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  1. The kits going to Germany and coming here on not on the same boats, so transit times are not comparable. What we get here depends on their ability to even get it on a boat to the U.S., and then when it gets off the boat, how long it takes for someone to fish it out of the pile at the dock, delays on the railroads, etc. The first real public mention of the FnF Ford Lightning was in Las Vegas, and that kit was then released here a few weeks later BEFORE European sales. But as you point out this Bronco has been around for months in Europe & Asia before it strolled into stock here last week.
  2. But how are the 8 lightbars tooled up in 2006 considered "Classic"? I could go off on a separate tangent about what mediocre representations of the 1:1s they are, but that's a warehouse fire for another day. No I would presume you're getting the Twin Rotator "Mars" Style bar from the Impala Fire Chief/70 Galaxie, the twin single beacons from the Chevy Van Police/Fire kit, and the retool Twinsonic that they just did for the CHP version of the Monaco.
  3. Just for perspective... The Star Trek USS Enterprise that was in the most recent Round2 monthly video has an Autoworld Store price of $164.99 Border Models somehow got a hold of some of the old WingNut Wings tooling, and will be releasing the 1/32 Avro Lancaster - Andy's Hobby HQ has that available for pre-order for $599.99 Those kits will both sell out...car modeling is still the cheapest modeling there is, it's also the only one where every time a kit is announced a conga line of people show up and tell everyone what they won't be buying. This truck is what...75% new? The cab, interior, and one would presume engine carry over, but the entire frame - which leads me to believe at least parts of the suspension (since the driveshaft in nothing else wouldn't be the right length anymore) if not the entire suspension system, the business end of the kit, the wheels, fuel tank, etc are all new. Nobody pays retail, it'll shelf price for around $73 depending on how much of the wholesale gets passed on by your LHS/online vendor. Is $73 "worth it" for this kit, that's entirely a personal decision. But for people who don't keep track the MSRP on the Moebius LoneStar/ProStar is now $80.
  4. LHS just got these in yesterday. He's pricing them at $32, MSRP is $40 even.
  5. I've developed a working theory over the past few years that's made the hobby a great deal more enjoyable personally. It's come as I've delved more and more into the backside of the hobby as it were in terms of production and decision making. I don't say this as a be all end all, and I don't expect anyone to agree with me. Having said that, every project has a budget, and sure it would be great if gaffes weren't made no matter who's responsible for the mismeasurements. But eventually money and time runs out, and the project has to get out the door. My theory is something I call - The 99% Trifecta, and it goes as follows. 99% of the people buying the kit don't care about the problem. 99% of the people who see the built kit won't know what the problem is (because there is a) 99% chance the built model and the 1:1 example will never exist in the same time at the same place. That doesn't mean I want to accept some sort of sloppy mess of a kit, but there should be a series out called - Why the Business of the Hobby Should be Your Business. Kits don't just magically fall out of the air or show up in The Blueprinter or the old SA(E) ads from Hobby Heaven anymore. Take a hot minute and invest some time into the how's and why's of kit manufacturing, you might not like/agree with all of the answers, but it makes a lot more sense if you grasp why things happen the way they do.
  6. Who are you people paying $60 for Hasegawa kits? Both of the upcoming new tool kits (117 & MR2) are less than $25. Very rarely have their kits touched into the $30s unless it's a licensed related race car livery. My LHS charges $28.50 for the most recent few months of Round2 releases, and it's not like that price is going lower...ever. If you don't have a LHS, or the kit isn't carried at Hobby Lobby (Moebius, Salvinos), the upcoming increase in USPS rates is going to make that Hasegawa kit shipped from Japan (if it existed) cost the same as an online purchased MPC Supra (if it existed). I'd also argue that AT THE TIME a 1/25 Celica Supra made sense. But at this point it's the wrong scale to fit in with all of the Toyota kits made since 1983, including the following 3 Generations of Supras.
  7. You're not wrong, but it's just one of those "Is what it is" type scenarios. It's too late to fix it, as the required fix would require scrapping the entire body tool and also the clear runner (to make the windows bigger). Unless they can do something with an optic illusion. The Revell Charger thing is always brought up and so I asked Ed about that in Vegas and he said that all they did with that was remove material from inside the roof area to make it appear to have a higher roof, BUT in fact the windows between the "chopped" roof and the "fixed roof" are in fact the exact same ones and so the entire fix to it is in fact an optical illusion that makes the roof appear higher. But is not in fact higher physically. It's the old thing of not costing any more to get it right the first time, but I've said before and I'll say again - once a test shot is shown in the stage where they are being built up, that's how it's coming.
  8. The top you see in all the photos is the top you get.
  9. 10% of 71.95 would be $7.19...$7.20 for rounding. 40% would be over 28 bucks.
  10. Mustang or Camry...there hasn't been a Charger in NASCAR in 10 years when next season starts...should be adaptable from the resin bodies that were created to fit the last Revell SS/Fusion kits. Salvinos is keeping with the tradition of the kits being in 1/24, not sure what the wheelbase differences are between the SS and Camaro chassis, that would be the biggest issue, since you can always trim to add material to get it to fit front/rear. If Jim & Rick are really going to make EVERY Petty car ever driven, they've said that is a goal, they'll need a Ford license some day to make the Torino. Amortized across a 2021 Mustang, Gen 6 Mustang, and the older Monogram Thunderbirds they have the tooling to...you'd think it would be affordable in the long run.
  11. This wagon needs MOOOOAAAR Ramp Truck...or that Holmes Wrecker that Moebius is showing off...nah BOTH...then you'd have a heck of a racing shop diorama.
  12. Yeah...the ads in the middle of things have returned with a vengeance...
  13. This is on the distribution list for November, next month (October if you're reading this back in from the future) is the release of the 442 Olds. Gonna be an expensive 60 days for some folks... Suggested price at Autoworld is $37.99
  14. That's a gem of an old advertisement right there. But at the same time what was Ford going to do, come out with a brochure going - Holy COW will you look how much better this IHC Loadstar is?!?!?!? Why would you ever buy a Ford Tilt again? 🤣
  15. Here ya go! https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/35376/index.htm
  16. The Italeri Beetle is the same old pile of Imai junk recycled into a new box.
  17. Tamiya releasing photos and detailed information about the upcoming Toyota GR 86. As I figured (since some of this kit can be recycled from the original 86 kit) it appears to be RHD JDM only as the engine bay is not set up in a way to reverse the battery and brake cylinder. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/24361/index.htm Also breaking covered today along with a 1/35 M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer is the sister kit, which I had kinda wondered where it wandered off to...so kit 24362 is the 2022 Subaru BRZ
  18. It's Christmas and Beginning of Summer just as schools let out.
  19. Granted...BUT that wouldn't have the magical nostalgic appeal of the kit that never was...OoOoOoOoooo mystical sales genie sprinkles with Retro Deluxe OooOoOooooo. /sarcasm
  20. Well they were many unique Ertl features on the original, but between the new one being a ground up new kit (albeit scanned from the original) and Ertl being another company's brand name...those features are now AMT ones. It's a quick and cheap way to reissue the kit with minimal investment in some decal art and paper printing (box, instructions, decals). They didn't invest upper 6 figures into this tooling to release it once and hope for the best. It may very well catch someone's eye with the Rat Fink logo who normally doesn't shop truck models, especially with a matching trailer floating around.
  21. From talking to someone who's built both that had the "splayed" hoods, they said that taking your time to throughly and completely gluing the inner fender/hood bracing on will "suck" the width of the hood back in line with the body, plus the body will get a small amount of flex cramming all the innards up in there.
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