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  1. The Pony (it's a 1975) was Hyundai's first native design and manufactured car, prior to that they were selling rebadged Ford Cortinas. So it's a historically significant automobile to them.
  2. I believe the '61 Impala came out first, then this truck. The '67 Olds and '66 Impala along with the '53 Ford came in 1997 & 1998.
  3. I'd love a Stinger given I have one in my driveway, but also given that the Stinger ceases production in a few months I doubt even Academy will kit one.
  4. Fujimi has occasionally offered a Midget II both in pick up and panel van form. I'm not sure it's necessarily that same kit or not as I've never personally seen the older version. But Fujimi did wind up with some of the Nitmo and Mitsuwa tooling over the years.
  5. Went to the 3 Rivers Auto Modelers show in Pittsburgh over the weekend. I have too many kits as it is so I wasn't looking for anything. Grabbed a couple of OOP SJR Oldsmobiles. Also at the show, much to my besmusement I got a 3rd Place for my recently completed NuNu BMW 320i. Took it just to show as it's the first thing Ive drug across to a finish since 2019. It's not particularly great in my own eyes, and I wouldn't have placed it over other builds in the class, but any given Sunday and all of that. Also in the mail this morning the 3 newest sheets (which are some months old at this point) from RacingDecals43.
  6. It's 1/24th. The box is so big because they cast the body as a one piece unit. It's a curbside and is another one of Fujimi's mediocre new tools (Pantera, Esprit, etc) that make nice enough shelf models, but leave a lot to be desired. In Fujimi's defense, when they made this kit the Tamiya Europa had been OOP for quite awhile, but if you already have a Tamiya kit - or now that the Tamiya kit has been reissued - there's no real reason to pick this one up. Unless you just really like Europas.
  7. I don't think it's necessarily rivet counting to assemble a kit in a way that the cab and bed are on a single plane of existence. Because "trolling" or whatever you want to call it people he doesn't get along with also poorly serves Moebius and Model Roundup by showing that kit as a poorly aligned mess. If that's what I can expect out of the box - and mind you I own the Moebius trucks and know of the issues, but I'm not the target audience - I wouldn't be "wasting" nearly $40 on it. Especially if I also was aware of the fiasco of the Ramp Truck (which in full disclosure I also have, but I managed to get a relatively straight one)
  8. Is the hood warped, or is it just as poorly assembled as the rest of it? Not trying to slag on it, but there isn't a single part of that whole body that's on a level plane with anything else.
  9. GT3, GT4, NASCAR, NHRA Spec, Darkhorse II, and Australian Supercars. GT3 will be replacing LM GTE (and LM GTE Am) as a class in WEC (World Endurance Challenge) in 2024, which the 24hrs of Le Mans is part of along with the 1000km of Sebring and so forth. GT3 Spec replaced GT LeMans (GT LM) this season in IMSA. 2024 is also when the new GT3 Spec Vette is arriving.
  10. Duke is a Private University they would have more control of who and/or what is allowed access to their campus compared to an open campus public university.
  11. So dredging this out of the dirt to update it. This morning Fujimi finally put a date out on the release of the JB64 (current Kei version of the Jimny) for December of this year. The initial release will be molded in the Banana Yellow shown, as that's part of the shtick of the "Car Next" Series. Molded in colors, body in highly polished plastic, and unfortunately unlike the previous offerings of the Alphard van and Suzuki Hustler there haven't been actual decals included, but rather a single sheet of mylar stickers - although I suppose that's the speed of these being SnapTite offerings. Incidentally since someone asked way back in 2019 the JB23 version (introduced in 1998 and ran through 2018) was released earlier this year in February, and has one other existing reissue and a pending reissue - but all 3 kits are the same, they're just in different body colors (Metallic Brown, Metallic Blue-Black, and the upcoming one is a lighter metallic Blue) Model represents the "Land Venture" trim line on a 2014 Jimny.
  12. It was mentioned here briefly when we did the show coverage for the Shizouka Hobby Show back in May, as it was announced then. It's been out since the end of May over there. It's a nice Supra 🤪. If you can get it from HobbyEasy or elsewhere in Hong Kong then it's a reasonable kit for $40. If you try to pick it up in Japan or Stateside it runs a lot closer (if not over) $70 which is a bit much for a curbside kit no matter how nice it looks in the box.
