/deliveries to and from the MPC to keep your local office functional. 
    Next for the old "Why is across the country sometimes faster than across a few states?" Simply anything under 600 miles is transported by truck. Anything longer than that hitches a ride through FedEx. So as long as it's not headed into Memphis over the weekend it's usually making a connecting flight and landing out West the next day or two.
    To Dave's demand that UPS drop his stuff off on the way to Charleston. First,  UPS does not palletize their shipments, so there's no "drop it off en route" option. Beyond that UPS line haul is terminal to terminal usually done by pairs of coordinated drivers. One truck with two 28' doubles floor loaded full of stuff from WV headed to Chicago Metro and the opposite leaving Chicago. They meet along the OH/IN border and then return to their home domicile. That allows UPS to have two (or how many ever WV to Chicago interchanges there are) drivers assigned to the linehaul.  Having each driver travel the entire distance or having them stop en route would require twice as many drivers because one would always be stuck at the other end of the run.  Plus the additional cost of driver accommodations because UPS operates an entire daycab fleet.
    To the OP, there's also a town here in Pittsburgh named Rochester, however it was more than likely a mis-scan in Milwaukee. The goal is to keep those under 1%, but they do happen.
  7. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    The Lindberg kits are all pre-Round2 ancient dreck.
  8. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Aoshima Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 Unboxing   

    It's the Export version that has 4 sets of wheels.  The kit from Japan (has a white car on the box) only has two sets.
  9. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby made my day   

    What do you mean "this week"?
    Those coupons say - Offer good for one item at regular price only. Limit one coupon per customer per day.
  10. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic HELP: First-time model kit purchase via PayPal - how to protect myself   

    If you have any doubts about the transaction make sure you send the money as a "Goods & Services" transfer NOT as "Friends & Family".  Goods & Services transfers are covered by PayPal protections as outlined above with the ability to claw back the money if the seller doesn't make good on the sale. Friends and Family transactions are treated like you gave your best friend $100 and he never paid you back.  There is a transaction fee for the Goods & Service transfer that will be charged to the seller, and they may want to charge you for it, but for the extra piece of mind you may find it to be worth the few bucks.
    As others have said PayPal is just the bank between you and the Seller, they don't have anything to do with shipping or any of that.  How long it would take the kit to you depends on where it is - compared to your location in Canada, and how it's sent to you.  If it's coming from the U.S. be aware that regular USPS tracking services may cease when the package crosses the border into the hands of the Canadian Postal Service.  Just like for some reason we here in the States can't get accurate tracking on packages from Hong Kong, Ukraine, or Spain for some reason.
  11. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    The J. Lloyd stuff was also in it's cases which had stick on labels with the PO, parts number, and case xxx of xxx, which also work out to what I'd consider to be normal reissue runs.
    I could be completely wrong, but I find it hard to believe anyone but Revell themselves would order 10,008 SnapTite Porsche Boxters.  Now I'm not saying that Hobbico is the ones that dumped this stuff, but it has to be some first line distributor that would be getting the cases directly to them without them being broken down into mixed cases in Illinois.
  12. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Shizuoka Hobby Show 2017, Few More Pic's Added.   

    There is nothing automotive from Tamiya at Shizouka this year unless you count the factory assembled 1/24 '15 NSX in three color options, or the new tool 1/8 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin.
  13. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    Several of the cases of Revell products at my local store are being "displayed" in their original from China shipping cases, that have the P.O., Part ID, and Case xxx of xxx labeled on the side. 
    Great unintentional insight into Revell's production numbers as things like the Speedwagon and Dodge Ram VTS are in boxes that say xxx of 250.  250 cases by 12 models = Production run of 3,000 pieces.  What is really amusing, or perhaps disturbing was the Porsche Boxters which are in Cases xxx of 834.  That makes those SnapTite kits a run of 10,008!! I know that a lot of the SnapTite kits end up getting shuttled out to those Make n Takes, but TEN THOUSAND (and 8) of them?
  14. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Shizuoka Hobby Show 2017, Few More Pic's Added.   

    The Lancia Super Delta will be full detail. They've shown the 3D files showing the engine back when they announced the beginning of development last fall.
  15. niteowl7710 added a post in a topic Shizuoka Hobby Show 2017, Few More Pic's Added.   

    It also ran in the BTCC where it won the Privateer Championship several years in a row, and was also entered by a pair of factory backed teams which had some moderate success as well.  Toyota was either 2nd or 3rd in the Manufacturer's Points during those seasons also.