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  1. Yea I got a receipt from PayPal and that was it too. Ok that's all I needed to know. I was worried when I didn't get anything from moluminum. Thanks guys
  2. Hey guys I ordered from the moluminum website over a week ago, never received a confirmation email or anything. Does it usually take awhile to hear anything? I emailed Jamie and never had anything back from him either. Just curious if they normally send a confirmation with a tracking number or anything?
  3. Very nice builds man, all of them a sharp clean builds. Thanks for posting!
  4. Dennis sorry I didn't see this earlier. It's model masters tropical teal. Three shots of base, two shots of clear and polished.
  5. Thanks guys! Ken, that was the truck that inspired the retro look. Brian, I thought it looked classy and as we all know Class Attracts Class haha
  6. Here's my Amt California Hauler I built. I was sort of inspired by kens and claytons builds from this kit. I didn't get too crazy with it chrome Mercury sleeper, blue tinted windows in cab n sleeper and a chrome visor. Just a nice old classic with whitewall tires. Thanks for looking guys!
  7. Guess I'll join the party with my StarCar, I built this to look like the one we have at our salvage yard, then scratch built a dump trailer to match.
  8. Thanks guys, Clayton I'm glad that KW inspired you, that's one of my favorites. The real truck that inspired that build was like my summer home when I was a child. These snap kits are great I wish they came out with some others in 1/25. I don't get the build time like I used to since I started working at Chef Boyardee. But I have a California hauler in finishing up that I will post when I get a chance. Be well guys keep building and be well.
  9. Here's one of the snappers Ive built. These snap kits are great. Cheap and the possibilities are endless. Here's a kenworth I built, Here's another kenworth with a custom bunk all stretched out, Here's another peterbilt
  10. Here's one I built. My 1/16th Here's my triaxle I built for a buddy Here's one I built like my dad use to have
  11. Here's one of mine. Another shot of it so u can see the stretch of it.
  12. You known you could be onto something some small modifications to get them to line up properly. Those were the years like my dad had.. Classic style but the door seals leaked air so bad.. Ahh good times
  13. This is looking awesome. Gonna be a tough old diamond. Don't see many of these on the road anymore
  14. It's frustrating but we all have been there. This is shaping up to be one heck of a model tho man... Really looks great. Keep it up!
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