  13. Another thing to take into consideration before claiming any given company WON'T produce something is that they're all working on projects 18-24 months out at any given time. We publicly only know about things on a 3 month (Japan/Asia - albeit Beemax/NuNu is so far behind we know years worth of projects at this point) to 9-12 month (Revell/Round2/Moebius/SJR) advanced basis. Tim and others can verify sometimes projects take years to come to fruition, and if you don't *know*, then you'll never know what's coming much beyond the public reveals. Round2 could in fact decide the 71/72 Road Runner was a worthy factory stock subject, but they've already had some of the current slate of new tooling/retooling under development since 2021 and it's the current priority.
  14. Few things on the intake side...from HobbyEasy. And the monthly shipment from HLJ...
  15. I've also trended towards buying a lot of the offerings from Alpha Models as they really float my goat in terms of subject matter of interest. But they are of course a little on the pricey side, so the other positive of thinning out the herd is those proceeds nicely offset the acquisition of those resin multimedia pieces. Plus, those Alpha boxes take up a heck of a lot less space 😜🤣
  16. RS e-Tron GT has two electric motors giving it AWD, has (equivalent) 590HP, with the ability to boost it in spurts to 637HP. 0-60 in 3.3 Seconds, Top Speed of the German Magic 155. Edmunds found it to have a 273 mile range, which exceeds the EPA Guidelines by about 40 miles. It's a sedan on a coupe profile - which is sort of what every Executive Class car looks like these days, being an Executive Class (Size) it's the same overall size as an E-Class or 5 Series. Or if you wanted to stay in the Audi family and get a gas car, you'd buy an Audi A7 RS which is a hybrid with a Twin Turbo V-8, but it's a couple of ticks slower to 60 and doesn't have the ability to boost out the extra 40 HP. If anything the e-Tron has just a little extra bit of aggressive styling lines than a regular A7 RS, which I suppose has something to do with the RS A7 being a fast Executive car that has to sell to stodgy Germans in it's normal, less sporty iterations.
  17. Yes, although I'm pretty sure they're considering the 442 to be a "new" kit as well, as RevellAG never sold a Euro-boxed version of any of the Convertible kits.
  18. To be fair it's not like Revell in Germany was exactly producing trucks of any kind recently anyways. The most recent trucks out of them were the reboxes of the Moebius trucks and the Italeri M-B Actros.
  19. Given that this is the same platform as the Taycan...so much so it's a Taycan with an Audi styling, I wonder if they'll consider the Porsche if this sells well enough. Will modelers actually buy an EV? I mean besides threatening to cut up a curbside model just to put some sort of GAAAAAASSS MOOOOTAAAR into it.
  20. Yes this MR-2 would be the 3rd kit in that series, the Supra will be the 5th street kit (there are 3 racing kits as well). Next RX-7 is the 2nd place (GTU Class) 24hrs of Daytona team car to the kit you pictured. I'm not sure anyone has ever done the 2nd place car even though the livery is basicly identical, just different colored stripes. I suspect there are several more kits in that series as the "Late" body also has all of the thinned down "Cut Here" areas you have to remove to build the race version. That late body style RX-7 was used quite a bit in Australian Touring (Bathurst) and not having to kit bash together a couple of them (and modify a RHD racing dash - as the Daytona cars were LHD) would be most welcome to use the couple sets of decals I have.
  21. Almost all of the kits Hasegawa does are factory stock variants, with the one '72 Celica they do as a "race look" bubble fender release being the outlier. The MR-2 and Civic are existing kits, this time around the Civic gets new decals for the 50th Anniversary Edition, and the MR-2 a new MOMO Leather Steering wheel to replicate one of the "Final Edition" cars that was a 300 unit run all painted the white/gold two tone of the illustration, it should have new decals as well. The Civic is a straight curbside, the MR-2 has a little top half engine insert with separate intake parts for the option between N.A. and Turbo engines.
  22. I keep track of my stuff by databasing it through Scalemates. My amassed mess crossed over a number in the beginning of the 4 digits and for some reason that plucked a string in my hoar...err collecting and I've recently been selling off duplicates, never builds, and so on. Probably close to 100 kits in the past 3 months to the point even my wife noticed there are holes emerging in the shelving.
  23. Just some decals to reflect a different trim level.
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