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    i am new to all this, i have built model cars since i was 6yrs old and am now close to 50. i have just started to really get back into the fun and i am building for other people. i was commisioned to build a 1971 firbird formula. i was looking for a kit closer to the original car then the monogram kit i have, that is where i stumblesd upon Reliable Resin. i contacted the business he contacted me back. after several e mails and phone contacts we agrred on price and when he would have the kit to me, my customner paid fro up front and we ordered through pay pal. that was august 10Th. i was promised 3 weeks and even paid extra 10.00 for expediting.
    the reason i write today is that from what i read it sounds like Reliable resin is not a "reliable" company...this is my very first dealing with them and just dont knwo what else to do. they wont respond to e mails. and they wont even tell me when i might see kit??