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  1. Jo-Han doesn't in that way exist anymore. Copy the kit, tweak things to make it better (like losing the axle through the engine) and release it. It's not like Okey is in a position to do anything at this point to make the actual original kits and the tooling is either lost or beyond reasonable financial reach.
  2. In furtherance of my point of Hasegawa being new dog, old kits - in February they're reissuing that kit again, but this time with a newly tooled set of wire wheels. If you bought every version of the 2000GT that Hasegawa has plopped into the market since the current cycle of new car tooling being their main focus (post 2016) you'd be sitting on NINE of these things at this point. Pricewise it slots in above the standard issue but always in the catalog 2000GT (by $6) but below the 3 race car kits, and both resin girl kits... Actually FWIW the entire 02/23 release slate is recycled kits with new decals with a WRC Corolla for Valentino Rossi, a 72 Season Celica Race Car, the aforementioned 2000GT and these two as well. A ZG with new Watanabes (which say C110 on the runner tag, but neither 70s Skyline kits have come with these so far) and the venerable Bluebird SSS with Mooneyes decals. All of these kits are about trying to bilk..err convince modelers to buy another version of a kit they probably already own several copies of already.
  3. I forgot all about that and clearly it's not going to show up on Scalemates "correctly" with "Dually" spelled so wildly wrong. 🤪
  4. Well remember there was a "Street Machine Dually" that was part of the SnapFast line back in the day that had a billet grille, custom rims and a cowl induction hood. If one were to take the newly tooled stock grille and hood from the upcoming short bed and then tool up some actual 3500 dually rims and MIRRORS (and maybe tires depending on what the disposition of the truck tires are out of the extended cab/Ram 3500 Dually) and *Poof* Bob's Your Uncle you have (finally) a factory stock Silverado 3500.
  5. Kinda, sorta, but I say no. First of all most if the Hasegawa kits that are getting resin girls are older kits that were tooled up in the 90s, that everyone already has a copy of...adding the resin girl is less about creating a "sales tier" than it is pushing out an old kit with a new bit in hopes that people buy a 2nd (or moreth) kit. The High Detail kits are reissues, those were created when these kits (2000GT, 89C, etc) were brand new - again back in the 90s. So in a technical sense it does create a "top tier" model, but only for about a half dozen kits that have all received the same treatment in the past.
  6. Off the top of my head I can't remember if it's on a black tree or not as the body is molded in white. But the entire roof is a separate part for ease of painting regardless of molded color, it's not clear.
  7. None of the Tamiya Enamel Paint line is available in the U.S., but as everyone else has said any odorless (or odored if you wanna huff some fumes) mineral spirt will get the panel liner back off.
  8. Alright...so here's the next three kits being released. Are you beside yourself with excitement? Cause these are about as interesting as discussing Jo-Han tooling, although at least they tooled up some windshield glass for the Caddy. Still wouldn't buy any of this nonsense if it came with a $20 folded in the instructions.
  9. Simple, that old stuff exists. The reason Atlantis went dumpster diving at Revell (and by proxy Salvinos buying the old NASCAR stuff from Atlantis) is that stuff is. 3D scanning opens a world of possibilities, but other than shaving some R&D costs off the top doesn't make the costs associated with making a new tool kit any less than the costs of making a new tool kit. Make no bones about it Round2 is spending large piles of that cash they got when they sold 49% of the company to that investment group a few years back. They've got to be getting close to a million dollars worth of new tooling at this point and there's still more coming in 2023 & 2024 - Lord willing and the creek don't rise. Round2 is reissuing the curbside version of the new '63 Nova Wagon next month with a Coke box...because you have to amortize that cost somehow. I'd buy a Maverick because of the oddity of it if nothing else, but it's still going to cost what it's going to cost - to say nothing about doing the same sort of subtle upgrades all the recent projects got like the Nova, 4070A, '68 Coronet, et al. You still need to sell at/around the same number of units to turn a profit.
  10. That tooling is going to wind up in the same dumpster as the guys who have have the traveling kit museums pretending to be vendor tables at model shows. Eventually they'll pass from this mortal plane and their family will pitch or fire sale it all.
  11. Everything would have been moved over to Romeo where Seville was based at back in 1991 when they took over the assets of Jo-Han. At this point Okey has owned whatever he owns for closing in on 23 years and other than re-packing some Furys, 56 Plymouths, Rambler Wagons and bodies for some X-El nothing has ever come of it. I don't have high hopes of whatever he does have being stored properly for the past two decades either to be honest. At this point it might be worth scrap steel value and nothing else.
  12. I mean it's a very good possibility that Okey is in possession of most of, if not all of what tooling was still left when Seville sold it to him. Lots of inserts went missing - by employees selling them so the story goes - before Seville got hold of it, but they clearly produced a bunch of stuff under that USA Oldies label, plus the kits they ran for Testors. They were the same type of company that JoHan was in so much as Seville Industries made plastic car parts and ran Jo-Han on the side. If the inventory was so poorly managed and you don't have a background in tooling it's very difficult to tell what a given tooling might produce. It's not like Okey (appears to anyways) has a injection machine, or the financial wherewithal to pay someone else to run hanger shots of whatever he might have. Not to run Okey down, but based on the notes he added to the instructions to the few things he did release by making whole kits out of leftover parts it's pretty clear he had no idea whatsoever what he was looking at, and didn't even have the ability to pay someone to make a clear glass piece (to replace the smoked one) in the Plymouth Fury which would have cost a few thousand at most, let alone all the rest of the improvements for that Furyt hat were once touted that never materialized.
  13. Powerslide is doing three variants (on one sheet) of the CV Roadrunner as well as the red Petty Enterprises #99 one driven by Fred Lorenson in January.
  14. New Powerslide decals offering an alternative to doing the new Salvinos JR 1971 "Chrysler Plymouth" as a Petty car.
  15. Testor never made or owned a single piece of tooling, everything was either run by another company or contracted out in some fashion. The F-19 you seek was actually made by Italeri, and then reboxed by RPM in a Testor box...it was one of a slew of Italeri kits resold in the U.S. in that fashion.
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