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  1. I agree there are too many R32s, but as a race car guy it's incredibly frustrating that Tamiya is sitting on a mound of race car tooling that would sell - most of it doesn't even need decals at this point - and none of it has seen the light of day since it's original runs in the 80s & 90s. Hasegawa & BeemaNuNu are throwing that era racing kits out in all formats and Tamiya gives me turned metal throttle bodies on a Lotus. Speaking of which the Lotus 79 isn't the best example, since it's the same race car, at least with an R30 (despite all the Aoshima kits) there are a bunch of civilian and race R30s, and Hasegawa seems to be able to crank at least 5 variants out of everything even if it means putting a resin chin spoiler in the kit. You'd only need one Lotus 79...maybe two if there's a race specific version, but you can build several Skylines however you'd like. 😅 Aoshima also gets all my thumbs down right now as they've turned into an even more conservative company than Tamiya in terms of their releases. There have been what...4 new tools in the past half decade, and I'd love to see the sales numbers on that Toyota Taxi. The Pro Box is getting it's 4th kit in October, but how many Mazda Familia Vans did they move? The R34 4 Door gets it's 5th version (if you count the original Custom Wheels version of the 1st releases as it's own kit) as a Police Car in October, and the URAS Type-R FINALLY saw the light of day. I know Fujimi is off playing in 1/72 military land right now, but I'd love to get one of the 3 promised Jimny kits instead of the 14th reissue of the Hustler.
  2. The scooter is a Yamaha Vino for anyone who's interested.
  3. An R30 would also allow them to "dual tool" the kit the way they did with the R31 to allow a JTC version as well. The A60 Supra is over saturated I'll grant you, but then so was the market for an R31 Skyline and they did it anyways. I know it's easy for us to spend their money on our own personal thoughts, but I've never understood why in the military realm they can retool and retool and retool certain (mostly German) tanks seemingly from new companies evert year, but the automotive market goes - Well there's a 30yr old tool of xyz, so a new one wouldn't sell! The American kit manufacturers are just as guilty of that. I know there are arguably more "IPMS" builders, but it's not the order of magnitude necessary to justify having 3-5 new Panzers popping up yearly each one trying to be more complicated or accurate than all the others.
  4. Hopefully this sells well, we get a LHD dash at some point and inspires them to tackle a Celica XX (Celica Supra) there are kits of those from all of the Big 3 Japanese brands, plus the much listed upon MPC kit. But those Japanese offerings are either old and motorized or terribly out of proportion. I won't go off on a tangent about my desire for a M40/50 1st Gen Supra, aside from off scale stuff there's no kit of that at all...Hasegawa brands all of these 80s/90s stuff in their Historic Japanese Cars line...a '78 Supra fits that bill delightfully well.
  5. Well lort knows we've needed a modern A70 forever now. Both the Fujimi (with the exception of the High Mecha kit) and the Tamiya one are both very simple curbsides that leave a lot to be desired in terms of details considering both were tooled back in 1986.
  6. There was a weird Italian connection beyond the sale of ESCI from Ertl and it's dissolution into Italeri because by the time those boxings of the 935 came about ESCI as a name was gone and we got Italeri's (arguably awful) Jaguar XJ220 & Lamborghini Diablo (x2) at the same time But there was one 3 pack boxing of "Super Cars" that was the Jag, the Diablo & the ESCI Countach - the other being the Jag/Diablo and Viper GTS.
  7. As far as I've ever seen (with the usual caveats about not seeing everything) the only kits branded ESCI/Ertl were during a brief period in the early 80s sold in Europe. The ESCI kits sold here were all labeled just as AMT only with those 4 you mentioned being all released at the same time in similar sized "long" boxes and box art styles. If you dig deep enough in the box art vaults you can find co-brandrd Revell/ESCI, and Gunyze Sanyo/ESCI boxing of almost all of their kits and Humbrol/ESCI boxings of a few.
  8. All of the ESCI tooling went to Italeri after Ertl sold it off and ESCI went under 30+ years ago. Italeri has been (and will be) reissuing a bunch of that old ESCI tooling over the past 18 months. Considering the fact that Italeri ran off two trucks and two trailers for AMT earlier, I suspect this is a continuation of that "tool sharing" agreement.
  9. Yeah shipping out of Japan (and most of Asia) is pretty miserable right now. Japan Post will not accept any mail bound for the U.S., Hong Kong Post just started allowing EMS shipments to the U.S. & U.K. - which along with a few other European Countries are the only places you can get things sent airmail. Everything else has to go by boat and shipping times on that seem to be trending right around the 60 day mark. So the only thing available in many cases is UPS/FedEx/DHL, which are of course very quick, and a bit pricey to put it mildly.
  10. And in the "never say never files" that Road Rally MG-B I said had never been reissued was announced this morning for an October release.
  11. Generally speaking (and I'll leave direct explanation to those who understand the subject better) you can't recoup attorney's fees unless you are the party doing the suing (aka little Johnny's bereaved family from the early example) or you're the defendant and the lawsuit was filed to directly oppress you and you (as the defendant) won in what's known as "Equitable Remedy". Otherwise it's seen as the cost of doing business for a major company - and like Dave pointed out there's a liability release on their end, but that's part of what you're paying for in that licensing. There was a group, probably 10 years ago now, testing the water with Ford to get licensing for a modeling project and Ford wanted a flat fee up front, a per unit percentage on revenue and a mandatory product liability insurance policy be carried by the party getting the license specifically to keep Ford out of any blanket suit and provide them a way to recoup their legal fees if they were.
  12. To add to Dave's point, in this litigious society we've evolved into, the method of suing people is to blanket sue everything that isn't nailed down. So if little Johnny choked to death on the Goodyear branded tires from his Revell NASCAR kit, in addition to Revell getting sued, so would NASCAR, the team, the team's main sponsors, GM or Ford, and of course Goodyear. Because how could of all those entities be so negligent as to allow Revell to produce such a deadly toy car...blah_blah_blah
  13. Geoff is correct, there is no LHD dash as part of the tooling itself. There are two versions of the kit, and the rubber bumper one is the one to get if you're not sure which version you want to build as it includes all the parts for both versions. The "new" wheels must have an interesting story behind them as the kit itself was tooled by Aoshima in 1993, and the new wheels were tooled in 1994. It's like someone realized the wheels were wrong for a 1974, made the correction - and then either due to lack of sales, or perhaps the licensing expired they were never included. The Euro Sports Club Series only had 4 kits that I'm aware of the two "civilian" MGs and then a road racing, and rally racing versions that have what look like a set of Minilites that have never been reissued. The two "civilian" MGs got released in the equally short fated "Lightweight Sports" Series in 1998 that also included things like the Honda Beat, Suzuki Cappuccino, and a Mazda Miata MX-5 that until it was reissued last year was (and still is) the only LHD 2nd Gen MX-5 kit. They tool shared the RevellAG Mercedes E Series Wagon as a Euro Sports Club RV(I suspect that's when RevellAG got a run of the MG kit for their sales) and the Range Rover was done (and also tool shared with RevellAG) and *poof* European experiment over. 😜
  14. Not at all in terms of releases for U.S. kits since it's all based on what Round2 told Platz to tell their Japanese retailers. We get them months in advance of when they're distributed in Asia.
  15. Retail is $47.95, no date as of yet, but usually stuff with finished box art is in the 90 days away realm from when it's finalized.
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