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  1. I think a bigger portion of their issues, if you want to call it that, is with their odd subject selection mixed with an eclectic knack for screwing up the final product. The F-350 has a gas exhaust system and decals instead of the correct Powerstroke stuff. The H1 is a mish-mash of years and options as rear "barn doors" weren't available on the year Hummer it is, and it's so beholden to the specific prototype they had information from it actually has the dealership logo from Louisville, KY molded into the plastic...not to mention the number of lights on the H1 that are molded in plastic military style instead of having separate lenses as you'd expect in an automotive kit. The Jeep is a weirdly specific 10th Anniversary 2 door with a specific leather interior. Most of course are 4 doors with a normal cloth interior. The GT 40 feels like a by-product of the large scale kit, and the new BMW Z4 (which was released in HK last week) is another oddball answer to a question I don't know anyone was asking. They have the Bimmer license from all the 1/9 bikes kits, but I think other "M" spec cars (M3, M4, M5, even the older GT3 base M6, or GTE based M8 in civilian clothes) would be more broadly interesting topics other than having something that most people relate to as being what ruins the 5th Gen Supra.
  2. Meng has never done further versions of any of their 1/24 kits.
  3. The thing with the - Pair it up with xyz 90s kit guts - is at the point you're running two tools to produce one kit. That's expensive as two halves of each kit is going back into scrap styrene. It's part of the reason why these new Coronets are getting a new chassis BASED on, but not actually of the original. Running off thousands of Roadrunner parts (or thousands of '74 Charger parts for that matter) just for the chassis is inefficient. When you're creating a whole new tool to mimic and improve the original it's a better return on investment to just go ahead and make the chassis and suspension than have to run two tools to get one kit. I'll leave it up to the other thread on here over making a slightly updated version of the old chassis vs. an entire modern new chassis is a better decision as I see both sides of that argument.
  4. It's an odd shaped box, but the Land Rover was reboxed for the U.S. market.
  5. My LHS got the "Son of Troublemaker" and the Yellow Fiat in today. He ordered 60+ Fiats and received...three (((3))) kits. So apparently that one is going to be pretty popular right out of the gate.
  6. Alright within that sense I agree with you, the multiple options of the older kits is what makes kits of the era cool and desirable. Some of those 70s and 80s kits with their lack of instructions AND mounting pins/holes though...whooweee.
  7. I like everything about this, but I think some of us might fight you on that "MPC kits have a fun factor" bit. 😜😜
  8. I don't believe HL carries Revell European boxings of kits do they? There isn't a U.S. SKU for it, so it almost certainly isn't going to get reboxed for North America.
  9. Considering this is a modern recreation of the original, was there an uptop in the original '68 Convertible?
  10. I think much like the cloning success of older kits, additional late model kits are going to be dependent on the sales of the Charger and this Bronco. Prove there's an actual market instead of old sales data and supposition. Putting engines in there would require tooling both N/A and Turbo parts and if they ever make a Raptor that's different Turbo parts as well. Easier to leave it out and some 3D guys can fill the market. Also it's an option on the higher trim level Broncos to add this "Retro Louver Hood Scoop" (Raptor for reference) to the truck. Making the hood separate allows them to go back in and add the hood without necessitating an entire top half of the body tool if it were molded together
  11. I will go with always popular Option C - None of rhe Above.
  12. I wonder if that Bronco will have to sit in a parking lot in Detroit for several months waiting on it's scale microchips before it shows up at your LHS with a fat "Market Adjustment" attached to the MSRP...
  13. New photos, but that project was announced back in February and was covered here about 9-10 pages ago in this thread.
  14. My guess is they've 3D scanned an original kit ala the Transtar. Notice the entire thing is a prototype, it's not mixed half plastic kit/half 3D print the way the Mustang was when it was shown a few months ago.
  15. I'm guessing the HCMA Show in Indianapolis, that's going on today and it's a quick drive down from South Bend.
  16. The only thing I'm aware of with something like that is a Platz Japan Domestic market only reissue of the NuNu 2001 BMW 320i race car that comes with 3D racing harness decals.
  17. Local club had a little swap meet Sunday morning, swung through on the way home from work.
  18. LHS is priced at $29.50 for all of the above. That's a $1.50 more than stuff that came in back towards the Winter, but is still less than pretty much everything else coming in other than the 2022 Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ Tamiya kits which are $29 even...
  19. I guess I'll stick this here since no Future Revell thread manages to survive around here. But today my LHS received into the joint - '67 Corvette Coupe '70 Buick GSX '37 Ford P/U '66 Malibu Street Machine '69 Camaro SS396
  20. Seems like you'd REALLY have to want a Mustang and not be willing to wait. You're in for a body, aftermarket decals and Salvinos just upped their store (and retail MSRP) price to $44.95 last week. Sounds like an easy $100 to not wait what would be a few months into early 2023 for the kits.
  21. Kinda sorta, but not really. Notice the price is 17,380¥ which is roughly $165.00US. This one of those already "pro built" models that Tamiya sells. They're doing this, a Maroon ZG, and two different color McLaren Sennas this summer. As of yet whatever the differences are between a ZG and a Street Custom (beyond the Watanabes and probably a P/E Strut Brace and turned metal Intake trumpets) are not being offered as an unassembled model kit.
  22. Relatively easy when NASCAR is supplying you with all of the design files even before the teams themselves received them. Jim Rogers mentioned recently that he had been working on breaking all of those design files down into an actual model kit since May of 2021, so by the time it was all said and done with (including an emergency stop to move the exhaust exit location) these kits have been in development for almost a year.
  23. Hasegawa is their importer in Japan, so they themselves weren't actually there (although they are back up and running).
  24. But now you can build the BMW that makes everyone hate the new Supra...🤣
  25. I guess Ford wants to play ball the least in terms of licensing, or that's been their story the past few weeks on that Saturday Morning web show they do. Sounds like they also have other obligations they have to get made to other licensors before the end of the year. It was mentioned that the upcoming (vintage obviously) Roadrunner has to be out before October to meet a deadline set in one of their contracts. I also believe the deal they're trying to swing with Ford is more expansive than just the NextGen Mustang, they have all of those old Monogram Thunderbird tools lurking in the background.
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